320 Another Force Destroying the Equilibrium?

 Chapter 320: Another Force Destroying the Equilibrium?

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According to Felina's report, there were two Level-8 dragons and more than 200 Wild Beastmen. This opponent was a bit too much; the two Level-8 fighters were especially hard to deal with. This matter was kind of troublesome.

During the earlier fight, Nana and Todelron had tied. Felina had basically tied with the 300 Wild Beastmen. She could have killed them all without any help, but she would pay a big price too. Injuries were unavoidable, and she would consume a big portion of her dragon power too.

Now, not only had Todelron been revived, but he was stronger too. Plus, there was also Theron who was just as strong. Nana and Felina couldn't fight them off alone. Link had to join.

By doing so, he wouldn't be able to protect the Beastmen anymore. Considering this, Link said to Felina, "We can't wait passively for the enemy. We must attack first."

If they attacked first and fought far from the Beastmen, they wouldn't have to worry about the damage of the aftershocks to the regular Beastmen.

Link then turned to Masos. "Tell the Beastmen to go faster. The strengths of these Red Dragons are too strange. They seem to be able to be resurrected endlessly. Blocking them this time doesn't mean we can block them next time.

There were 200 more miles to the White Cloud City. The Beastmen only walked around 30 miles per day. This speed couldn't do.

"I understand." Masos turned to find Old Shaman.

After a while, Old Shaman's voice rang out. He yelled in the Beastman language, and they immediately sped up. Before, they took the elderly and weak into consideration and walked slowly. Now, they jogged.

Link turned towards Felina. "Let's go meet them."

As he spoke, he tapped his wand and activated the Traceless spell, becoming invisible. "You two distract them, and I'll make surprise attacks while hidden," Link said. With the special effect of the Burning Wrath of Heavens wand and the Demon Slayer, he could definitely kill a dragon instantly if the surprise attack was successful.

"I know." Nana nodded.


This area was very grassy, and the grass was as tall as them. The three used the grass as cover and walked around three miles before there was a commotion up ahead. They saw countless fleeting figures in the grass hundreds of feet away.

Link checked the wind and saw that it was blowing toward the enemy, so he said, "Felina, set fire!"

The grass was too high. It obscured their vision, making it easy for people to attack them while restricting Nana's speed.

Setting fire was simple. Felina activated her dragon power, transformed into a dragon, and roared. Dragon breath rushed out of her mouth. The scalding dark red breath swept towards the grass like a flamethrower.

It was early autumn now, and the grass was half-withered. Sprayed by dragon breath and helped by the wind, the flames sprang up easily. They advanced towards the Wild Beastmen like a rising tide.

Almost simultaneously, two Red Dragons appeared in the grassland across from them. They began spitting out dragon breath, and fire spread from them too.

Of course, they weren't spitting out fire for fun. This was to extinguish the fire and protect the Wild Beastmen. When Felina's fire spread to the Wild Beastmen, the other fire had already created a large isolation belt. There was nothing else to burn, so the fire slowly died out.

The Wild Beastmen and Red Dragons stood inside the isolation belt without any injuries. However, Link's goal had succeeded too. All the withered grass was gone, creating a vast, empty space.

Felina stood at the front. Looking at Todelron, she said, "I remember you died."

Todelron laughed loudly. "Indeed, I died, but the duke revived me. Let me tell you, I'll never die. Every death just makes me stronger!"

"That destroys the world's equilibrium!" Felina frowned.

"Equilibrium? What equilibrium? There's no equilibrium in this world, only power!" Todelron cackled.

Beside him, Theron wasn't in the mood for chitchat. He changed back into human shape and pulled out a ten-foot dark red Dragon Spine spear. "Come on," he muttered. "Todelron, hurry and kill them!"

"Alright." Todelron immediately shut his mouth and transformed back into a human, taking out his Dragonfang sword.

Seeing these two dragon traitors, Felina was filled with hatred, but she couldn't do anything. She knew that the dragon shape was too cumbersome in a battle like this. She would just become a target. Turning back into a human, she took out her dragon claw weapon.

Just as the battle was about to start, she muttered to Nana, "Take care of Theron. Any problems?"

"Yes," Nana answered honestly. "I haven't fought with an opponent with a spear before."

"Then I'll block Theron, but I can only block ten moves at most."

"Don't worry. I've already seen past Todelron's tricks. I can kill him within three moves!" Nana's voice was crisp and bright. As she spoke, she pointed her sword at Todelron with a bright smile. She seemed to look down on Todelron.

Todelron was shocked. If anyone else said this, he would just treat it as nonsense, but this human girl was different. She was too fast. If she saw his techniques clearly, he actually could be killed immediately.

In order to not be defeated easily, he murmured to Theron, "That human girl is strange. I might not be her match. How about you block her?"

Theron nodded lightly. "No problem, but you said they also have a Magician. I don't see him though?"

His words reminded Todelron. He looked around, trying to find Link. However, Link was hiding in a blind spot. It would be strange if Todelron could find him.

"I don't know, but he must be nearby...However, he hasn't done anything yet. When I fought with Felina earlier, he didn't even do anything when I forced Felina into a desperate situation. I guess he doesn't know any offensive spells?"

