410 Stop Them!

 Chapter 410: Stop Them!

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Lariel City

When Link found out about the Black Kun rock, he saw something flash in his vision. A message appeared.

Mission complete: Investigation.

Reward: Void Aura dispelling kit (One-time use)

New Mission: Stop Them!

Mission Description: Use your strength to tell the slaves of the God of Destruction that they are not welcome in Firuman!

Reward One: Assassin's Boots

Reward Two: 200 Omni Points.

Amidst the flashing lights, a dark blue rune appeared in Link's field of vision. It was the Void Aura dispelling kit! Along with it, there was a message asking Link to make a choice.

Do you want to use it now?

Link did not even need to consider. He immediately chose to use it.

The moment he made his choice, Link felt something in his hand. It was a pebble-sized rock that was slightly slippery and warm to the touch. Without even looking, he knew it was the Void Aura dispelling kit.

Rubbing his fingers on the little pebble, Link soon found an opening in the rock. He channeled his Dragon Power into the rock.

Instantly, Link felt something warm flowing into his body, spreading throughout his body. The feeling lasted for a moment before disappearing.

Then, Link discovered that the strange force around his body interfering with his spell formation had disappeared. He bowed his head and channeled his Dragon Power into his fingertips. The Dragon Power energy immediately solidified like a crystal, looking resplendent and perfect in every way.

After the Dragon Power was released, it automatically condensed itself into a droplet. This was a characteristic of Legendary-level power.

Regaining his ability to cast spells, Link sighed in relief.

Without magic, he was merely a swordsman that could only escape when faced with large amounts of enemies. With magic, he was a Legendary powerhouse!

The time it took for the Void Aura dispelling kit to take effect felt very long to Link. However, in reality, it had lasted only a few seconds. Elin assumed that Link was just deep in thought and did not think much of it.

She asked, "Is there something special about the Black Kun rock?"

Meanwhile, the Nagas were still moving the statue. They weren't moving very quickly. Link noted the positions of the Nagas while replying softly to Elin's question. "The Black Kun rock is useless to the ordinary Magician. It is merely harder than on ordinary rock and very good for engraving on stone. However, Black Kun rock is a core material for constructing dimensional teleportation portals. Only those with Legendary power can make use of it."

Elin immediately understood the gist of it. "You mean to say that these Nagas are going to construct a dimensional door to let more of them into Firuman?"

"Right. This portal would not be ordinary. It would be very stable and extremely difficult to destroy. They would be able to enter and exit as they please and it would not consume any power. If they really manage to open the portal, these Nagas may quickly enter Firuman, and form an army within a day. With the help of Lariel City's various magic technology and resources, these Nagas would even be able to quickly arm themselves with flying airships... That would be completely devastating."

The demons had not been pushed back yet, and now the Nagas had come. To make things worse, they were servants of the God of Destruction. Their job was merely to establish a foothold in Firuman to allow the God of Destruction to enter. That was the true disaster.

Elin also began to feel anxious. She watched the statue getting gradually closer to the center of the magic net. She gripped onto Link's clothing with a small hand and asked anxiously, "How can we stop them? You can't use your spells now, right? What do we do?"

Link smiled slightly. "Actually, the Void Aura on my body is almost dissipated. I should be able to use some spells now."

"Really?!" Erin was overjoyed. She knew how powerful Link was when he was using his spells.

"Yeah!" Link nodded. "I'm ready to go. By the way, do we need Akensser alive?"

Akensser was a Level-7 Magician, but he was not a combat Magician. He excelled in craftsmanship, building and operating magic machinery. Once the battle started, though, Link predicted that he would become cannon fodder.

Elin gnashed his teeth: "I can't wait for him to die!"

"Understood. Then hide and stay a bit further back. I'm going to start."

"Okay." Elin agreed and retreated back 150 feet. Link was still dissatisfied and gestured for her to go even further back.

Elin retreated back another 300 feet. Link was finally satisfied and pointed for her to hide behind a huge rock.

Elin obeyed.

Then, Link turned back to track the position of the Nagas, calculating the flow of the battle.

He had the advantage of being concealed! This advantage was enough to help him win.

Three seconds later, Link took a deep breath. The Dragon Power in his body was surging. He held the Burning Wrath of Heavens wand in his left hand and the Dragon King's Wrath sword in his right hand. He began to multi-task.

Because he was hidden in the darkness, he had plenty of time to cast his spells.

The wand in his left hand summoned the Demon Slaying Whip, while the magic sword in his right hand controlled a ball formed using 4000 Dragon Power points.

A second later, Link attacked.

Whoosh. An invisible dimensional ball flew out soundlessly to the Nagas three hundred feet away. It fell to the ground beneath the stone statue and vanished.

Meanwhile, the crystal red Demon Slayer Whip also shot out. Under the influence of Link's new Legendary power, the appearance of this whip had changed slightly.

It had become finer and more hair-like. The vibrations from the thorns were even more powerful. Each of them had become even more eye-catching, looking as though they were a dozen suns in the night sky. Their radiance illuminated the whole of Lariel City.

"Enemy attack!" The petite Naga who had Legendary-level strength screamed in warning. Before her scream had even faded away, she had confirmed Link's position. With a sudden burst of strength, she rushed towards Link, ready to kill.

"Spatial Collapse!"

Link had long prepared for this development. With just a simple thought, he triggered the space under the statue to collapse on itself.

