386 Supreme Magic Skill: Instant Flash

 Chapter 386: Supreme Magic Skill: Instant Flash

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Spring Leaf Village was no longer an option. Link and the rest could only proceed inconspicuously to the northern forest outside the city.

The forest was not the safest place. There were constantly soldiers charging out from the city towards the forest. This was because the elves in the city were mostly all dead and the soldiers could only go outside to look for more elves. Link's party proceeded carefully and were fortunate not to meet any nasty surprises along the way.

In this manner, they proceeded 15 miles north. As the sky turned dark, the soldiers from Spring Leaf Village returned. Link and his party sighed in relief.

"There are roughly 1,500 soldiers in Spring Leaf Village. With this much distance between us, we should be safe," Milda said. All this time, Milda was being carried by Nana and hadn't had the chance to change her clothing. She was still wearing the mantle and beneath it, she had one simple skirt. However, her top was bare.

Unfortunately, she could only use the mantle to cover her body until they had a chance for her to stop and put on her clothes.

After walking for a few more miles, the sky turned dark. Riel suddenly said, "Look, there's a hole at the base of the tree. It looks pretty big; we could rest there for tonight."

Link looked over and could only see dense leaves. He bent down. It was only then that he discovered what Riel saw. There was indeed a little hole at the base of the tree. The tree was big, about 60 feet across. The hole in the tree trunk was five feet wide. If it opened up even more inside, this would make a good place to pass the night.

"Careful, holes in trees usually have wild beasts living within them," Princess Milda said.

Link nodded. After thinking for a while, he used a Light Spell to probe into the tree. The spell emanated soft white light, gently filling up the tree.

About three seconds later, a big bear with six-feet-wide shoulders rushed out of the tree. It roared as it ran along, and one could hear the fear in its voice as it roared. It probably never encountered something like this light spell before.

In its panic, it didn't look where it was going and stumbled. But quickly, it picked itself back up and continued running. Soon, its big round butt disappeared from view.

"Alright, the tree should be safe. That timid looking bear probably won't be back any time soon," Link said.

The four of them entered the hole in the tree. Riel was the first to go in. As he entered, he couldn't help but pinch his nose in disgust. "Ugh, this smells worse than dwarven women's panties."

Link immediately casted a Cleansing spell. He waited until the Cleansing spell had cleaned the hole entirely before he walked in.

The hole still had a faint smell but at least, it was now bearable.

After entering the hole, Link did not rest and began inscribing talismans around the side. About ten minutes later, the tree hole entrance was covered up by a magic door. This magic door's texture was almost the same as the tree trunk. Furthermore, no trace of magic was able to leak out. It looked extremely realistic.

Only when he was done with all of these did he return inside to rest.

The hole did not look big from the outside, but inside, it was actually rather spacious, covering an area of 210 square feet. More importantly, there was a small passage near the top of the hole that allowed a single person to crawl through.

It could be seen that this passage opened up where the tree branches started to fork out. That was about 90 feet above the ground. It was a great escape route.

Link used magic to attach a light to the top of the tree hole. With the light, he brought out rations and water. These were items that Link usually kept on standby. In this perilous world, he knew he often had to be on the move.

After walking for a whole day, everyone was hungry. They ate their food in silence.

After eating, Princess Milda found a corner and, using the cloak as a curtain, she quickly changed her clothing.

Riel was not aware of the situation that Princess Milda was in. Watching her, he asked curiously. "Milda, what are you doing? You can't be pleasuring yourself in this situation, can you? Save your strength, we're on the run right now."

Milda's face flushed red. She hatefully glared at this dwarf who did not know how to control his mouth and shrieked, "Shut the hell up!"

Riel looked helplessly at Link. "I had good intentions..."

"Alright, don't be nosy. Go rest." Link knew that the dwarf was in the mood for poking fun at people. He quickly handed Riel a bear skin mantle and urged him to go to sleep.

Riel was also pretty tired. His energy was spent. He had traveled all this way on his own and was not carried on Nana's back. After receiving the bear skin mantle, he laid down. Soon, the tree hole was filled with the soft sound of snoring.

Link rested for a while after finishing his meal, and very soon, his energy was all recovered.

He sat himself down on another mantle and took out a magic note, making inscriptions on it.

The battle against the soldier captain earlier was extremely dangerous. However, under the immense pressure, Link suddenly felt like he made a breakthrough. He gave into the inspiration he felt, going along with the feeling and making various calculations.

Very soon, he was immersed in the feeling. As he scribbled on the magic note, a new dimensional spell was gradually taking shape.

