318 Is He Crazy?

 Chapter 318: Is He Crazy?

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As soon as Todelron finished, a dark red figure appeared behind him. The figure rushed into the crowd of Wild Beastmen and started killing!

Wild Beastmen were powerful compared to regular Beastmen, but their opponent was a Level-8 Red Dragon Warrior covered entirely in sturdy, dark red armor and possessing an immense amount of dragon power. She was a war machine comparable to high-level demons!

The Wild Beastmen was numerous. Surrounded by them, some attacks landed on Felina. However, they were too weak and unable to break past her armor. The Wild Beastmen wanted to surround them, but she was alert and quick. It was difficult to keep up.

Even if they managed to catch up, she would release a powerful Battle Aura Cut just as they were about to be surrounded, foiling the Wild Beastmen's plan.

Indeed, the Wild Beastmen were very brave and never retreated. They roared, charging towards Felina. However, all who charged would die. They died in waves, and the sight was shocking.

Three hundred Wild Beastmen weren't enough to tire Felina out. Maybe thousands could.

Todelron recognized her at once. "Felina!" he roared. "You again!"

He couldn't recognize Nana last time at the High Elf Tomb, but he'd sensed Felina's presence. It was her who ruined everything last time. Now, she was here again, and Todelron was furious. Grasping the Dragonfang sword, he charged at Felina.

"Don't go. I'm your opponent!" Nana's voice rang out. Then there was an explosive sound in the air.

Todelron instantly felt the murderous intent behind him. The back of his heart thumped furiously. Not daring to be careless, he immediately blocked with his sword.

Clang. The explosive sound was almost tangible. A white shockwave spread in all directions. In a close call, Todelron's Dragonfang blocked Nana's blade.

When this shockwave appeared, merchant Masos in the crowd speedily covered his ears and shrank behind the mercenary beside him. "Be careful!" he said.

Both sides of the battle were rarely seen as powerful forces. Their strengths were impossible to calculate. Even the aftershocks of their battle were unbearable for the average man. They could go deaf if swept by it.

Just as the shockwave was about to flatten the regular Beastmen, a semi-circular Spatial Lens appeared in the sky. Almost 300 feet wide and 150 feet tall, the lens was huge. Like a giant shield, it enveloped all the gathered regular Beastmen.

The next moment, the shockwave arrived, crashing against the Spatial Lens. There was a muffled thud, and then it disappeared. Shockwaves continued coming, but the situation was the same.

The mercenaries beside Masos had covered their ears on instinct. Seeing this, their hands dropped down. Masos was the same. He was very knowledgeable about things and immediately let out a breath of relief seeing this shield. "Seems like we're saved."

"Is this a spell? I've never seen a large magic shield before," a mercenary said.

"I think my prayers have been realized. The Light Lord is here to save us."

"Huh, look at that little girl. Same age as my daughter but she's this powerful. Hmph, incredible."

The mercenaries weren't stupid. If these Warriors didn't care about them at all, it meant that this was a dog-eat-dog matter. Even if this newcomer won against the evil Red Dragon, they still might not survive.

However, the Magician had helped them block the aftershock. This meant that they were here to save them.


The battle on the other side.

Not only did the Spatial Lens block the aftershock, but it also separated the Wild Beastmen from the regular Beastmen.

Outside the lens, Felina snaked in and out of the Wild Beastmen. Within moments, she killed hundreds of them. However, she also paid for it. Some parts of her armor were shattered, and she'd used up a lot of her dragon power. She would be injured by the end of the battle, but this wasn't much. She was used to it.

Todelron was caught up by Nana who was on him like a leech. He was definitely a good fighter, but this little girl's swordsmanship was frighteningly advanced. She was also so fast he couldn't see her movements clearly. They'd already made hundreds of moves against each other, but Todelron couldn't get a bit of an upper hand. Instead, he was at a disadvantage!

From the corner of his vision, he saw that his subordinates were reducing quickly. There was also a powerful Magician observing from the background while he was forced to defend himself against this eerie girl. Todelron prepared himself to go all out!

This mission was probably going to fail. He must die in battle or else he wouldn't be able to report to the duke!

With a roar, he hurled a Battle Aura Arc at Nana, forcing her back temporarily. With another growl, he decisively transformed into a dragon. His dragon shape was around 50 feet tall. After transforming, he spat out dragon breath at Nana.

The dragon's cry swept past everything and traveled into the distance.

Amidst this roar, dark red flames burst from his mouth. They shot towards Nana like a jet stream from a high-pressure water gun.

Nana hadn't experienced this type of attack before. She didn't dare use her body to test the strength of it. She applied force and made short bursts in a small proximity. Nana flashed within the dragon breath, dodging each attack at the most critical point while maintaining the distance to attack. Once Todelron exhausted his resources, she would rush up immediately for a counterattack.

"Damn little bug!" Todelron didn't think this little thing would be so troublesome. His mouth was getting dried up from all the spitting, but he couldn't even force the enemy back.

He roared again, even more determined to die. He didn't fear dying because the duke could resurrect him, so his movements became very violent. Turning, he swept Nana away with his tail, slightly disrupting her pursuit, and charged towards Felina.

Today, he must drag at least one person into death with him. Otherwise, he wouldn't be able to report to the duke. The little thing was too fast for him to catch but he was confident in killing Felina quickly!

