357 Eve of the Final Battle

 Chapter 357: Eve of the Final Battle

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After Link's message arrived, Duke Abel stood up, losing his cool a bit. This wasn't that bad. Someone stood up from their seats and ran out of the room.

Everyone stared at each other, speechless. The one who ran out was none other than the High Elf Princess Milda. She ran so quickly that her body even glowed faintly and disappeared out the door in a blink.

She'd used an acceleration spell.

Everyone had seen Milda's tears earlier, but that was when everyone thought Link had died. They'd all felt heavy, so no one had thought much. Now, Link was alright, and they were all relieved, but Milda's reaction was so dramatic. They thought more into this.

Apparently, Milda had run into trouble at Ferde before, and Master Link saved her. After that, Milda stayed in Ferde instead of returning to the Isle of Dawn. She even had her own house in Ferde.

These weren't secrets. Anyone would know if they asked.

As a Magician, she didn't even control her emotions and cried when they'd heard the news of Link's death. Now, she was this emotional... Was there something between them?

Everyone was relaxed at this time.

Riel, the king of the Dwarf Mountain, was very straightforward. He slammed a fist on the table and laughed, saying, "The princess is in love with the Magician? Haha, that's great!"

The Yabba airship commander also giggled. "I bet this would be written in epic poems."

Duke Abel and the other deputy officers exchanged glances awkwardly. They all knew that Link had a woman in the Ferde Territory named Celine or something. Those two were apparently very in love. The High Elf Princess' reaction made things awkward.

The duke chuckled. "Aha, that's Master Link's private matters. Let's stop discussing it and go welcome him."

Everyone rose and walked out of the hall.

Along the way, the more Duke Abel thought about it, the more he found it odd. When he walked past the first checkpoint, he finally understood. "Princess Milda's matter is Link's own private thing," he whispered to the officers beside him. "It's forbidden to discuss. We'll pretend we didn't see anything and don't know anything. If any of the soldiers gossip, punish them! Understood?"

By the end, Duke Abel's eyes grew harsh, and his lips were pressed thinly. His expression was very strict.

"Yes, General!" The officers didn't know why their general was like this, but they obeyed anyway.

Abel actually had very deep thoughts behind this action.

The dwarves and Yabba were foreign races. Outsiders didn't care and had no qualms about causing some drama. However, Abel knew that Princess Milda's tears were genuine but rushing out to welcome him after learning that Link was still alive was a bit purposeful.

She was the princess of the High Elves and her each move was critical. After living in the fortress together these days, Abel knew that Milda was clear about her duties. She might not be a mature politician yet, but she was already on the way to maturity. She was stronger than most people.

How could she lose her cool like this?

Bryant had a messy relationship with a High Elf back then and even died in the Isle of Dawn... Hmph, do the High Elves want to get all our human geniuses? What a good plan! Thinking of this, Abel's heart turned cold.

He was known as the iron duke and had a strong personality. The wellbeing of humanity was always first for him. In his opinion, the High Elves and Dark Elves were both foreigners. They could work together but must be cautious!

Of course, even though he was unhappy about Milda's actions, he was a political figure, and they were allies. Abel quickly adjusted his emotions and put a smile on.

On the other side, Link had just crossed the first wall of the fortress and soldiers already filled the square. They were all there just to see the infamous Magician up close.

There were so many people. Thankfully, the soldiers mostly kept order and there were officers present. No chaos erupted.

While walking, the crowd at the front grew loud. There were gasps and cries.

"The High Elf Princess is here!"

"Oh my god, how can there be such a beautiful woman in this world?"

"She must be the incarnate of the moon!"

The High Elf Princess had been at the Orida Fortress for more than a month, but when she'd first appeared, she wore a veil. Later, she mostly stayed at the Mage Tower, so most regular soldiers had no chance to see her true appearance. There were rumors that she was beautiful but as to just how beautiful, no one knew.

Now, she appeared right in the crowd and didn't hide her face at all.

Her features were the stunning type and were quite offensive. Just a glance could make someone go blind from the beauty and stop breathing.

