428 Bryant, You’re Pathetic

 Chapter 428: Bryant, You're Pathetic

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Link stood next to the pillar of light. He did nothing to stop the spatial fluctuations, nor did he leave. He simply took a few steps back, trying to anticipate what kind of figure might come out from the spatial distortions.

It wasn't that he didn't do anything. He was considering the worst case scenario that could happen. Supposing that he got caught up in an ensuing battle, he still had 1000 Omni Points remaining and over 9500 Dragon Power points. Therefore, he was browsing through the Legendary spell cards that now hovered in his vision.

Link was familiar with most of them now. If he needed to, he could purchase one in the fastest possible time and immediately cast the spell.

The spatial fluctuations on the white stone bracelet became even more pronounced. It expanded rapidly, reaching nine feet in height and six feet in width before stopping. Within this space, the fluctuations were extremely violent. This state lasted for about five seconds before a jade green figure appeared within.

Amidst this green light, a big, burly figure walked out.

This person was wearing a dark green Magician robe layered with purple lines. In one hand, he held a golden branch which had three green leaves sprouting from it. He had a head of short, grey, white hair, and his features looked ancient. Beneath the wrinkles though, one could imagine that he must have been good looking when he was younger.

What caught Link's eye was the shape of the figure's ears. It wasn't round like a human, but neither was it as sharp as an elf. It was somewhat special.

After the figure appeared, he looked at the fractured corpse lying in pieces on the floor.

He didn't say a thing but walked towards the head which had rolled a distance away. He picked it up.

Because of the immense pain that she experienced before her death, Ravenna's face had been contorted in pain. Her eyes were bloodshot and were almost popping out. Her skin was also tearing. It looked just like a person who had been hung, only much worse.

After looking at it for a moment, a light appeared in the old man's hands surrounding the dismembered head. He gently squeezed the light, and the head dispersed into countless motes of light, gradually disappearing. He turned to Link. "I know that my granddaughter's character was flawed, and she would meet such an end sooner or later. Yet, I never expected that she would die by your hands. If you gave her a simple death, I wouldn't blame you for it. But why? Why did you have to make her suffer so?"

His questions revealed his identity. He was the Legendary Magician that had shaken the world of Firuman 300 years ago, Bryant. At the same time, the question also demonstrated that he had recognized Link as his granddaughter's killer.

His words were extremely certain and left no room for doubt. This showed that he was a person with a lot of confidence and strength. Faced up against a person like this who was convinced of his own judgment, Link knew that he would not be able to resolve the matter easily.

The legends said that Bryant spent his life pursuing a High Elf named Fiona. The stories between the two of them had been recorded in many songs and sung by bards throughout the land.

To the layman, these were stories simply for enjoyment. To Link, these stories actually gave him a clue into Bryant's personality.

Bryant was a person who acted very much on emotion. Because of the High Elf he was chasing, he had forsaken humanity, his family, children, his land, everything. He had gone alone to the Isle of Dawn. Now, it could be seen that even his ears were pointy.

Perhaps some of that personality had been inherited by Ravenna.

Now, the story from the legends had turned into reality. Bryant was no longer the pride of the human world and the chosen one of the God of Light. He was now a High Elf, and a grandfather that had lost his daughter.

Link was on high alert as he said, "I didn't kill her."

"Young man, what's done is done; there's no point saying this now." Bryant sighed as he looked around at the well-lit harbor. "This is a pretty nice city. Unfortunately, the Lord committed an unforgivable crime."

Without any evidence, there was no way for Link to argue his case.

He didn't bother explaining further. "How do you intend to resolve this issue then?"

Bryant turned to look back at Link. "Just admit when you've committed a wrong. Young man, I used to think very highly of you. However, you've killed my granddaughter and even tortured her so. I've got to help her get revenge now. Since you're the junior, I'll let you make the first move."

Link squinted his eyes. In his eyes, Bryant's strength was as brilliant as a sun in the night sky. A message appeared in his vision.

Prophet Bryant

Level-12 Legendary Magician

Weapon: Fiona's touch.

Legendary weapon.

Effect: Unknown

(Note: The last gift from Fiona.)

This was an extremely strong enemy. Three hundred years ago, his name shook the continent. He was also stronger than Link by two whole levels now. He had plenty of reason to be so confident.

However, in a fight between two Legendary Magicians, level was indeed a factor to consider, but it wasn't the most important one. Things like battle experience, battle speed and the number of spells were other factors that could play a huge role in the battle.

Both parties were Legendary levels and were in fact not that far apart in strength. Bryant had an advantage, but it was a stretch to say that Bryant completely suppressed Link.

