402 Mysterious-travel Magician

 Chapter 402: Mysterious-travel Magician

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In the node of the magic net

Link could see that the figure in front of him was not actually a Yabba but was merely using a Yabba body.

In the game, this sort of body-changing ability often appeared on Mysterious-travel Magicians in the early part of the game. Meanwhile, in the later parts, it usually appeared on strong existences from the Void.

The person in front of him was most likely not some Mysterious-travel Magician. Most likely, he was from the Void, someone able to travel across dimensions. Anyway, it was without a doubt that he was strong, at least Legendary level.

There were many titles for such existences, such as Travel Magician, Dimension Traveler, Astral Mages, etc.

They were always very strong and very mysterious, choosing not to participate in worldly affairs and appearing as they pleased.

When the person in front of him with fiery red hair and transparent eyes said that he meant no harm and was "merely curious," Link was reminded of a particular NPC from the game.

In the game, the NPC was called Aisenis, and he titled himself a "Travel Magician." However, at that time, he was using an elf's body. He would appear in random places around Firuman in a completely arbitrary manner.

No one knew how strong he actually was. The only thing that could be confirmed was that no one in Firuman could actually hurt him.

In the later parts of the game, when the Lord of the Abyss Nozama personally descended, and the player's party invaded the demon fortress, Aisenis went into the fortress afterwards. What happened was that Nozama completely ignored the fellow. Based on Nozama's character, him choosing to ignore Aisenis showed that he had no way to deal with him.

With strangers, Aisenis might seem threatening. However, once you got to know him, he would start to seem more and more like a child. His greatest pleasure was ostensibly watching exciting things happen, according to what he said. However, whether or not this was true or just an excuse, nobody knew.

He was famous for his line, "Don't mind me; I mean no harm. I'm purely curious."

Link probed, "Pardon me, are you a Travel Magician?"

Immediately, the Yabba's expression softened and he let out a smile. "Aha, given how young you look, I never thought that you'd be so well-informed. Since you know that I am a Travel Magician, that makes things so much easier."

The small figure paced around the room and introduced, "My name is Aisenis Gray. As you can see, I am a Travel Magician. I came to Firuman to... well, you could say I'm here to watch the show."

"Watch the show?" Link asked. Even though it was Aisenis, Link still found the answer to be strange.

This was because, in the game, Aisenis only appeared in the later parts when Nozama personally came. However, right now, Nozama had yet to come. What exciting show was there for Aisenis to watch?

Aisenis was really excited now that he had found someone to talk to. He jumped up and down as he said, "Of course, of course! You must know that a fracture has opened in the space of Firuman, don't you?"

Link nodded.

Aisenis beamed as he continued, "In the sea of the Void, each dimension is like a boat. This boat now has a hole, and the large beasts in the sea are eyeing the feast on this boat... to put it simply, this beast is called Fegnoni Rosenp Del Romans Dallasville, also known as the Pale Hunter. Of course, he has another name, the God of Destruction."

Link felt his heart thumping. He forced himself to calm down and continued asking questions. "Is he here yet?"

In the game, the God of Destruction had appeared for a brief moment. However, at that time, the whole of Firuman was busy dealing with Nozama and did not pay much attention to him. Furthermore, he had appeared in a quiet corner of the world and did not make much commotion.

Some people had speculated that the God of Destruction was the final boss after Lord Nozama. However, since Aisenis was already here, does it mean that the God of Destruction would be here early too?

That was not good news.

Aisenis shook his head. "No, no, no, it's not that fast. He's a giant beast and moves very slowly. Furthermore, he is very crafty and suspicious. He would surely send out scouts to verify the situation before acting. This is an extremely exciting hunt that I think is worth watching."

As he said this, Aisenis looked curiously at Link. "I don't understand one thing. You've already gotten the ability to travel between dimensions. If Firuman is destroyed, all you need to do is run to another dimension. What's there to be afraid of?"

Link thought for a while before asking, "I've heard that Travel Magicians are very wise and knowledgeable. Do you have any way to repair the fracture?"

Aisenis looked at Link and laughed. "Repair it? Of course! I understand now. You just gained this ability, and although you have the strength, you haven't shaken off your attachment to the mortals of this world. Alright, I do indeed have a way to repair it, but why would I want to do it? You must know, the moment I do it, that would offend Fegnonini. He would be after me then."

At this point, most people would give up and retreat. However, Link knew from his experience in the game how to deal with this fellow. Aisenis had another favorite saying, "There is nothing in this world that cannot be exchanged."

Link replied, "Of course, I won't ask you to do this for free. I heard that among Travel magicians, you use a currency called Jogu. How much Jogu would you need to help us?"

