312 I Just Look at You and You Worship Me

 Chapter 312: I Just Look at You and You Worship Me

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It was a pity that the Balanced Scale was destroyed but the Red Dragon Queen was finally freed from its encroachment.

She still appeared weak and dispirited. Her giant body lumbered on the ground, her eyes half-closed. Seeing the two tiny ones before her, she sighed softly. "I'm sorry you have to see me like this."

"It's nothing, Your Majesty. Actually, I'm very impressed by your strong will!" Link said seriously. Probably only he knew the entire truth of what had just happened and he planned on keeping it that way.

Elin only knew a portion. She just thought that Link used magic to destroy the Sacred Gear. Link was powerful-that much was undeniable-but the destroyed Sacred Gear and the Red Dragon Queen who was tormented by it weren't very impressive.

With that thought, she wasn't as reverent of the queen as before. Her clever look came back. Pouting and opening her arms wide, she said dramatically, "Hmph, Your Majesty, you really scared me!"

Usually, the Red Dragon Queen would find this Yabba girl interesting but now, she was exhausted. She just sighed and said, "I'm sorry, my friend, but I want some peace and quiet."

Isendilan's betrayal, followed by Osiris' betrayal, and death of Davosus all impacted her greatly. Right now, she just wanted to be alone.

Red Dragon elder Pettalong was the queen's right-hand man. Hearing this, he immediately said, "I'm sure you all are tired as well. Let me take you to rest."

Link and Elin obviously had no complaints. They followed Pettalong away.

The queen looked to the other dragons. "I'm alright now. I just want to rest."

The dragons left quickly and soon, only Queen Gretel remained. She sprawled on the ground quietly without moving and suddenly sighed. "Isendilan, Osiris, and Davomos are all in the past now. Gretel, you're the Red Dragon Queen. You must compose yourself!"

The three dukes were her husbands in name but in reality, they were only candidates. This was related to extending the royal bloodline.

Red Dragon bloodlines were very powerful. Amongst them, the royal bloodline was even more flawless. Once mature, the dragon would reach Legendary strength.

However, the world was fair. A great amount of time was needed to possess a perfect bloodline and great strength.

Regular high-level dragons would start reproducing at year 1000. However, the royalty had to wait until year 2000 before they were mature and able to search for a mate to bear the next Red Dragon Queen.

Gretel was 1990 years old this year. There were still ten more years before her body reached the perfect state and the peak of her power.

According to dragon tradition, the three most talented male dragons would automatically become dukes before this. Ten years later, the on that the queen liked the most would become her lifelong companion.

This meant nothing now.

But she was a huge beast that had lived almost two millenniums and was the leader of a race. She wouldn't become heartbroken and depressed like a regular woman.

After sighing, Gretel accepted everything and moved on.

The Red Dragons needed a strong, persevering, and wise queen, not a weakling who would get hurt by these setbacks.

She shook her head and buried all the pain in her heart. She gazed at the remains of the Balanced Scale.

The Sacred Gear was shaped like a finely-made scale. One side was dark while the other end was light. Usually, the two sides would cancel each other out and be balanced. After Osiris messed with it, he sealed the light end, leaving only the dark end behind.

Gretel didn't realize it and she fell into the trap when she checked it.

The Sacred Gear's power was as immense as the sea. Even she couldn't fight against it and almost died.

Reaching out a claw, she pulled at the remains. Her confusion grew. How can such a powerful Legendary Sacred Gear become damaged? Who made these fine scratches? The elders can't do it and the younglings obviously can't either. How strange.

The regular dragons might think that they worked together to destroy the Balanced Scale but it wasn't so. If it was so easy to destroy, why would she be unable to escape from it?

Gretel thought long and hard to no avail but she had another solution. She raised a claw. A crystal red glow lit up at the tip and she pointed at the air lightly-Time Reverse.

Time Reverse

Level-15 Legendary Spell

Effect: Check all information from a period in the past. The stronger the user is, the wider the range and longer the duration.

(Note: an extraordinary time spell!)

The next moment, a projection appeared before the Red Dragon Queen's eyes like a thin veil being pulled aside slowly. Figures appeared from within. All their movements were reversed. Advancing became retreating, getting up became lying down, and releasing power became collecting power. Everything that had just happened was shown again.

The charging Red Dragon Warriors who helped her push back the Dark power at all costs warmed Gretel's heart. No matter what, she still had many loyal Warriors.

That wasn't the main focus though. She continued searching for the reason why the Sacred Gear was destroyed.

