349 Abstruse Meaning—The Thunder God’s Descen

 Chapter 349: Abstruse Meaning-The Thunder God's Descent

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Misamier was good at the whip and also good with the dagger.

As she walked towards Link, her thin waist swayed, and her chest stuck out. The dagger in her hand glittered brightly just like her smile. "Link, it won't hurt at all, and I'll only do it once."

Link still closed his eyes and didn't move. His ears focused on the actions around him while in his vision, he'd already chosen a magic card wrapped in frost-white lightning.

Abstruse Meaning-The Thunder God's Descent!

Level-10 Lightning Law Spell

Cost: 19500 Mana Points

Description: gathers an immense amount of Mana to activate the abstruse meaning of lightning. The spell caster will transform into the physical incarnate of lightning and thunder, using their destructive power as a weapon for ten seconds.

(Note: all spells under the lightning and thunder will be destroyed.)

Link chose this spell for two reasons.

Firstly, this spell was a guidance type of Legendary Spell. Rather than being straightforward, it was a flexible spell. Secondly, it didn't cost the least amount of Mana amongst the Level-10 offensive spells, but it was still close to top three. Taking its force into consideration, it was the most cost-effective.

When Misamier was around 90 feet away from him, Link chose the card. Purchase the spell.

One hundred Omni Points were used up instantly. The card glowed and then broke into countless tiny lightning snakes. These snakes wriggled in all directions and finally disappeared in the air.

At the same time, Link felt strength surge deep in his soul. It was subtle but with a feeling that it could destroy everything. For a moment, Link felt that he was a god standing amongst the clouds with a sword of lightning in his hand. He looked down on all organisms. If he saw someone who dared to not submit to him, he would bring the lightning bolt down like God's punishment.

This was the power of a Legendary Spell. It was the start of something that transcended the ordinary!

Mortal Spells required a Mana structure and the aid of a wand. Elemental Spells required time to gather the elements. Legendary Spells didn't need any of this.

It only needed the spell caster's comprehension of the laws and the grasp and understanding of the world's truth. It was possible to wield horrifying power with a thought and destroy the skies and earth.

This did not mean that Legendary Spells were easier. In reality, they were unimaginably obscure. The spell casting process seemed simpler but only because it had surpassed the restraints of the world's laws.

This breakthrough process was already impossibly difficult. Only a handful of the billions of organisms in the world throughout history had done so successfully.

Link had another special point. In the game, he was a Legendary Magician with rich experience in the casting of Legendary Spells. Thus, he could perfectly control the Thunder God's Descent at this moment.

After receiving this spell, Link had 400 Omni Points left. Without hesitation, he put all of them into pushing his Mana to the max. Now, his upper limit for Mana became 24500, and he had 23500 Mana Points.

For a human, this was horrifying power.

Now, Misamier was 60 feet away.

For some reason, Aymons started feeling unsettled. "Stop wasting time," he urged. "End him quickly."

The fallen angel also said, "Hurry. I'm running out of Mana."

Misamier pouted and put on a mock hurt expression. "Fine. Ending a genius Magician isn't a small thing. I just wanted to make it more formal."

As soon as she finished speaking, Link's eyes fly open. His eyes were no longer black. Instead, they were white as frost. Around his pupils, threads of gray-white lightning flashed and cracked constantly.

A moment later, the lightning spread from Link's eyes to his entire body before going into the surrounding air.

Strangely, the lightning didn't spread very quickly. Everyone could clearly see the entire process. But even though they saw it clearly, they just couldn't react. It was as if, at that moment, time itself was twisted by some mysterious force.

"No, it's a Law Spell!" Aymons was the first to call out. He recognized it at once. In addition to having a rich knowledge of magic, he also grasped the Dark Serpent. With the help of the Divine Gear, his outlook widened greatly.

"Misamier, retreat!" the fallen angel also yelled.

Misamier wasn't a layman either. In the Abyss, she had Legendary power and was only at the pinnacle of Level-9 now because of the restraints from Firuman's laws.

Seeing this situation, her first thought was to rush an attack. However, this idea was extinguished instantly. Link was honestly too fast, and Misamier immediately realized that she didn't have a chance. Thus, she went on the defensive.

She poured out all her power so crazily that in an instant, she felt her body starting to weaken and wither. She couldn't worry about this now though. With the help of her bloodline talent, all the power surged into her wings. She wrapped the wings around her, forming a dark red circular shield.

Carmine Fortress

Level-9 Bloodline Spell (Master Level)

Description: this spell is an inheritance talent of the succubae. Of all high-level demon inheritance talents, the Carmine Fortress' defensive ability is within the top ten. It is what the succubae rely on for survival in the Abyss.

