370 Hehe, I’ve Seen Through His Strength

 Chapter 370: Hehe, I've Seen Through His Strength

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Lund was killed in a single whip!

The Dark Elves on the city wall were stunned into silence.

A few seconds later, someone shouted, "He's only a single person! There's nothing to be afraid of, kill him!"

"Let's go!"

"We've got 40,000 men!"

The ones shouting were ghouls, and immediately after that, they rushed towards Link. Initially, there were only three people in the charge, but soon, there were over 40 ghouls trailing behind.

In reality, the ghouls on the city wall numbered over 2,000. However, it was because of the threat of Link and his Demon Slayer Whip loomed over them. After all, this was someone who could go toe to toe with the wielder of the Divine Gear! Who would dare to easily approach?

The ghouls that rushed forward were hot-blooded and reckless. Typically, a ghoul's strength was about Level-6. They also dashed forward very quickly. Before the tracker was invented, the ghouls used to guard the perimeter of the Black Forest, preventing all scouts from getting into the black forest. They were quite fearsome.

When 40 ghouls charged at the same time, even a Level-8 Warrior could not face them head on and win easily. It would be necessary to use the terrain advantage and engage in hit-and-run tactics to deal with them.

However, Link did not retreat. He just stood calmly there.

Three seconds later, the ghouls had surrounded Link. They came from all directions. Some climbed the walls to get behind him, others flanked him while some charged him straight from the front.

This was the way to deal with Magicians. To prevent the Magician from annihilating all of them at once, it was necessary for them to split up and attack from multiple sides.

However, they still underestimated Link.

As the ghouls arrived before him, Link pointed his Burning Wrath of Heavens wand at the floor. A Spatial Sphere the size of a sesame seed landed on the floor. When the ghouls reached within two feet from him, the Spatial Sphere suddenly exploded.


With Link as the center, a white misty semi-circle formed around him, 60 feet in diameter. This enveloped all the ghouls that had rushed forward.

The ghouls were originally rushing forward quickly, but once they were enveloped by the mist, they slowed down instantly, moving inch by inch towards Link. From outside, it appeared as though the 40 ghouls were locked in place.

This Spatial Shackles cost Link 300 Dragon Power points and was equal to a Level-7 skill. The ghouls were only at Level-6 and had no way of breaking free.

Then, Link drew the Dragon King's Wrath magic sword, strolling forward. As he walked round, he casually stabbing into the heads of the ghouls he passed.

The Dragon King's Wrath magic sword was incomparably sharp. The ghouls' skulls could put up no defense against Link. Link did not even need to put in much strength but merely poked his sword to slice into their skulls.

Fifteen seconds later, every single ghoul had been stabbed by Link. Link walked to the edge of the Spatial Shackles field. All the ghouls were still suspended in the air, in a charging position. In fact, they were still moving forward ever so slightly. However, the one thing that had changed was that their eyes were now listless, as they were now all dead.

Snap! Link snapped his fingers, canceling the Spatial Shackles spell. Crash, Crash. The 40 ghouls fell from the air like kites, smashing into the ground. Their bodies trembled slightly, as though they hadn't completely died, but there was already no hope for them.

The whole process of casting the Spatial Shackles spell and killing the ghouls cost Link 300 Dragon Power points. In the 15 seconds that he took to kill the ghouls, his Dragon Power had already recovered.

Therefore, killing these 40 ghouls was as simple as breathing for him.

This was a terrifying existence.

The Dark Elves glanced at each other, at a loss. As Link took one step forward, they subconsciously took one step back.

Then, one Dark Elf Commander stood up and shouted, "Warriors, he is a Magician. His Mana is definitely limited. Let's all charge together! Archers keep shooting at him, waste his Mana!"

Twang twang twang. Sounds of bowstrings releasing reverberated out as the arrows filled the air like rain, heading for Link.

Link waved his wand lightly to his side again. "Shackles!"

Whoosh. In the next instant, a space of about two feet around him rippled, and the arrows struck into the space. All of them immediately stopped in mid-air. The scene resembled arrows being stuck in a training puppet.

