411 That’s Strange

 Chapter 411: That's Strange

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The battle before the Yabba Craftsmen Treasury started quickly and ended quickly. The entire thing took less than four seconds.

The Level-9 Nagas were quite unfortunate. They were just "scraped" by Link's magic and ended up dead. It was honestly an instant kill. The truly shocking part was the fight between Link and the Legendary Naga. It took two seconds, which didn't seem long, but Link had brushed shoulders with death.

After the battle, Link waved at Elin who was hiding in the darkness to show it was safe. Then he walked towards the fallen Legendary Naga.

She had been hit ten times by Link's whip. Her head was gone and so were her simple clothes, revealing a broken but healthy body. Link obviously wasn't appreciating the Naga's sexy body. He was trying to determine her status.

A Legendary fighter couldn't be someone insignificant. If Link killed her, he should at least know who she was. This could help when he faced the God of Destruction's other followers.

Link walked to the body and bent down to search for any characteristics. After a few seconds, Link saw a crescent moon mark on her inner arm. This gave Link an idea. He then picked up her spear.

Since she was a Legendary fighter and was the herald for the God of Destruction, her weapon was obviously nothing common. This spear was of Legendary quality. It was five and a half feet long and was a dark gold. There were some detailed dark red runes densely packed near the tip, making the tip look blood-red.

Link checked it carefully. Finally, he found two strange words at the grip of the spear. He stared at it for a few seconds, and the game system displayed the spear's information.

Blood Moon

Low-Level Legendary

Effect: unknown

(Note: it was once the physical reincarnate of glory but had become the puppet of destruction!)

This was enough for Link to confirm her identity. Oh, it's her.

Blood Moon Aklie was a world-class boss from the Silversand Islands in the South that should appear later in the game. When the player was at Level-12 and was fighting a bloody battle with the Southern Syndicate, she would appear with her overbearing Level-16 strength.

For the kill, dozens of guilds formed a super team to fight her. They ended up sacrificing 90% of the team to pass the level. For a world-class boss, the difficulty wasn't too high. But interestingly, other than receiving game items after killing the boss, there was also a book-Hyrri's Chronicle.

Some players would read it patiently and discover it was a record of life in a different realm called the Hyrri Continent. The residents there are physically identical to the Agatha Nagas, but their personalities were completely different.

The chronicle described a completely peaceful and ordinary world.

Some guessed that this must be the world of the Agatha Nagas before all the organisms in the realm started following the God of Destruction. Aklie kept this book with her, perhaps because she missed the old world or only for the memories, and brought information about that realm to Firuman.

Aklie is a powerful general under the God of Destruction and will get even stronger. It's a good thing I killed her now.

Link sighed and stood up. He used the Spatial Rend and turned the body to dust. As for the spear, it became Link's loot.

At that time, Elin's voice came from the near distance. "Link, hurry over! There are spatial ripples again!"

Link turned around. He saw that in the distant sky, a ball of ripples containing faint Mana light was slowly forming. It looked identical to the one they saw outside the city.

He hurried over to Elin's side, protecting her behind him. At the same time, he raised his wand and pointed at the ripples to chase them away.

But then, the wispy voice from before sounded. "Mortal, do not be impatient. Let me speak."

Link halted. He did want to know what this guy wanted to say.

The voice continued. "Your world has already lost hope. Mindless struggling is useless. Young man, I can let you and your three companions go. What do you think about that?"

Hearing this, Link smiled as if he was satisfied with the voice's suggestion. "That sounds nice," he said cheerily. "F*ck you!"

Halfway through, Link's expression suddenly changed. He cast Spatial Distortion and mended the air ripples that were about to be ripped apart. The voice in the void was cut off.

He wanted to trick Link into leaving the realm and then kill him in the Sea of Void? Only a fool would believe that.

Elin stared at Link with wide eyes and suddenly whispered, "Link, what did he mean by lost hope?"

Link saw terror and despair in those big eyes. He knew that Elin must sense something from the world cracking. As the Lady Fortuna, she definitely had this sensitivity. She just didn't know what exactly was happening.

But today, she'd already suffered enough. Considering this, Link said, "I'm not too sure, but the world's Mana is rising. The Emerald Circle has discovered this and is preparing to hold another meeting. They'll find the answer."

Elin stared at him. She seemed to sense that Link was hiding something, but she didn't keep asking. She just said, "Hopefully."

The good thing about her was that she could quickly organize her feelings. After a while, she was relaxed again. "We'll take things step by step," she said. "There's good news now, at least. Akensser is dead, and the Dark power has been forced back. The world will get better!"

"Yes, it'll get better. So what should we do now, little thing?" Link asked teasingly.

"Don't call me that." Elin pouted and then said, "We must immediately notify Master Franklin about this good news... Link... Lord, I think that our entire race must migrate now."

"I'm honored," Link replied.

The tasks after this were simple. Link remembered that there were seven more Nagas in the city. Naturally, he would pursue them. Elin cast a flight spell for herself and went to the mountains outside the city to spread the news.

One hour later, Link found the Nagas. He killed six, but one escaped. She had used the opportunity created by her companions and ran quickly, vanishing. Link pursued for a while but realized that the other was very careful and didn't leave any marks behind.

It was already late night now. For safety reasons, Link was forced to give up.

After waiting inside for a while, Master Franklin's group came. Riel was with them. As soon as he saw Link, he yelled, "Master Link, it was awesome! So awesome! Those demons are like paper. They can't take my hammer at all!"

The surrounding Yabbas all gazed reverently at the dwarf. Link guessed that his performance must have been impressive this time. Otherwise, he wouldn't have so many fans.

Link walked over and patted Riel's shoulder. "My magic has recovered too. I think we can go visit the fortress."

He had his magic back, and Riel was a Legendary Warrior. With the two together, they could definitely defeat a demon legion without a commander!

Riel's eyes brightened. He waved his battle mace. "Indeed, it's time to teach those bastards a lesson!"

At that moment, Master Franklin asked, "Lord, why didn't I see Aknesser's body?"

Link found this strange. "Isn't it on the ground by the Treasury? Didn't Elin take you there?"

They were in the city center but were still around 2000 feet from the Craftsmen's Treasury. Link didn't know the specific situation, but he remembered clearly that his whip had exploded Akensser's head. Even a god couldn't handle that kind of injury.

Then Elin walked over. Seeing Link, she shrugged in confusion. "Li... Lord, Aknesser's body really disappeared."

Now, this was strange.