334 A Legendary Conflic

 Chapter 334: A Legendary Conflict

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When the white light appeared, Isendilan was already on guard.

When Holun appeared beneath him, Isendilan cursed, "Damn it, it is that Magician again!"

He was in dragon form and was a lot clumsier. It was too late to dodge the attack. He had to defend himself against the attack.

A light humming sound could be heard, and Isendilan's abdomen area was covered in a thin layer of crimson mist. The mist seemed extremely thin, though Holun's speed greatly decreased when he entered the range of the mist. He was at least ten times slower, inching his way forward.

Holun did not realize this as well. He stared at the target above him with a death stare. He felt as though he could reach him in the next moment.

"Ha, giant lizard, I will destroy you!" Holun chuckled.

However, in an instant, he realized that the giant lizard got incredibly fast. He was just at his top speed a few moments ago. How could he have teleported away from his attacking range?

"How is this possible? How can he be so fast?" Holun gasped. He could not understand this at all.

This is the power of Spatial Magic. The victim would usually not feel any peculiarities. From the victim's perspective, the other party was the peculiar one. Link was familiar with these techniques as well.

Just when Isendilan was about to escape from the attack, Link pointed his wand at Holun and shouted, "Restore!"

Mana surged into his wand, and an incredible aura surrounded Holun. Ripples appeared around his body. Fine arcs of lightning could be seen on the boundaries of these ripples.

These flashes of lightning were the by-product of the clash of Spatial Magic between Isendilan and Link.

From Holun's perspective, the giant lizard was just about to escape his attacking range when he seemed to receive the blessings of the gods, experiencing a sudden increase in speed. He then once again charged towards the giant lizard.

This was simply too strange. Even a dim-witted guy like Holun could feel the peculiarities, though he was too lazy to understand the theories behind it. He simply charged ahead!

"Hahaha, giant lizard, I am here again."

Isendilan knew that Link was the one behind this. However, he had simply no time to deal with him when so many powerful individuals were on his heels. He merely cursed in his heart.

This Spatial spell had earned him some spellcasting time as well. A crimson brilliance once again appeared, enveloping his body in a casing of dense crystal.

This crystal structure looked slightly strange. Upon closer inspection, one could see red thorns hidden within the structure.

This was no longer a Level-9 spell. This was a legendary Defensive Spell-Crimson Thorn Barrier.

Crimson Thorn

Level-10 Legendary Spell

Effect: Makes use of the power of the principles to construct a giant force field. This barrier can defend against all mortal spells and rebound 50% of the damage back to the attacker.

At that moment, Isendilan displayed his prowess as a Legendary individual. He constructed this barrier instantly. Link knew exactly what Isendilan was doing, though he did not have enough strength to prevent it from happening. He could only watch as Holun charged into the pit of fire.

The next moment, Holun's battle axe clashed right into the crimson crystal barrier.

A blinding brilliance emanated from the barrier, though it was not destroyed.

When a spell reached a Legendary level, it would have attained a qualitative change. No amount of attacks under the Legendary level would be able to go against it.

Holun gave a scream of pain before he flew back onto the ground. He even dropped his battle axe as he fell. His hands were drenched in blood as he gave an expression of excruciating pain.

"What kind of barrier is this. Damn it, it hurts!" Holun lay motionlessly on the ground, though his voice is still full of vigor. It seemed like he would live.

Isendilan would not let that happen. He lifted his leg and attempted to drive it down onto Holun.

He would definitely smash Holun simply by using the strength of the dragon form.

A white light enveloped Holun before his body disappeared. When Holun appeared once again, he had already returned to the shaman's side, together with his battle axe.

An old shaman then walked over immediately and plunged his human-faced totem staff into the ground, before dancing fanatically around it once again. Amidst his dance, green light ripples could be seen emerging and floating towards Holun.

Holun's wounds then recovered at a speed visible to the naked eye.

At the same time, the other four great shamans were not idling as well. They all plunged their staff into the ground and started dancing in unison.

Isendilan immediately bellowed with rage. Previously, his beloved Legendary Barrier was destroyed by the exact same peculiar dance. He would not fall for the same trick twice!


Isendilan completely let down his guard as he charged towards the great shamans. He then opened his mouth and released a dragon breath attack.

