415 Big Change in the Territory

 Chapter 415: Big Change in the Territory

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It was just a group of Dark Griffin Knights. There were more than 30, which was quite a lot, but they were only at Level-5. Link took out his Demon Slayer Whip and turned three nearby griffins and their knights into bloody rain with a single strike.

The other Dark Griffin Knights were shocked. The Red Dragon was difficult to handle, and now there were strong reinforcements. They couldn't stay any longer and turned to run.

They were insignificant so Link didn't chase after them. "Let's fly towards Ferde," he told Lannie.

Lannie made the small airship turn and fly towards the Ferde Territory in the southeast. In the cabin, Link turned to look. Felina had already caught on and followed.

The two flew one before another. About half an hour later, Ferde's trademark yellow dirt appeared in their vision. Link pointed at a patch of space. "Let's stop there."

After stopping, Link jumped out of the airship. Felina gradually descended as well. A few seconds later, she landed with a thump. Lowering her head, she looked at Link strangely. "Master, how come you have Dragon Power?"

Maybe the queen gave it to him but he didn't have it when they separated last time. So what could it be? Was Link secretly of the dragon bloodline? Was his ancestor a dragon? Felina couldn't figure it out.

Link knew about her confusion. He chuckled. "I can't explain it now. I'll tell you in detail when we have time. Did you come this time to find me?"

While speaking, Link was also observing Felina. Since last time, her power had increased as well. Before, she had just entered Level-8. Now, she was already closer to Level-9 than eight.

Felina took the initiative to explain. "For some reason, the Mana density around the Dragon Valley has increased a lot. All of my race has become stronger... I'm here this time under the queen's orders. She said that the Emerald Council will hold a higher level meeting in the Dragon Valley one month later. All the upper members will group in the Dragon Valley. She wishes you to attend."

"Oh, I see."

It was normal that the Mana of Dragon Valley was increasing. The crack was right in the Colorado Mountain Range where the Dragon Valley was located in. This was probably the reason why the Emerald Council would hold the meeting there.

After thinking, Link said, "There's still one more month. There is still a lot of time and you're wounded. Come rest in my territory for a few days."

"Sure, why not?" Felina smiled.

Link returned to Lannie's airship and they continued flying. To be honest, he really liked this airship. There was a pilot, wind didn't blow in his face, and the seat was comfortable. He could lie down, say a destination, and Lannie would take him there. This was practically his private jet.

He decided he had to find a way to make Lannie his personal pilot. Within ten minutes, the Scorched Ridge of Ferde appeared before them.

Last time Link left Scorched Ridge, he'd spent quite some time in the Dragon Valley. Then he spent some time in the Golden Plains and the Orida Fortress. Adding all that time together, it had been almost half a year.

During this half year, Scorched Ridge had completely changed.

There were many, many new houses built in rings around Scorched Ridge. Because the development happened too quickly, the planning was a bit disorganized and it looked messy from the sky. However, it was a kind of lively mess. It was like the chaos of flora and fauna all growing in spring.

Lannie looked down and was shocked. "So many people! So many horses! So many roads! So many boats in the port!"

Within half a year, the one-mile radius around Scorched Ridge was packed with houses. There were stone houses, thatched shacks, wooden buildings, and many incomplete buildings. On the ground, there were countless moving black spots-all busy workers. There was barely anyone free. Everyone was busy with their tasks.

In the distant pier, countless ships filled with products were driven into the port. At the same time, many left. There were all types of ships, including the new boats of the High Elves, Southern flat-bottomed cargo ships, and even the pointed ships of the Beastmen.

One could clearly feel the bustling liveliness with just a glance. If the North was a dark and icy hell, this was a bright and blazing heaven!

All the clouds in Link's heart from the killing and deaths were scattered by this great vitality.

"Ah," he breathed, leaning back in his seat, entirely relaxed.

Whoosh, whoosh. There was the sound of wings flapping. Two Griffin Warriors had discovered the airship and dragon. They got closer, surrounding them. A officer-like Warrior held a magic musket and pointed at them from afar, yelling, "The Scorched City forbids flight. Land immediately!"

Lannie was a bit upset and looked to Link. "Master, isn't this your territory? Why can't we fly?"

Link wasn't clear either. "It should be for safety," he said with a smile. "Since we're here anyway, let's just land."

"Lirico City doesn't forbid flying." Lannie started to descend unwillingly. Felina was here as a guest and naturally followed.

The griffin officer also landed. He walked over to the airship and took out a stamped scroll. "According to Act 125," he began reading, "all flight is forbidden in the airs above the city. Violators shall be fined five silver coins..."

As he spoke, there was a soft sound and the airship cabin opened. Link walked out.

The officer was still reading out loud. "For repeating offenders, the fine shall multiply..."

The soldier beside him recognized Link. He quickly walked over and mumbled, "Sir, it's the lord."

"What lord... ah, the lord?!" The officer moved the scroll aside and looked. It really was the lord, he realized awkwardly. With the scroll in his hands, it would be bad if he kept reading but he couldn't stop either. He stood rooted to his spot, cold sweat forming on his forehead.

Link chuckled and tossed five gold coins over. "I indeed broke the rules and should be fined. You didn't do anything wrong. This is the fine for my friend and I. The rest is your bonus."

Unexpectedly, the officer was stubborn. He insisted on only taking one gold coin. His reasoning was just as well. "Lord, this is my duty. I don't need any bonuses. The fine for you two is ten silver coins, or one gold coin combined. I cannot take any more."