Aisenis looked at Link, sizing him up. He even walked a circle around Link. Link stood still, letting Aisenis do as he pleased.

Aisenis sighed. "Alright, it seems like you really do understand me. In the Void, people like you aren't common. Yes, as long as there is enough Jogu, there is nothing that can't be bought. What you want me to do would cost you 300 Jogus."

Link said helplessly, "Three hundred Jogus is somewhat expensive. I can't take that out right now."

Aisenis jumped and retorted, "Of course you can't! How would you be able to? After so many years, I've only managed to accumulate 500 Jogus. If you were able to bring it out, that would be with some devilish help. Therefore, this exchange will never work."

Link was not prepared to give up. He bargained, "I've heard that Travel Magicians accept IOUs. I guarantee that if you help me repair the fracture, I'll pay you the Jogus within five Firuman years."

Jogus was a type of ore that had no known use. However, Aisenis loved them to death. There were many areas in Firuman where Jogus could be obtained. In the game, many players focused on collecting Jogus in the hopes that they could exchange it for things from Aisenis.

Aisenis, of course, had a great assortment of products. With some luck, one could even get Legendary gear. It was no surprise then that players would gladly trade him for that equipment.

After hearing what Link had to say, Aisenis shook his head. "You may say that, but we've only just met. How am I supposed to take your word for it?" Aisenis even wagged his index finger as though to emphasize the point.

"I swear this on the name of the God of Light," Link said.

"No, no, no, the God of Light is a scoundrel. Using his name to swear is like taking a handful of air and telling me it's worth a hundred gold. No can do," Aisenis rejected, shaking his head.

This answer was within Link's expectations because in the game, Aisenis had replied in a similar manner.

Link continued, "I..."

However, without waiting for Link to continue, Aisenis cut him off. "Alright, alright, young one, I understand your feelings. However, business is business. It's impossible for me to trust you with credit on our first meeting. Nonetheless, considering that we've met and that I enjoyed our little conversation, I'll give you a gift."

Aisenis took out a piece of rock the size of a thumb. The stone did not look anything special. It looked more like a random rock that was picked up on the floor. However, Link knew that this was Travel Magician Aisenis's name card.

"Although we didn't manage to do business, I'll remember this meeting. If in the future you do find the Jogus, you may use this to call me. Just shout my name. If nothing unexpected happens, I'll be in Firuman for the next 20 years. Oh... my strength is fully recovered. I'll be leaving. Goodbye, young one."

The Yabba waved to Link, and soon after that, his body vanished, fading away like mist. Along with his disappearance, the Void aura in the magic net node went away with him.

How did he leave? What kind of skill was that? Link had many unresolved questions.

In the game, Link did not think much of it. After all, Aisenis was a mysterious individual. Now that he had studied magic, however, he was extremely perplexed.

This was the first time he encountered something that he had completely no way to make sense of. Even when dealing with the Diving Gear, the Dark Serpent, and when the Maiden of Truth handed him the formulas, he was still able to make some sense of it.

Staring blankly at where Aisenis disappeared, Link sighed. He thought, The world is vast, and the Void is limitless. There are many more mysteries to uncover.

The Void aura had disappeared, and the Mana pool at the node had regained its calm. Link turned back to where he had left Green and Lannie. Over there, he noticed that there were a few low-level demons that were also in a daze. They had yet to discover the platform where Green and Lannie were.

Link walked over to them, casually killing them with his sword before jumping onto the platform. There, he found that Green was fiddling with a rune stone. As he fiddled with it, he was carving some inscriptions. Seeing that Link had come, Green asked without looking up, "How are things?"

"It's back to normal. There was a Travel Magician that appeared. We talked for a while, but he is gone now."

Green was stunned. His hand trembled. As a high-level Magician, he definitely knew of the existence of Travel Magicians. Seeing that Link had returned safely, he exhaled in relief. "Thank God, you didn't meet some strange and vicious person. Thank God."

Green didn't bother about the Travel Magician. After all, the Travel Magician was on a completely different level than he was. With Link, who had reached the Legendary level, they could still hold a conversation. Meanwhile, Green did not even qualify to stand beside the Travel Magician.

Lannie asked curiously, "What is a Travel Magician?"

Green sighed. "It's someone from outside in the Void. There are many names for them, and a Travel Magician is just one title. In a way, even the God of Light is a Travel Magician."

Lannie was speechless.

After another half an hour, Green had completed the rune stone. He stood up.

"It is done. With this, we can use the magic net to transmit messages into the city. Let's go, Master Link."