406 The Yabba’s Attachmen

 Chapter 406: The Yabba's Attachment

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In the forest, beside the ruined airship

Riel tried to describe what he had seen. "It was too far, and the sky was dark. I couldn't really see it clearly, but there were many black figures that looked like they were swaying a lot, like a snake. There aren't many, just about 40 of them I think."

Link's heart stirred when he heard this description. He had come across something like this in the game!

In the game, these creatures were called "Agatha Nagas." They were the slaves of the God of Destruction. The tribe was completely made up of females. They had the body of humans but were soft as snakes; they were soft to the point that it felt like they didn't have bones. They could contort their bodies in incredible ways, such as turning their heads 360 degrees, turning their bodies over backwards or rotating their limbs in unimaginable ways. They could easily do things that humans would think impossible.

Their bodies were soft and gentle. However, if you underestimated their strength because of that, you would pay a heavy price.

In reality, the Agatha Nagas had bodies as tough as the strongest demons. In front of them, human Warriors were like second-rate trash.

In the game, the Agatha Nagas were most commonly found in the Silversand Islands, located to the southeast of the southernmost kingdom of Doska. They possessed mighty strength and were minimally Level-8. They also dropped valuable loot. Every now and then, a boss-level creature would appear on the island. After players reached Level-11, they frequently ventured to the island to farm for resources.

Seeing the Agatha Nagas appear here, Link's doubts were washed away. It was no wonder why Akensser could cause the collapse of the magic net and evade the notice of the God of Light. It was because the God of Destruction had a hand in this.

Riel's news made Franklin extremely anxious. He exclaimed, "Akensser must have brought those things into the city. Nothing good will come out of this; we must stop him!"

He instructed Merlin who was standing next to him. "Go get the musketeers to prepare."

"Yes, Lord!" Merlin saluted and ran off to complete the task.

However, Link knew that the musketeers would only be sending themselves to their deaths. The Agatha Nagas were extremely fast that they could evade the Yabba musket shots. They could also easily invade the Yabba camps and slaughter them.

Even then, Link did not immediately try to stop the Yabbas. Making use of the time Merlin took to gather the troops, he asked, "Sir, are there guards left in the city?"

"Yes, about 5,000 more musketeers," Franklin nodded.

Link said, "Akensser probably knows the strength of Lariel City's defenses. For him to still dare to bring 40 snake people into the city shows that they are definitely not weak."

Franklin squinted his eyes and pondered for a moment. After a brief period of silence, he said, "We don't have a choice."

They truly couldn't ignore the snake people's attack. Inside the city, there were still 150,000 Yabbas. They were the hope of the Yabba's revival, so nothing could be allowed to harm them.

Suddenly, after keeping silent for so long, Elin screamed. "Lord, those are the slaves of the God of Destruction; they will drag our clan to destruction!!!" Elin was trembling visibly. Her face was pale, and she sweated profusely. The future she had seen must have been extremely shocking.

At this point, Franklin no longer dared to ignore the advice. He frowned and asked, "Elin, what do you suggest?"

Elin shook her head in anguish. "I don't know, I don't know! My vision says that we will immediately head southwards, but there are still 150,000 people in the city! How can we just abandon them?"

As she spoke, she looked at Link with big pleading eyes. However, she did not speak. Link had already helped them many times. This time, the enemy was simply too dangerous, she didn't feel it was right to ask him for help again.

At this point, a message appeared in Link's vision. It was a new mission.

New Mission: Investigation

Description: Return to Lariel City and find out what Akensser, the traitor, is up to.

Mission reward: Void Aura dispelling kit (One-time use)

Awesome! This mission was like delivering coal in the winter, exactly what he needed. Link desperately needed to use his spells. Only with his spells could he turn the situation around.

His spells were the key to creating a miracle!

Link immediately accepted the mission. He inhaled deeply and took a step forward. "Lord Franklin, Lariel's situation is unclear, and it might be dangerous for you guys. How about letting me go in to investigate first?"

Franklin was stunned. He felt conflicted. He knew that Link had already done plenty for the Yabbas. Now, knowing that the situation was dangerous, Link still volunteered to help them investigate. If they accepted his help, their debt towards him would be very hard to repay.