Spatial Collapse: Within the radius of a spell's effect zone, the mass of all objects will drastically increase, causing the gravity of each object to increase proportionally. The specific range of the spell is dependent on how much Mana is consumed to cast the spell.

Link had used 4000 Dragon Power points to cast the spell; that was equivalent to 8000 Mana points. The power was immense.

In an instant, the gravity acting on every object within 150 feet around the target zone increased by 50 times!

All the Nagas were included within this space. Suddenly, they felt their weight increase by 50 times.

Needless to say, the Black Kun rock statue that eight Nagas were lifting became much heavier. It originally weighed slightly over 20 tons, but now, it was a whooping 1000 tons!

The statue had become 1000 tons in weight, while their own weight had also increased by 50 times. However, their physical strength did not change. Therefore, things that could have been lifted easily before were now heavy enough to crush their organs into paste.

"Ah?! Not good... ah!!!"

"It's heavy!!"

"We're finished!"

The eight Nagas were the first to bear the brunt of the spell. Their bodies were directly pressed into the soil and crushed into a meat paste by the 1000-ton statue.

The other Nagas desperately unleashed their strength to flee this area. Unfortunately for them, 50 times their weight was still a huge burden to bear. They struggled to even walk forward. There was no need to mention fighting.

The Legendary Naga had it the easiest. Nonetheless, her attack was also disrupted by Link.

She had already calculated her attack carefully. She was going to lunge towards Link and immediately finish him off. That was a distance of 210 feet. However, when the gravitational force changed, her jump trajectory was also affected. She fell back to the ground after traveling a mere nine feet.

She was more than 210 feet away from Link initially. What difference did a mere nine feet make? There was essentially no difference between her and a normal person now.

After falling to the ground, she was like an iron pillar rooted in the swampy ground. She gradually sunk deeper into the mud.

At the moment, she did not even have the ability to deal with Link.

Then, Link's Demon Slaying Whip reached the Nagas.

Boom, boom, boom! As the thorns of the long whip hit the Nagas, small explosions like mini-firecrackers started to sound out. Each attack of the whip accurately hit the head of a Level-9 Naga.

These snake people were restrained by a strong gravitational field and had no way to dodge. Their heads were instantly smashed, and this included the traitor Akensser.

In a blink of an eye, Link was only left with the Legendary-level Naga.


The Naga exploded with her full strength. Her body was shrouded in a blood-red glow, and she broke herself out of the soil. As she did, she left a big crater about 15 feet wide in the ground.

The Naga forcefully broke herself out of Link's gravitational field and arrived in front of Link, quick as lightning. She stabbed her spear towards Link's heart.

Legendary skill: Heaven Breaking!

"DIE!!!" She shrieked.

However, her strike hit nothing but air. In front of her eyes, Link's body faded away and reappeared 300 feet away from his original position.

Legendary spell: Instant Flash!

Link felt a trace of fear in his heart. If not for the fact that he was very familiar with the attacks of Nagas as well as knowing the skill Instant Flash, he might very well be dead. Even if he had Legendary-level strength, without these two conditions, he might have instantly died at the Naga's sudden attack.

This was the danger of facing against Legendary Warriors. Although the Warriors might not have a great arsenal of attacks and would always have to defend against the attacks of Magicians, once they had the chance, they could instantly unleash their full strength and pose a great danger to all. Comparatively, although Legendary Magicians were strong, the moment they exposed a gap in their attacks, that could cost them their lives.

After re-appearing, Link waved his sword through the air. Eight Dimensional Balls dropped soundlessly to the ground around him.

Swish! The Demon Slaying Whip struck again, attacking the Legendary-level Naga.

The Naga screamed hysterically. "You ruined the work of our master! Die, die, die! Stab of Purgatory!"

Once again, she unleashed another Legendary skill.

In Link's eyes, her figure suddenly became faint and illusory, as though she was made of mist. She darted forward seemingly with no predictable path. Because her speed was too fast, Link could only make out her after-images and could not determine her true position.

Link's Demon Slaying Whip thus could not accurately target her, and the Naga was now about to reach his side.

Since there was no way to accurately hit her, then just use a wide area-of-effect attack! Link thought.

Link controlled the Dimensional Balls around him to explode. Boom, boom, boom, boom! There were eight flashes of light as the eight Dimensional Balls exploded simultaneously, surrounding Link within.


Link possessed Legendary strength, but then, so did his opponent! There was no way his spell could completely restrain his opponent, but there was no way she could break through instantly either.

The next moment, the Naga was caught in the Spatial Shackles spell. Her body slowed down visibly. The after-images created by her speed vanished.

Swish! Making use of the chance, the Demon Slaying whip struck towards her. Regardless of if she tried to block it, her speed was too slow and could not keep up. Link accurately struck the Legendary Naga who was now trapped in the Spatial Shackles spell.

The burning hot energy struck the Naga, causing her to tremble violently.

Immediately, Link followed with a second attack, and then a third, and a fourth. The Demon Slaying Whip was like a living animal that constantly attacked the Naga without giving it a chance to rest.

In a single second, Link had hit her almost ten times. After the ninth time, the Naga successfully broke out of the spatial shackles and retreated backwards. However, while in mid-air, she was hit in the head one more time.

BOOM! Her skull instantly exploded. Steaming, hot blood gushed out, spraying like a geyser. Her body also exploded and turned into a bloody mist before she could escape.

After the Legendary-level Naga was killed, Link saw a message appear in his vision.

Mission complete: Stop them!