398 Completely Convinced

 Chapter 398: Completely Convinced

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Whoooo, Whooo. The sound of the wind howling came from nearby.

Lannie said softly, "Up ahead is the center of the shallow portion. From the sound of it, the air formation has been activated. It will purge the stale air from the tunnels out from above."

Link nodded his head and rubbed his nose. He said, "The situation probably isn't too good. I smell a thick scent of blood."

Even though the system was circulating the air, Link could still smell the blood in the air.

The smell of everyone's blood was different. It differed based on body mass, Mana quantity, and other minute differences. Normally, people would not be able to tell the difference, but Link could.

Link could smell that in the center area, there were at least 30 corpses. Perhaps they were too late.

However, Link did not say a thing and walked ahead with Lannie.

After about 300 feet, they reached a circular pool about 150 feet across. In the center of the pool was a round platform. Connected to the platform were four walkways supported with semicircular bridges. At the top of the sewage, chamber was a light spell formation which emanated warm light, lighting up the entire underground chamber.

Lannie took a single glance and immediately shut her mouth and sobbed silently.

Up ahead, corpses were piled over each other. There was not a single corpse that was complete. Some brains were split in two, while others had their bodies separated into two or more pieces. On both, the left and right side were pools of dried blood. Some places of the floor were crumbled, perhaps from cannon explosions.

Corpses, rubble, and cannon shells were strewn across the area. The only thing that didn't seem to be around was the Dimensional Demon. Not even a trace of black demon blood could be found.

Lannie sobbed. "No, no, all these are Warriors, I'm sure there are civilians still alive. There must be."

Lannie was about to jump into the sewage to look for people, but Link held her back. She struggled fiercely. "Let me go! I'm going to take a look!"

Of course, her struggles were futile. Link restrained her with little effort and pulled her back beside him. He glanced around the space and warned her softly, "Lannie, you're right. There are survivors, but it is because there are survivors that is why it hasn't left."

Lannie trembled and quieted down. Swoosh, she drew out a musket.

However, this musket's firepower was unfortunately far too low. It was useless. In all likelihood, it would not even be able to penetrate the demon's armor.

Link took out the musket he had picked up and handed it to Lannie. "Here, I picked this up along the way."

This gun's firepower was much higher. Although it could not pose a serious threat to a Level-9 demon, at least it would be able to inflict an injury. Lannie obviously couldn't do anything by herself, but she could support Link and create a distraction when he was battling the demon.

Lannie nodded, "I can use this."

"Good, okay follow me." Link said as he stepped forward carefully. He was in a state of high alert.

However, the Dimensional Demon did not appear. As Link walked through the sewage chamber to the platform on the other end, all they could hear was the howling of the wind in the chamber.

"Strange," Link said, frowning. He couldn't seem to see through the demon's intentions.

In front of him was a wide passage. At the end of the passage, there was a large door. Along the passage were many footprints and lots of blood.

Link knelt down to inspect the trails. "The footprints are heading towards the door. There were at least a hundred people, it's probably the survivors I think."

As he said this, he turned to Lannie. "Stay close by my side, we'll continue going forward."

Lannie nodded, hugging the larger musket to her chest. She kept close behind Link, looking around attentively the whole time.

After walking about 60 feet into the passage, Link suddenly shouted, "Stop, there's a spell formation here. Seems like there is a Magician among the survivors. Based on their skill... They're probably Level-7."

The space up ahead seemed completely clear, and nothing seemed odd about it. There wasn't even any trace of Mana left behind. This level of spell formation couldn't be done by a Magician without sufficient skill.

Lannie was short and could see things on the ground and at low angles more clearly. She suddenly pointed to the base of a sewage pipe and said, "Look! There are many bullets stacked over there. Those are incendiary bullets possessing about Level-6 strength. There are about ten of them."

Link followed the trail of Mana that existed in the air and quickly understood what was going on. "This is a trap. This trap is very well done, even if you pass through without touching the floor or the walls, the trap would still be activated and explode. The explosion would even affect the Dimensional Demon's other dimension and tear it apart. I believe it is because of this that the demon does not dare to enter. The survivors must be inside."

"Do you have a way to break through this?" Lannie asked.

"Of course," Link nodded. He carefully observed the flow of Mana in the spell formation. After ten seconds, he stretched out his finger and used his Dragon Power to poke at a few random spots in the air.