However, could they say no? He couldn't.

There were only less than two million Yabbas left. Every single one was precious. They could not sacrifice even a single one anymore. After pondering for a moment, Franklin sighed. "Lord Link, I swear by the name of the God of Light. If my clan makes it through this calamity, we will move to your territory and be forever loyal to you and your descendants!"

This was a serious oath. Yet, Franklin knew that this was the only way forward. The Yabbas had lost much of their magic arsenal. It would be hard for them to re-establish their might in the current world unless they were led by a stronger power.

Link was one such power!

Earlier, he was still in a position to bargain and negotiate. After all, he had a powerful fleet of airships as well as Lariel City and its thousands of years of accumulated resources backing him up. All that had long since gone up in smoke.

Link was delighted. If the Yabbas were willing to join him, that would be for the best. Their skills in magic technology were unparalleled. They would be able to help Ferde develop rapidly.

As expected, Link did not reject them. To do this mission, Link would also be risking his own life. It was only fair that he got something in return.

He placed his hand on Franklin's shoulder and promised, "I'll do my best!"

"Lord, I'll go with you!" Elin said. She had already considered Link to be her lord.


Elin was a Level-7 Magician. Link could not use any spells for the moment and needed a Magician to accompany him. Green would have been a suitable choice too, but it was probable that he had expended most of his Mana during the earlier battle.

"I'm going too! My bones are itching to beat up some enemies," Riel declared, waving his hammer.

Unexpectedly, Link shook his head and rejected him. "Riel, someone needs to protect the Yabbas here. The demons may come back anytime!"

"Oh... well alright then. Beating up demons is fine too!" Riel was easy to talk to.

"I'll come too!" Another clear voice rang out.

Link looked at the owner of the voice. It was Lannie who was holding a magic musket. Beside her was Magician Green. Link rejected her offer. "Just me and Elin will do. It's easier to sneak around with fewer numbers. Anyway, the people here need your protection."

Lannie pouted; she was unhappy at being left out. Nonetheless, she obeyed.

After sorting everything out, Link grabbed Elin and placed her on his shoulders. "Let's use an Invisibility spell," he suggested.

Elin waved her wand, and a watery light appeared, wrapping the two of them within it. The two of them disappeared.

"Hold on tightly, I'm going to run."

"Okay," Elin said. She cast a Lightweight spell onto herself, turning as light as a feather. This also reduced her inertia greatly. This way, Link would not feel her weight and be influenced in any way. Link started increasing his speed. Two seconds later, he was at the mountaintop. He saw the black figures that Riel had talked about.

His eyesight was many times better than Riel. He could see much further and more vividly than Riel. It was indeed the snake people-that was obvious from the swaying of their bodies and the gait of their walk.

He counted 43 of them. In the middle of them walked a short Yabba. It was the traitor, and he was wearing a deep purple Magician robe and had a head full of purple hair. He even had a purple beard. Along with his eagle-like nose, he looked extremely shady and scheming.

They were now half a mile away from the crystal wall. Link was ready to set off when he heard the sound of wind blowing. He turned to look and saw the demons that retreated earlier had regrouped and were getting ready to attack again. There were about 300 flying demons. Among them, there were five Winged Howlers and many other smaller demons. There were also about a thousand low-level demons but no particularly strong ones.

"They're headed for Lord Franklin!" Elin said, worried.

"Don't worry, me and Riel have just returned from another dimension. Riel has also reached Legendary level. He can deal with this many demons."

Elin's eyes lit up when she heard what Link said. "If that's the case, then I'm not that worried."

"Let's go; let's see what Akensser is up to."

Link continued down the hill. Because they were invisible, Link decreased his speed slightly. Three minutes later, they were standing at the entrance of Lariel City.

Having gone through the surge in Mana, the city was already in ruins. The density of Mana in the city now exceeded other areas by five times!

Link noticed that his Dragon Power recovery rate was already 38 points per second. It was a shocking number.

After walking for a bit, Link noticed something odd. About 90 feet ahead of them, there was an area where the air was vibrating and shimmering. It was kind of like the heat waves above an open fire.

Elin noticed it too. She said, "Lord, I feel danger. It's like there is a pair of eyes hidden behind this thing, and it's watching us."