390 I Will Conquer This World

 Chapter 390: I Will Conquer This World

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Balha was infuriated, and the whole Spring Leaf Village was in chaos. The only one who could stop him, Magician Rockman, was still recovering from his wounds.

Therefore, the whole of Spring Leaf village descended into an abyss of despair.

In fact, at this moment, Rockman was no longer in Spring Leaf Village. He had left two days ago and was now in a cart headed for Black Eagle City. Besides him, was a black-haired girl.

"Saroviny, you aren't a Laguan or a dwarf. When we reach Black Eagle City and meet Lord Bal, if you are able to gain his favor, you may be able to get rid of your slave identity."


Saroviny made a noise to acknowledge Rockman's words. Saroviny was dressed in a long black chiffon dress. The dress, however, was very thin. Besides the most important areas, the rest of Saroviny's skin was pretty much visible. Her entire back was essentially exposed, showing off her radiant snow-white skin. Her gorgeous black hair tumbled down across her bare back. That combination of black against white was stunning and possessed incredible attractiveness.

Rockman did not dare to look at her long. He was afraid that he too would lose control of himself and make advances on this beautiful young girl. That would ruin all his plans.

However, he also could not bear for such a beautiful girl to be ravaged to death by Lord Bal. After hesitating for a while, he decided to give some advice. "Remember, Lord Bal sometimes prefers delicate and tender personalities."

Saroviny revealed a cold smile on her face and retracted her gaze from outside the window, glancing at Rockman. Hypocrite!

Although she did this, there was still a trace of bitterness in her heart. Bal is it? Damn, how did I even end up in this situation where I need to rely on selling my body to survive? Link, don't ever give me the chance, or I will let you experience the Anluval Twist torture.

The Anluval Twist was a torture method created by a demon from the abyss. It was very effective and would make the person being tortured go crazy within a short time. From ancient times till now, not a single person has lasted for more than five minutes.

Meanwhile, back in the cart, Rockman couldn't read Saroviny's thoughts. Noticing that she was ignoring him, he shook his head helplessly. "Do what you want. Whether you live or not has nothing to do with me."

After saying that, he no longer bothered Saroviny. He brought forth a sword case that was resting in one corner and began to appraise the sword. As he looked at it, he sighed.

"Ah, what a great sword. What a pity that Balha messed things up, causing me to lose such a great student. Sigh."

"Heh." As he said this, Saroviny smirked and laughed. She looked at the old man with an extremely condescending look.

"What is it? Is the sword not good?" Rockman didn't like her gaze.

"The sword is good, but the person wielding it isn't worthy," Saroviny couldn't even be bothered to argue with Rockman. She had many things that she left unsaid. It was a joke that this businessman that reeked of money believed that he could take Link in as a disciple. He was led along by the nose by Link and didn't even know it.

Rockman laughed it off. He didn't argue with her. Anyway, it's not like he lost anything because of her harsh words.

At this point, the chariot suddenly lurched to a stop.

"What's going on?" Rockman shouted. Because of the sudden stop, he had dropped the sword case onto the floor. The sword fell out onto the carriage floor, clanging about. This made Rockman's heart hurt.

"What in the world? Driver, hey driver, what's going on?" Rockman asked angrily.

Swish. The front curtain of the carriage was pulled open, and the driver looked into the carriage. "Sir, the road up ahead is blocked by a ditch..."

Before he could finish his sentence, an arrow shot into the carriage from the forest and buried itself into his neck. Crack. The driver's neck snapped, and his head was slammed into the car window by the immense force of the arrow. All the blood spurted out and made a mess of the car.

"Sh*t! An enemy attack!" Rockman's heart clenched. He immediately reached over and pressed the carriage's defensive talisman. A crystal light surrounded the four-sided carriage.

"Wait inside and don't come out. I'll go see who dares to cause trouble."

Rockman opened the carriage door and walked out. Upon stepping out of the carriage, he was immediately stunned.

This was because the carriage was guarded by eight heavy armored Warriors. However, outside of this entrapment were 200 Laguans fiercely eyeing the horse carriage, bows in hand.

Rockman immediately recognized the leader. "Maude, you bastard. You dare to ambush me?!"

Immediately after he said this, Maude threw a bloody head in front of Rockman. This head had its eyes opened wide, and it wore an expression of incomparable misery.

"Ah!" Rockman took a step back. He recognized this head. It was none other than Spring Leaf Village's Lord Balha.

It had only been two days since he left the village, how could they have killed Balha so quickly?!

Maude laughed coldly. "He was wasted. I baited him with a few people, and he immediately chased after us with a cavalry of 50 men. We prepared an ambush in the forest, and he jumped right in without the slightest hesitation. Hahaha. What Bloody Butcher? He's more like a dumb pig going to the slaughter."

Rockman knew that he was finished. However, he still couldn't understand why the bandits dared to act this recklessly. "Aren't you afraid of Great Lord Bal's revenge?"