The elders? She looked at all of them. They were all pushing back the Dark power with all their might and nothing was amiss. The regular Warriors? Like the elders, they had no time to do anything else. Who was left? There were still three people: the magic puppet, the Yabba, and the human Magician.

I found it. I knew something's wrong!

Gretel's eyes focused on the human Magician. In the Time Reversal, his figure was a bit blurry but she could still see what he was doing.

At that time, Gretel had completed the spell and was viewing it for the second time. The figures' movements weren't reversed anymore.

At first, the human Magician retreated with the Yabba. While retreating, they dodged to avoid being trampled by the dragons. For a time, he suddenly did something strange. At closer inspection, it seemed that he picked something up.

Gretel couldn't see clearly but she could guess what he was doing. She didn't mind but looked down on him. What an opportunist.

She continued watching.

The human continued retreating until he was blocked by a black screen by the arch. Gretel obviously recognized the screen. It was the materialized power of the Balanced Scale.

The Balanced Scale existed in a strange way. It was combined with the space of the entire square and was omnipresent. Thus, one usually couldn't see its true body. In a way, the entire square was a huge scale.

Up to now, everything was normal.

Gretel saw that the Yabba was panicked while the human Magician appeared calm. He seemed to be thinking. This lasted for two seconds and then something changed.

In the Time Reversal recording, the human suddenly disappeared, replaced by an insubstantial black shadow.

This shadow approached the black screen and continued to touch it. Then Gretel saw cracks appear on the screen. After a few minutes, there was a crack. The Balanced Scale completely broke and fell away from the space.

After another three seconds, the black shadow disappeared. The Yabba, human, and magic puppet were outside the arch, peeking in at the square.

Gretel knitted her brows. Who exactly is this human Magician? How does he have the power to break time? What did he do to the Sacred Gear?

Checking the remains of the Balanced Scale again, the overlapping cracks made her heart tremble.

Breaking the flow of time and carving the Balanced Scale out of space was such a powerful move. How wise must he be?

Felina said this human was a Spatial Magician but I didn't believe her. I can't believe that not only does he have spatial power, he can also manipulate time. At his young age, he's already a Level-8 Magician. The Mana density of Firuman is rising, but his accomplishments are still quite scary.

Gretel felt that she needed to talk to him personally.

The Dark Elves had summoned the Dark Serpent. This greatly damaged the balance of Firuman. If the humans had such wisdom, she really had to visit him.

At this time, Gretel had completely forgotten about her pain. As a queen, she didn't have time to be depressed. She must think of the Red Dragons' future.

On the other hand, Link and Elin had each been given a large room.

This room was like a human's church. It was 65 feet tall and 150 feet wide. Thankfully, the beds were designed for dragons in human shape and were regular sizes.

It was just strange to live in a room like this.

Link sighed and gathered his thoughts to repair Nana's body.

A Red Dragon duke at the pinnacle of Level-9 was truly powerful. Not only was Nana's body warped, there were also many cracks. Thankfully, Link had designed many backup plans. Otherwise, Nana would be paralyzed now.

During the repair, Nana was still lying there without moving. Her bright eyes stared unblinkingly at Link, making him even more careful.

The repair took quite some time but Link had patience. When he found somewhere that could be improved on, he would do it. When he found a material that wasn't right, he would find a better one.

"Master, Nana is becoming useless. I keep getting hurt," Nana suddenly said. Her voice was as chirpy as before.

Link smiled. "No, you're really useful. Otherwise, I'd be dead already."

Nana truly helped him greatly. She was a magic puppet but Link saw her as his most reliable comrade.

Hearing this, Nana smiled. Her smile was very realistic and not at all like a magic puppet. She was getting smarter.

When Link got busy, he would forget the time. As he worked, a voice suddenly came from the door. "May I come in?"

The voice was melodious with a tinge of natural arrogance. It was hard to describe. There was just a confidence as if the speaker controlled everything from above.

Link turned around and saw a woman dressed in an elegant dress.

She was beautiful with red lips, long and thin eyebrows, and unique features. She had a great figure and there were no flaws. It was hard to tell her age. She could be 18 but also 30. Basically, she had all the positive characteristics of a woman. Innocence, loveliness, maturity, sexiness... everything could be found on her.

Just glancing at her would make one feel that the entire world had lost color. All light was focused on this woman. At this time, one only wanted to kneel down before her and submissively kiss her feet... But this was only an urge. You didn't have to do that.

But in the game, at least tens of thousands of players actually did it. This woman was known as the most elegant queen of Firuman that you would want to worship at first glance. She was Gretel.