403 A Piece of cake

 Chapter 403: A Piece of cake

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Beep, beep. Beep. Beep, beep, beep.

At the magic net node, Master Green's runestone connected with the Mana pool through a rune belt. It flashed rhythmically, kind of like the Morse code from earth.

Link sat to the side and waited. Since he was bored, he started memorizing the code. Perhaps it might be useful.

After around five minutes, there was a reaction.

The runestone flashed brightly. Master Green let go of it, and the runestone hovered in the air. Then it started flashing rhythmically again.

Green had taken out pen and paper. Watching the runestone closely, he started recording it. For some reason, as he wrote, Green's brows knitted. The situation seemed to be bad. Link and Lannie realized this, but they didn't make a sound. They didn't want to disturb Green.

After more than ten minutes, the runestone suddenly lost power. It fell from the air into Link's prepared hands.

On the side, Master Green stared at the filled notebook with a heavy expression. He would occasionally write some words.

Feeling something off, Lannie asked, "Master, what happened?"

Green shook his head and showed the notebook to her. "Look, the code is strange. The words translated are even stranger. There is no order, and I can't understand it at all."

Lannie took a glance and her thin eyebrows knitted, her face twisting in disgust. "Huh, how can they send such vulgar words? It's disgusting!"

Link was curious, so he looked over. He saw things written like "big bird, big bird, a body of feathers. It flies into the grass and disappears" and "son of a b*tch, I slept with your female donkey."

Finding it strange too, Link guessed, "Do you think something went wrong? Or someone intercepted it and pranked us?"

Master Green shook his head. "I don't know. There is still more content after that. I'll look further."

He took the notebook and continued translating. After 20 minutes, he finished but still shook his head helplessly. "The rest becomes even more vulgar. There's no meaning at all."

Lannie glanced and gave up. Link took the book and read it bit by bit. If the beginning was just swearing, the later parts were practically straight up erotica about an old bachelor knocking on the door of a window at night.

After reading it, Link read it again. This time, instead of looking at the entirety, he just looked at the words, comparing each one to the code.

The content was the same, but after reading it again and comparing it, Link learned the pattern of the Yabba code. He also discovered that most of the signals were clear. Master Green had used a vertical line to show a flash. However, some parts were unclear, and he used a horizontal line. There were quite a few of those-around 30 throughout the piece.

Link took the notebook and asked, "Master, what do the horizontal lines mean?"

Master Green glanced over. "There is some static that occurs during transmission. The signal flashes very fast in these places, doubling or tripling during the fixed period. They should be mistakes... Master Link, do you think there's a problem?"

"Yes. It's a bit strange." Link had an idea. He tried ignoring all clear signals and only focus on the unclear ones. At the same time, he envisioned the runestone signals he saw earlier in his mind.

Link had a very exact memory. Thinking back now, he could practically recreate the flashing process. Comparing the two, he wrote down the new signal code. Three minutes later, Link used his own memory to record the code again.

Then he began translating.

Half a minute later, he found a new message. It was very short-only two sentences: "Unable to determine the legitimacy of the message but be careful of Akensser. He's monitoring!"

This message was repeated three times throughout the piece.

Returning the notebook to Master Green, Link said, "I organized the unclear parts. Did I translate it correctly?"

Master Green scanned it, and his hand trembled. Gasping, he said, "I'm afraid this is correct. What I received was probably the disturbances from Akensser... If this is the case, things are a bit difficult."

As for how Link could read the code, Green didn't find it strange. He didn't hide his translation process from Link, and for a Legendary Magician who could do spatial magic, this kind of code was extremely easy to solve.

However, Lannie asked curiously, "Master Link, how do you know our code?"

"I just learned it now."

Lannie was speechless.

"Things are complicated now," Master Green said. "They can receive our signal, but with Akensser here, we can't say anything. They won't believe us and might think this is a trick."

It was indeed troublesome. Other messengers might feel helpless, but to Link, this was a piece of cake!

He turned to Green. "Here. Contact them again and say you want to speak to Elin. We went to the Dragon Valley together. Outsiders don't know about our experiences. With this, they can determine if we're speaking the truth or not!"

Master Green's eyes brightened. He immediately started acting. Picking up the runestone, he began sending signals.

After a few minutes, there was a response. Without needing a translation, Link could see from the frequency that it was Akensser's disturbance again. It was a bunch of vulgar words too. Looking past it, he waited for one and a half minutes. Then the runestone suddenly flashed and showed something different.

Link focused. "Elin's here. She's asking me a question... she asked what the name of the female dragon is... Master, tell her it's Felina."

Master Green immediately sent the message.

After a while, another question appeared amidst the mess. Why was the Red Dragon Queen unharmed that day at the Dragon Temple?

Link immediately said, "Reply that it was because we secretly destroyed the sacred gear Balanced Scale."