(Note: this spell involves the strength of the laws.)

The moment the shield was created, the lightning bolt arrived.

Frosty white lightning wrapped around Link's entirety. His body, eyes, nose, lips, and skin all had a similar glow. At this moment, he was practically the incarnate of lightning.

"Ah!" He couldn't help but open his mouth and roar. Reaching out, power rushed from his arms. Lightning streaked across the sky and cracked with an explosive sound that filled the air.

The world lit up with a flash!

Boom! Lightning struck Misamier's Carmine Fortress directly. Bang! With a crisp bang, Misamier fell backwards. In the air, her body lost balance from the lightning and the blood-colored shield around her shattered. Her wings were burnt. Like a broken kite, she crashed onto the ground and went still. A cloud of black smoke rose up from her body. The air was filled with the acrid smell of plasma.

"Go, Dark Serpent!"

Aymons didn't care about Misamier. He reacted by immediately turning the Dark Serpent Divine Gear from a snake into a long whip. The whip cracked toward Link's head according to his thoughts.

Link had an eye out for him too. He clenched his left hand, and a thick bolt of lightning rushed towards the Dark Serpent.

Power crashed unbridled inside Link's body, pouring out without any restraint. This freedom felt so good Link couldn't help but roar again!

As he roared, lightning spewed from his mouth. He was the incarnate of lightning and thunder.

Crackle, crackle. A thick bolt of lightning more than three feet wide collided against the Dark Serpent. The Legendary Spell and Divine Gear clashed directly once again.

Whoosh! Power exploded, and lightning flew in all directions. The ring of shockwaves radiated in all directions.

The Winged Howlers in the air were hit by this force and dropped like dead birds. The surrounding trees were hit by this force and instantly fell in a radiative shape. The ones on the ground-Nana, Misamier, Skinorse hiding in the sentinel's cabin, and the room itself-were all tossed into the air.

In that moment, the mountains within a 300-foot-radius were all reduced to ruins.

In the endless chaos, a black cat hidden amongst the trees was caught by surprise. It was hit by a fallen tree, and while it was dazed, another tree fell down, trapping it to the ground.


A pained cry tore from its lungs. Squashed by the tree, the black cat pushed up with its limbs, and its tail stood up straight. It managed for two seconds before collapsing. Then it stopped moving. Blood pooled around its body.

Was it dead? No one cared at the moment.

Aymons laughed maniacally. "Link, even your talent isn't a match for the Dark Serpent!"

The thick electric snake was still in the air. Across from it was the snake-headed whip shrouded in darkness. The Divine Gear was forcing the lightning back bit by bit. This was because they were in Firuman. In the World of Firuman, Divine Gears were restricted. But even so, it was still much more powerful than Link's Legendary power.

The seconds ticked by. The snake whip was about to defeat Link's Abstruse Meaning of Thunder.

He didn't seem to care though. He reached out with another hand and roared again. Another bolt of lightning flew out, hitting the fallen angel sealing the space with runes 300 feet away.

The fallen angel was only at the pinnacle of Level-8. How could it fight against Legendary power?

Lightning snaked around him, and he fell to his knees. Then he crashed into the ground, his entire body turning to crisp. He was burnt by the lightning, and the spatial lock was removed as well.

"Trying to escape?" Aymons immediately realized what Link was planning and increased the strength of the Divine Gear.

He didn't believe the other dared to use a Burst Spell to escape during such an intense fight. Even if he didn't mess up while casting the spell, the chaotic laws at the moment could confuse him in space.

Crackle, boom!

The Divine Gear and lightning were still battling. The Divine Gear had already pushed the lightning to three feet away from Link. From the look of things, Link couldn't hold on for much longer.

With his physical strength as a Magician, he would be dead as soon as his lightning spell was defeated and the Dark Serpent hit him. There was no possibility of survival.

"You're dead, Link, you're dead. You have no hope at all!" Aymons voice was practically crazed. The fighting had erupted suddenly, and they surrounded Link, but the tides had almost turned.

Now, he really needed to defeat this frightening Magician. He couldn't give the man a chance to breathe. He was scared the Magician could come up with a spell to turn the tides; he was scared of this Magician.

He was scared, so he must destroy Link!

"Die! Die!"

At this moment, Link was the only thing in Aymons' eyes. He didn't realize that a pale hand reached out from the ruins in the near distance. The hand grappled and pushed aside the pebbles and weeds. Then a girl with a ponytail and big clear eyes climbed out of the ruins.

It was Nana.

The wound on her neck was completely gone, and her skin was flawless as if she'd never been hurt. This was the effect of the Red Dragon's Essence of Life.

She stood up. Seeing Aymons, she quietly took out the Breakpoint Dagger.