327 A Peculiar Way of Plastering Medication

 Chapter 327: A Peculiar Way of Plastering Medication

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Link and Felina did not go far. After a few minutes, Link pointed to a shallow area of a lake and said, "Stop here."

The lake was merely about three feet deep, and one could see the bottom of the lake clearly. Felina landed right into the water.

Link raised his wand and waited patiently. Just when Felina was about to ask, she felt a magic fluctuation behind her back. Following which, a spatial sphere around nine feet wide rushed into the water.

"Alright, I caught it," Link smiled. A water sphere then appeared in the middle of the lake. Within the sphere, a fish around six feet long could be seen being restricted.

This fish had no scales on its body. It was cyan in color and was flat in shape. Under the restriction of the Spatial spell, it was still struggling slightly, attempting to escape.

Link then explained, "This is a cyan eel, a water beast. The oil on its body has cooling purposes and is effective in neutralizing the poison from the dragon breath."

He then cast another spatial sphere into the air, and two seconds later, another cyan feel was caught.

The two cyan eels added up to at least 200 pounds. This was more than enough.

Link then changed the form of the spatial spheres to a spatial blade. After a few swishing sounds, the cyan eel was completely severed. Link had also separated the organs, flesh, and light green pure fish oil into different portions. The fish oil seemed to weigh around 22 pounds.

Link put away the flesh and the oil before saying, "Let's go."

Felina nodded and flew back immediately. She then asked along the way, "You mentioned the uses of the oil, what about the flesh? Is it useful as well?"

"Slightly, but not as effective as the oil. The flesh is mainly used for culinary purposes. It is delicious when used to make a broth," Link explained.

Upon hearing the word culinary, Felina's eyes widened. Her trip with Link had exposed her to many different delicacies that she had never experienced. She was originally in a bad mood, though the thought of food immediately made her hungry and expectant.

There seemed to be no return in the road to gluttony.

A few minutes later they returned to the lake. Link jumped down from Felina's back and stared at the Beastmen in the lake. They were still struggling and whimpering in pain. However, there were no new casualties. This was a good sign.

Holun immediately came forward and asked, "Master, how is it going?"

"It went well. I got the materials."

He took out the herbs that he previously harvested before casting a Spatial Sphere spell to envelop these herbs. He then activated the Spatial Slicer spell.

Three seconds later, these herbs had become a complete mush. Link then added in the oil from the cyan eel. This time, he used the Spatial Rend spell to thoroughly mix the ingredients.

Naturally, in order to prevent the complete disintegration of the ingredients, Link kept the intensity to a minimum.

The emerald herbs and the fish oil were mixed thoroughly amidst the vibrations, creating a peculiar reaction. The color of the concoction started turning darker and greasier. Around three minutes later, it had become a ball of dark green paste.

"It is done," Link stretched his other hand and lightly tapped the stone on his side, casting a Spatial Slicer spell and clearing spell.

The rough edges of the stone were completely smoothed out, and the Clearing spell purified the surface of the stone completely. Link then placed the completed paste on the stone.

"Alright, bring your men here and apply this medication to their bodies...Do not eat it...It tastes slightly weird."

Holun spat the paste he had just put into his mouth on the ground. The paste emitted a faint fragrance, which propelled him to give it a taste. Little did he know that it was this horrible tasting.

Masos was a lot more reliable in this aspect. He took a bit of the medicated paste and applied them on Holun's body. He then asked, "Old friend, how do you feel?"

"Hm?" Holun said in a confused tone, "It is cooling and refreshing. The burning sensation is gone!"

This is truly useful.

Holun immediately got to work. He ran to the lake and carried the heavily injured Warriors by hand while shouting at the same time, "Brothers, the medicine is here. Apply it quickly! Let me tell you, this feels as good as having a good night's sex!"

Although these words were slightly vulgar, it was extremely effective. Even a few seriously injured Beastmen were able to crawl towards the medication using their last bit of strength.

God knew what they had gone through.

They started applying the medication in an extremely unsightly manner. Before long, they were applying insane amounts onto their body, depleting the medication extremely fast.

Link quickly added, "You do not need so much, just a thin layer will do. Hey, don't eat it, it will not help."

Holun noticed that the medication was running low and shouted, "Brothers, save some of it for others! You, and you, why have you applied such a thick layer? Rub the excess onto your other comrades. Don't waste this precious medication."

Following which, Link and company stared with their mouth agape at the actions of the Beastmen.

Simply imagine over one hundred naked Beastmen with burns all over their bodies rubbing the slimy medication onto each other. As the injuries on their bodies healed, some of them even found the passion and energy to engage in intercourse...It was an unbearable sight.

"Oh, that feels good. I am in heaven!"

"It's so cooling, I am reborn!"

"Hey, what are you doing to my butt! I will break your treasure stick! Ah, don't come any closer!"

The situation was simply too chaotic. Link retreated for a few steps quietly for fear of being drawn into the mess. Felina had long run to a faraway spot in fear. Masos, on the other hand, stared at the scene with a bitter smile.

Nana was the only one who stared with curiosity and asked, "Master, what are they doing?"

Weren't they applying medication? Why are they huddling together and doing peculiar actions?

Link thought for a moment before replying seriously, "Perhaps their butt was also injured. They couldn't have reached that spot by themselves, so they needed the help of their comrades."

