427 Extremely Terrifying Way of Dying

 Chapter 427: Extremely Terrifying Way of Dying

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Ferde Port, under the lighthouse

"Die!" Ravenna yelled behind Link.

At the same time, Link felt the space behind him shake. Then there was an indescribable feeling of solidification. He knew immediately that the space around him was now sealed by some force.

The space was like a block of ice now. It was completely stiff and hard as well. There was no way to do anything.

"You're trying to seal off my escape routes?" Link moved. Dragon Power burst within him and his figure blurred. He turned to face Ravenna.

He saw Ravenna hold a ball of dark red light in her right hand. More accurately, the light was coming from her forearm. It cast spidery threads in the air. At a glance, it looked as if a bunch of blood vessels were in the air.

The light brightened quickly, emanating an ineffable mightiness.

With the space locked up, Link couldn't use the Dimensional Jump. All spatial magic was sealed as well-Instant Flash, Spatial Sphere, Despair... Wait, Despair seemed usable still.

Link quickly activated the special effects of the Assassin's Robe. He instantaneously cast the Despair spell. A ball of light containing a black whirlpool floated in the air.

After that, Link took out the Burning Wrath of Heavens wand to use the Demon Slayer Whip, but something unexpected occurred. A red thread flashed in the air and then scattered uncontrollably.

His Demon Slayer Whip had lost effectiveness!

All my power has been cracked. It is dark red and chaotic. This is the God of Destruction's divine spell! Link's thoughts whirred and immediately processed everything.

"Ha, you can't do anything. Destruction!" Ravenna yelled.

The dark red ball of light flashed in her hand. A bloody beam shot out towards Link's head. In that moment, Link really felt death coming.

He was sure that if he was hit, both his body and soul would be destroyed. Being between life and death, Link was extremely focused. Everything slowed down in his vision.

He controlled the Despair Ball with his mind, preemptively moving it into the path of the bloody beam. At the same time, he directed the reappearance location to be at Ravenna's arm.

Poof! The bloody beam buried into the Despair Ball. Another ball appeared beside Ravenna's body, and the bloody beam shot out.

Poof! The beam burrowed into Ravenna's raised arm.

Its strength was indescribable. Ravenna's right arm wasn't protected at all. With a sizzle, it dropped to the ground. The dark red glow on the arm also extinguished.

"Ah, how can this be? Ah, my arm!" Ravenna cried in pain. She covered her wound with her left hand as she rolled on the ground, curling into a ball.

"How can this be? Ah, it hurts! Ah, it lied, it lied. It said it could lock all power! It lied!"

Ravenna was entirely shaken. She cried out in pain, swore and cursed. She was in utter disbelief.

Link let out a long sigh. Just then, less than one-tenth of a second earlier, he had been a step away from death. If the Despair Ball had been ineffective, it would have been impossible for him to avoid a Level-9 Magician's attack with just physical movement in that tight of a space.

Perhaps he could avoid getting hit in a vital organ using his predictions, but he could feel that no matter where he was hit, it would greatly damage his soul.

This is definitely the God of Destruction's scheme. He's seen me before and knows my powers, so he sealed it all. If I didn't learn this new spell, I definitely would have died!

A gust of ocean wind blew by, and Link felt the coolness on his forehead. He touched it, and his hand pulled away with a thin layer of cold sweat.

This event involved the God of Destruction. He'd once again blocked the senses of the God of Light. The game system stopped working again. It didn't remind Link at all when faced with this fatal situation.

It'll probably always be like this in the future. In a war between gods, a mortal like me is just a throwaway.

In the distance, Ravenna was still crying in pain. Link's fear subsided. From 65 feet away, he cast a Spatial Rend and pulverized Ravenna's arm that contained the God of Destruction's power. Then he cast a Spatial Restraint, keeping her to the ground.

"You betrayed the High Elves?" Link asked.

"Human, you dirty and lowly human, you should have died. You can't live!" Ravenna yelled, glaring at Link.

Link frowned. Since she wasn't saying anything, he would just keep guessing.

