391 Prepare to Go Home

 Chapter 391: Prepare to Go Home

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In the blink of an eye, three months had passed.

The situation progressed faster than Link had predicted. In the borderlands of Aragu, a Fire Sect arose. Deep in the Great Beast Forest, the first altar appeared in the Laguan village Greenleaf Stop.

This news secretly spread amongst countless Laguans. Every day, many Laguan slaves escaped to the village to search for freedom.

The priests at the altar didn't disappoint them. The slave collar ring that symbolized restraint and submissiveness were easily taken off. The slaves were given freedom, and the Laguans grew stronger.

The news obviously reached Link's group, so they secretly hurried over. In the forest outside Greenleaf Stop, the invisible Link said to Milda and Riel, "Go quickly and come back. I'll wait for you here."

"Okay." The two nodded.

During the three months, Link, Milda, and Riel all entered Level-10. Link was the most advanced; he was at the pinnacle of Level-10, and his Dragon Power limit had reached 9200 points. Next was Milda at mid-Level-10. Riel entered Level-10 three days ago. Nana had accumulated much strange power and had reached Level-10 too. Link couldn't figure it out. He'd have to look into it back in Firuman.

In Aragu, this was equivalent to Stage-2. It was very average.

These three were top geniuses in Firuman. It was natural to rise to Stage-2 within four months. However, they leveled up way too quickly. They had no time to really grasp the Legendary power.

Currently, other than Link who could release the Legendary spell Miracle Aura, Milda and Riel were just two super-soldiers with the raw strength of a Legendary Warrior. They could squash anyone under the Legendary level but faced with someone of the same level, they'd most likely be destroyed.

At this time, Milda wore ragged clothing and had rubbed dirt in her hair and face. She looked like an average Laguan slave. Riel was even more extreme; he only covered himself with a rag.

There were many slaves searching for freedom on the road. The two split up and didn't attract any attention.

Link and Nana waited in the forest. Everything went smoothly. Around half an hour later, Milda and Riel came back one after another. Their rings were gone, but strangely, they both looked stunned.

"What's wrong?" Link was curious.

"You'd never guess who I saw at the altar." As Riel spoke, he tugged off his rag, revealing his stocky and tanned body. He didn't care about being naked and quickly pulled on leather armor of good quality.

After almost half a year, he finally recovered his strength-Legendary strength, at that. He finally didn't have to worry anymore.

Milda, on the other hand, hid behind a tree to change. She cast a cleaning spell to rid herself of the dust. Then she put on a plain brown leather dress. She also said, "We saw that demon commander. According to the believers, she's now the holy maiden of the Fire Sect. Her name is Saroviny."

Clack. Riel clasped the buckles on his armor and continued, "I don't know what's going on, but that demon's power didn't rise as fast as us. When we faced her, we didn't feel much pressure. I think she's around the pinnacle of Level-10 now, about the same as you, Link."

Hearing this, Link knitted his brows. "Did she discover you two?"

In the Abyss, Saroviny had true Legendary power. She was only one at the pinnacle of Level-9 in Firuman because of the laws. Now, she recovered her Legendary power. Even though it was only Level-10, her combat ability was incomparable to a regular Level-10 Warrior in Aragu!

If a Laguan reached Level-10, they were still soldiers with no experience. Saroviny though was a true Legendary fighter. They were two different concepts.

Reality proved this point. Otherwise, Saroviny wouldn't become the holy maiden of this Fire Sect.

"I don't think so." Milda had finished changing and walked out of the grass. Even though it was a simple dress, it was like muslin around the moon on her. She was shockingly beautiful.

It couldn't be helped. A goddess-like beauty could blind anyone with her looks by just dressing up a little.

Fortunately, Link and Riel had been with her for so long and were used to it. They just found her pretty but didn't lose their minds.

Milda started combing her brilliant golden locks while saying, "There were many slaves around the altar, at least 1000 people. Saroviny just passed by the altar. She glanced in our direction and then walked away. I didn't sense anything amiss."

"I see." Link was more relieved. Seeing that the two had changed, he said, "Saroviny is very scary. In case anything happens, we'll leave now!"

They now all had Level-10 Legendary power. During the three months, Link had gone to the cave outside Black Eagle City and successfully found the spatial coordinate. It was time to leave the horrifying Aragu. Milda and Riel were both excited.