Link was concentrating so hard that he did not notice his environment. Suddenly, he felt that someone had closed up to his side. He smelt a familiar fragrance and realized that Princess Milda had come to watch what he was doing. This happened more and more frequently to the point that Link was already used to it. He brought his attention back to the note that he was writing, continuing to make various calculations.

After a period of time, Link suddenly felt a weight on his right shoulder. Turning to look, he saw that Princess Milda was now leaning against him and resting her head on his shoulder. She had already fallen asleep. Maybe it was because of the night cold, but her body was huddled up and pressed tightly against Link.

Link kept his body absolutely still as he carefully used the Magician's hand to reach over, picking up the mantle that had fallen off to the ground and used it to cover her body.

Then, he turned to look at Nana. Nana had never been able to feel fatigue. At this moment, she was watching the bugs crawling up and down the tree hole with great interest.

Link laughed before turning back to his work. Suddenly, he realized that there were some changes to Nana's body. Link realized that Nana's strength had increased and there was even some traces of Mana in her body.

This must be due to the Essence of Life. When it is safe, I need to properly investigate it. Link's focus was now completely on the spatial spell that he was creating, and he had no time to check Nana out. He continued the calculations for the spatial spell.

Time passed slowly.

After another hour passed, Link finally wrote down the final inscription on his magic note. Now, a fully formed Mana construction formed on the paper.

This was a completely new piece of magic that could replace Link's primary escape magic, Dimensional Jump.

Although the Dimensional Jump was a Legendary Level-10 spell, Link had used it very frequently. Furthermore, he was a spatial Magician. This meant that he knew the spell like the back of his hand. Nonetheless, it was still a Legendary spell, and its design was extremely well done. There was little that Link could have done to improve it. That was until now.

Link had finally made a breakthrough with the magic.

A message popped up in his field of vision.

Player Link has created a Legendary Supreme Magic Skill. Attained 500 Omni Points.

Please name the spell.

Unexpectedly, he was rewarded with such a huge amount of Omni Points. This made Link very pleased. Thinking for a moment, he said, "Let's call it Instant Flash."

The system displayed a new message.

Instant Flash

Level-10 Legendary Spatial Spell

Consumption: 2500 or more Dragon Power points (Increases as the teleportation distance increases).

Casting time: 0.01 seconds

Effect: User can appear anywhere within 700 feet immediately after casting the spell.

(Note: Go ahead and burn your Dragon Power)

This description gave Link a heartache. This spatial spell was excellent and could be used offensively in combination with his sword skills and magic. It was a great killing spell. The only problem was that its consumption rate was a little high.

One Instant Flash cost 2500 Dragon Power points. Even with Link's immense recovery rate, it was something that he could not keep up with. Essentially, he could only use it twice in an entire battle.

The less time it takes to cross the distance, the more Mana will be consumed. This was a simple law of nature, Link thought to himself and sighed.

The design of the spell was fairly simple, even easier than the dimensional jump. Furthermore, Link was the creator of the spell and was definitely the most familiar with it. Even without practice, he was already extremely familiar with the spell.

As for the 500 Omni Points, Link looked at his maximum Dragon Power limit-it was currently at 7700 points. Link had a strange feeling that he was about to reach the threshold into the Legendary realm. He just needed a small push before he could.

Right now, his strength was rapidly increasing. He decided to conserve the 500 Omni Points. In the future, if he encountered any issues, he could use these points to breakthrough.

Finally, Link was starting to feel fatigued and prepared to rest.

Carefully, he leaned against Princess Milda and laid them both down on the mantle.

Closing his eyes, he quickly started to dream. It was a very nice dream. He dreamt of Celine.

He dreamt that he was enjoying life back in Ferde. He dreamt of himself, gently stroking Celine's flawless skin, slowly tracing his finger up to caress Celine's soft chest. Celine laughed and told him off for teasing her. Then, she reached out and grasped his hard member, taking it out. The two of them then began talking dirty.

The things that were said between them were muffled, and Link couldn't remember exactly what he had said. Anyway, it was a warm and calm feeling. After that, the two of them hugged and laid down on the bed, tossing and turning. At some point, they were connected with each other.

Link found himself engrossed in the sweet dream of Celine.

As he was preparing to continue, Link heard a soft cry of pain from beside him.

This cry shook Link awake. What is it?? Could it be an enemy?

After waking up, Link was stunned.

He was having a sweet sappy dream, but right now, in reality, he was actually hugging a girl. It wasn't just anyone but Princess Milda.

He was covered by the wide mantle, and beneath him lay Princess Milda. Their two bodies were pressed tightly together. Link could feel Princess Milda's feverish warmth on his skin.

"Ooops..." Link was speechless.

What made it worse was that Nana was squatting in the corner. She was no longer looking at the tree bugs. Rather, she was looking at them.