348 Link, Is This Really It?

 Chapter 348: Link, Is This Really It?

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In the forest behind the sentinel's cabin

The succubus demon Misamier was the first to emerge, but she was not the last.

From up in the sky came the sound of wings flapping. It was the Winged Howlers. Judging from the sound, they were about 150 feet high and 300 feet away. Link also caught sight of the fallen angel.

That fellow had apparently not died, but at least he looked a lot weaker than he did before. Even if he was missing one arm and looked extremely pitiful, he still possessed the strength of over Level-8.

Currently, he was holding a rune stone which had silvery lines streaking across its surface. These lines extended out from the stone like a spider web, reaching out for about 90 feet before vanishing.

He looked at Link, saying, "The Gredo Rune Stone. Do you recognize this, Magician?"

Three hundred years ago, a Spatial Magician known as Gredo created this rune stone. This rune stone was not particularly useful for low-level Magicians, its only function was to lock down space. Within this space, all spatial magic skills became useless. It was a very effective counter against Link.

Of course, using the rune stone came at a great cost. It required a Level-8 expert to continuously input Mana to operate it. Furthermore, it could only be used continuously for 20 minutes.

After 20 minutes, the rune stone would begin to crumble.

Being a Spatial Magician himself, Link naturally was familiar with these types of rune stones, as well as the method to break through them.

"Hah, you overestimate me," Link laughed.

The demons were indeed numerous, but Link still had some moves he hadn't used. Right now, his Mana was full, reaching an amount of 19000 points. The Flame Controller Robe's Clear Thoughts activity was activated. Furthermore, he had 500 more Omni Points.

This was a huge amount of Omni Points, enough for Link to purchase a Level-10 Legendary spell. More importantly, Link still had the Mana to cast it.

Actually, the spell cards had appeared in Link's vision. Various glowing Legendary cards revolved around him, waiting for him to make a selection.

At this point, an archaic voice sounded out from the forest behind him. "Link, I think you're mistaken. We don't just look highly upon you; we also want to kill you."

As this voice sounded out, a massive, pitch-black snake slithered out. On the snake's head sat a white-haired old man in a black robe.

It was obvious in one glance that this old man's limbs were missing. This made his body look very small.

Looking at this man, Link sighed. "Aymons, I didn't expect to see you here."

"Because it's you, I had to come," Aymons sighed. This time, he had to make sure to thoroughly kill Link.

They had activated numerous demons as well as the magic tool, the Dark Serpent. There was no Magician in the world with the ability to escape this ambush. It was not even a possibility.

This formation was truly frightening!

Link sighed again, slowly. He had a helpless expression on his face. "Being a logical Mage, I know I don't stand a chance to fight. I also don't wish to pointlessly struggle. Aymons, what say I choose to surrender? I'll join the Dark Elves. Is that acceptable?"

Aymons's eyebrows twitched. It was a great suggestion. Although the Dark Elves seemed to be prospering, in truth, they were facing many internal problems. One of their greatest problems was the demons.

They had summoned too many demons. However, they had no choice if they wanted to deal with the invading Yabbas from the west and the combined army of humans and High Elves. Without the support of the demons, the Dark Elves will undoubtedly perish.

Originally, they had no need to offend the Yabbas. However, the Dark Elves had another consideration. The Dark Serpent could only stay on earth for a limited time.

This pressured the Dark Elves to rapidly grow their military strength such that when they attacked in the future, they would be able to swiftly achieve victory instead of engaging in a long, drawn-out battle against the humans.

They, therefore, required the technology from the Yabbas - the airships and the magic cannons.

As of now, the Dark Elves were like a blazing flame. However, after the flames died out, it was likely that they would be exterminated.

If Link joined the Dark Elves, it would definitely be a great help to the elves' development. Although Aymons didn't truly believe that Link would surrender, he was truly moved by the idea.

Even though the possibility was not large, he intended to test Link out. However, before he could, Misamier spoke, "I'm afraid that's not possible. Our Lord of the Deep, Nozama, is determined to have your head!"

Misamier had stolen the lead on Aymons. Aymons wasn't pleased, but in front of a huge enemy, he couldn't show his displeasure with Misamier and could only swallow it back in.

Clang! Link unexpectedly threw the Burning Wrath of Heavens wand towards Misamier, where it landed on the floor.

Link spread his arms wide and said, "Well then, Misamier, give me a clean death. You're the commanding officer of this attacking force, aren't you? Go on, decide how I die."

