319 Simply Unimaginable!

 Chapter 319: Simply Unimaginable!

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Although Uda Town was destroyed, there must still be some resources that were left intact. These were necessities for the Beastman if they wished to migrate.

Just as the Beastman were salvaging the last of their resources, Link appeared in an exceptionally humble manner. He simply looked too ordinary when compared to Felina and Nana. He was even wearing a grey cape, making him even more inconspicuous.

Felina and him were circling Todelron's body, observing this guy who appeared to have been resurrected from the dead.

"He seemed to have died for real this time," Link circled Todelron as he said. He could not feel any vitality from the body.

Felina then checked Todelron's oral cavity. He was simply way too reckless when using the dragon breath attack, as though he was doing it at a complete disregard of his body.

Upon opening Todelron's mouth, one could tell that he was obviously seriously injured from his own attack. His oral cavity was completely charred, and blisters could be seen lining up along his throat.

Link was confused at this sight as well. He frowned as he said, "Judging from his insane actions, he must have been prepared to die."

Felina sighed. "Indeed. He could actually have escaped. I cannot understand why he is going to this extent for Isendilan."

Link said, "Perhaps it is some sort of contract. That is strange. I did not feel any peculiar presence on his body. He seemed like just an ordinary dragon. How did he revive himself the first time?"

It was not impossible to resurrect oneself in the World of Firuman, though it was bounded by a set of strict rules.

For example, Dean Anthony's Arbiter's Wand could revive the dead. However, he had once told Link that a resurrection spell was simply an extremely strong healing spell.

Only those who had just died and managed to keep most of their body intact could be revived. They also must not have suffered too devastating damage. Furthermore, it was only a possibility that they could be revived. Those who were revived would also be branded with a weakened status for half a year as compensation.

In the game, the archbishops were also bounded by a strict set of rules if they wished to revive someone within the church. The player would be in a weakened state for a day after he was revived.

However, Todelron's body was first heavily damaged by the traps before he was roasted by a Level-9 Lightning spell in the High Elf Tomb. He should not have fulfilled the conditions to be revived. It was peculiar that he achieved a breakthrough in strength even after he was resurrected.

This was not making any sense.

"Is he only being so reckless because he knows that he will be resurrected?" Link predicted.

"That is possible," Felina agreed with Link. While she was fighting Todelron, that was the exact feeling that she experienced. Todelron seemed to be fearless. Such brazenness was rarely seen in the dragon race who were known for their longevity.

There was still too little information for Link to come to a conclusion. He then said, "Perhaps we were too careless last time and gave him a chance to escape. Let's prevent it this time around."

Link then took out his wand and pointed it at Todelron's body. He then cast his newest spell, Spatial Rend.

Spatial Rend

Ungraded Spatial Spell

Effect: Causes spatial frequency to change at an extremely fast rate in an unpredictable manner. This would create countless forcefields in the affected space, disintegrating all matter in the area.

Link spent 2000 Mana Points without hesitation and boosted the power of this spell to a Level-6 equivalent. This should be more than enough to deal with a corpse.

A few extremely faint rumblings could be felt. This continued for three seconds before a terrifying thing happened.

The gigantic body of the dragon started to expand, and after two seconds, the dragon's skin tore, causing large amounts of fine white powder to flow out of the ruptured area.

The destruction had not ended. Following which, even the dragon's skin started disintegrating, becoming a fine, white powder.

The gigantic dragon had been reduced to a pile of white powder. A cool breeze then scattered that powder across the area.

"His ashes have been buried and integrated into this plot of land. He should not be coming back this time around."

Felina still felt a tinge of pain in her heart watching a member of her race subjected to such treatment, though she agreed with Link's method. This would also completely destroy his corpse, removing the physical evidence of a dragon committing such a heinous crime.

By that time, the Beastman had salvaged most of what was left. An old Beastman walked forward and stopped when he saw the pile of ashes on the ground. He then stared at Link defensively though he tried to contain his wariness. He greeted Felina as he said, "Oh mighty red dragon, we are prepared."

From their perspective, Felina was the leader of the group.

Felina then stared at Link for help. Link whispered, "It is best for a Magician to stay under the shadows. I feel that this is not the end of our problems. I have to stay low."

Felina understood Link's words. Todelron was the one who committed these heinous acts. As a red dragon herself, she naturally felt apologetic towards the Beastman. She then replied gently, "Let's go."

The old Beastman then retreated and hollered a few words at the rest of the group. They then started moving.

"He is slightly wary of us," Link said as he stared at the old Beastman.

"That is normal. There have been many instances of red dragons attacking Beastman towns and village recently," a voice rang. Link looked in that direction and realized that it came from a human merchant.

"I am Masos, a merchant. Greetings to the respectable Magician," He bowed to Link before he continued, "The red dragons destroyed their hometowns. They do not trust any red dragons. Oh, beautiful lady of the dragon race, they are merely respecting you out of fear and self-protection."

Felina looked at the Beastmen once more and realized that their gazes were indeed filled with suspicion and fear. Some of them immediately averted their gaze the moment she looked over.

