345 Always a Reason to Hate the Pitiful

 Chapter 345: Always a Reason to Hate the Pitiful

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The undead on the throne slowly raised his head. It was a very gaunt face with the cheeks, and eye sockets were deeply sunken in. It was practically bones wrapped in skin.

His eyes glowed faintly. From within, one could see clear anticipation as if just as he said, he was waiting for his so-called "love" to return.

But Link's group obviously wasn't his true love.

"This doesn't seem good," Skinorse muttered. "This guy will probably turn us into statues."

The black cat gave him a look of scorn. Not bothering to pay attention to him, it turned to Link and said, "This guy is like you. He's a spatial Magician so be careful."

Link smiled thinly. The earlier experiences told him that the situation was basically identical to the previous game. This Night King was probably similar to the game as well.

He'd played against this Night King more than 100 times and was extremely familiar with it.

To be honest, the Night King was very strong. He had reached Level-8, but he was a Magician. A Magician must, first and foremost, be calm as water and be unaffected by the outside world. However, the Night King lacked this. Therefore, in Link's eyes, he was easily defeated.

"Actually, we might not need to fight him."

As he spoke, Link took a dozen steps forward. He walked to the Night King and bowed politely. Then he pointed at the huge painting of a woman on the right wall and said, "Your Majesty, we are here to bring you news of your love."

The woman in the painting was around 30 feet tall. The painting was of a beautiful woman dressed in a palace court dress. She was around 30 years old and had creamy skin. Her eyes were like the purest of deep sapphires. Her brows were curved as if she was smiling, but there was no warmth in her eyes.

She also held a wand, and there was a deep red Thorium pendant around her neck. The markings on the pendant indicated that it was magic gear. This also meant that the woman was a Magician. It could be seen from the shape of the wand that she was very skilled. She was at least at Level-6, despite seeming to only be around 30 years old.

A woman like this couldn't be nameless in history. In reality, Link had played the Night King's Sadness more than 100 times and knew everything about each figure that appeared.

The Night King was the king of a wealthy northern kingdom 800 years ago. He was also a Magician and was extremely skilled in spatial magic. He married an equally skilled Magician-the woman in the painting. Her name was Vivian. She'd become a Master Magician at a young age and was loved greatly by the Night King.

It could be said that the Night King had everything a mortal desired. He had wealth, power, and love. His life was practically perfect.

The first year of their marriage, they loved each other dearly. The second year, the Night King sank into a spatial magic mystery. He started studying it day and night and neglected his wife.

While he studied magic, Vivian and a knight named Lancelot took care of the kingdom. They often discussed political affairs together.

At first, they were very polite, of course, and usually discussed in the library. But before long, they felt that the library was too small, and the chairs weren't comfortable. They started discussing in bed.

One day a year later, the Night King discovered by chance that his wife was having an affair with his most trusted knight. He caught them red-handed.

Utterly betrayed, the Night King furiously pulverized Lancelot, still lying on his wife, with spatial magic. As for Vivian, he locked her in a Mage Tower, and she began living in imprisonment.

However, Vivian was also a Master Magician. Half a year later, she escaped from the prison and disappeared.

The Night King suddenly regretted his actions. He thought he'd been too harsh and sent many people to search for his wife but to no avail.

To find his wife and beg for her forgiveness became the Night King's undying wish. However, the second half of his life became an utter tragedy.

Hearing Link's words, the Night King's silver eyes flashed faintly. The calm voice suddenly became urgent. "Ah, you brought me news of Vivian? Tell me, where is she?"

Before this, Link had his hands behind his back. Now, he reached out with his palm up. There was a pendant in his hand that was identical to the one on Vivian's neck in the painting.

Link had created this 30 seconds ago. The magical pendant was only Level-4 and was as easy as breathing for a Level-8 Master Magician and enchanter like Link.

Seeing this pendant, the Night King became even more excited. He immediately stood up from the throne and walked down, step by step. His eyes were trained on the pendant in Link's hand. "This is definitely Vivian's magical pendant. How did you get it? Did she tell you to send me a message?"

Link's other hand was behind his back, holding the Burning Wrath of Heavens wand. "Yes," he said. "She told me to tell you that she's forgiven you but she doesn't have any feelings for you anymore. She implores you to let her go and give her freedom!"

These words were a blow to the Night King. He stumbled and could barely remain standing. "Oh, that is definitely something she would say. My love, are you really so determined? Has nothing I've done been enough to make you change your mind?"

The Night King's tone was dejected, helpless, and filled with immense pain. His emotions were genuine.

Behind him, Skinorse muttered, "I was wondering why he would make something like the Door of Lies. I can't believe he's a pitiful guy who was betrayed by his woman."

Melinda started dabbing at her tears. "He's so pitiful."

Nana was still curious. "Why? Why does he have to be with that Vivian? He seems to be living well by himself."

