434 How Do We Get Rid of It?

 Chapter 434: How Do We Get Rid of It?

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Korora Mountain Range

Link did not expect to face this problem. Actually, he could bring the rock to life as well. Unfortunately, his method would result in a complex puppet like Nana, and creating it would require at least half a month. All they needed to do now was to investigate the black shadow, so a simple stone golem would have to suffice.

Thinking for a moment, Link offered, "How about this, let's trade one spell each."

Gaimin couldn't handle the new material now as it was too high a level and too resilient, but Link had no problems handling it. Furthermore, he was also interested in the dwarven art of puppetry.

As a Magician, it was an unspoken rule that if one wanted to learn another's spell, one ought to offer something of equal value.

Gaimin was naturally agreeable. Link was a Legendary Magician, and Gaimin knew that he would gain more in this bargain.

"How are we going to do this? What will you trade in return?"

Link replied, "I want to learn your Stone Puppet spell. As for what I can offer, these are my magic notes. The first 50 pages contain spells from Level-9 and below. You can select any one you like."

His magic notes looked very simple and plain. They were bound by a simple leather skin and looked rather thick, containing at least 300 pages. On the front, it was simply titled "Magic Notes."

This book was so plain that if it were placed on a bookshelf, nobody would pay it much attention. Normal people and even low-level Magicians might just throw it to the side.

To high-level Magicians, however, it was a priceless treasure. It had attained unbelievable status in the magic world because many had heard of Link's attainments. In the eyes of high-level Magicians, this was something that could bring them enlightenment. It was a holy book!

Gaimin's eyes lit up. He stared fiercely at Link's notebook and licked his lips which were hidden deep under his bushy beard. "I can really pick whatever I want? Can I pick two? I'll trade more spells with you."

Link was speechless. "Just one. Time is tight, hurry and select the one you want."

Gaimin was extremely solemn. He brushed off the dust off his robes and carefully inspected his attire once more. Then, after ensuring that he was prim and proper, he extended out both his hands and received the notebook from Link and started flipping through the pages.

After ten pages, he found a spell he wanted. "I want to learn this Inter-Spell Resonance."

"You really have a good eye!" Link praised. Before when he had been inflicted by the Elemental Reject effect, this Inter-spell Resonance was a secret technique that he relied on heavily. Besides Eliard, he had never shared this with anyone else.

It didn't matter much now though.

In truth, the Elemental Rejection effect on Link's body had long since disappeared, and he could use elemental spells once again. However, based on his current strength, most elemental spells simply were too weak.

"Are you sure?" Link asked to confirm.

"I'm sure," Gaimin nodded. Gaimin stared longingly at the remaining pages of the book. If the first 50 pages contained spells under Level-9, then wouldn't that mean that the rest of the pages contained Legendary-level spells?

Link pretended not to notice. He took out a pen and cast a Copy Spell. He copied the Spell Resonance technique onto another piece of paper and handed it to the dwarf Gaimin.

Gaimin similarly copied his Stone Puppet technique and traded it for the spell. Then, he reluctantly returned Link's Magic Notes to him. The entire time, he stared intently at the notes. It was as if he wanted to swallow them whole so that he wouldn't have to return them.

After obtaining the Stone Puppet spell, Link began to study it.

It was a very unique Level-7 spell. Once mastered, it could bring out the best in minerals. Link couldn't help but praise it silently.

However, no matter how special it was, it was still only a Level-7 spell. It didn't take very long for Link to learn it.

It was like how an expert martial artist could easily learn new moves. Once one perfected their techniques, they could similarly understand the flow of other techniques and therefore copy and learn them easily.

Link was just like that.

After half an hour, Link grasped the essence of the spell. However, it wasn't enough. The original spell was designed for use with lower level materials and had no way of dealing with this crystallized stone. It needed some modifications.

For Link, it was a simple matter to modify a Level-7 spell. However, it would still require him some time.

Half an hour later, the spell was completely changed by Link. A message appeared in his vision, informing him of his success in creating a new spell.

Player has successfully created a new spell. Please choose a name.

"Let's call it Crystal Golem."

Name recorded.

Crystal Golem

Level-10 spell

Mana Consumption: 100 - 6000 Dragon Power points.

Description: Transform materials lower than Level-10 into a golem. Spell lasts for ten minutes.

(Note: Only good materials will make good golems.)

Link walked up to the transparent crystal and pointed his Dragon King's Wrath sword at it, channeling Dragon Power into it. He envisioned the spell structure and guided the Dragon Power accordingly. When he was done, the crystal started vibrating.

Creak, creak. Rumble!