"Since you still have pride as a High Elf, you most likely didn't betray them. However, you don't have a high status amongst your race. At least, it doesn't match the power you have now, right?"

Ravenna was a half-elf. She was at Level-9 and almost equal to the queen, but she wasn't well-known. On the other hand, Princess Milda was only at Level-7, but she held a high position. With such a great difference, it was normal to feel angry.

Hearing this, Ravenna flinched. Then she kept cursing, "Human, you don't know anything. You're just a despicable idiot."

Seeing that reaction, Link knew he'd guessed correctly. He continued, "You're unhappy, so you want more power to gain a higher position. At that time, someone or some conscience found you. He promised to give you power, but you had to kill me, right?"

Ravenna gritted her teeth at Link. She didn't smile; she just sneered.

Link guessed that he was right for some things but not completely accurate. Some detail must have been wrong. "No, he didn't want me dead," he continued guessing. "The plan to lure me out by stealing the notes was too complicated. It was filled with too many uncontrollable variables. You probably just wanted to steal my notes and see how far I've progressed. Then you'd try to kill me. Unfortunately, I found you out, but you didn't want the news to spread, so you decided to act earlier, right?"

Finally, fear crept into Ravenna's eyes. "No!" she screamed wildly. "No! You don't know anything! You're wrong! You're all wrong!"

That meant Link was right.

While she screamed, Link saw that her body started shaking. At first, it was just trembling slightly. Then after a while, she started convulsing like a crazed woman.

"Ah!!" Ravenna yelled in pain. Link could see that she'd lost control of her body.

Suddenly, there was a ripping sound. One of her legs actually ripped away from her body. After a few seconds, her other leg fell off, then her arm, and finally her skin.

Rip! Rip! Rip! Her robe tore apart, revealing her body. Her skin was covered in dark red thread. At first, the thread was the color of skin. After a while, it broke apart and grew darker. Finally, there was a squelch, and Ravenna's body ripped apart.

She was still alive. Feeling the uncontrollable and terrifying pain, her mouth fell open and let out a mind-shattering scream.

The corners of her lips and eyes cracked too. Her face was horrifying.

Link had seen the many ways of dying but seeing Ravenna's death, he was still chilled. The hair on the back of his neck rose.

This was too frightening.

A minute later, there was a crack. With that crisp sound, Ravenna's head fell off her neck and rolled on the ground. After enduring the horrible torture, she was finally dead.

Staring at the horrifying body, Link frowned. Things were getting troublesome.

Ravenna was from the upper class of the High Elves, and her grandfather was Bryant. His granddaughter died on the Ferde Territory. No matter what, even if Link had Memory Crystal as evidence, he would be hated by many High Elves.

Not everyone in this world was logical. In reality, most people were ruled by emotions. Humans were like this, and so were High Elves. All mortals were like this.

They didn't care about the process; they only cared about the result. And they were easily incited.

As long as someone tried, not only would many common High Elves hate Link, the relationship between humans and High Elves would fall apart as well. After some more events, the two races might become enemies.

Link couldn't help but sigh. God of Destruction, this was a great move.

He walked up and collected the High Elf's body. This was Bryant's granddaughter, after all. He couldn't let her body get dried out in the wilderness. While doing so, he discovered another terrifying thing. There was no sign of the God of Destruction on her-at least, he couldn't sense anything.

He hurriedly took out his Memory Crystal.

It was translucent. If it really contained a recording, it would just be flashes of light. That meant the information inside the crystal had been wiped.

It must have been wiped when Ravenna was using the god's power to lock the space... I really can't explain myself now.

Just then, Link suddenly discovered a faintly glowing white bracelet on Ravenna's broken left hand. The material was very familiar. He studied it and discovered it was similar to the white stone the High Elf prince had given him.

What shocked him was that when he got closer, the light brightened. The white light shot into the sky and the air around it started twisting... No, the space was distorting.

No, this is a spatial door.

Link suddenly thought of a possibility and his brows knitted. This was trouble.