366 The Wolf Enters the Tiger’s Den

 Chapter 366: The Wolf Enters the Tiger's Den

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Zip. A second later, Noya soundlessly teleported to the base of the city wall.

The battle had only gone on for less than a minute, but the center of the battlefield was filled with gore, blood, broken bones and dead bodies.

As the blood accumulated on the ground, it formed streams of blood. The stench of blood and gore filled the air thickly, like a fog that would not disperse.

The battlefield was filled with the sounds of killing, screaming, shouting, as all sorts of lethal attacks were unleashed. Within half a second of Noya's appearance, two musket shots and five arrows flew towards where he stood. These weren't aimed at him but just happened to fly past him.

It was a brutal scene.

Noya didn't tarry long. Zip. He quickly jumped to a one-eyed mountain demon's back and then jumped off again, crossing over 600 feet to arrive at the second city wall.

Once again, he immediately moved from where he landed, not giving the surrounding soldiers the chance to notice him. When he reappeared again, he was only 300 feet from the Magic Tower.

It was in this manner that he penetrated Orida Fortress. In the midst of the chaos, no one would notice a vaguely visible shadow.

Being separated by a mere 300 feet, Noya could see the low wall that surrounded the Magic Tower. The wall was only 9 feet tall, and within it could be seen a splendorous divine light. The divine light was blinding, making it impossible for him to jump in as quickly as he did before.

He had no idea what he would find within the walls and had no choice but to proceed cautiously.

Thirty feet out from the wall, the Silver-white Shield Warriors formed a defensive wall. There were many Warriors, some of whom were Level-7 and even one that had reached Level-8.

Of course, if it were one-on-one, he would not even spare this character a glance. He could kill him in an instant. However, here on the battlefield, these types of Warriors could be very troublesome. They were on the alert and could discover his traces. Once he was spotted, he would be tangled up fighting with the Warriors and waste a lot of time.

He was on a strict time limit and had no time to waste.

Noya adjusted his angle of approach, steering clear from the Level-8 Warrior. He sped towards the low wall of the Magic Tower.

Suddenly, one of the Level-7 Shield Warriors noticed Noya. He shouted out an alarm, "Assassins, alert!"

Boom! A resounding clang sounded out. All the Shield Warriors had raised their shields and used them to form a seemingly impenetrable wall.

At this point, Noya had yet to activate the power of the Oath ring. Although the ring's powers could be constantly active, it had a weakness. In the corporeal state, Noya's vision would be limited. Things would appear blurry and dark, and right now, he needed to be able to see what was going on within the walls.

However, he had underestimated these Shield Warriors. They were indeed the elites of the kingdom. The defensive wall was formed instantaneously.

Time was tight. He had no other choice but to quickly break through.

Adjusting his angle, he increased his speed. An instant later, he stepped onto a shield, stepping down hard and employing his demonic strength. He immediately crushed the Level-4 Warrior holding the shield to death, using the rebound to launch himself upwards and forward, towards the next shield.

Shing, shing! Sharp blades stabbed out from within the shield wall, pursuing Noya. However, it was to no avail, as the blades could not keep up with the demon's quick speed.

Watching as Noya was about to jump over the walls, the Level-7 Warrior that discovered him immediately shouted, "Hold it!"

He dashed towards Noya, flinging his shield towards Noya and cutting off his route.

"Pitiful strength," Noya laughed coldly. His body vanished, and he reappeared beside the dashing Warrior. Suddenly, both his legs were wrapped around the Warriors neck, and he spun his body. No one saw how he did it but all of a sudden, the Level-7 Warrior's neck was twisted and broken, and his body was thrown backwards into the rest of the pursuing Warriors.

Crash. The rest of the Warriors were mostly around Level-4. As the heavy corpse was thrown into their way, it caused them to trip over, crushing a few of them in the process.

Noya made use of this opposing force to flip himself over the yard wall, stepping into the sacred area inside the walls.

Hisss. The demonic energy on his body clashed with the divine light, causing green smoke to rise up, further blocking Noya's vision.

"Damn it, this divine light!" Noya squinted his eyes, peering at the area in front of him. There were two groups of people. One group was made of priests who were knelt on the ground, praying. The other group was made of High Elves, and this group was the one responsible for the deep vortex in the sky.

Noya quickly identified his target. He was standing right in the middle of all the High Elves, and his body shone with blinding light. His body emanated strong energy vibrations.

It's him! Noya thought. He immediately activated the Oath ring.

At this instant, he felt three forces from different directions targeting him. One came from directly behind. This was the Level-8 Warrior. One was beside him, rapidly approaching. Out of the corner of his eye, he recognized that it was a magic puppet, precisely Link's puppet Nana. This proved that the human in the middle of the formation was Link.

