369 The “Stubborn” Demon Princess

 Chapter 369: The "Stubborn" Demon Princess

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"Duke, what's wrong? Why did you retreat?" The dwarf King Riel was covered in blood. He looked back at the citadel in confusion.

"This is my idea," Link said.

"Master, you...you're here? You still have energy?" Riel didn't count on Link joining the direct battle. He'd already blocked the dark godly technique for the army. As a Magician, Link had done enough.

Link nodded. "My power has mostly recovered, but we don't have enough soldiers. I checked, and there are less than 13,000 now. If this continues, we will be defeated-"

Before he could finish, a loud screech came from the Black Forest.

The sound was grating. It was the typical cry of a Winged Howler and reverberated across the entire battlefield. After this, the demons that had been violently attacking the city walls were momentarily dazed. Then they retreated.

The demons climbing the walls started jumping down. The Fodor Flaming Demons ramming against the gate were stunned before sprinting back. The low-level demons on the square retreated like a tidal wave, leaving the confused Dark Elves behind.

What was happening?

So many Warriors had died, and one wall had finally been breached. All the walls were about to be broken through. Why did they give up now? Were the demons stupid?

Other than the Dark Elves, the Light Army was stunned too. No one expected this change.

Riel tugged at his whiskers in disbelief. "Was the demon commander kicked in the back of his head by a mountain goat?"

"No, no, he probably guessed we'll use magic," Duke Abel said quietly. He looked at Link. "Master, what do we do now?"

"We'll continue retreating. The Dark Elves haven't left yet." Link was shocked at the demon commander's boldness too. No matter what, retreating when things were going well was too bizarre.

The Light Army was retreating because they couldn't hold the city walls for much longer. Though they retreated a bit early, it was still understandable. But what was with the demons?


Black Forest.

Lawndale gaped at the black-haired girl. "Your Highness, why did you do that? We were about to win!"

To him, the humans were retreating, but they needed time. If they immediately attacked and caught up before the humans retreated, even the strongest magic would be useless. Would the Magician kill his own soldiers?

Furthermore, the Orida Fortress' sturdiness was obvious. After so many deaths, it was about to be breached, but now they gave up... Did all those soldiers die in vain?

After they retreated, the humans would recompose themselves, reconquer the city wall, and repair the hole. On the other hand, they lost so many high-level demon Warriors. It was doubtful whether they could attack again.

Ah, this woman is crazy!

"Are you calling me crazy in your mind?" the girl asked with a smile.

Lawndale froze. He shook his head violently. "No, not at all. I just can't understand your actions. You must know, the Orida Fortress is a very sturdy iron fortress. The humans clearly couldn't hold on any longer. Retreating into the fortress is normal, and it's not highly possible for a powerful spell to appear. The human commander isn't stupid. If they really have a spell like that, why didn't they use it at the start? Why would they save it until so many people died?"

The black-haired girl nodded. "You're right, but I'm the commander of the demon army. I like retreating at this time. You can't do anything about it." Near the end, the girl pursed her red lips and jutted her chin out. She huffed through her nose arrogantly.

Lawndale was speechless.

His Tutor, Aymons, was already dead. As Aymons' right-hand man, Lawndale automatically upgraded to the commander of the Dark Elves. Things had been going well, but then the demons suddenly retreated. Now, he was conflicted as to if he should have the Dark Elves retreat too.

At this time, a hoarse voice traveled over. It was Romand, the chancellor of the Silver Moon Mage Council. He walked up and said confidently, "Don't retreat. Continue attacking. There's no way they'll use a powerful spell. Blocking the godly technique is enough to use up any mortal Magician's strength!"

There were more than 40,000 Dark Elf Warriors at this time and almost 2,000 ghouls. It was many times the size of the Light Army, who had given up and was retreating. This was the best chance to snatch victory.

Only an idiot would retreat!

Lawndale had been conflicted but, hearing Romand's words, he immediately made his decision. "Pass down the order, continue attacking!"

Woo, woo woo. The Dark Elves used bone horns. The sound was eerie and chilling. It carried the Dark Elf commander's thought to the frontline.

The Dark Elf army was still dazed. Hearing the command, they ignored their stupid demon allies and turned around to attack.

Countless hooks with cables were shot onto the city wall from crossbows. Ghouls and Dark Elves continued climbing up. On the wall, they met sparse resistance. The human and dwarf Warriors had all retreated, leaving behind a few soldiers with shields who fought as they retreated.

"Stop chasing and open the gate! Fortify the camp!" a Dark Elf general said.

It was none other than Lund, the one who once attacked Gladstone City at night and was known as the Blood-hand Demon. He was now a Level-7 Warrior and was the strongest Dark Elf general with the highest military rank.

Hearing his voice, the Dark Elves instantly stopped pursuing. A portion went to open the city gates while most collected the bodies. They pushed the bodies into the passageway, creating the simplest and bloodiest barrier.