The black cat pursed his lips. He jumped out from Nana's collar and expertly took out the dried fish from Nana's bag that Link had prepared. Eating, he said, "Mortals' love is just overdramatic."

The Night King obviously didn't hear Skinorse and the others talking. After recovering a bit, his features grew menacing. Gritting his teeth, he said, "Vivian, you are so cruel! You betrayed me first, but nothing I've done can win your forgiveness? I should have killed you. If I killed you, you wouldn't have had the chance to break my heart!"

As he muttered to himself, he suddenly looked up at Link. "And you, messenger, I've waited for so long just for this heartbreaking message. You've sinned! I-"

Before he could finish, Link whipped out his wand and pointed at the Night King. "Restraint!"

Link had predicted that the Night King would flip out. He was naturally selfish. Vivian's affair with the knight was partly because of being neglected but also due to the Night King's selfishness. He only cared about his own feelings and rarely paid attention to Vivian. It could be seen in every detail, and as time went by, it became unbearable.

Now, Link acted first and gained the important advantage.

Poof. The spatial sphere burst open and restrained the Night King.

"I'm sorry. Spatial Rend!" Link poured in Mana without hesitation.

Boom, boom, boom. Rings of ripples appeared. Within the spatial sphere, the frequency changed at an unimaginable speed. The chaotic force field was like a flood, continuously washing over the Night King.

Link's speed of casting spells was honestly too fast. In addition, he was at the same level as the Night King and had acted first. His actions were close to a sneak attack and the Night King basically had no chance.

After half a second, the light in the Night King's eyes dimmed. After another half second, his body collapsed under the Spatial Rend and became fine white powder.

He was dead.

This was a battle between Magicians. Whoever snatched the chance could act at once and quickly end the battle. Link, especially, was a Master Battle Mage. He could easily defeat a king like the Night King who fooled around with love when he was bored.

The battle ended within the half second. It was so fast that the others couldn't even react.

"Wow, killing people without any warning." Skinorse felt like he'd learned a lesson. There would always be a reason to hate the pitiful. Hearing the Night King's words, he deserved this ending.

Melinda had shed tears for the Night King, but after hearing his words, the sympathy was gone instantly. Her eyes glowed with worship when she saw how Link killed the opponent like lightning. "Master Link is too awesome."

As for the black cat, he was too busy eating dried fish to talk.

After the Night King's death, the entire space started to change. There were rings and rings of ripples in the air. Many places even cracked like glass.

Link immediately retreated to the group and said quietly, "This is all a folded space supported by the Night King. Now that he's dead, it will collapse and reform. We need to hurry out!"

"But where can we go?" Skinorse saw that the surrounding scenery was all twisted strangely. Cracks would streak by like black lightning. Everything in the path of the cracks was destroyed. It was terrifying.

"Ah!" Melinda screamed because a black crack happened to appear right beside her. It was only ten millimeters away, and the Yabba almost had a mental breakdown from the destructive aura.

"Follow me!" Link called. Mana surged around him, and a soft buzz sounded. Rings of half-transparent ripples spread from him. The chaotic space under the ripples calmed greatly. At least, no black cracks appeared.

The group started sprinting through the room with Link.

Link ran to the top of the throne. He saw the magic book on the left side. Glancing at it, he saw the title Wonders of Space and immediately picked it up. There was also a statue of a knight on the right side of the throne made of neither gold nor metal. Cheering inwardly, he quickly collected it.

Then he ran to the back of the throne. There was a small six-foot-wide space there with a magic seal on the ground. There was chaos everywhere except here. Light flowed through the magic seal, showing that it was operating normally.

"This is the magic seal the Night King left for himself to escape. Go in and stand straight."

After everyone got in, Link also ran in and activated the magic seal.

Buzz. The white light for teleportation lit up. The group was enveloped by the glow and started fading. They were about to leave.

But just then, a black shadow charged through the door and roared, "Where are you? Don't think about escaping!"

It was the fallen angel.

As the folded space collapsed, the doors in the spiral steps naturally became ineffective as well. He took the chance the rush in but...he shouldn't have come at this time. Really.

Whoosh! A spatial crack struck him like lightning. Caught by surprise, the fallen angel was struck directly, and his arm fell off cleanly.

"Ah!" he cried out in pain, falling to the ground.

Buzz. Link didn't see his end. The transportation spell was completed, and the group disappeared from the underground palace. Half a second later, they re-appeared at the top of the Wailing Gorge.

Ten Winged Howlers were patrolling in the sky beside them. When they saw the group, they froze before immediately flying over.

"Go!" Link yelled.

"How? There are so many demons!" Skinorse cried in shock.

Link took out the knight statue he'd taken from the Night King's throne. This was the ride he'd gotten more than 100 times in the game-the Nightingale Statue!

For their current situation, this statue was a lifesaving Divine Gear!