Balha was Bal's son. Even if he was the third son that Bal did not look highly upon, now that the Laguans had killed Balha, Bal could not sit there and do nothing. That would be like giving up his power in the realm.

Meaning to say, the Blood-eyed mercenaries would soon face Bal's frenzied revenge.

Maude, however, didn't seem to care. "Bal wants revenge? Well, let me tell you, not long from now, all you Araguans will face the revenge of my fellow Laguans."

As he said this, Maude gestured at the archers. "Shoot!"

Whoosh. Immediately, the arrows rained down like rain. The eight armored Warriors were turned into porcupines. Rockman waved his hand and shrouded himself in a light screen, creating a barrier around himself.

Patter patter. The arrows rained onto the light screen. However, it was like rain raining onto the leaves of a banana tree. No matter how hard it rained, it had no way to break through the cover of the tree leaves.

After the rain of arrows, Maude took the chance to rush forward. The sword in his hand flashed, and immediately, Rockman's light barrier broke apart. Behind him were three experts. The moment the barrier broke, the three stabbed at Rockman simultaneously.

Wham. Rockman released yet another spell, causing the four halfling attackers to become crushed together and flung aside. They rolled for a few rounds before finally coming to a stop.

However, all this was useless. The three blades were already stuck inside his body.

Rockman retreated a few steps and rested against the walls of the carriage. He looked down to check his wounds and raised his head to see the approaching halflings. He had a bad feeling.

This time, the kingdom is probably finished.

After the thought entered his mind, he blanked out. Leaning against the carriage wall, he slowly slid down to the ground, leaving a long trace of blood on the carriage. Finally, Rockman crashed and collapsed onto the floor.

Meanwhile, Maude was picking himself up from the ground. His face was covered in dust. However, he was ultimately still the same level as Rockman. Rockman's final blow was not unleashed properly, and it only managed to shock Maude, causing his insides to hurt. However, he was not actually injured.

Maude climbed to his feet and instructed, "Open up the carriage! Let's see what treasures this old man has brought."

Crash. The carved carriage door was broken off and flung to the ground by a halfling.

Another halfling charged into the carriage. After staring for a long while, he said, "Chief, there's a sword inside the carriage. As well as an Araguan woman!"

The sword was exquisite, and the woman's beauty was even more so. It nearly caused the halfling's eyes to go blind.

"Bring the sword over, kill the girl!" Maude instructed without pausing to consider.

However, the halfling did not attack. He slowly turned and said, "Chief, I think you should come and take a look at her."

"What's there to see about an Araguan?"

Somewhat impatiently, Maude made his way to the carriage entrance and stuck his head in. He immediately froze.

On the floorboard of the carriage was a sword. A portion of the blade's body stuck out of its sheath. The blade seemed as cold as ice and very mysterious.

On the carriage, seat was seated a girl. Her black hair flowed down her back, and her skin was fair as snow. She had beautiful eyes and delicate features, as well as a lovely figure. She smiled at him.

This... He really couldn't bear to kill her. However, this was an Araguan. If he spared her, how could he still be the leader of the Laguans?!

He was their chief, and everyone knew that the hatred between the two races ran as deep as an abyss. The force of the hatred was as vast as the sky and deep as the oceans. Anyone who dared to stand in its way would bear the full brunt of the hatred.

"What do we do then?" Maude quickly ran through many plans in his head, trying to think of a way out of this situation. Then, he laid his eyes on the girl's neck and noticed her slave collar.

Maude's eyes suddenly lit up. He had found a way. "Lady, you are an Araguan woman. How did you become a slave?"

Savoriny obviously knew the danger involved here. Only an idiot would still claim to be an Araguan.

She shook her head vehemently. "My name is Saroviny, and I'm from Firuman. The Araguans are my mortal enemies!"

Maude was taken aback for a moment. Then, he grinned broadly and gave Saroviny an awkward bow.

"Although I've never seen or heard of Firuman before, we have a common enemy. Now, you've regained your freedom!" Maude said, smiling.

Saroviny also noticed the scars on one of the other halfling's neck. The smile on her face became even more apparent. "Thank you for saving me. The Araguans killed my parents and brothers. I vow to kill them all and get revenge for my family!"

"Alright, let us fight together!"

Maude reached out a hand to Saroviny, which she took hold of. Then, Maude helped Saroviny out of the carriage. After she got out of the carriage, he picked up the sword that was left behind in the carriage and declared loudly, "This is Saroviny, from the distant lands of Firuman. From here on, she will be our comrade-in-arms!"

Under the sunlight, Saroviny's beauty was beyond compare. All the halflings were enraptured by her beauty, and they started chanting fervently, "Comrade! Comrade!"

Hearing the chants, Saroviny squinted her eyes. Deep inside the pair of deep black pupils, a flame burned.

"Aragu, I, Saroviny, have come! I will conquer this new world!