Link did not rush to attack. Instead, he said, "This place is too close to civilization. I'm afraid we will hurt innocent bystanders. Let's move to somewhere else."

Bryant laughed. "You indeed think things through. Alright, there is a canyon 25 miles north of here. Let's go there."

Bryant vanished in a flash of green light, as he traveled towards the canyon at an unimaginable speed. Link blinked, and he could no longer see the opponent anywhere.

Link could escape, but he would never do it. His friends and relatives could never escape from Bryant anyway.

Link did not rush as Bryant did. Instead, he took his time, slowly jogging. After a few steps, a message appeared in his vision.

New Mission: Decisive Battle

Description: Defeat Legendary Magician Bryant, but do not kill him!

Mission Reward: Assassin's Vision of Truth (Epic)

Link sighed. The God of Light gave him this mission with such a reward. This was truly leading him on. Furthermore, there were even conditions such as beating Bryant without killing him. It was a truly difficult mission.

Nonetheless, Link made his decision.

Suddenly, the Dragon King's Wrath sword spirit spoke, "Link, we aren't his opponent. Shall we just escape?"

Link stared at it for a moment. "Tell me how we can run?"

"Bryant is a famous figure after all. He probably won't go after your relatives or friends, and just target you. Wait until we've become stronger, then we'll find him to duke it out. What do you think?"

"Are you sure he won't attack my friends?"

"Uhm... probably?"

"Then, that's not an option." Link rejected the sword spirit's suggestion. Thinking for a moment, Link decided to save 200 Omni Points and use the rest of his 800 points on increasing his maximum Dragon Power limit.

Whoosh. Suddenly, Link felt heat rising from deep within himself. In an instant, his aura swept all around him, and a message appeared in his vision.

Link Morani (Baron)

Level-10 peak Legendary Magician

Dragon Power Limit: 10300 points

Once someone reached the Legendary level, it seemed that getting stronger became exponentially difficult. Based on experience, Link would need 11,000 Dragon Power points to reach Level-11. That was still a ways off.

Although Link did not travel as fast as Bryant, he was still very fast. In a second, he could cover 600 feet. It took him but a few minutes to travel 25 miles.

The area lay on the border of Ferde territory, in between the mountains and the forests. In the middle of two mountains, there was a large canyon spanning over 6000 feet in length and 600 feet in width.

The wind through the canyon was loud, making howling sounds as it blew past. In the middle of the big canyon, Bryant was waiting for Link. The wind tugged at his robe, causing it to flutter violently, but Bryant stood in the middle of it all, unmoving.

After he saw Link, he said, "I was afraid you'd run away. If you did, I might not necessarily have gone to chase you down."

The sword spirit immediately said, "See, I told you we could have ran."

Bryant continued, "However, if you did run, I would go to your land and find one of your relatives. And then, in a similar manner, I would slowly torture your relatives to death. Then, we would be even."

The sword spirit was speechless now.

This however made Link laugh. "Even? So your revenge is simply to get another person as a replacement? So you just want to vent the frustration in your heart? After three hundred years, your methods are still pathetic. If not for the God of Light's protection, I really suspect you wouldn't have lived until now."

If it were other normal people, it would still be acceptable for them to pay an eye for an eye. No one would blame them. But based on Bryant's status, such a move was just too low.

Bryant could not be entrusted with anything because he might suddenly lose his cool and quit halfway.

At this point, Link had already lost all respect for Bryant. Link's words were very sharp. Bryant's expression turned cold, and his heart burned with anger.

This again! The High Elf queen said so, Princess Milda said so too, now, even this human is saying so. I have unrivaled power. Why do I have to care what the common folk think?

Boom! The Mana around Bryant's body surged, exploding violently outwards. A menacing voice shouted from amidst the Mana cloud. "Youngster, you have no right to judge me! Show me your moves, or else I'll kill you this instant!"

Link no longer bothered restraining his power. Crystal red light surged around his body, gradually forming into the shape of a dragon.

Link eyed Bryant who was 900 feet away, while his mind quickly worked to think of a way to ensure that Bryant would never be able to get the initiative once he started attacking.


Just as Link and Bryant were beginning their battle, there was another distortion in space back at the harbor. Seconds later, a dimensional door opened.

Three people walked out from the door. One looked like a 30-year-old High Elf female, while the two others looked over fifty. They were probably High Elf elders.

They looked at the corpse on the ground and were startled.

"It's Ravenna, she really was killed."

"Don't mind this, Your Majesty, look there!" An elder pointed towards the northern horizon.

It was late at night, but there were stunning flashes of light appearing throughout the northern sky. One side was a dark green while the other was a crystal red.

"They're really fighting it out!"

The High Elf woman was the Queen. She anxiously said, "Hurry, we must stop their fight!"