One second later, the magic web of the spell formation shattered. Finally, it disappeared in a trail of white smoke.

The moment the web shattered, there was a commotion from behind the door. Some were crying, others were breathing heavily. There were even sounds of shock and teeth grinding.

Obviously, the people inside were aware that the spell formation had been broken.

Link listened carefully and estimated, "There are about 200 people inside. Lannie, call out to them and tell them we're here."

At this moment, they didn't dare to make any rash actions. Everyone inside was tense. If they were alarmed, one of them might set off a grenade and kill everyone inside.

Lannie nodded. "Everyone, I am Lannie Alliway. Don't worry, I'm here to save you. I'm not alone, I'm with the Lord of Ferde from the south, Magician Link. He was the one who broke the formation just now, don't be afraid."

After Lannie shouted, there were about ten seconds of silence. Then, the door opened. Behind the door was a huge room packed with Yabbas.

The person who opened the door was an old Yabba man. His hair was white, and he wore a blue Magician's robe. When he saw Lannie, his eyes lit up. "Lannie! You're still alive!"

Lannie was delighted too. "Master Green, it's great to see you!"

When the Yabbas in the room saw this, many stood in joy. They thought that they would be saved. However, the Magician didn't think so. He asked, "When you guys came in, did you see the Dimensional Demon?"

"No, but we were chasing it on the way here," Lannie said, shaking her head.

The Yabba called Master Green's face paled. He looked at Link and was a little confused. "You must be Master Link. Why does it seem like you are using a sword?"

Link had been standing there unmoving for a while now. The Assassin's Robe special ability activated on its own. Link was wrapped in a blackish-blue fog, and his features weren't clear.

Link moved slightly and walked out of the fog. He explained, "I did a dimensional teleportation a while ago and got affected by the Void Aura. I'm temporarily unable to use any spells, so I'm using the sword to make up for it instead."

"Dimension... Dimensional teleportation? Make up?" Master Green couldn't wrap his mind around it. Link's appearance still matched the description in the stories, but the things he was saying were completely foreign.

Dimensional teleportation was a skill belonging to the Legendary realm, wasn't it? And furthermore, what was a Magician doing with a sword? Is it something one could randomly pick up to make up for being unable to use spells?

However, the Ferde Lord was said to be very intelligent, and the ridiculous things that he was saying were not things an intelligent person would say.

Lannie knew that Master Green had misunderstood. She quickly said, "Master Link really knows swordsmanship, and he's really good at it. Along the way here, he killed many demons, including high-level demons too. It's true! You've got to believe me."

Master Green was still skeptical, but nonetheless, he still believed that Link was strong. Anyway, Link didn't bother replying to his doubts. He informed Link, "Master Link, the Dimensional Demon is still hiding somewhere. Do you have a way to deal with him?"

This entire time, Link had been observing the Yabbas. Most of them looked like they were prepared to die. Everyone had bombs strapped to their bodies. This was probably to prevent a sneak attack from the Dimensional Demon.

Link was also thinking of a way to deal with the Dimensional Demon. Link said after a moment, "I'm afraid it's observing us right now and is prepared to take action. Master Green, do you know how strong it is?"

As he said this, Link was keeping an eye on the movements in the space. The moment he detected anything, he would immediately take action and retaliate.

"Okay," Master Green replied. "He..."

The moment Master Green started speaking, Link felt a disturbance in the space. This was something only a Spatial Magician could detect.

In a Spatial Magician's eyes, the space was like a sea. Those that could pass through the space were like fish. When a fish emerged out of the water, even if normal people couldn't detect it, but a Spatial Magician could see it based on the fluctuations in the space.

The fish has come out, where is it? Hmmm, there!

Link stabbed out at the spot he identified, a short distance from Magician Green's forehead.

Clang. Link hit something as a slit opened in the air. It appeared like a black dot fleeting through the air. Many Yabbas with sharp eyes could see it, and Magician Green could see it too.

He stared at Link in shock. The entire way here, they had been plagued by the Dimensional Demons attacks which left no trace. Link, however, could accurately determine where the demon's attacks were coming from and could even defend against them.

This made Magician Green completely convinced of Link's strength. He shrouded himself in a defensive barrier and asked, "Master Link, what do we do now?"