Link walked towards the Dark Elves while waving his sword around. Every single one of the arrows he sliced through fell to the ground like trash.

It was truly a joke to use normal arrows on a Level-8 Magician like Link.

"Quick, use the anti-magic arrows!"

The Archers immediately changed to using anti-magic arrows. However, these arrows met a similar fate to the normal arrows. To a Spatial Magician, arrows that were designed to penetrate normal magic barriers were completely useless against them.

Huff, huff. The Dark Elf commander panted, trying to calm the fear in his heart. Three seconds later, he raised his sword and charged Link. "Warriors, charge!"

This commander was a Level-6 Warrior. The Battle Art exploded out from his body, enveloping the sword and causing it to glow brilliantly as he charged Link.

He knew that he was going to die, but he also knew that when facing a Magician, the army cannot break down in fear. That would be the worst thing that could happen.

As long as the Warriors continued charging forward, that might provide them a chance to reverse the situation!

As the commander of the army, he had to be the first to make the sacrifice!

The ghouls followed behind him, and the Dark Elves also started charging at Link from all directions.

They couldn't believe that a 40,000 strong army would be unable to kill a single Magician.


Link had rested enough. He took a deep breath, focusing his thoughts and pointed the magic sword in front of him. "Demon Slayer!"

Whoosh. A 300-foot-long crystal red whip appeared, wrapping around Link over ten times. The body of the whip was covered with zigzag thorns. Each thorn shone like a bright red crystal. Viewed in the darkness of the night, it would look like flickering fireflies.

However, this spell which was a beautiful as fireflies also had destructive power incomparable to fireflies.

Each point of light was an attack point. Although it looked small, its power was terrifying.

As the ordinary Dark Elf soldiers were hit by the whip, it was as though their bodies were hit by a siege hammer. They were flung back far away. As they flew back, they coughed up thick mouths of steaming hot blood. By the time they landed on the ground, the Dark Elf soldiers were completely dead.

That was not all!

Each time the fireflies hit somebody, there would be a fiery red aura that exploded out in all directions, covering an area of 600 feet, looking like a fog.

This fiery red fog was also terrifying. Those who were enveloped by it felt that it was burning hot. At first, it was scalding, causing their skin to blister. It was still tolerable, but soon after, even their armor and weapons started to heat up and turn red. It became unbearable.

The fireflies exploded continuously, and every Warrior that tried to approach Link was knocked back. Meanwhile, the red-hot fog in the air got thicker, causing the temperature to rise.

Finally, some of the Dark Elf soldiers cried out. "No, I can't breathe!"

"My eyes, I can't see!"

"My clothes are on fire!"

Various voices shouted out in agony, as the fireflies continued exploding. The red-hot fog in the air continued to become even denser, causing the fortress walls to seem less like a battlefield and more of a slaughterhouse.

Two minutes later, Link had used up 5000 Mana points. Every 10 Mana points could form one thorn on the Demon Slayer Whip, possessing the strength of a Level-2 spell. These fireflies could block the majority of these attacks. Through the two minutes, he had unleashed over 400 attacks with these fireflies.

As for the stronger ghouls, Link used Spatial Shackles to deal with them. He was surrounded by a Spatial Shackle from the start. Anyone who broke through the whip would find themselves shackled. Link would simply stab through their heads with a sword, killing them.

Therefore, no one was able to get close to Link.

There were 400 firefly explosions, all of which were wide area attacks. The resulting damage from the area attacks was ten percent of the main firefly attack. Four hundred of those added together was equal to being attacked by 40 fireflies.

Orida Fortress was huge, however, within 600 feet of Link, there were over 30,000 soldiers caught in his attack. Some of them had detected the danger and escaped earlier with their lives. Yet, there were many others who were determined to kill Link at all costs, throwing their lives in the process.

Whatever the case, two minutes later, the city wall was completely silent.

Link cast a Light spell, causing a weak light to shine over the battlefield. Everywhere that the light shone on, there were piles of steaming corpses. From far away, there was also the patter of footsteps. They were very disorganized and were gradually going further away. They belonged to the escaping Dark Elves.

