429 You Flatter Me

 Chapter 429: You Flatter Me

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Canyon in Northern Ferde

"Kid, hurry up!" Bryant yelled. He kept his word. Even though he was impatient, he still waited for Link to make the first move.

The moment he opened his mouth, Link moved.

He had two powerful Legendary Spells bought from the game system. One was the Level-11 Miracle Aura; the other was the Level-10 Thunder God's Descent. They were both very powerful but also consumed a lot of Mana. One hit would pretty much use up all of Link's Mana.

They belonged to those "one-shot takes all" moves. If Link used it and made a mistake, he would have no chance to change his tactic. He really didn't like gambling everything.

That was why he used the one he was best at-the Demon Slayer Whip.

He was 1000 feet away from Bryant. This had surpassed the range of the whip, but it was okay. Link's energy was condensed now, and his spell-casting range had reached 1200 feet.

This was a breakthrough that could only happen after reaching the Legendary level.

Pointing his Burning Wrath of Heavens wand at the other, the whip shot out. The crystal-red rope flashed and cracked towards Bryant's head like lightning.

Since he had acted, Link would not hold back.


Bryant was also entirely focused. He didn't dare underestimate Link. As soon as he felt a difference in Link's power waves, his golden tree branch wand flashed. One of the young leaves glowed and flew out, spinning around him at an unbelievable speed.

The leaf was honestly too fast. At first, Link could still see its shape, but after a moment, it had become a hazy light green blur.

Its power was also very strange. Rings of distorted ripples appeared in its path. When it moved quickly, one could see the space around the blur get distorted. From a distance, it looked like waves of crystal flames.

This was a spatial disturbance. Link's Despair Balls couldn't break past it. Thankfully, he didn't use it in the beginning.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Link's whip cracked dozens of times within one-tenth of a second, creating a string of thunderous cracks. With every hit, the green leaf would rush over to stop it. They would clash and create a blinding shockwave ring.

The shockwave appeared dozens of times in an instant. The ring extended and hit against the rock around them. Boom! The rock shook, and dust rose up. The surfaces of the mountains nearby were all pulverized by the shockwave.

"My turn!" Bryant roared. The second leaf on his wand glowed with silver light. It was about to fly out.

Link ignored his attack. He controlled the Demon Slayer Whip to continuously attack Bryant as he sprinted over. Fiery Dragon Power appeared on his Dragon King's Fury sword.

He now possessed Legendary strength. Whenever he used his power, his body would be covered with a layer of crystal-red flames. He ran towards Bryant like a meteorite.

One thousand feet only took a second for Link.

Bryant wasn't surprised at this speed. Even though he stayed in the Isle of Dawn, he was well-informed about the mainland. He paid special attention to Link who had quickly risen up and had general knowledge about his power.

"Silver Moonlight-Floating Leaf!"

Hiss! The leaf on Bryant's wand suddenly shone with blinding, silver light. It was so bright that the entire canyon turned snow-white as if it was covered in frost. The sky turned bright as daytime too.

Under this dazzling light, the silver leaf floated down without pattern like a true leaf would. It seemed slow, but it was actually slicing towards Link at an unbelievable speed.

Link dodged to the side, but the leaf instantly adjusted its path. It aimed at a critical body part like silver lightning.

The space between them lessened. Within one-tenth of a second, Link had nowhere to escape. He raised his sword. The tip moved, and a Spatial Sphere appeared.


Buzz! A transparent ball appeared in the air. Simultaneously, the silver leaf arrived and rushed into the spatial restraint with a poof. The spatial restraint went into effect and slowed its speed, but only a tiny bit. If not for Link's sharp vision, he would think that his spell was completely ineffective.

Faced with this Level-12 attack, Link's Level-10 Spatial Restraint was like nothing.

Poof. The silver leaf passed through the spatial restraint. There was only two feet of distance between them, and Link had nowhere to hide.

In that instant, he could clearly see the veins in the leaf. He could also see the rings of white-gold mist around it. The mist was incredibly sharp and easily sliced apart the air.

According to legends, the World Tree of the High Elves was the most powerful magic object in the entire World of Firuman. To the High Elves, it was equal to the magic net of the Yabbas. It was the absolute core of their civilization.

As for magical attainment, the High Elves greatly surpassed the Yabba race. Through the efforts of generations of Legendary Magicians, the World Tree had reached the Legendary Pinnacle. It was practically a god within the mortal world!

The tree branch of the World Tree was the best material for wands in Firuman. Wands made from it were definitely above mid-Legendary level. That was how powerful Bryant's wand was. He even had three leaves from the World Tree. They were unbelievably powerful.