Each of the great shamans was already planning on sacrificing themselves. They continued to cast the Divine Spell and gave up on dodging or defending.

As the dragon breath attack was about to hit the great shamans, a blinding figure leaped from the ground. It was the Glorious Warlord, Avatar.

Avatar released his Battle Aura, causing his body to be enveloped in a dual gold and red colored brilliance. He then took the full blow of this dragon breath attack.

He could only withstand the pressure for a total of three seconds, though any delay would be good at that point.

"To think that an ant would block my way! How intriguing!"

With a loud bellow, another dragon breath attack was released. Avatar then leaped up once again as he prepared to block it once more.

He was prepared to die for this mission!

At that moment, translucent ripples appeared on the trajectory of the dragon breath attack. It was originally extremely concentrated and powerful, though each time it passed through a ripple, the intensity of the flames slowly dissipated. By the time it passed through the fifth ripple. The dragon breath attack merely had the offensive power of normal flames.

One second later, when the flames passed through Avatar's body, he merely felt a slight warm sensation. It did not deplete much of his Battle Aura.

Isendilan knew exactly who was behind this. He turned towards Link and said, "Magician, have you had enough?"

Link had not only hindered him but also toyed with him a few times, causing him to end up in such an embarrassing state. Isendilan hated Link to the point of no return.

However, Isendilan still had not lost his mind. He knew that the greatest threat on the battlefield were still the shamans who were dancing like a bunch of monkeys. He had to destroy them.

"Theron, Olisa...Damn it!" Isendilan wanted his underlings to deal with Link. That was when he realized that both of them were getting toyed around by Nana. They could not afford to help him.

That was to say, no one could restrain Link.

Isendilan's rage had reached a boiling point. He gritted his teeth as he stared at Link and said, "I don't believe that you can block my Legendary spell! Principle: Disintegration

Principle: Disintegration

Level-11 Legendary Spell

Effect: Condense space into an unimaginable state before expanding them rapidly to cause an explosion. They will appear in high intensity and frequency throughout a 900 feet radius.

(Note: Mortals, run for your life)

Isendilan opened his mouth, and a spatial sphere appeared from his mouth. When the spatial sphere first appeared, it was the only one on the battlefield. However, as it hovered in the air, it began to split into two, before becoming four, eight and filling the atmosphere with countless small spatial spheres.

Explosion sounds then appeared consecutively, as though an endless thunder was rolling across the sky.

Avatar was the first victim. He was hit by a spatial sphere only the size of a fist. However, after the explosion, this Level-9 Warlord was blown away. He then landed in a distant spot 600 feet away. Although he did not suffer many injuries, he was completely in a daze.

That was not all. The spatial spheres then gave chase. It seemed like they were not stopping until he was dead.

There was no way he could defend against that.

"Have we failed?" Avatar stared at the Legendary dragon from a distance as a sense of despair rose in his heart. This dragon is simply too intimidating. They were not his match.

The spatial spheres continued to expand and were about to reach Link.

Link was already preparing a countermeasure when Isendilan was casting this spell.

He was so focused that everything in his field of vision seemed to slow down. He then quickly thought, Purchase Legendary spell!

The Legendary spells available for purchase flashed through Link's mind. Link quickly chose a Level-11 Legendary spell, Miracle Aura.

Miracle Aura

Level-11 Legendary Defensive Spell.

Mana Cost: 17300 Mana Points

Effect: Creates an incredible aura that extends for a radius of 1200 feet. Allies who possessed this aura would be temporarily invincible and unaffected by almost all attacks.

(Note: This is simply a miracle!)

Link had set his sights on this spell a long time ago.

Link had 250 Omni Points and could purchase this Legendary spell with ease. This was also the only Legendary spell that he could afford to use with his current Maximum Mana. The other Level-11 Offensive-type spells had a Mana Cost of above 20000. It would be pointless even if he bought it. Link still had 13500 Mana Points left. He then used the remaining 140 Omni Points on his Maximum Mana and drank a perfect Mana Recovery Potion without hesitation, recovering 2000 of his Mana Points. Coupled with the Clear Thoughts effect of the Flame Controller's Robe, his Mana Points reached 18000, while his Maximum Mana was 18500.

