379 Hourglass Realm

 Chapter 379: Hourglass Realm

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"The Hourglass Realm?"

Link was taken aback. He'd never heard of this term-it didn't appear in the game or in the books.

His vision flashed and an hourglass appeared. The top was labeled as the World of Firuman while the bottom was the Aragu Realm. The narrow neck area was marked with the Wind Vortex that they'd traveled through.

The two worlds are opposite one another yet are still connected. The current known passageway is the Wind Vortex. From the results of the time anchor calculation, time flows very quickly in the Aragu Realm. It's more than 100 times that of Firuman.

This cheered Link a bit. If time flowed that fast, he could stay here for one year and it would only be three and a half days on Firuman. He didn't have to worry about not having enough time. This way, he could focus on finding a way out of the world.

"But how can it be so fast?" Link asked.

The Mana density of Aragu is 20.5 times higher than in Firuman. Life controls great power and operates at high intensity, making time flow extremely fast.

Link thought about it but he still didn't understand it. Time was too confusing. His abilities weren't at that level yet. However, the flow of time was only meaningful to higher-level observers. The living organisms would feel nothing. For example, Link didn't feel any difference from the World of Firuman. Everyone was going at the regular speed.

"Then how come Aragu appeared in the ancient legends of Firuman? Why do the elves, dwarves, and humans speak in the ancient elven language?"

There is not enough information to answer.

"Alright..." Link was helpless but knowing the speed of time now, he didn't have to hurry. He had a lot of time to understand this world.

He opened the Encyclopedia of Aragu and started reading closely.

The book was also written in ancient elven and mostly described the customs and conditions of the land. Milda and Riel had nothing else to do so they read as well. As for Nana, she was playing with a small accessory on the table.

After reading for a bit, the three exchanged glances in shock.

There were many things in the book but it revealed clearly the Araguans' superiority complex. They called themselves the "descendants of God" while the others were "scum of the earth."

In Aragu, the elves, dwarves, and Northern Beastmen were even lower than horses. They could be sold, killed, and humiliated at will, treated like tools. Once a slave became sick, they would be killed immediately. Instead of burying the body, it would be sold to a butcher. There, it would be cooked and fed to hunting hounds, griffins, wolves, and other trained carnivorous beasts.

The encyclopedia also listed the prices of the different slave meats. Elves were the most expensive because they were the most tender. Amongst them, meat of elven girls was the most valuable. They were usually fed to the pets of nobles. Dwarves were the cheapest. Their meat was described to be rough as sandpaper. Even dogs weren't willing to eat it.

"That's too scary. These Araguans are so barbaric!" Riel exclaimed in fury.

"Sh!" Milda quickly shushed him. "Don't say that in the future. Someone might hear!"

Riel wanted to argue but Link said, "Her Highness is right. Riel, remember this isn't Firuman. We have an important mission and nothing can happen to us!"

"Alright. This f*cking place!" Riel muttered. It wasn't that he didn't understand what the others were saying. This place was just too horrible.

At this time, Link flipped to a passage about the slave collar ring. The three started reading closely.

The book explained that the ring's scientific name was "Soul Shackle." It was known as the most successful and powerful gear of the Aragu Empire. It was created by one of the emperor's magic workshop, the God-given Wisdom. One million are made annually. The cost isn't high but the effect is shocking.

The encyclopedia proudly declares that, this shackle is a gift from God. Perfect and flawless, it is the scepter for descendants of God to rule the scum!

That was it. Other than a bunch of bragging, there was nothing useful.

"Damn Araguans!" Riel muttered again.

Thankfully, this book wasn't only bragging; there were also useful things, such as descriptions of the world's power.

In this world, all power under the Legendary Level was known as Tier-1. Legendary Level-10 was Tier-2. Legendary Level-17 of Firuman was Tier-9 here and Magicians of that level were known as Masters. Level-18 was Saint. As for Level-19, that was almost God-like. It was the pinnacle of humanity and was known as the Archmage!

In Aragu, there was currently one Archmage, three Saints, and 18 Masters. They could easily destroy everything in the world. As for official Magicians, there were countless. An ordinary little town could produce someone like Rockham. Just imagine how many there were in the world!

After reading this, Link sighed. "No wonder the robbers laughed at us. The Masters of Aragu are Legendary Level-17."