He had a personality and Link appreciated people with principle. He didn't insist on his own way and accepted the four extra gold coins. Patting the officer's shoulder, he said, "Good job. Keep doing well."

"Yes, Lord." The officer straightened and saluted to Link. There was more sweat on his forehead now. No one could know how much stress he felt before Link.

Link didn't stay there for long. He waved at Felina who had transformed into her human shape and walked towards Scorched Ridge with Lannie.

When the three went far, the soldiers let out a breath. The officer's legs turned to jelly and he almost collapsed. Holding onto a soldier, he said, "Support me. I'm going to faint."

Even if Link hadn't purposely released his Legendary aura, it still caused immense mental pressure on these regular Warriors. He also had prestige as the lord and his reputation as a Magician. The officer had even talked back at Link. They were already commendable.

On the other hand, Link was walking on the road filled with mud and horse feces. He felt so uncomfortable.

Lannie jumped around and said, "Ah, it's so smelly, so smelly. This place is drowning in horse feces."

It looked impressive from the sky but inside it, she felt like she was in a waste pit. Felina was more straightforward. She took out a veil and held her nose.

Link could only chuckle wryly. "It'll get better. It's developing too fast now and many things can't catch up."

Humans relied on horses for transportation. When there were more horses, naturally there would be feces everywhere. They couldn't compete with the Yabbas.

However, after three minutes, a new carriage came from behind to their side and slowed gradually. There was a knight beside it too. He jumped down the horse and saluted to Link. "Lord, please enter the carriage."

Link didn't recognize this knight but his armor had Link's emblem. He had to be a subordinate so Link opened the door and climbed in. Once inside, the three were finally relieved.

"Once our craftsmen are here, I'm going to make them invent a car to get rid of the waste," Lannie said seriously. "They'll shovel the waste on the road every day. Otherwise, this city isn't livable."

She gesticulated as she spoke and her expressions were dramatic. Link and Felina were both tickled.

The group reached the heart of the territory-Scorched Ridge.

There were walls around Scorched Ridge. Within it, the terrain flattened immediately. There were stone tiles on the ground as well. Instead of horse feces, there were flowers on the side of the road. The passersby were dressed properly as well. It was like a different world.

Scorched Ridge was faintly like the elite area of a city now. The radius had changed a lot too, even including the Mage Tower 900 feet away. Link also discovered that there were three medium-sized Mage Towers under construction right now.

"Lucy did pretty well," he had to say.

The development was much faster than he'd predicted. If he had to do this himself, he would go crazy.

Just as he was lamenting, the carriage arrived at the entrance of the Mage Tower. Link got out the carriage and realized the door was already open. Eliard was smiling at him.

Link stared at Eliard in shock. Within half a year, this guy had reached the pinnacle of Level-6. Judging from his focused eyes and calm composure, he had quite an attainment in magic.

Link was extremely pleased at the improvement of his good friend. He walked up and embraced Eliard, patting his back heavily before letting go. They met eyes and laughed heartily.

"You're stronger than I'd expected," Eliard lamented.

"You've improved beyond my imaginations," Link said happily. He really wished Eliard could catch up. That way, he wouldn't have to fight alone.

"Come, let us wait in the Mage Tower. Manager Lucy and Commander Jacker will come promptly."

Link nodded. He waved at Lannie and Felina; the three entered the Mage Tower together.

There were more than 50 apprentices in the main lobby. They all stood up, not daring to even breathe. When Link's group finally walked up to the second floor, they all let out a sigh of relief. Then the discussions started.

"Is that the lord?"

"He's so powerful. I couldn't even raise my head. My heart was pounding."

"No sh*t! The lord is a Level-8 Magician! He's the most powerful human!"

Link couldn't hear any of that because he was already at the main hall of the second floor. This was the place for official Magicians and the numbers lessened considerably. There were only a dozen people here. Link recognized some but others he'd never seen before. They had joined afterwards.

Link saw Rylai here.

She had gotten much taller and was now a Level-2 Magician. She was even more like a water spirit now. There seemed to be a layer of water light around her. This was indeed extraordinary water talent.

Right now, she sat in the corner reading. She didn't know Link was back but when she heard footsteps, she looked up instinctively and was shocked. Standing up quickly, she said, "Tutor."

Link made a sound in response. He actually felt the most guilt towards Rylai. He had planned on teaching her personally but never had time. Then he'd handed her to Milda but Milda ended up staying in Aragu.

A child with such great potential for water magic was about to be wasted by him.

He couldn't stay there anymore and started upstairs. At the same time, he vowed that he would find a responsible and talented Tutor for Rylai.

At the stairs, he asked, "Is Celine here?"

"No, she is currently in the Girvent Forest dealing with the people from Delonga. She doesn't return often. Now, she's the Death Scythe now. That's how powerful she is," Eliard said, laughing.

"What about bullets?"

"Master Weissmuller makes them for her. That's all he does now."

"Great," Link replied. But inside, he felt uncomfortable.

He hurried all over the place to help others but neglected those closest to him. One was his official apprentice; the other was the love of his life. This couldn't do.

Before the main hall of the top floor, Eliard said, "Celine uses this hall now. Only she can open the rune at the door."

Link glanced at it and chuckled. "I still remember the code."

He entered the code and the magic door opened. The group entered and took their seats. Within a while, there were many footsteps.

Link looked over and was met with a bunch of people, including King Leon.