She was not angry. Instead, she felt helpless and dejected. She muttered, "Isendilan is truly ruining the reputation of the dragon race!"

"So that's why. I was wondering why the dragons would resort to such insane acts. So a scum of the race has appeared," Masos said as he nodded.

Link could feel that this merchant was exceptional from this short conversation. Unlike ordinary humans, he seemed to not fear Magicians and red dragons. He seemed extremely casual when speaking to them. Although he was powerless, he could be considered a talent with his demeanor and insight.

Link then thought back on how the Beastmen seemed to be protecting him during the battle and laughed, "We will be depending on you to resolve any awkward situations along the way."

Masos smiled as he said, "I'll try my best."

The large group then headed south.

Four hours later, a black figure appeared in the sky above Uda Town. He hovered in the sky for a moment before descending.

Amongst the strong gale created from the flapping of his wings, a dragon with a physique larger than Todelron landed on the ground.

Bodies of the berserk Beastmen were strewn all over the ground. Green smoke was still appearing out of the Uda Town ruins. On the side of a road was a small pile of fine white powder.

The giant dragon sniffed his way forward and eventually stopped in front of the white powder.

He grabbed a bunch of it in his hands and allowed the powder to slide slowly through the cracks in his claws. His face sank and stood motionless for around ten seconds before flying up into the air once again.

He started flying south for about five minutes before he saw a group of Beastman resting along a running stream. He then looked from afar for any peculiarities.

"There are around 2300 people. That is a lot of people. However, it is hardly enough to defeat Todelron. Who did it?" He muttered.

He then observed the crowd closely but alas, he could not find the culprit.

"Has the troublemaker left? Haha, oh Beastmen, you are doomed, you are in for something," The huge dragon circled the area for a moment before he left for the Colorado Mountain Range.

After he disappeared, Link canceled the Traceless spell he had cast over himself.

He was eating barbecued beef beside a stream together with merchant Masos and four mercenaries.

This cow was something that Felina hunted along the way. In fact, this giant cow weighed over ten tons, alleviating the food scarcity problem all at once.

Merchant Masos was an incredibly easy-going person. He was eloquent and humorous. Under his guidance and praises for the mercenaries wonderful culinary skills, they quickly warmed up to Link and company.

Masos seemed to have seen the black spot hovering the air previously as well. He was slightly worried and whispered, "I'm afraid more threats are coming for us."

Link looked at Felina and asked, "Do you recognize that dragon?"

The barbecued beef was extremely tender and well-seasoned. Felina took a bite of the juicy meat as she nodded and said, "His name is Theron and is currently third in the battle rankings for the most powerful young red dragon. He is also Isendilan's most trusted aide. His strength should be around Level-8. In human form, he likes to use the spear and is extremely adept in it. If I were to fight against him, I can at most exchange ten moves with him before I will start losing my tempo. Nana will probably have problems dealing with him as well."

Theron was a troublesome figure. If Felina was alone, she would not be eating this barbecued beef so leisurely. She would have escaped the moment she saw Theron. However, she had Link and Nana with her. She would not be too afraid with the support of a powerful Magician by her side.

"That will be slightly troublesome. However, it would be impossible for us to hide. We have so many Beastmen with us. Furthermore, most of them are ordinary citizens with no powers. We can only increase our security and surveillance," Link then turned to Masos and said, "Sir, you seem to have a good relationship with them. I would like some Beastmen to survey the area. Would that be possible?"

Masos immediately agreed, "Of course! Wait a moment, I will find the shaman right now...That old man is the shaman."

Following which, Masos cleaned the oil off his hands and got to work.

No one knew how Masos did it, but not long after, 50 young Beastmen were already on their way to their respective positions.

Felina had just finished eating an entire beef thigh. She went to the running stream nearby to wash her hands and stopped by to visit the mercenary cook, patting her shoulders as she said, "That was delicious. Here, take this."

She gave this mercenary around ten red dragon gold coins. The mercenary was elated at the sight of the gold coins and thanked Felina profusely.

Felina then turned to Link and said, "I will be patrolling the skies. I will not let them succeed in an ambush with me around."

"That would be perfect," Link said. He was all up for that idea.

Felina then turned into her dragon form and rushed into the sky. The dragon race had amazing gliding ability. When they were not weighed down by extra weights or injuries, they could make use of the air currents to stay airborne for a long time. Hence, Link would not have to worry about Felina getting tired.

After an hour of rest, the Beastmen continued on their journey.

Around five hours later, Felina dived down from the sky in a hurry and rushed towards Link. She then said with an incredulous expression, "Link, this is preposterous! I saw Todelron again!"

Link was extremely confused as he asked, "Are you sure?"

"I know this will not make sense, but it's definitely him. He is currently heading for us together with Theron. He had also brought many berserk Beastmen with him. His power also seems to have increased. This is strange!"

To revive after dying in such a horrible fashion was already a miracle. How could he even have his powers increased? Was this even possible?

If he were to die for a hundred times, wouldn't his strength reach the level of a god?

Link had never encountered such a peculiar situation before, even in the game! This was simply unimaginable!