Green's eyes turned round as saucers. He stared at Link in disbelief. Destroying sacred gear... This was such shocking news, but he still sent the message word for word.

The reply was extremely fast. After a few seconds, Link saw the runestone's message, Link, it really is you! This is great!

Even with the magic net between them, Link could still sense Elin's joy. At this point, the exchange was complete.

Link said to Green, "Send the situation of Orida again. It's okay even if Akensser hears. He already knows."

"Okay." Green followed the orders.

A few seconds later, Elin replied, Understood. Be careful. Our airship will rush out from the Light Wall later and start attacking. Hide well and stay safe.

As soon as that appeared, Link realized that the disturbance signals had disappeared too. Link and Green exchanged glances.

"Akensser realized that the disturbance failed, so he retreated," Master Green said excitedly.

Almost simultaneously, a message appeared in Link's vision. He glanced at it and saw he'd completed a mission.

Mission Completed: Send Message

Player received Assassin Boots (Epic)

New Mission: Reinforcement Request

Mission: Persuade the Yabbas to send reinforcements to the Orida Fortress

Mission Reward: Assassin Belt (Epic)

Seeing this, Link was excited and accepted the mission. Then he said, "The counterattack will begin shortly. Let's find somewhere safe to observe."

Lannie immediately said, "I know a place that will definitely be safe. Follow me!"

She was really excited too and bounced while leading the way. Link and Green followed her. After a while, Link felt they were too slow. He picked them up, one in each hand, and placed them on his shoulders. "Lannie, tell me where to go, and I'll bring you two over."

"Okay. Turn left up there and then go straight."

Under Lannie's guidance, Link sprinted and killed dozens of demons along the way. After ten minutes, an exit appeared before them. Link went out and realized he was at the foot of a small mountain to the south of Lirico.

"This is the suburb, so the airships won't come. Hurry and look, the top of the Light Wall opened. Look, the demons in the sky are retreating!" Lannie yelled excitedly.

Link looked over. He saw many holes around 700 feet up on the huge yellow Light Wall. Countless airships flew out of the holes.

The airships were of varying sizes. The three biggest ones were almost 300 feet. There were more of the smaller ones at 65 feet-33 of them. In total, there were 37 ships.

Link's vision was shocking. He could clearly see that the airships had many signs of repair. Obviously, these ships had gone through very difficult battles and were forced to retreat into the Light Wall.

When the huge airships flew out, one could see countless bee-like black dots fly out from them. Link looked closely and found that they were small six-foot-long ships. They weren't very fast but were very agile. They were comparable to the gargoyles in the sky.

There were more than 200 of these small ships. Each one was equipped with a magic cannon. They flew out like a swarm of bees towards the flying demons.

The two sides quickly started fighting.

The demons weren't weak either, especially the Winged Howlers. They screamed in the air and dodged left and right. When they ran into the airships, they sliced down with their swords.

The airships couldn't take the hits at all. They were immediately split into two.

There were at least 13 Level-8 Winged Howlers in the sky. They had terrifying strength and shocking speed. Instead of retreating, they led the gargoyles and other flying demons to fight back.

The demons continuously broke through the barrier of small airships and dodged various types of attacks, flying towards the clumsier large ships.

At this point, Link couldn't just watch anymore.

He was sure that if this continued, the Yabbas could defeat the demons but they would suffer great losses. How could they reinforce the Orida Fortress if their losses were too big?

Standing up, Link said, "I must fight too. Green, can you make them see me?"

To Yabbas, Level-7 and Level-8 Winged Howlers were big enemies. To him, it was just the matter of a sword strike.

Green was horrified by the scene too. Hearing Link's words, he immediately raised his wand, pouring in Mana and casting the Blessing of Honor on him.

Blessing of Honor

Level-6 Master Magician Spell

Effect: The target's strength increases by 100%, speed increases by 50%, vigor increases by 50%. At the same time, a brilliant shield appears around the target.

(Note: you will become the center of attention!)

A ball of fiery red light appeared in a three-foot-wide ring around Link. Golden of light flashed inside the flames. It was impossible not to look at it. This would greatly increase Link's danger on the battlefield, but this was what he wanted.

Not only that, but Master Green also activated a huge magic light spell. The ten-foot-wide snowy white ball of light rose up. The airships in the sky discovered them immediately. Twenty small ships and a medium-sized airship turned around and charged towards the direction pointed out by the magic light spell.

"They're coming to reinforce us!" Master Green cried.

Link took a deep breath. "Be careful. I'm going now."

Unexpectedly, Green chuckled. "Master Link, I may be old, but I can still fight."

Lannie clutched her musket and smiled. "Master Link, this is my race's battle. How can I watch from the side?"

Hearing this, Link laughed. "Alright, then let's fight together!"