With Link's current power, he couldn't break through the realm for the portal in a regular place. He could only do so where the realm's laws were weaker. The Black Eagle City cave was that place.

The four hurried towards the city without waiting another second.

After around ten minutes, Link suddenly stopped. Not only him, but Milda also flinched. Riel even took out his battle axe. "F*ck!" he cursed. "That b*tch pretended not to see us. I waited for half a year. I want a good fight now!"

Footsteps came from the forest behind them. They were hurried with obvious malevolence. There were at least ten people, and they didn't hide their presence at all. Each one was above Level-10 with the highest at Level-11. The aura at the front was the most familiar-dark, chaotic, and evil, it was undoubtedly Saroviny.

She brought Laguan Warriors after them.

"Are we fighting?" Milda looked at Link. She'd already taken out her wand.

Times were different. Before they were squashed by Saroviny, but now, they were all at Level-10. Even though the enemy had more people, this was a forest. It was a game of guerrilla fighting. They weren't afraid!

Link's thoughts flashed like lightning as he weighed the pros and cons. "We can't fight here. Only ten came, but there are countless reinforcements. Let's go!"

With that, Link activated the Dimensional Jump without hesitation. He was very familiar with teleporting groups now. His speed was faster than before, and the usage of Dragon Power had lowered. Now, it only required 750 Dragon Power points. With his current level, he could continuously cast the spell dozens of times.

And that's what he did.

Buzz. The four disappeared and reappeared thousands of feet to the north. As soon as they arrived, a light flashed again. Buzz. They moved forward thousands of feet. This went on ten times; they'd moved more than five miles in an instant.

After that, Link cast a Traceless Spell for everyone to hide.

"Let's go. Even if they don't give up, they won't be able to find us quickly," he said.

His Dragon Power was recovering at 35 points per second. He'd used up 7500 points just then and could be recovered in three minutes. It didn't delay anything at all.

Riel wasn't satisfied. Waving his axe, he said, "I wanted to fight."

Milda thought more deeply. She said while walking, "The Fire Sect is strengthening extremely quickly. Saroviny is the holy maiden. With her power and tactics, she will most likely control the sect. After we go back, will she use the power here to find us in Firuman?"

This was a very real problem. Link had been thinking about it and had some ideas. "It's possible but not likely."

Link didn't purely wait the last three months. During this time, they traveled about, observing the Aragu Empire. They now had a comprehensive understanding of Aragu.

The Aragu Empire wasn't weak. In contrast, they were terrifying powerful. The Fire Sect could grow so quickly because it was sudden. The large empire couldn't react yet. But once they did, it would be harder for the Fire Sect to grow more. The two parties will clash violently.

Both sides had pillars of support. The Fire Sect had a Level-19 Archmage while Aragu had countless years of accumulation. No one would win in a short time.

"The Fire Sect's rise will cause war throughout Aragu," Link muttered. "Countless people will die, but both Laguans and Araguans will be sapped of resources. With all the deaths, a great amount of space for living will be opened up. The hatred will be released too. The two parties will probably come to a stalemate."

Here, he looked at Milda. "This is the most likely result. It doesn't suit the Laguans' or Araguans' interests, but it's what the Archmage wants. He'll try his hardest for it to happen."

Milda's thoughts cleared as well. She continued, "So then Saroviny won't have time to come to Firuman. She'll always be faced with the threat of the Aragu Empire."

Link nodded then shook his head. "These are all hypotheses. No one knows what will really happen. Even a Level-19 Archmage can't sway the trend of the world. It can become uncontrollable too."

But this was all in the future. They couldn't do much with their current power. It was most important to hurry back to Firuman at the moment.

Milda sank into silence.


The other side

When Link used the Dimensional Jump, Saroviny felt it. She immediately stopped chasing because it was meaningless. She couldn't keep up.

You're fast, but it's useless even if you run back to Firuman. Just wait. I'll bring my army to you.

Not only was she the holy maiden of the Fire Sect, but she was also the Lord of the Deep's daughter. Her father was Nozama and not a bit weaker than the ruler behind the Fire Sect.

She'd also secretly contacted her father.

"Father, this new world is my gift to you."