While the Dark Elves were busy, the Light Army had all retreated. The demons all returned to the Black Forest.

The Orida Fortress, filled with murderous cries earlier, had become almost deathly silent.

"See?" Romand sneered. "The humans have no tricks. They just wanted to hide into the citadel like rats."

Lawndale had still been worried but seeing that there was still no action or abnormal magic waves, he felt assured. Nodding, he said, "Seems like it's safe now."

The black-haired girl clapped and laughed. "That'll be the best. Lawndale, we're allies. I'll be sad if something happens to you all."

A smile bloomed on her delicate face. She didn't look like she'd just retreated alone without caring about her allies earlier.

What could Lawndale say? He remained silent.

At this time, no one in the Black Forest could see that in the Orida Fortress a figure stepped through the blood and bodies in the passageway filled with corpses. He advanced step by step. At the point with the highest pile, the person stopped, gazing at the Dark Elves hundreds of feet away.

At first, only one or two Dark Elves saw him. After a few seconds, a wand appeared in the man's left hand. With a soft pop, a ball of light burst out.

Now, all the Dark Elves on the wall saw him.

Some stopped involuntarily and looked quietly at this young black-haired human. Many were confused, unsure what was happening.

Link wasn't in a hurry. His fatigue wasn't quite gone, and his body hadn't recovered to his peak. Since that was the case, he could spare the time for a few sentences.

He scanned all the Dark Elves. Finally, his eyes focused on General Lund. Smiling, he said, "Hey, you, yeah, you. Do you still recognize me?"

Lund's brows knitted. He found the human familiar-very familiar, especially the eyes. He'd definitely seen those eyes before. He studied Link and gradually, a memory formed.

One and a half years ago, he'd led an army to attack Gladstone. There was also a black-haired young man, though much thinner, who forced him off the city walls with a flame spell. At that time, the man had worn an average Magician's Apprentice's robe. He'd been so thin it looked like he would fall over in the wind.

The man in front of him now was muscular with a rounder face. He wore a fine short robe that only Master Magicians could wear. But those eyes-cold, deep...they were the exact same.

Before Lund could fully remember him, a Dark Elf recognized Link and screamed, "It's him! It's the human Demon Slayer!"

The voice reminded Lund like lightning. Fury rushed out from the bottom of his heart like lava, and his eyes turned blood-red!

"I knew it!" He gripped his Bloody Sword of Glory and settled in a combat position. "One year ago, you stopped me from attacking Gladstone. At that time, you had countless reinforcements, and a demon princess helped you. Now, you're alone. How can you stop my 40,000 brave Warriors?"

Link chuckled. "Yes, what a coincidence. We've met twice, and both times, you're attacking the city I'm protecting. But last year, I was an amateur that had just started learning magic. Now...well, have a taste of it yourself!"

As soon as he finished, the light spell at the end of Link's wand turned into a crystal red ball of light. With a whoosh, the ball stretched into a long whip. It was the Demon Slayer Whip!

It flew out hundreds of feet as soon as it appeared. It reached Lund instantly. Piercing light shot out from the tip, curling at Lund's head.

The attack was too sudden. The hair on the back of Lund's neck shot up. His head shrunk back and he swung his sword.

Clang! There was a huge vibration. Lund's Bloody Sword of Glory met the hit but couldn't block it. The sword flew out of his hand.

Link was a Level-8 Dragon Mage. With the reinforcement of the Burning Wrath of Heavens wand, the Demon Slayer Whip reached Level-9. Lund was still at Level-7, and the difference was too large. He wasn't Link's match.

The whip forced the Bloody Sword of Glory away but didn't stop. It cracked against Lund's face. With a pop, Lund's head exploded. His body flew backwards and plummeted down the wall!

This was the tragedy of not having a powerful fighter there. Misamier, Aymons, or even the fallen angel that had forced Link to pathetically escape could easily make Link escape. But now, these powerful fighters were all dead.

Link wasn't as strong as them, but he was still alive, so he'd become the undisputable top fighter on the battlefield.

Lund was the commander and strongest of the Dark Elves. Even the ghouls weren't his match, but he'd been killed instantly. All the remaining Dark Elves exchanged glances awkwardly.

In the faraway Black Forest, Romand's eyes flew open. "Pinnacle of Level-8 strength...is that him? How does he still have strength?"

Lawndale was shaken too. "How can one man face the entire army?"

The black-haired girl laughed. "Ah, seems like my worry has come true. I'd like to see what spell he'll use. Would it be a Legendary spell?"

When she said that, both Romand and Lawndale's faces turned so white they were almost transparent. Link had used Legendary spells before. Aymons had proved this and had said before that many wounds had appeared on Link's body because of it.

Secret spells like this couldn't be used often. Link hadn't done anything in the earlier battle, so they didn't worry. But now, Link appeared by himself. The situation was odd.

Romand and Lawndale met each other's eyes. Could the demon princess be right?