This was just enough to cast the Miracle Aura spell.

When the Disintegration spell arrived, a light blue aura enveloped Link. The moment this aura appeared, it extended to cover the entire area within a 1200 feet radius.

In this area, the knights, Felina, Nana, the great shamans, Holun, and Avatar were enveloped in a thin layer of a Legendary barrier.

The next instant, the Disintegration spell reached the peak of its destructiveness.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A rumbling sound similar to thunder rang across the area. The area within the effect of the spell was utterly destroyed. Dirt splattered everywhere as many fissures opened up on the ground. However, when this destructive force came into contact with the blue aura, it was surprisingly unable to penetrate through its defenses.

Isendilan's prided Legendary spell was completely shut down by a human and amounted to nothing.

This was terrifying!

"How can this be?" everyone gasped. At that moment, all enemies and foes stared at Link with a bewildered expression on their face.

"Legendary spell? Have you ascended to that level?" Isendilan stared at Link with widened eyes and retreated subconsciously.

Link still maintained a calm demeanor. He only had 700 Mana Points left, and his Miracle Aura spell was almost destroyed by the Principle: Disintegration spell.

However, it would turn out fine. The great shamans had completed their channeling of the Divine Skill.

"Wrath of The Wild!"

A shaman stared at Isendilan as he spread his arms wide open, shouting the four words with pride. A rainbow-colored light beam then appeared from the center of his chest, hitting Isendilan straight on the chest.


The Crimson Thorn Barrier surrounding Isendilan was completely shattered. He was unable to maintain his balance in mid-air anymore. Furthermore, the Divine Skill seemed to be circling around him and restrict his powers.

The Crimson Thorn Barrier had also reflected half of the strength of the Divine Skill back to the shaman. The shaman then looked as if he was pushed by an intangible force before he turned into a mist of blood.

"Die!" Holun hollered. He had already recovered from his injuries, and he rushed forward.

The Glorious Warlord also took a deep breath before he charged towards Isendilan. He knew that this would be their last chance to kill Isendilan.

Link then assisted the two of them once more.

A series of light flashed at the tip of his wand. A few spatial spheres then appeared on the trajectory of the two Warlords. Both Holun and Avatar seemed to be traveling faster than ever, the distance between Isendilan and the two of them shortening each time they passed through a spatial sphere.

They were originally 300 feet away from Isendilan. However, after the effect of these spatial spheres, they covered this distance in less than a tenth of a second.

This was simply too fast. Isendilan had no time to react. He had not even recovered from the impact of the Divine Skill.

He had nowhere to run.

Holun swung his axe with full force and released all his Battle Aura. He struck at Isendilan's neck, causing a deep wound that extended to the midpoint of his throat.

Boom! Avatar, on the other hand, went straight for the heart. He used his War Hammer to strike mercilessly at the heart.

Isendilan's body then jerked slightly and began to trip over his own steps. He looked as if he was drunk.

"Die! Die! Die!"

Holun continued attack Isendilan as though he felt no fatigue. However, these blows were nowhere as powerful as his first one. It merely worsened the injury by a bit.

Avatar was already lying on the ground. He had given it his all in that last blow. He could not even move his fingers now.

If Isendilan was still not dead, he would be out of options.

Isendilan's pupils began to lose their shine as he stumbled. His consciousness was fading away. However, after a moment, golden threads began to appear on his body.

He was planning on reviving himself!

"Nana!" Link shouted.

Nana was in the middle of a fight against Olisa. Upon hearing the command, she disappeared in an instant. The next moment, she was already beside Isendilan with the Breakpoint Dagger in her hand. She then started severing the golden threads mercilessly.

As the golden threads lost their shine, Isendilan also slowly lost his hopes of being revived.

It did not take long for Nana to finish severing the threads. Isendilan then collapsed on the ground as he breathed his last.

He was dead.

The Legendary Red Dragon Duke who could fight on the same level as the Red Dragon Queen was dead.

Theron, Olisa, and Felina immediately stopped fighting as they stared at Isendilan's fallen body. It was as though a mountain had just collapsed.

The legend of a dragon was over.

But the legend of a human was just beginning.