414 The Death Scythe of the South

 Chapter 414: The Death Scythe of the South

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In the Black Forest

Dark Elf Lawndale Markins looked at Orida Fortress from afar.

When Link returned, he started a decisive battle to wipe out the demons. Lawndale had watched the entire process.

At the end of the battle, not a single demon had escaped the fortress. All of them perished.

Using the Eagle Eyes spell, he saw the light of the protective barrier around the central of Orida Fortress disappear. Then, a bunch of people rushed out and greeted Link. After killing thousands of demons, Link still looked perfectly unharmed. In fact, from his stride, it looked like he was still at full strength.

Lawndale saw Link being led into the fortress by the human army. The attitude of the humans was as though Link was a god descended from the heavens.

"From what it seems, the Princess Saroviny you talked about is dead," a female voice said next to Lawndale's ear. It was a deep and raspy voice.

Lawndale sighed deeply. "The demon army has lost, and about 80 to 90 percent of my people have been killed. The Divine Gear has also been pushed out of Firuman while the humans now have a Legendary-level Magician... We have lost completely."

"That is indeed the case," the female voice agreed. She swayed her graceful body and walked up to Lawndale's side. She said, "However, there is no permanent victory or defeat. All you need is a new army."

Lawndale did not reply. He was lost in thought. After a while, he said, "Ashali, we've only known each other for three days. I don't know what you want."

"That's true," Ashali replied. She turned around and walked back towards the deeper part of the Black Forest. As she walked, she said, "We're different from the demons. We don't like to clash head-on, and we don't like unpredictable elements. We enjoy controlling the flow of the battle and slowly clinch our way to victory. After you think it through, you can come find me anytime."

The moment she finished speaking, she jolted forward and disappeared into the Black Forest.

Romand was present too, although he didn't speak. After Ashali left, he said softly, "Lawndale, I think we have two options available. One is to find a strong ally to continue our cause. The other is to return to the Dark Realms and fight for space with the creatures there... No matter which you choose, I will be behind you."

Lawndale was not even thirty years old. Yet, he was already faced with a decision that would determine the future of his clan. He felt like he was in a hopeless situation and just wanted to end it all.

However, he knew that he couldn't do that. Time was precious. If they waited till the king of the Norton Kingdom wiped out the forces in the south, they would definitely face the Norton Kingdom's vengeance. Even if they were to retreat into the Black Forest, the humans would pursue them into the forest to wipe them out.

No one could fight against the power of a Legendary Magician.

The Silver Moon Council Chairman, Romand, was a genius Magician. However, he was not adept at commanding an army, and he himself was aware of the fact. He thus decided to leave all of it to Lawndale.

Time passed silently. Five minutes later, Lawndale said, "Chairman, if we rely on an ally, we will have to depend on them and tread carefully around them. However, that will still be better than going back to that dilapidated world..."

Romand nodded. "You're right, I understand. The demons are strong, but they are unreliable and wild. If we were to rely on an ally, then we should find a strong one!"

These creatures that call themselves Agathas were not a bad choice. Ashali was a Level-9 expert. According to her, their people had Legendary-level experts that could help them fight against the Norton Kingdom.

With Romand's support, Lawndale made his choice. He turned towards the Black Forest. "Time is tight; we must seize this opportunity. Let's go look for Ashali now."


Meanwhile, Link was ushered into Orida Fortress and was now recounting the experience of his escape and his rise to the Legendary level.

Finally, he took out the Thorn Necklace and handed it to Romusen.

"Princess Milda chose to stay in Aragu to fight against the demon princess. She bade me to pass this on to the queen."

Romusen sighed, but he understood that this was her choice. "Thank you," he said softly.

Link turned to Duke Abel. "Duke, what do you plan to do now? Go south to reinforce Hot Springs City? Or begin repairs and reinforce Orida Fortress as the stronghold in the north?" Link asked.

They had yet to clear out the demons in the north. There were at least twenty thousand demons that had escaped, mostly back into the Black Forest. A small portion had escaped towards the south. These remnants could become a threat once there was someone to rally them together.

Duke Abel had already made plans. He replied, "We cannot abandon Orida Fortress! But as for the south..."

