314 The Yabba Race Joins

 Chapter 314: The Yabba Race Joins

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"Ha, Nana grew bigger." The tiny Elin entered the Dragon Temple's huge room and immediately saw Nana who'd increased in size. Elin circled her and then giggled at Link.

"Uh, this wasn't my idea. It's the result of the queen's help." Link awkwardly put down the Talisman Magic book in his hands.

"No wonder. I was thinking that someone so obsessed with magic as you wouldn't do something so unnecessary." Elin nodded, showing that she understood. Then, she climbed onto a giant chair with some difficulty. Standing up, her head managed to peek out above the tabletop. "Link, I'm going back."

This time, she came to bid farewell.

Link smiled. "Tell Merlin I said hi. He helped us greatly last time."

"Uh, there's actually something I need your help with," Elin said with hesitation.

"Speak freely." Link really liked this little thing. All of her expressions were cute, and when she spoke, her big bright eyes would stare at him unblinkingly. She looked really serious, but it made Link want to pinch her adorable cheeks.

Elin was still hesitant. After half a minute, she finally made up her mind. "I heard from many of my people who returned from your territory that there are a lot of islands alongside Ferde? And some are really big?"

"Yes. One of the islands is called Sea Pearl. It's more than 12 miles in radius and only 30 miles from land. It technically belongs to me, but it's a barren island with nothing other than forests.

"Uh...oh..." Elin couldn't speak again. Her brows scrunched up, looking really embarrassed.

"We're friends and even defeated the scary Red Dragon duke together. What's there that you can't say?" Link encouraged.

"Alright." Elin got onto her tiptoes so she would look taller above the table. "You know, I'm actually a lord too. It's an inherited title, and there are more than 10,000 citizens of my territory...I feel that the North isn't safe and want to establish a new gathering in the South. Do you think..."

Actually, she wanted her entire race to migrate south, but that was unrealistic. She'd thought for a long time about taking her citizens south but before, but she didn't know where to go. After her experiences in the Dragon Valley, she thought that Link was reliable-not only his personality but more so his exceptional abilities.

Elin believed he absolutely had the ability to protect them.

"Of course I welcome you!" Link answered without even thinking.

The Yabba were an ancient race. They were the best engineers in the world and had unmatchable attainments in Mana mechanics. They had great knowledge of magic as well. It wasn't an exaggeration to say that they were a more advanced species than humans.

If an advanced civilization was willing to live in his territory, on the surface, it seemed that Link had to give up the control of an island. At the same time, the entire human race, especially his territory, could absorb wisdom from the Yabba race. This was definitely a deal without losses.

Elin was so happy she jumped up. "Don't worry. My citizens are just temporarily residing on your island. During this time, we'll continue looking for a new island. If we can find a large one like the Isle of Dawn, we'll move there...For compensation, I'll open a college of engineering in your territory. My engineering team will also do everything to help you construct a new city."

Link nodded. He took out paper and started writing a letter. This was for the upper level of the territory, and the content was simple. After finishing, he added the lord's stamp and sealed it with wax and a spell. He handed it to Elin. "I still have matters to take care of, so I won't be back soon. For the specifics of the migration, take this letter to find the director Lucy and discuss with her."

At this time, Elin grew serious too. This pertained to the future of more than 10,000 citizens. She accepted the letter and then continued, "This counts as an alliance. As for the use of the Sea Pearl Island, should we discuss the specific authorities and responsibilities? For example, if we build a port, what happens to the money made? Or if we discover some type of mine on the island, how would the profit be distributed? This should all be made clear."

This really had to be made clear. With the Yabba's magic abilities, it was easy for them to construct a flourishing port. It would involve a great about of interest in the future. If they didn't set a logical rule now, it would be a mess later.

Thinking it through, Link felt that he wasn't that familiar with the matters of his territory. He was a loose controller. At this time, he wasn't able to come up with a profit distribution solution that really suited the realistic situation with Elin.

They were friends, but this was a private relationship between him and Elin. This wasn't the friendship between his citizens and the Yabba race. If he brashly decided something that involved great interests like this, it was most likely a seed for future trouble.

Once there were disputes between different races, anything could happen. There could even be racial massacres. This type of thing happened on Earth all the time.

Thus, Link was cautious.

After thinking a bit, he wrote another authorization letter. "You know, I've always been studying magic, and I'm not that familiar with the specific matters. However, my territory already has a complete administration institution. I authorize them to deal with this in my place. You can discuss with them. When you have a plan, try to follow it, and we can revise it if there are any problems, alright?"

