399 Let Me Borrow Your Mana

 Chapter 399: Let Me Borrow Your Mana

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Underground sewage treatment cesspool

Link didn't make a sound. He sensed the surrounding situation quietly like an experienced fisherman observing the fish swimming from the changes in water current.

The Yabbas were afraid of disrupting Link's thoughts. They didn't even dare breathe loudly. A mother muffled the mouth of the child in her arms as soon as she cried out.

After around five seconds, Link said, "He's around 150 feet from us right now. He should be around the cesspool. Master Green, I need your help to fight him."

Master Green replied without hesitation, "No problem. Tell me whatever you need. I'm willing to even give up my life to kill it!"

Link shook his head. "It's not that grave. I just need to borrow your Mana." With that, he looked at the little one. "Lannie, you stay here. Master Green and I will deal with him."

He couldn't use spells now, but with a Level-7 Magician aiding him, that Dimensional Phantom would definitely die as long as it didn't escape.

"I can help... oh, fine," Lannie surrendered after withstanding two seconds of Link's stare.

Link turned to Green and said, "Let's lock the room first."

"Set up a magic net?" Master Green asked.

"Something like that." Link took out his notes and flipped to a certain page. Pointing at the spatial Mana structure, he said, "Construct your Mana according to that."

Master Green looked at the notes. Half a minute later, he said, "It doesn't look too hard. What spell is it?"

"Spatial barrier. Just follow it," Link explained simply.

Master Green followed his instructions. He raised his small wand and inserted Mana according to Link's structure. Around ten seconds later, a tiny ball of Mana light appeared at the wand's tip.

The Mana ball was like a mist. It was around ten millimeters wide. One could faintly see the fine structure within it, but that was all.

This was only Mana without producing any specific spell. There was no sign of the Spatial barrier.

Master Green maintained the structure while looking at Link strangely. It was easy to understand what he was thinking. Why isn't it working? Is it a broken structure?

Link was now multitasking between sensing the Dimensional Phantom and paying attention to the Mana ball. "No, you didn't finish it," he said in a low voice. "The rune's position and frequency of vibrations must be adjusted precisely. Listen closely."

Master Green nodded. It was his first time using spatial magic and felt reverent. He listened closely.

"Move the alpha rune south 0.01, move the beta rune along the spatial vector 0.2, 0.03, 0.85... Increase the Mana output of the wheeler rune... Yes, just like that. The main rune has started vibrating. That's the frequency, yes, that's it..."

Master Green had a strong foundation in magic. He could follow Link's instructions immediately.

Half a minute later, after 30 precise adjustments, the space around the ball of light at the wand's tip started changing. It rippled like water. Master Green's heart actually started pounding. So this is spatial magic. Tsk, it's too hard, too precise, but I feel so accomplished to see my own Mana disturb this mysterious space.

He was already 80 years old, but he was still stunned. However, he must be calm when casting spatial magic. His emotions had caused abnormal waves in the spell. The spatial ripples started slowing down.

Link sensed this and growled, "You're not done yet. Compose yourself!"

"Yes!" Master Green hurriedly composed himself.

Link didn't speak. He felt abnormal waves in space again. The Dimensional Phantom had returned to stop Green from casting the spell. Link narrowed his eyes. Without moving, he continued instructing, "The auxiliary runes have started vibrating as well. The frequency trend follows the vegetta formula."

As soon as he finished, Link's sword suddenly moved. It stabbed into the air behind Master Green. With a soft cling, Link hit another black blade.

Because of the spatial ripples, the Dimensional Phantom needed some time to build up his power, but Link wouldn't give him the time. As before, this attack came quietly and was forced back quietly.

The commotion was tiny, but the murderous intent stunned all the Yabbas. At this time, all of them looked at Link. He was the only one who could save them.

Master Green trembled inwardly as well. He now knew that he'd become the Dimensional Phantom's target to be killed without a doubt. However, he was still a Master Magician. His heart was steady and calm and had rich experience. His heart trembled, and a small ripple appeared, but he smoothed it out within two seconds.

He handed his safety to Link and focused entirely on the spatial magic. The structure wasn't that complex, but during the process, there were many runes to control. The controlling method was extremely complex as well. It was difficult to truly cast the spell so he must put all his effort into it.

Cling. Link forced the Dimensional Phantom back again and said, "Alright, now complete the vibrations of the last flank rune. The trend follows the Arak formula... Yes, now maintain it for more than five seconds!"

Sweat beaded on Master Green's forehead. A faint light glowed in his eyes, signifying that his soul was operating at the max.

The spatial ripples at the wand's tip began spreading and spreading. After five seconds, there was a buzz, and the tunnel was sealed with a thin film of light. The spell calmed down.

Whoosh. Master Green exhaled loudly. He looked tired but mostly excited. "This is spatial magic? What's it called?"

Link shook his head. "There's no official name. It's just a spatial barrier that I created in my free time. It can block all spatial transmissions. If someone tries to cross through forcefully, it'll break down immediately. The breakdown process will cause a violent spatial rend. I think that the Dimensional Phantom won't like that feeling."