This fellow dragon was a genius of the younger generation, but she was no match for him. Felina wasn't as strong as him, and if he used all his might, he could definitely get her!

Boom, boom, boom! The earth shook from Todelron's speed.

Seeing this, Felina let out a long breath. A ring of the Dragon Aura Cut came slicing down, getting rid of all the Wild Beastmen around her. Then, she shrieked, and dragon power surged in her. Her body swelled up and instantly, a Red Dragon of similar size to Todelron appeared.

She went to meet him halfway without hesitation.

Three seconds later, there was an earth-shattering boom. The two beasts collided and the soil underfoot curled up. Some Wild Beastmen tried to attack Felina but were thrown into the air from the shockwave.

Felina fell to a disadvantage after this collision, and she lost balance. She wasn't Todelron's match in terms of strength.

Roaring, Todelron took the chance to breathe out dragon breath. In a hurry, Felina just lowered her head and released her own dragon breath. Two beams of dark red fire crashed in the air. Fiery streaks flew to the side, keeping the Wild Beastmen away in fear!

Ordinary Warriors could only watch the Level-8 battle. They would die if they got too close.

Todelron still had the upper hand. He continued to attack without caring about the wounds brought on by the dragon breath.

Is he crazy? Felina was utterly shocked. She didn't understand why her opponent would be so aggressive.

Within five seconds, Todelron and Felina made five attacks. With each one, Todelron received a sizeable gain. Felina had started to stumble. She'd also been clawed by Todelron and had a bloody wound. After another attack, he'd be able to go for the kill!

But just as this thought appeared, Nana suddenly started laughing behind Todelron. "Big guy, I know all your moves now!"

"What?" Surprised, Todelron looked back.

Nana had already jumped up. Thirty feet in the air, the force fields on her feet erupted, and there was a bang in the air. She disappeared from the line of sight and reappeared 100 feet away half a second later.

Todelron immediately slapped with his tail with all his might. It was so powerful that there were cracks and pops, but he missed.

With a boom, Nana disappeared again at the last moment. When she re-appeared, she was already on Todelron's back. Here, she paused for a second. Todelron's tail followed over immediately, but she giggled. With a bang, she dodged it easily.

Nana reappeared at Felina's side. Behind her, Todelron suddenly froze. Half a second later, there was a deep gash on his neck, practically breaking it.

"Such a fast sword!" Todelron said before he toppled to the ground with a rumble and died.

Nana breathed in deeply and then let out a long exhale. She could have done that burst of movement before, but it damaged her body greatly. If she didn't kill the opponent, she would have to defend passively, so she didn't dare use it too often.

Now, she was still damaged. Nana felt that her limbs were less agile, but the numbness was decreasing rapidly. After around two seconds, the unnatural feeling disappeared completely.

This was the recovery effect of the Essence of Life.

Now that even Todelron was dead, the remaining 150 or so Wild Beastmen exchanged glances awkwardly. Then someone yelled, "Retreat!"

They'd lost the will to fight, so they turned and started fleeing.

"Want to run?" Felina rushed over and let out many blows of dragon breath. Seeing that she was still attacking, Nana also followed over to kill more.

They had terrifying combat ability, and Nana's speed was unbeatable. Her rate of killing was two times that of Felina's!

In the end, all the Wild Beastmen met their demise. When the last one died, the Spatial Lens around the regular Beastmen disappeared as well. They were all terrified. Too scared to make a sound, they looked reverently at the Red Dragon and the girl beside her.

Felina walked over slowly and tried to lower her voice as she said, "Alright, you're safe."

As she spoke, a red light flashed over her body, and she quickly turned back into a human. She was much less imposing now. The crowd rustled, and after a while, an aged Beastman with white hair walked out followed by some strong Beastmen. Some humans were in the distance.

The old Beastman walked shakily to Felina and Nana. Without speaking, he knelt down, prostrating himself. The Beastmen behind him did so as well, and the other Beastmen on the grassland all followed suit. The few humans bowed as well.

"Thank you two for saving Uda Town. Thank you for saving our lives. Mighty dragon, beautiful maiden, may I know your names?"

Felina had never seen something like this before and panicked. "Stand up, don't kneel," she said hurriedly. "The bad guy is someone from my own race. I should be apologizing."

As she spoke, she looked around for Link. This was too big of an occasion, and she couldn't handle it.

Link didn't appear, but his voice traveled over. "Their home is destroyed. Ask them where they'll go now."

Knowing that Link was nearby, Felina was relieved. "Uda Town is burnt to ashes," she said. "Elder, what will you do now?"

The old Beastman was dejected. "There's no other way. We can only go south. Around 250 miles south is White Cloud City. We plan to seek refuge there."

Felina was stunned at this. Link's voice immediately sounded in her ear. "The remaining one is at White Cloud City, right?"

Felina nodded and replied softly, "It's that area."

"Great. Then let's travel with these Beastmen for a while." Isendilan had his eyes on these Beastmen and probably wouldn't let them go so easily. Since they were going to the same place, they could continue being the good guys and protect them for a while. It wouldn't be too much to ensure their safety before speeding up.

Felina agreed. "Elder," she said. "I'm going to White Cloud City too. We're going to the same place."