All sorts of cracking and rumbling noises came out of the crystal rock. As the transparent crystal started to reform itself, it became round, then elliptical, then grew two legs and two arms. Finally, at the top, where a small bulge emerged from the elliptical shape, two glowing, deep blue indentations appeared; these were the eyes.

When the spell was finally completed, an oval-shaped golem over 24 feet in height stood in front of Link.

Meanwhile, Gaimin who was busy studying the Spell Resonance technique was shaken by the sound. He turned to look and was instantly stunned speechless.

This was no longer the spell that he had given Link. It had been completely modified into something unrecognizable, and all it had taken was half an hour.

Link had an unfathomable comprehension of magic.

"Let's go!"

Link pointed his Dragon King's Wrath sword at the black shadow far in the distance. The crystal golem charged towards the black shadow without fear.

Boom, boom, boom! The ground rumbled as the crystal golem stomped off. At first, it went at a brisk walking pace, which soon became a jog, then a light run. After 600 feet, the stone golem was sprinting!

Link and Gaimin were hidden amidst the foliage, staring with bated breath at the battle that was about to unfold.

The crystal golem ran very quickly. It covered a distance of 240 feet in a second, and the materials it was constructed with were all over Level-10. Furthermore, within it was 10000 points worth of Legendary Dragon Power. Its strength was terrifying. Wherever it passed through, it crushed big rocks into powder and big trees as though they were merely grass, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake.

The golem was like a sharp blade heading for the black shadow.

Twenty seconds later, when the golem was within 3000 feet of the black shadow, Link used his connection with the golem to control it. The golem started emitting crystal red energy around its body. It grabbed hold of a tree trunk as thick as two people and started waving it around. Then, just like sweeping with a broom, it charged towards the black shadow.

Just when the tip of the tree was about to make contact with the black shadow, the shadow finally reacted. Link watched as the shadow suddenly contracted and condensed into a dark light about 45 feet in diameter. From within this shadow, a tentacle reached out and stopped the tree in the golem's hands.

Many more tentacles appeared, making the black blob look like an octopus. After stopping the tree, the rest of the tentacles gripped onto the tree and began a tug-of-war with the golem.

Both the golem and the tentacle were both very strong, and within a few minutes of pulling back and forth, the tree which had a trunk of over three feet in diameter was easily snapped in half.

Link controlled the golem with his thoughts and made it lunge towards the black shadow like a bullet. In mid-air, it's right arm was raised and clenched into a fist. Link directed it to smash the fist towards the black shadow.

Over ten appendages shot out from within the black shadow, encircling the golem that was still falling in mid-air. Nonetheless, the golem's momentum was immense due to its immense mass. Even though its body was restrained, it did not manage to stop the golem's momentum. A few hands were immediately broken from the force

"AHHHH! Ahhh, it hurts!"

The young girl voice called out from within the black shadow, sounding exactly like the call for help earlier. However, the volume had increased by over ten times.

Link and Gaimin glanced at each other. It was still somewhat shocking that the young girl voice came from the black smoke.

What exactly is inside that thing? This question appeared in both of their minds.

Meanwhile, the battle was still ongoing. Ultimately, the crystal golem's onslaught had been stopped. At this point, it was only nine feet from the black shadow.

Under Link's control, the golem swung its arms wildly and grabbed onto one tentacle each, pulling it roughly.

Crack! In an instant, the golem broke off two tentacles. However, at the same time, more tentacles stretched out and grabbed onto the golem. It seemed like there would be infinite tentacles.

That wasn't all. Link frowned and said, "The tentacles are rapidly absorbing the golem's strength. It's very fast... Oh. The golem is done for."

The golem's struggling became visibly weaker, and the crystal red fluctuations also dimmed. After about ten seconds, the light from the crystal golem completely disappeared, and it stopped moving.

Link felt his connection with the golem disappear.


The Dragon Power within the crystal golem was completely absorbed, and Link's runes were no longer effective. The golem was no longer transparent and once again became a dark grey and gold alloy.

The alloy was only Level-8 in strength and was not as resilient. After being hit, it instantly crumbled.

"It's really strong!"

"It's probably at the peak of Level-10, but it's also able to absorb the opponent's strength to get stronger... The most important thing is that we don't know where its weakness lies."

This dark shadow was too mysterious. They couldn't even identify any vulnerable spots on its body. In order to destroy it, they might need to completely destroy its body. However, it's body was also very strong, so Link couldn't do that either.

If they weren't able to kill the enemy, the enemy could instead absorb their energy. Then, their attacks would only serve to replenish the enemy's strength. That would be really troublesome.

Gaimin said, "If we don't get rid of it, this thing will become a huge hindrance in the future!"

The question was, how were they supposed to get rid of it?