Duke Abel looked expectantly towards Link.

Link's power had reached the Legendary level. He was now an imposing threat against anyone. He believed that with Link going down south, he could easily force the Kingdom of Delonga to retreat and behave themselves.

Link understood his intentions. "I was planning to go south... if there's nothing else, I will be leaving soon."

Celine's safety had always been a concern weighing on Link's mind. If not for the situation in the north that affected the whole of Firuman, Link would not have even come to the north.

Duke Abel was relieved. He took out some scrolls and handed them to Link. "Lord, if you don't mind, as you pass by the strongholds along the way south, please hand these scrolls to them. Orida Fortress is too weak right now, and we need reinforcements and resources from these strongholds."

"I understand," Link received the scrolls from Duke Abel. He didn't plan to tarry much longer. Turning to face the rest of the commanders, he said, "Everyone, the north will depend on you now."

Then, Link disappeared in a burst of white light as he teleported out of Orida Fortress.

An instant later, Link appeared outside of Orida Fortress. After a series of successive teleportation, Link was back at Lannie's airship.

"Let's go, the trouble has been resolved. Let's regroup with the rest," Link said.

"I saw it all! You destroyed all the demons!" Lannie said in amazement. She could not even begin to comprehend the extent of Link's power.

"Nothing is impossible with magic," Link said, laughing. "Let's go, let's not waste any more time."

"Okay," Lannie replied. She had a newfound respect for Link. Lannie operated her airship, and it quickly rose into the sky, heading towards the south.

Very quickly, Link returned to the Yabba campsite. He didn't stay there long either. After briefing them on the situation at Orida Fortress and discussing some plans for their travel towards the south, Link took off again.

Together with Lannie, they went from one stronghold to another, handing out the scrolls as Duke Abel had bid him to do and informing the various commanders of the news of Orida Fortress and the Yabbas.

At the same time, he got news of the war situation in the south from these commanders. It was not very good, but there were positive signs.

East Cove Magic Academy was still protected by their magic defenses. However, they were unable to send out any troops to help the war effort as they were besieged by Andrew's Undead army.

The worst news was that Hot Springs City was already destroyed and in ruins. At the last moment, King Leon escaped from the city under the protection of palace Magicians.

Supposedly, King Leon was pursued all the way until he reached the Ferde territory whereupon he was saved by a Lich.

Amidst the chaos, the Lich had injured Andrew and forced him to retreat back into the Girvent Forest. Yet, Andrew was then attacked and killed by a musketeer named Celine. He did not manage to escape.

According to rumors, this musketeer Celine was very strong. She was known as the "Death Scythe," and she lurked within the Girvent Forest, killing many commanders of the Delonga Kingdom.

It was said that the enemy commanders were so afraid that they did not dare to reveal themselves. They would plan their strategies deep within their camps. During battle, they no longer wore their commander uniforms so as to not stand out from the rest of the soldiers.

Due to her actions, King Leon managed to escape safely to Ferde.

Meanwhile, the Kingdom of Delonga occupied the Girvent forest but were now in a sticky situation. To their southeast was Ferde, while to their north was the allied army led by the Norton Kingdom. They were sandwiched between two big forces and had to constantly be on the alert.

This was naturally good news for Link, especially because Celine was doing well.

Originally, Link had planned to immediately head straight back to Ferde. However, just as they were flying over the Girvent Forest, Lannie pointed at a few black dots outside her window. "Lord! There's something there, like... a dragon!"

This caused Link who was engrossed in his magic textbooks to look up.

Link was surprised. He looked over and saw a big red dragon about 30 feet long engaged in battle with a flight of Griffin Knights.

These griffins looked very strange. Their eyes were bloodshot, and their feathers were grey. As they flew, there was a trail of black aura behind them. They didn't seem to know fear or pain and would throw themselves against the dragon in a frenzied manner. The knights riding the Griffins were also fiercely attacking and shooting at the dragon.

Although the dragon was strong, faced with frenzied suicidal attacks like this, even it would start to take damage. Link looked carefully and realized that he knew the dragon. It was Felina!

"That's Felina! She was probably here for me," Link said. He instructed Lannie, "Let's go help. I know that dragon."