Elin shrugged and pouted. "You really have it easy as a lord. However, this actually reassures me. I'll go discuss with them, but you must ensure that they won't bully me."

Link smiled. "I'll return to the territory after I finish some things. I'll do my best to fix any problems that may exist."

"Alright, thanks. I'll go now."

With that, Elin took Link's two letters and skipped out of the room. Link watched her off. Though Elin looked cute, it was totally wrong to overlook her intelligence because of her appearance.

After I return, I'll have to spend some time on this, Link thought.

Of course, these were all trivial matters about territory. Link quickly refocused and went back to the Talisman Magic book.

Now, he had an epic Magic Surge Talisman from a mission reward. It was a good thing, and he decided to embed it into his Burning Wrath of Heavens wand. Before doing so, he naturally had to deeply research the technique of embedding talismans.

This time, he read quietly for three hours before someone else walked in. It was the Red Dragon Queen Gretel.

"Why are you always reading in your room? Is my palace not attractive enough for you?" she asked with a laugh.

She had light steps, and Link had been focused on the book, so he didn't realize her arrival. When she spoke, he was shocked out of his reverie. Looking up at the newcomer, he quickly got up to bow. "I didn't notice Your Majesty. My apologies."

"No need to be so formal." Gretel walked over. Glancing at Link's book and the light purple talisman in his hands, she chuckled. "The talisman enchantments of the High Elves are very interesting. Your talisman is very powerful as well. How do you plan on using it?"

"I'll fuse it into my wand," Link answered honestly. There was no point in hiding it.

Gretel looked from the wand to the talisman and smiled. "Felina's wounds are mostly healed, and you'll depart tomorrow. Will you have the time?"

"There's no hurry. I haven't studied this book deeply enough yet," Link replied truthfully. The book was quite simple, but it was very thick. They were all knowledge related to application, so Link estimated that he'd need to focus for at least one month to fully grasp the technology within.

"Let me try," Gretel volunteered to help.

As she spoke, she waved lightly. The wand and talisman flew to her. Link didn't know how she did it, but she picked up the Magic Surge Talisman and knocked it against the wand lightly. It fused perfectly into the wand, becoming a pale purple gemstone at the tip of the wand.

"Done." She returned the wand to Link. It had happened so quickly-not even three seconds-and Link gulped. The legendary dragon's techniques were truly unordinary.

Others couldn't learn these tricks. Dragons had a long lifespan and had great amounts of time to practice all sorts of spell-casting techniques. The other races didn't have this time, especially humans with their short lives.

Link studied the wand, and the information quickly appeared in his vision.

Burning Wrath of Heaven, Wand of the Flame Controller

Quality: Epic

Effect One: Increases power of spells by 200%

Effect Two: Spell caster instantly consumes 1500 Mana Points and activates the "Flood of Fire" effect. The next flame spell under Level-9 will be cast simultaneously with its power increased by 400%.

Effect Three: Magic Surge. This effect must be charged with 2000 Mana Points. After activation, the spell caster's casting speed increases by 100%, and all Mortal Realm spells' power increases by 200%. (Can be overlapped with the Flood of Fire effect.)

(Note: gifted by the Red Dragon Queen.)

The nature of this wand had increased greatly. The elemental gathering effect had been canceled, but it was replaced by the Magic Surge effect, which was much stronger. The scariest thing was that all the effects would raise the power of spells. If Link cast a flame spell and activated both effects simultaneously, his spell's power would rise by 800%.

This was terrifying power!

Of course, the Mana consumption was terrifying to match. Thankfully, Link's top limit for Mana was very high already. It was at 17100 points. This was comparable to the Level-9 dragon elders. If Link returned to the human world, his Mana would be impossible to calculate for the average human Magician.

"You have rich Mana. This wand suits you." Gretel was a bit shocked as well. Even she couldn't overlook Mana that could be compared to the dragon race.

One must know, the Red Dragon elders lived for a few millenniums while this young man was only around 20 years old. How powerful would he become in another 20 years?

Gretel found that she was in disbelief. This terrifying Mana talent is even stronger than Bryant from before. His personality is more open and brighter as well. He'll become very accomplished in the future. My race must form a good relationship with him.

This was the original motive for helping Link create the wand, but this wasn't enough. After Link finished studying the Talisman Magic book, he could do it himself. What she did was just icing on the cake.

I must make him feel gratitude towards me, Gretel thought.