"Oh, the dragon breath is truly powerful. To think that it can reach so deep inside," Nana gasped in admiration.

Masos perspired profusely while listening to the conversation.

As the commander, Holun had probably seen many such instances. In fact, he was elated to see that his troops had regained their energy. He then ran to Link and said, "Master, your medication is truly incredible. You are my friend from today onwards. I will serve at your command."

As he said those words, an in-game message appeared in his field of vision.

Completed Quest Series Legendary Dragon Step 2: Suspicious Beastmen

Player Omni Points +100

Activate Step 3: Persuasion

Mission: Persuade Sky Shattering Warlord Holun to cooperate in the fight against Isendilan

Reward: 50 Omni Points

Link chose to accept it and smiled and Holun before saying, "Do you mean that?"

"The Beastman race will never lie!" Holun seemed to have been insulted and patted his chest with full force.

Link then said, "I am prepared to face Isendilan...Oh, he is the dragon that you fought not long ago. I need your help."

Holun fell speechless immediately. A hesitant look appeared on his face as he took a step back subconsciously.

"Why...Are you afraid? Or are you telling me you only pick on the weak and fear the strong?" Link was not surprised at this situation. Anyone would cower in fear in the face of a Legendary dragon's power. Not to mention that Holun had experienced this power first-hand.

Therefore, Link used tried to provoke him into doing such acts. He knew that the Beastmen could not stand any form of provocation.

Sure enough, Holun immediately patted his chest as his eyes widened. He said, "Why would I be scared? I cannot wait to kill him with my own hands! However, I do not have a weapon now, I cannot possibly defeat him with stones."

"That is truly a problem," Link agreed. Holun's axe was destroyed, though this was not a huge problem. He could create a weapon for him easily.

"If you have high-quality materials, I can make a weapon for you."

Holun shook his head as he said, "No, that is not possible. My weapon is not an ordinary weapon. You are a Magician and not an ironsmith. How could you possibly do that? Furthermore, I would break any ordinary axe with simply an action."

Link would never expect to be rejected when he offered to help someone with the construction of his weapon. This would probably only happen with the Beastmen, who were not informed of the happenings in the World of Firuman. If he were to offer this in the human world, the doors to the Ferde Wilderness would probably be flooded with volunteers.

Masos then started laughing as he patted Holun's shoulders. He said, "Oh Holun, my old friend, you have no idea. In the human race, Master Link is the top enchanter. You are extremely lucky to have him create a weapon for you!"

Holun could not believe his ears. His eyes widened as he said, "Are you sure? Can it be better than my Obsidian Axe?"

Link then waved at Nana and said, "Show him the dagger."

Nana walked forward and unsheathed the Last Nightmare. She walked to a stone more than three feet wide and slashed it lightly. With a light sound, the stone was split cleanly into two. The fractured area was also extremely smooth. Nana then put away the sword and returned back to Link's side with a proud expression on her face.

Holun stared at the dagger in Nana's hand and the huge stone on the ground interchangeably before he swallowed his saliva and said, "A dagger with such sharpness exist in the world?"

He was not impressed that the dagger could split open the stone, as he could manage that himself with ease. He was amazed at how effortless it was for Nana to slice open that sturdy rock. Furthermore, the fractured area was extremely smooth and showed no signs of cracking. This could only mean that this stone was not split open by brute force, but merely the sharpness of the blade.

This was terrifying and was completely beyond Holun's understanding of weapons.

"I created it," Link smiled as he said.

Holun immediately knelt on the ground as he said, "Master, as long as you can create an axe that is half as sharp as that dagger for me, I will do whatever you wish. I can even drink urine and eat feces without as much as a frown."

Link fell speechless upon hearing those words. He could not believe the words that Holun just blurted out. He then said, "Let's go back. I can only create the axe with good materials."

"That is no problem at all. The lord of White Cloud City has a treasure trove. He will definitely be generous enough to provide me with what I need."


In a low-lying valley, Isendilan lay on the floor covered in blood. His injury was on the right side of his chest. It was dealt by a Beastman.

The wound was nine feet deep. Upon the impact. The axe shattered into pieces, and many of the smithereens were still stuck in his body.

That was not all. The three great shamans cast a Divine spell which broke through his barrier created from the power of the principles with brute force. The power of the Divine spell then seeped into his body which depleted a great deal of his strength.

He was so weak now he could hardly fly.

"My lord, what do we do now?" Theron asked in a soft voice.

Isendilan was just about to speak when his eyelids twitched. He then said, "Stand guard outside. I want some rest."

Theron and Olisa exchanged glances and retreated as ordered.

After they left, a shiny black cat emerged from the bush at the corner of the valley.

"Why have you arrived? Are you here to gloat at my misfortune?" Isendilan grumbled.

"I am just taking pity on you. Unfortunately, you don't seem to be able to live long," the black cat said. As he said those words, he leaped a few times before landing on top of Isendilan's body.

Strangely, Isendilan merely shook his head to express his discomfort. He did not chase the black cat away.

"Those bunch of mortals cannot kill me," Isendilan sounded a little weak as he said.

"A hundred ordinary people would not be able to. But what if a Spatial Magician, a Level-8 Warrior, a level-9 Beastman Warlord and a great shaman combined their efforts?"

Isendilan fell silent for a long time before asking, "What should I do?"

"Listen to me. You can do this..." The black cat jumped to Isendilan's ears and whispered.