335 Letter from the North

 Chapter 335: Letter from the North

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Whether for good or evil, Isendilan was monumental to the dragons.

Not only was he a duke, but he was also the first non-royal figure to reach the Legendary level within the past five thousand years. His death represented the end of an era.

Theron and Olisa froze for a while before leaving without looking back. Isendilan was dead. The future he'd promised was now a fantasy, and everything they did was meaningless.

The Wild Beastmen retreated like a tide as well. They'd lost all will to fight.

Felina stood dazedly, staring at the mountainous dragon corpse. As a dragon, she didn't regret killing Isendilan; she just felt sad.

No matter how strong one was, no one could escape the fate of death.

At this time, Isendilan wasn't completely dead yet. He still had one last breath, and he stared at Link, a few hundred feet away, with his listless eyes. He couldn't figure out why he died at the hands of a human. Even if Link had some special trick, Isendilan was ten times more powerful and had the Divine Spell. How could he lose?

While he was trying to figure it out, he suddenly saw the magic puppet in the near distance. A black cat snuggled in her bosom, a small head peeking out and sneaking a glance at him.

"Ha...ha...It's you...Magician, one day, you'll die to the hands of that cat too," Isendilan uttered his last words. He let out a long breath and slowly closed his eyes.

Elodim looked at the dragon, speechless. You're dead, and you still cause trouble for me.

He scrambled out of Nana's collar and leaped onto her shoulder. A grin blossomed on the cat's round face. "Don't listen to his nonsense," he said to Link. "Look how powerless I am. How can I hurt you?"

Link didn't comment. He walked over to Avatar, who was lying on the ground, and asked, "How are you?"

Avatar smiled weakly. "Alright. I'll be fine after some rest. Lord Ferde, I'm honored to fight alongside you."

This human Magician made the biggest contributions to the final victory. If not for him, all of them would die at least twice.

Link chuckled and pulled Avatar up. "All of us were indispensable."

Holun walked over too. He was excited at taking revenge and started yelling when he saw Link. "Master, the axe you gave me is honestly like Divine Gear! And I would randomly change places a few times. Did you do it too? That's so cool, but sadly I'm not strong enough. Otherwise, I'd kill that dragon with one blow."

As he spoke, he kicked the dragon corpse to vent his anger.

Link didn't know how to continue the conversation with a brute like Holun. He could only say, "As long as you're satisfied with the axe."

"Satisfied, I'm totally satisfied...I heard that bathing with dragon blood will make you bulletproof. I'm going to try." His train of thought moved quickly. His focus switched as he talked and ran over to rub dragon blood all over him.

Link shook his head helplessly.

Becoming bulletproof with dragon blood was a lie created by the lord of a territory tormented by an evil dragon. Its point was to tempt people to kill the dragon. Only Holun would believe something so stupid.

Avatar was embarrassed too and sighed. "That's just how he is. I'm sorry."

"No, he's straightforward," Link said with a smile. Looking at the mountain-like corpse, he suggested, "This is still a duke. What do you think about letting the dragons take care of his body?"

Avatar thought for a moment and nodded. "You're right."

If he was a regular Beastman, he would definitely want to torture the body to take out his anger. However, Avatar considered the dragons' feelings. They were still a powerful race and becoming enemies wasn't a smart move.

Link turned to Felina. "This is done, and I found the black cat. Would you like to report back to the Red Dragon Queen?"

"Uh...oh...okay," Felina agreed, nodding. She looked down. Wanting to speak but stopping herself multiple times, she finally sighed. She glanced at Isendilan's body and back to Link before transforming into a dragon and flying towards the Dragon Valley.

Isendilan had died. She must bring this message back as soon as possible. As for Link...they were just friends.

There was nothing much after that. Link prepared to return to the White Cloud City to rest for a few days. After his Mana recovered, he would set out and return to the Norton Kingdom.

On the way back, the Beastmen were extremely respectful. The wolf knights and grand shaman would all bow before speaking to him. Halfway there, a Beastman scout suddenly ran over. There was a human on the horse behind him.

Link looked over and saw someone familiar. He then realized that the newcomer's armor was the dark leather armor of the MI3 with its emblem. He could guess why the man was here.

The wolf knight stopped in the distance and bowed to Link. "Master, this man is looking for you."