Looking at the carnage on the city walls, Link estimated that he had killed over 35,000 Dark Elves. A large portion was killed from the area attacks by the Dragon King's Wrath magic sword.

After walking one round around the walls, Link sat down on a pile of arrows. Beside his feet lay many corpses. There were some corpses that belonged to humans, but the majority were Dark Elves. Streams of dried blood ran along the floor, and the air was filled with a stench of gore and barbequed meat. It was strange and grotesque.

Link felt like he was truly a slaughterer.

Having killed so many, it burdens the heart. Link said to the sword spirit.

This is war. However, my previous owner, the Storm Lord rarely attacked weaker opponents. He said that it felt meaningless. Of course, not many dared to provoke him. I believe that after this, weaker opponents would not dare to provoke you anymore, the sword spirit replied.

Link nodded his head. Indeed, he found it completely meaningless. This was a simple slaughter, and he killed so many that he had become numb.

He felt like all he needed right now was a hot cup of wine and a good rest. He decided he wouldn't eat barbequed meat for a long time.


In the Black Forest.

Lawndale stared dazedly at the Dark Elves that had returned alive.

Every single one of their clothes was in tatters. Their skin had many burn scars. Their expressions were completely dejected, their eyes were wide open, and tears streamed down their face. What's more, they panicked at the slightest sound. They were evidently frightened to death.

"He's not a human! He's a god, a fire god!"

"We couldn't even approach him! Arrows couldn't hit him!"

"Even the Lady of Darkness isn't his opponent. We were just like chickens to him!"

"He has some kind of body freezing spell."

"Commander Lund was killed in one hit by his whip."

Countless recounts of their terrifying experience made Lawndale speechless.

Romand's expression was completely sullen. Out of 40,000 Dark Elves, only 5,000 had made it back alive. That was completely brutal.

It was his suggestion that the Dark Elves continued the attack. Now, it dawned on him that his suggestion had sent all those Warriors to their grave. Simultaneously, he had destroyed the future path of progress for the entire Dark Elf race.

After this defeat, they no longer had any strong Warriors. If they wanted to survive within Firuman, they needed to retreat to the Dark Realms and lay low for a hundred years. Otherwise, they would not be able to recover from this.

His mouth twitched. "It was just in an instant. Furthermore, there was no high-level spell used. How could he kill so quickly?"

The black-haired girl was still laughing. Out of the slits of her eyes, she looked at the two dejected Dark Elf commanders. "Oh dear, that was a mistake. Now that all the Dark Elf soldiers are dead, what should we do?"

Lawndale was dazed and forlorn. He had just buried the future of his Dark Elf race. It was a huge blow. As he heard the princess, he said listlessly, "Your Highness, you don't have to say these useless things."

He didn't even have the energy to get angry.

"Oh wells, you guys are too pitiful. I won't make fun of you trash any longer. In my opinion, Link must have used some powerful magic weapon. You fell into his trap! I won't say any more, lest I make you cry. I'll teach him a lesson for you. Hehe, I've already seen through his strength!" The black-haired girl said.

While she spoke, dark purple scales appeared on her skin, covering her whole body. Her skirt also became stiff, turning into armor made of numerous purple pieces. Because the girl was small, the armor looked petite as well. However, it still gave off an imposing and savage aura.

On every corner of the armor, there were also spikes. This was especially so for the shoulder area, which had plenty of spikes. On top of the spikes were stuck many skulls. Two sharp horns stuck out from the helmet forehead.

Petite but savage, together, they created a feeling that was hard to describe.

In her hands appeared two curved sabers. The blade edge sparkled, flickering with deep blue flames. The air around the blade occasionally sparked with electricity.

All of these transformations happened in an instant.

Finally, in the small but savage helmet's eye area, two purple flame-like eyes lit up.

A metallic voice sounded from inside the helmet. "You, you, and you, the three of you, come with me. We're going to kill."

She was still prudent, and selected three Level-8 high-level demons to assist her.

"Yes, Your Highness!"