Barely any beauties of this extent appeared before the males. In a war fortress where even a female pig was stared at, it was no surprise a commotion was stirred.

Seeing this scene, Link obviously knew what was up. His brows furrowed slightly, feeling that Milda's actions were improper.

At this time, Milda had arrived before him.

She wore a long ivory dress of the High Elf style decorated with many silver magic runes. She had a snow bear cape on her back and a snow fox throw on her shoulder. Her golden hair fell down her shoulders like sunlight. There was a flame-like silver mark painted on her forehead as well. When she walked over, the elegant and glamorous aura was overpowering.

Such a fine beauty appeared among all the sweaty and ragged soldiers. In comparison, Milda was like a goddess.

Link's eyes brightened too, but he quickly looked down and bowed. "Princess-"

Before he could finish, Milda walked up and hugged him tightly. "Link!" she cried happily. "You're still alive. That's great!"

"Woah!" All the surrounding soldiers started to jeer and cheer. This was legendary.

Without thinking much, someone yelled, "Master, kiss her!"

"Marry the High Elf Princess!"

"Master, the princess likes you!"

Link was even more shocked. He felt Milda's body tremor as if she was really excited, but it still felt odd. In his memory, Milda's every move was like a true princess. She would never do something that could be misunderstood before so many soldiers.

They weren't that close either.

It felt wrong.

Hugged so tightly, Link couldn't push her away either. He could only mutter, "Your Highness, it was dangerous indeed, but I'm already back...Can you let go now?"

It was nice to hug a beauty, but Link was passed that. The High Elf Princess' beauty was unparalleled, even prettier than the Red Dragon Queen. However, Link had marked her with the "political alliance, no other relationships" tag in his mind.

There was no other reason save that she was the High Elf Princess. No matter how innocent and naive she was, after a few years, she would still mature. They could become allies but as for love...that wasn't an option.

Link's tone was calm and devoid of extra emotions. Milda stiffened and instantly let go. With red eyes, she whispered, "I thought you died, but you came back alive. Sorry, I lost my composure."

"It's alright, no need to apologize." Link immediately changed the subject. "Does that mean Skinorse is back?"

"He's back and also brought back your magic notes. But now it seems that the notebook can be returned to its owner." Milda had already recomposed herself. She took out the notebook and handed it to Link.

Link accepted it. Just as he was about to speak, Duke Abel and the others arrived.

Duke Abel's smile was a bit forced. He suddenly sped up as he got to Link and forced Milda to the side. Opening his arms wide, he laughed heartily and gave Link a warm embrace. Then he patted Link's back and lamented, "Master, it's so great that you're back."

Link could only reply out of courtesy. He'd already felt the subtle vortex as soon as he'd arrived. He couldn't help but sigh. This is politics. It's far less interesting than magic.

He pretended he couldn't tell the subtle jabs. After a bunch of polite small talk, Link arrived at the iron stronghold at the mountain peak.

Milda had mostly returned to normal now. She explained the situation of the Magicians at the Orida Fortress.

In the fortress, there were more than 300 Magicians. Two hundred and thirty-four were humans. The highest level was Level-6, and there were three Magicians. Seventy-six Magicians were High Elves with the lowest at Level-6. There were two at Level-7-Milda and Romilson.

After hearing this, Link thought carefully and said, "There are enough Level-6 Magicians. Start training now...How about ten days? After ten days, the magic seal will be able to be used officially."

These words roused everyone present. "Master, how is your health right now?" Duke Abel asked.

"No problem at all. We can start now!"

"Great!" Duke Abel had already forgotten the earlier problems. The frustrations built up in his heart due to the Dark Divine Gear were all wiped clean.


Four hours ago

Whoosh. Aymons appeared in the forest.

Riding the Dark Serpent, he flew northwestward while thinking about the war situation.

When I left, Misamier was gravely injured. She's probably dead now. The surviving demons probably aren't Link's match. He'll definitely reach the Orida Fortress alive. That man is too frightening. He actually used a Legendary Spell. He might be able to think of a way against the godly techniques. No, I can't drag it on any longer!

Conquering the Yabba capital would take at least one more month. This was too long, and he couldn't wait.