Link nodded and explained to Avatar, "This is a scout from the Norton Kingdom. He's my friend and is probably here about the Northern Dark Elves."

"Oh, then you two talk." Avatar nodded and distanced himself from Link.

Skinorse walked his horse over. He saw Avatar and Holun in the distance and shocked flashed past his eyes. When he was beside Link, he said, "Lord, I heard from them that you've just defeated a legendary dragon?"

"Indeed. We're on our way back to rest and ran into you." Link nodded. After thinking for a moment, he asked, "How's the North?"

At this, Skinorse grew serious. He pulled out a scroll and gave it to Link. "The specifics are here. Take a look."

The scroll contained the Norton army's magic seal and Duke Abel's personal stamp. This was confidential information.

Link undid the seal with practiced ease and started perusing the content.

The Dark Elves have started wildly summoning demons. Currently, the ratio of Dark Elf Warriors to demon Warriors is now six to four. There's also a succubus who calls herself Misamier. She's terrifying, and no one is her match. Aymons fused with the Divine Gear and practically sealed off the Black Forest. No one knows what's happening inside. The king, the church, Master Anthony, Dirk, king of the dwarves, Milda, High Elf Princess, and I all believe that the Dark Elves may perform their final attack at any time. We are on the cusp of danger. Master Link, we need your power and wisdom.

Link didn't expect things to be at this state. He collected the scroll and said to Skinorse, "It seems that we must depart immediately. Wait a moment for me to say goodbye."

"Yes, Master." Skinorse nodded respectfully. He was much calmer now, and his airhead feelings had decreased.

Link steered his wolf to Avatar.

"Is the situation bad?" Avatar guessed from Link's expression.

He nodded. "Yes. Unfortunately, I can't return to the White Cloud City now."

"In that much of a hurry?" Avatar was slightly shocked.

"I can't waste a second." Link was already regretting sending Felina back. If she was here, he could save a lot of time.

Avatar pondered for a long while before saying, "Go then but remember, you are the friend of the Beastmen forever."

Link nodded. He gestured at Skinorse and Nana and waved farewell at the Beastmen. He left their procession.

Holun had been with the Beastmen Warriors but seeing Link leave, he found it strange. He charged over on his wolf and asked, "Master, where are you going? Aren't we going back to the White Cloud City together?"

"Something similar to Isendilan's problem happened in the Norton Kingdom. I must hurry back."

"Ah, I see." Holun scratched his head. He wanted to say something, but Avatar's voice rang out.

"Holun, don't waste the Master's time. Come back."

Helpless, Holun could only say, "Then be careful on the road. I'll go back now."

Link continued forward.

Holun returned to Avatar and whispered, "Why did you stop me? Master Link helped us so much and is our friend. Why can't we help him?"

"I obviously know we should help." Avatar glared at him. "But our strength is too loose right now. How can we be of use? We need to create a strong army before we can help, understand?"

"Ah, I see. That makes sense." Holun nodded earnestly.

There was more than Avatar didn't say but Holun wouldn't understand the clash of interest between races.

On the other hand, Link raced forward on his horse. Behind him, Skinorse said quietly, "Lord, those Beastman are powerful and respect you. They can be reinforcement."

Link glanced at him and nodded lightly. "You have sharp eyes. They can be strong reinforcement indeed, but they're too loose now. We need to wait a while."

"What do you mean?"

"Did you see the Warrior with the battle axe just then?"

"That leader's? He's strong, very strong, and I see the ambitious in his eyes." Skinorse nodded.

Smiling, Link said, "He's a leader with foresight. If I'm not wrong, he'll become the king of the Beastmen very soon. At that time, he'll come with his army even without our invitation."

Skinorse was stunned but still worried. "Beastmen are powerful Warriors. If they're united and have such a powerful leader, I'm afraid-"

"That is a problem to consider." Link nodded. He looked far into the blue sky and mused, "This wouldn't be a good thing in times of peace. But now, a heroic Beastman leader is much better than someone untalented. As for fights between our races, that's in the future. Let's get past this first."

If they couldn't get past this, everyone would be dead. There would be no future.

Skinorse didn't reply anymore. They galloped side by side. Just then, the black cat lying on Nana's shoulder suddenly said, "Link, I have two pieces of news for you-one good and one bad. Which one do you want to hear first?"