Then, Link closed his eyes.

"What...?" All the demons were stunned.

Their mission was suddenly a lot simpler than they expected. Before moving out this time, everyone including Aymons, Misamier, as well as the fallen angel had assumed that Link would fight to the death. In fact, they were prepared for hidden cards that Link might have yet to play.

Therefore, they had mobilized their troops as though they were facing a huge army, paying attention to every little detail and contingency to ensure their plan was a success. However, in the end, their opponent actually surrendered without a fight!

This feeling was similar to that of a vagabond who would see a beautiful queen and try his best to meet her, only to discover that on their fateful first meeting, she immediately spreads her legs to invite him in.

However, they had no doubt about Link's surrender. After all, he had already thrown his wand to his opponent. That was essentially giving up all his defenses.

A Magician throwing down his wand was like a Warrior throwing down his sword. It was unbelievable.

Misamier grasped the wand Link had thrown over and was surprised.

She had suspected that the wand was fake and picked it up to inspect it. The wand was a fiery red color, slightly translucent, and the workmanship was exquisite and flawless. The wand was emitting a fiery red light and seemed to contain boundless energy. Within the light, the occasional spark of lightning could even be seen.

All of these showed that the wand Link had thrown out was indeed a Legendary wand of the highest grade.

However, Misamier was ultimately not a Magician and could not be certain about the wand. She handed the wand to Aymons, saying, "Magician, check if this is real."

Aymons was a Master Magician and naturally knew without having to check carefully whether the wand was real. He nodded his head, saying, "The wand is real. It seems like he's really not planning to resist anymore. Since that is the case, you should just give him a quick death."

Aymons felt that it was a real pity.

In his opinion, since the opponent had already cast aside all his defenses, then his surrender earlier must have been true. To lose such a potential Magician for the Dark Elves was a real pity!

However, Misamier had already declared that Nozama wanted Link's life. It was not worth it for Aymons to oppose Nozama over just one Magician. If he did, the demons who were now allied with the elves would immediately turn against them.

When one was riding a tiger, it was hard to get off. That was the situation Aymons now found himself in.

Misamier agreed, shrugging her shoulders. She walked over to Link. Then, 90 feet away from Link, she stopped. "Your magic puppet is too powerful. Order it to self-destruct!"

In the Necropolis in the South, she had witnessed the power of magic puppets and knew how difficult they were to deal with.

"Nana, self-destruct," Link instructed, staring at Nana without blinking.

"Understood." Nana's voice was as clear as before. She drew The Last Nightmare with her master hand and slashed herself through the neck, cutting through half of the white flesh. Crash. Nana's body crumpled to the ground, unmoving. Her eyes closed and her sword fell to the ground.

She looked like she truly died.

"Ha, kid, it seems you're really prepared to die. Let me give you a quick death!"

Misamier kept her whip and drew a dagger from a sheath on her leg. The dagger was emanating a thick black aura. Misamier walked cautiously towards Link, one step at a time.

Link stood on the spot, not moving, eyes closed. The dense Mana on his body showed no signs of any fluctuations. It seemed as though he was truly prepared for death.

Inside the sentinel's cabin, Skinorse could not understand what Link was thinking.

He had thought that Link was pretending to surrender in order to sow discord between the elves and the demons in order to create an opportunity for a counter attack. Then, he had thrown his wand and had Nana self-destruct. Skinorse truly could not understand what was going on.

"Is the lord truly surrendering? Although the situation is such that I would have no idea what to do to escape, the lord doesn't seem the type to easily surrender."

Skinorse could not understand. In his heart, Link was the type of person who would fight to the last man even if there wasn't a chance. Could he have been mistaken?

Furthermore, if Link really was going to surrender, why would he instruct Skinorse to make sure to bring the news back?

In the cellar, Melinda could also hear the commotion outside. When she heard that Link was going to surrender, she started trembling in fear. Later, when she heard Nana self-destruct, she felt like she was going to faint. This was truly too terrifying.

The cellar was cold and damp, and the wound on her leg had not healed. She panicked and truly fainted.

In a bunch of trees, a short distance away, the black cat Elodim was also watching the situation in secret. He was also confused.

"Link, are you really going to go down like this? And here I thought I would get to watch a good show..."

He had thought that he would get to watch an earth-shaking battle. In the end, it turned out like this.

How boring. Truly boring.