The silver leaf was about to slice his head apart. Link's heart jumped. He knew that he definitely couldn't block this leaf.

But this was the moment he'd been waiting for!

"Instant Flash!"

Whoosh! The silver leaf scraped past Link's body. But at that moment, his body transformed into a phantom and disappeared. The leaf continued forward, crashing into the ground behind Link. There was a collision, and the ground Link had been standing on was now a pool of lava over 15 feet wide.

Instead of shattering the rock, the hit had directly melted it. One could imagine how powerful it was! However, even the strongest hit was a waste if it couldn't hit the target.

After missing the target, the silver leaf immediately turned around and whooshed back to Bryant's side, but it was too late.

At the same time, Link appeared beside Bryant. Still using the Demon Slayer Whip, it clashed with Bryant's first leaf. Simultaneously, he stabbed his sword at Bryant's body.

The sword was so fast it was like a red bolt of lightning.

"Boundless Sharpness!" This was a special effect of the Dragon King's Fury sword. Not only could it cut apart solid objects, but it could also cut spells. With help from the Demon Slayer Whip, the sword was about to break into Bryant's defense.

Bryant was shocked. Link's action was unimaginably fast and had perfect timing. He didn't have time to fight back anymore and could only dodge.

"Spatial Lock!"

The third leaf on the wand flashed but was extremely translucent. This was spatial power. When this watery light appeared, it spread out like a spider web up to 150 feet away. It anchored the space while leaving a path for Bryant to escape.

His body vaporized, transforming into a beam of light. He flashed forward 300 feet in an instant.

However, he was so fast the green leaf near him couldn't catch up. The silver leaf couldn't return in time either.


Link's sword didn't change its speed, and a small black whirlpool appeared at the tip. His spell was extremely exquisite. Even the God of Destruction's spatial lock didn't make it ineffective, so Bryant's lock obviously couldn't either.

Poof! The Dragon King's Fury sword buried into the air.

The next moment, Bryant's vaporized body reappeared. He was highly experienced and knew that he was defenseless now. Once he appeared, he moved his wand. Many dark green metallic vines snaked out of the ground around him.

Pop, pop, pop, pop. They entangled with each other, forming a dense net and blocked Link's attack trajectory.

But this was useless!

Why was the spell called Despair? Because after the enemy did everything and thought they were safe, they would realize it was just a fantasy.

Other than spatial power, nothing could stop the Despair Ball.

Poof! A Despair Ball appeared ten centimeters behind Bryant's head, and the Dragon King's Fury sword tip poked out.

Bryant was powerful as well. He sensed the danger, and though shocked, he still reacted immediately. He vaporized and escaped.

But this time, he wasn't as fast as Link's sword. Death was imminent!

That moment, Link seemed to hear someone behind him yell, "Stop!" but he ignored it. In a battle between life and death, only an idiot would stop.

He continued!

At the last moment, Link had the absolute advantage, but he didn't stab through Bryant's head. Instead, he tilted the sword towards Bryant's cheek. Then he whacked it against his face.

Bryant was about to vaporize, but he was hit with the powerful strike. Half of his teeth shattered instantly, and he spat out a mouthful of blood. Another thread of power entered his head, making him shudder. He flew to the ground uncontrolled.

The hit was a success!

"Instant Flash!" Link disappeared. At almost the same time, the silver leaf whooshed past where Link had been.

That was Bryant's last attack. After that, he was barely conscious. Unguided, the silver relief returned to the wand.

Link activated his Magician's Hand, and the wand jumped into his hand. He walked over to Bryant who was dazed on the ground and stepped onto the legend of yesteryear.

"You... are weaker than I thought. Much weaker." Link sighed. The other was two levels higher than him, but he still wasn't that great at combat.

Link hadn't felt much pressure during the entire process. This didn't match Bryant's reputation. If he'd known, he would have accepted the game system's mission.

Stepped on and with his wand in someone else's hand, Bryant couldn't fight back. He glared at Link with fire in his eyes. However, there was a shred of terror deep in his pupils.

He only knew how terrifying this young man was after fighting with him.

"Don't kill him!" a clear voice called from behind.

Link turned and saw three High Elves rush towards him. The one in front was an elegant woman. She looked similar to Milda and Link recognized her as the High Elf Queen.

Thud! Link moved his foot and lifted Bryant up, throwing him to the elves. "Here, keep him out of trouble!"

Link had been tricked by the God of Destruction and fought with Bryant. He was in a bad mood and acted brutishly.