The last threat came from the human priest. In the air, the divine light formed a corporeal blade that flew straight towards him.

Hehe, the reaction is pretty fast, but it's too late. Noya laughed coldly. The Oath ring's effect was about to be activated. He knew that the opponent's attacks could no longer hit him. He was safe.

However, just when this thought flashed through his head, a dreadful sound came from behind him. Then, the whole courtyard lit up in a flash. It was lightning!

The speed of the lightning was instantaneous, hitting him just before he turned fully corporeal.

This attack was completely out of Noya's expectations. He felt his body grow numb as the energy entered his body. If he didn't immediately deal with it, it could potentially result in permanent injuries.

Noya's heart clenched up. He immediately stopped the Oath ring's activation, using his power to defend against the invasion of the lightning.

Noya was a Level-9 Assassin. The lightning was a Level-8 spell. It took him little effort to disperse the energy of it. However, with this short delay, the sword formed from divine light had arrived. This spell had him completely locked down. This was a divine spell that would definitely injure him if he was hit.

Getting injured in a place like this, surrounded by many strong enemies was almost synonymous with dying.

Without even hesitating, Noya drew out his dagger and stabbed towards the divine light sword.

Boom. The divine light sword was destroyed by his attack and had no chance to injure him. However, the trade-off was that his movements were once again halted.

Now, Nana had reached him. In one hand, she held a sword, in the other, she held a dagger.

The sword arrived first, stabbing towards his heart. Noya laughed coldly. The speed is nothing to scoff at, but the technique is pathetic. A puppet can only do so much.

The Dark Elves had talked so much about this magic puppet, elevating its status to a war god. They even said that the previous user of the Divine Gear was killed by this magic puppet, and as a result, Noya was extremely wary of this puppet. However, after exchanging blows with the puppet once, he immediately felt that the Dark Elves were trash!

Noya turned his body slightly, avoiding the sword edge by a hair. At the same time, his right hand struck out with the dagger, stabbing towards the magic puppet's breast.

Clang. Unexpectedly, his dagger clashed with the opponent's dagger and was blocked. Even more shocking, this powerful dagger which had accompanied him for hundreds of years was actually split into half by the opponent's dagger.

Damn it! Is this the powerful dagger that Aymons was talking about? Noya had heard about this dagger from Aymons. However, Aymons had not been clear about what actually happened. He said that the magic puppet used the dagger to break through the Divine Gear's defenses. Noya assumed that the puppet had used a special skill, and only now that he had clashed with the puppet, it wasn't the puppet's skill that was exceptional. No, it was the dagger in her hand that was special!

My dagger was constructed from Enchanted Gold and is extremely durable. If the dagger was just shattered, so be it. But how could the dagger be so cleanly split into half?!

Noya could not gauge how strong this dagger was. Furthermore, the Level-8 Warrior was approaching from behind. He had wasted eight seconds here and really could not afford to waste any more time.

He speedily retreated backwards, but suddenly turned his body, narrowly avoiding the Level-8 Warrior's lightning-quick attacks. Then, he activated the Oath ring, turning his body into the translucent corporeal form.

Although his main dagger had been destroyed, he still had a secondary dagger in his left hand. It was more than enough to kill a Magician!

He approached rapidly towards Link who stood at the center of the magic formation.

"Stop right there!" Nana shouted. She chased after Noya, dashing much faster than he could. In an instant, she was behind him and stabbed a dagger towards his back.

Immediately, the priest condensed the divine light into a divine shield that blocked his approach.

Hehe, I'm now invincible, your attacks won't even hurt me... Wait! This dagger is unnatural!

He was rejoicing earlier, but suddenly felt a cold, sharp pain in his back. How could this be?! Had he already entered a corporeal state?

What in the devil is this thing?!

In that instant, with so many things running through his mind, the anxious Noya could barely react in time. He desperately activated the Oath ring's cloning ability. His body immediately multiplied into three bodies. One was still in the original spot; another was rushing towards Link while the last one was escaping towards the wall.

It was at this moment that Noya felt fear blossoming in his heart.

In the corporeal state granted by the Oath ring, Noya's vision was limited, and he did not notice that at some point, Link had changed from using the wand which was sustaining the deep blue vortex in the sky and was now holding a magic sword in his hand.

In all honesty, even if Noya had seen Link change his weapon, he would not pay much attention anyway. So what if a Magician was holding a sword? Could the sword hurt him in his corporeal state? Furthermore, even if the opponent's magic was strong, it still could not injure him in time!