With that, Link walked towards the cesspool while saying, "Let's go. Now that they're safe, we can deal with him."

He could feel that the Dimensional Phantom hadn't left. The demon seemed to not give up. Link scoffed inwardly. If you're not leaving, then prepare to die.

"Okay!" Master Green nodded. He shook his head and moved his small legs, jogging behind Link.

Soon, they reached the circular podium in the center of the cesspool. Link flipped through his notes to a certain page. "This time, use this Mana structure."

Green glanced at it and seemed uncomfortable. "This looks a bit troublesome, but I'll try my best."

Link nodded. "You've never cast this type of spell before so don't think. Just follow my instructions step by step."

This spell truly was a bit difficult; its level was second only to the Spatial Sphere that Link often used. Even a Level-7 Magician with detailed instructions would need at least three months of practice to cast it alone if they didn't have the foundation. But now, Link, the spell's creator, divided the casting process into countless tiny steps. He would instruct bit by bit while Green only had to follow him. The difficulty was lowered almost ten times.

At this moment, Green was like a soldier while Link was the general.

"Let's start!" Link said.

"I'm ready."

On the platform, one spoke while the other acted. After a minute, the spatial ripples appeared again. The ripples spread ring after ring, moving through the space of the sewage treatment center like waves of water. They were like the radar detection waves.

Three seconds later, Link suddenly said, "Coordinates 25, 52, 3, vibrate auxiliary Aravin formula!"

Green obeyed.

The spatial ripples instantly trembled. Immediately after, they grouped in the direction that Link pointed out like a net.

Hiss! There was a scream, and a black shadow tumbled out of the air. It was the Dimensional Phantom!

"Start attacking!" Link immediately said.

Master Green reacted speedily. He gave several Yabba firebombs to Link while throwing another bomb at the shadow.

Link through a bomb too.

Boom, boom, boom! Blue fireballs around ten feet wide continuously exploded on the black shadow.

Hiss, hiss! The screams kept coming. The Dimensional Phantom's voice was tinged with pain. It had just been forcefully dragged out by the spatial ripples and had delayed reactions. During this time, he couldn't protect himself well. The Yabba took advantage of this and bombed his tail.

Now, he faced the incoming bombs and was hurt again.

"He's going to run!" Master Green panicked. He discovered that the demon's body had blurred.

"Protect yourself!" Link had already discovered this. While roaring, his body was covered with the crystal red Dragon Power. He lunged and instantly arrived near the demon. His sword sliced down.

Link was very, very fast. The Dimensional Phantom didn't even have time to sneak into the spatial ripple and waved his arm to block. His weapons were blue arm blades on both arms.

Clang! The sound reverberated.

Instead of a light attack, they truly clashed this time. Power burst after the attack and rings of white airwaves spread in all directions. The convergence of power was many times more powerful than the bombs.

In the path of the shockwaves, corpses flew, and sewage water splashed. Master Green had already cast a defensive shield for himself, but he was still knocked to the ground from the power.

He sat on the ground in shock. If not for the shield, he'd be dead already.

The other side

Link's Dragon King's Fury sword activated an extremely dense attack. Each move was a basic technique but forced the demon to endlessly go into defense. He had no time to fight back, let alone escape into space.

Link was shocked too. The Dimensional Phantom's physical strength was no weaker than his. The demon power showed signs of reaching the Legendary level. While Link's Legendary Dragon Power could restrict him, it couldn't defeat him easily.

Of course, another reason was the Void's aura around him. His Dragon Power scattered as soon as it left his body, reducing his direct combat ability.

After more than ten moves, Link finally got the chance. With a squelch, he hacked the demon's left arm.

Hiss! The Dimensional Phantom screamed in pain and his power suddenly exploded. He used his demon power without caring for the consequences, and his speed multiplied suddenly.

Link knew immediately that the guy was getting ready to escape.

If other demons went crazy like this, Link would choose to go onto the defensive and wait for it to end. Dimensional Demons were different. They had spatial abilities, so they would try to escape as soon as things went wrong.

Link couldn't give him the chance. He covered himself with Dragon Power for protection and started attacking faster!

Hiss, hiss! The demon cried out multiple times. He still wasn't as powerful as Link. Even if he used all his might, he still couldn't force Link back.

Five seconds later, he used up all his strength. Link shot forward and waved his sword. With a disturbing sound, the demon's head flew off.

The Dimensional Phantom was killed.

The message Mission accomplished flashed past his vision.

Link let out a sigh of relief. During this entire time, the guy would escape if he made a single mistake. After that, there would be endless trouble. It was very good to successfully kill him now.

Link looked back at Master Green. The man had been thrown to the corner, but he had a shield. Though in a pathetic state, he was fine.

He looked relieved to have survived. Seeing Link look over, he chuckled, both tired and relaxed. "I'm old now. My bones were almost shattered by you, youngling."