"I feel so weak after reading this." Riel plopped onto the ground. He'd wanted to redeem himself and wait a few days before breaking free from his slave identity. But the Aragu Empire was like a mountain with no seeable peak.

Milda was much more optimistic. "It's not all bad. Link, have you felt your power increase much more quickly? Not even a day after being here, I've already entered Level-8."

Her Mana had been at the pinnacle of Level-7. In Firuman, leveling up required a good opportunity but she passed through it naturally here. Link could feel it too so he checked his information.

Link Morani (Firuman Noble)

Level-8 Pinnacle Dragon Mage

Flawless Dragon Power Maximum: 7100

Dragon Power Recovery Speed: 18-110 points per seconds

Current Dragon Power Recovery Speed: 40 points per second

It hadn't even been a day but his Dragon Power had already risen more than 100 points. The speed was shocking.

"It's the same for me. I feel that I can break into Level-9 soon...I'm afraid the demon commander will break into the Legendary state soon."

"So what? She's just a slave now," Riel leered. This was probably the only good news.

The encyclopedia was quite thick but the descriptions weren't too deep so they finished it within half a day. They all had a general idea about Aragu. At least, they won't do anything taboo when they go out now.

"I'm going to start with the enchantment now." Link took the paper towards the enchantment room. "I prepare to make the bracelet on this paper. Milda, Riel, don't go outside during this to avoid trouble."

"I'm too scared to go outside. It's too dangerous out there," Riel sighed.

"I'll clean up the room," Milda said.

"Okay. If you feel bored, you can come help me."

"Of course." Milda would love to do that. She wanted to learn Aragu's magic too.

Inside the enchantment room, Link found that there were many mid-level materials here. There were also many tools that were similar to those in Firuman and weren't too complicated. Link could use them after studying for a bit.

He placed the paper on the table and started working.

Link barely left the room in the next few days; he had people bring him his meals. His magic bracelet came into shape bit by bit.

In order to complete within two weeks, Link purposely slowed down his speed. This way, he had time to perfect the details and work more intricately on the bracelet.

The first two days, Rockham would come check. After that, he was reassured and left satisfied after saying some encouragements.

Two weeks later, Link completed the magic bracelet as expected. Putting it in a wooden box, Link went to find Rockham.

He first went to the concierge to find guard Afu.

"Master is in the round tower. He said that you can go to him directly."

"Oh, okay."

Link walked straight towards the round tower. It was in the back of the courtyard. Along the way, he would pass by the apprentices' dormitories, magic workshops, the library, and other buildings. When he passed by a small yard, he saw Demon Princess Saroviny by chance.

The yard was closed with a locked door. There were many beautiful girls inside that Rockham bought to give to important figures as "gifts." Saroviny dressed scantily. She had a bra and a semi-transparent muslin dress. One could see through the muslin that she didn't wear anything under it. The details of her body could be seen fleetingly. She even had a Mithril accessory hanging from her belly button.

When Link saw her, she was learning a sexy dance with the other slave girls in the yard. Clearly, she was not doing well; she kept making mistakes.

Crack! The whip fell onto her, making her stumble. A halfling with a slave ring around her neck yelled, "Idiot! Is your body made of wood? Move your waist! Shake your ass! I've never seen a slave as stupid as you. You should be chopped up to feed the dogs!"

Without making a sound, Saroviny stood up and continued. Link was sure she saw him but her eyes looked straight ahead.

Link was slightly relieved. At least this demon was completely submissive in this world. He should be safe... No, this wasn't enough. He was mistaken as an Araguan now and had a great advantage. He had to get rid of this girl.

With that in mind, Link walked towards the tower. Rockham was about to go out and saw Link at the entrance. He smiled immediately. "What, did you finish the bracelet?"

"Yes. Here you go." Link offered up the wooden box.

Rockham opened it. He glanced at it and his eyes brightened greatly. "Good! Amazing! Perfect! This artistry is incredible! Tsk, this artistry deserves a spell book as a reward. Come, come. Go to my library and choose any Tier-1 book. And three Tier-1 questions are still free."

He was so excited. Looking at Link was like looking at a mountain of gold.

"Tutor," Link said politely. "Can I change my reward?"

"Oh, what do you want?" Rockham asked.

"I saw a slave girl in the yard, a black-haired one. Can I have her as a reward?"