Theron was a bit annoyed. "What do you mean 'you guess'? We can't go by guesses for this!"

"Then what do we do?"

Seeing that Todelron had no solutions, Theron glanced at the Wild Beastmen. On average, they were at Level-5. They were successful against regular Beastmen, but they were as useless as vegetables to someone in Level-8.

Suddenly, his eyes flashed. He got an idea. "The three are here to protect those regular Beastmen. Here, Mudda, bypass them and catch up to the regular Beastmen. Don't care about anything and just kill them."

Mudda was the leader of the Wild Beastmen. If he took the Wild Beastmen after the regular Beastmen, the Magician would most likely go protect them. The threat would be reduced greatly.

His calculations were great, but sadly, his opponent didn't give him time. The battle erupted without giving anyone the chance to escape!

"I'm going!" Felina charged, Nana close behind her.

"Good!" Todelron immediately went to welcome Felina. However, just as he moved, Nana suddenly burst forward at full speed and disappeared. When she re-appeared, she was before Todelron.

"Your target is me!" Theron charged over to stop Nana.

However, he forgot one thing. In a Warrior's fight, whoever had the speed would have the control over the fight. With Nana's speed, she could fight whoever she wanted. No one could stop her!

Seeing Theron charge, Nana suddenly disappeared. She re-appeared with a bang and was already behind Todelron, a sword stabbing at the back of his heart.

Shocked, Todelron's Dragonfang sword shook and he blocked backwards.

Clang! Todelron had reacted hurriedly, and he stumbled forward from the strength. However, he rejoiced inside. This woman is fast, but if I block the first move, she'll need to readjust. Then I can block the second and third. If I can last a bit longer, Felina will be killed by Theron...Wait, what is that?!

He suddenly saw a thin streak of crystal red come towards him. It wasn't much, but it was unbelievably fast. After a dazed moment, he finally realized it was the Magician! It was a sneak attack!

"No!" With a spell before him and a sword behind, he hadn't adjusted completely and couldn't block anything!

Helpless, Todelron wildly released his dragon power. The dark red power burned on his body like fire. Ignoring the damage to himself, he forcefully cast a Battle Aura Cut.

It flew out, screaming in the air.

He was much stronger than before. This Battle Aura Cut was almost solid, and it was so fast it became a blur. The scale was larger as well. The arc was at least 15 feet long. It sliced forward like an iron plow. The air whistled, and the power was shocking.

Releasing an attack almost surpassing the limits, Todelron couldn't help but feel a bit proud. I'm only 160 years old, but I've already reached a state comparable to the elders. I have no regrets as a dragon now!

The next moment, the Battle Aura Cut crashed against a crystal red whip.

Clang! There was the sound of metal clashing. Then, the Battle Aura Cut fell apart while the whip continued forward, unaffected.

"This...this is impossible!" The flag of confidence was torn down one-tenth of a second after it was raised. Todelron just felt that his life was so sad.

He didn't have time to wallow in misery though. The whip arrived immediately at his chest. The tip curled, and there was a blinding light. It was as if a sun appeared on the battlefield.

Then the sun crashed into Todelron's head.

This attack from the Demon Slayer was paired with the two surge effects of the Burning Wrath of Heavens wand. The spell's power was raised by at least 800%. It was originally a Level-8 spell. Multiplied by eight, its power was comparable to that of Level-9. It was practically able to kill gods, demons, and everything else!

No matter how strong Todelron was, he would definitely die from such a powerful hit. In the last moment, Link held back a little. This guy could be resurrected so Link couldn't let him die so easily.

Boom! Todelron was hit. His entire body shook, and he collapsed weakly onto the ground, losing all defensive abilities. The Demon Slayer Whip was still there. It curled and rushed over to Theron.

"No, I'm not a match!" Theron retreated without hesitation.

This spell attack was too terrifying, and there was still Felina and that black-haired girl. There was no reason to stay in a three against one battle. Only a fool wouldn't run!

He could be resurrected, but it was obvious the opponent wanted to play with him. If Theron fell into the enemy's hands, he'd be tortured until he wished he could die. That would be horrible.

Theron retreated decisively while stabbing his spear forward. He actually hit Link's whip and blocked the frightening attack. Nana charged and stabbed her sword to stop him.

Clang! His spear met it at an incredible angle, blocking Nana's attack while using the force to speed up his fleeing.

This way, he ran out of the range of Link's spell. Then, he activated his dragon power without hesitation, transformed into a dragon, flapped his wings, and soared into the sky to escape.

"Retreat!" he yelled. The Wild Beastmen followed him unhesitatingly. Nana and Felina wanted to stop them.

"Don't!" Link called them back.

The grass was still very tall up ahead. Chasing there could be problematic, and it wasn't a big deal for the Wild Beastmen to get away.

On the other side, Todelron was still on the ground. He felt his strength disappear without a trace while his entire body was burning. It was as painful as being in the Fire Realm.

Amidst his endless pain, he saw a few figures in front of him. Something tapped him, and the pain reduced a bit.

A voice sounded in his ear. It was that human. "I'm curious. How are you resurrected?"