309 A Shameful Life Over a Glorious Death

 Chapter 309: A Shameful Life Over a Glorious Death

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Link was still extremely calm. The moment his opponent noticed his apprehension, he would commence his attack immediately. That would be the end for the three of them.

His mind was spinning as he thought, What is my only advantage now? Yes, time, time is on my side. The longer I drag this out, the more favorable it will be for me. But how do I do it? Naturally, I need to let my opponent fear me. However, my Spatial spells are still too weak. This is not enough...Wait, I still have one more trump card!

He thought of a way to get him out of this predicament.

Link stared at the Red Dragon Duke who was closing in. He then chuckled, "How much strength do you have left after so many consecutive bursts of power?"

Duke Osiris narrowed his eyes and said, "It is enough to deal with you!"

Although that was what he said, he was still intimidated by Link as he had no understanding of Spatial Magic. He stopped in his tracks in fear of any trump cards in Link's hand.

"Perhaps, you can try," Link grabbed the Storm Lord's Sword in his hands and started charging the sword with mana. He then muttered, "Please lend me a hand. You don't have to do anything, just emit some presence."

If this sword was not willing to help, Link was prepared to use other tactics like generating a dimension singularity point to strike fear into Osiris' heart.

Luckily, the Storm Lord's sword did not disappoint Link. He said, "I am extremely weak now. That mana is hardly enough. Give me more!"

Link still had 3500 Mana Points left. Upon hearing those words, he transferred almost all his Mana Points into the sword without hesitation.

Following which, the Storm Lord's Sword gave a crisp and shrill cry. After a slight jerk, it's dull appearance underwent a complete transformation. It had become a translucent opal-colored sword. Three air currents could be seen swirling within the groove of the sword. Countless runes appeared in the surrounding air as strong winds started howling through the forest.

Osiris was startled at this sudden change. He then asked hesitantly, "What sword is this?"

Link grabbed the hilt of the sword and spoke calmly, "The full name of my sword is The Arbiter of Storms. Master of Lightning. Silencer of Realms. I have prevented myself from using it all this time as I have not met an opponent powerful enough. However, now that you have arrived...I believe, a strong Red Dragon Duke should be able to satisfy you?"

The first part of the sentence was meant for Osiris, while the second part was meant for the Storm Lord's Sword spirit.

Clang! The sword shrilled once more as the air currents around Link swirled violently. The intensity of the wind in the forest grew stronger, causing clouds to congregate in the skies above. A lightning bolt then struck right beside the feet of the Red Dragon Duke.

Osiris was horrified. He could not help but instinctively take a step back. There was a look of disbelief on his face.

"How could you possess the sword of the Storm Lord?" Osiris gasped. He recognized this sword!

The reason was simple. As a Legendary race, dragons possessed an insane amount of vitality and a good record of history. In this aspect, the only race that could hope to match their knowledge was the High Elves.

For example, Osiris had already lived for 2356 years. Coupled with the strong cultural foundation of his race, he would naturally be extremely knowledgeable. It was no surprise that he recognized the Storm Lord's sword.

That was also the exact reason why he was horrified.

Link was satisfied at his reaction. He then unsheathed the sword and glanced at Osiris with a death stare, as though he was already looking at a dead opponent.

"It does not matter how I came to possess it. More importantly, it will be taking your head today!"

When he said the last word, his voice was trembling with murderous intent. Another lightning bolt struck from the heavens followed by the roaring of thunder.

Such a presence could only be that of a Sacred Gear.

Osiris took another step back.

Elin was dumbfounded as well. She whispered to Link, "Hey, big guy, why didn't you use such a powerful weapon earlier."

Link smiled bitterly. Elin had no idea how arrogant this sword was. It probably only decided to help after deciding that Link was about to die. Furthermore, if not for his flashy use of Spatial Magic to shake Osiris' psychological foundation, this sword alone might not be enough to fool him.

Of course, these were just his thoughts. He could not say that in front of Elin.

He merely smiled and said, "A Holy Sword has a spirit. I cannot simply use him if I wanted to. The main reason this sword has decided to act is still due to our powerful opponent!"

He then sighed then chuckled, "Oh Holy Sword, you will feast on dragon blood today!"

At this moment, the time was about right. The dragons from the Holy Mountains had arrived. Link saw their figures flying towards his location. There were around 30 of them and the one taking the lead seemed to be of similar stature to Osiris.

Link then took a step forward, pointing the sword at the Osiris.

Osiris immediately cast a crimson red crystal barrier around him. He did not dare to go on the offensive against a Legendary Holy Sword like this. He chose the defensive stance straight away.

However, Link actually did not have any Mana Points. How could he then release any attacks?

He took this chance to drink yet another perfect Mana Recovery potion. After recovering 2000 Mana Points, he cast a Dimensional Jump spell without hesitation.

A white light enveloped Link, Elin, Nana and the heavily injured Felina, and they disappeared instantly.

They then appeared around one mile away.

The moment they landed, Link knelt down helplessly on the ground. The poison from the perfect Mana Recovery potion was affecting him seriously. Fortunately, he still had a bottle of the High Elves' Detoxification Elf Nectar with him.

He drank half a bottle of the nectar with trembling hands and immediately felt the churning in his stomach ease. He then handed the remaining nectar to Elin and requested her to give it to Felina.

At the same time, he saw a few dragons fly past, charging straight towards Osiris.

Link then heaved a sigh of relief before allowing himself to lie on the ground and laugh, "Oh Osiris, you will never forget me for as long as you live, right?"

He was not wrong. Osiris had already carved Link's features into the deepest part of his memory. He would never forget that he was taken for a ride by a human Magician. As long as he lived, he would do whatever he can to avenge this disgrace.

He swore on his life!

Osiris stared at the dragons approaching. He recognized the largest dragon as Davosus, a Duke and a husband of the Red Dragon Queen just like him.

If Osiris was at full power, he would have the confidence to defeat Davosus. However, Link had already depleted too much of his energy. He was not in the right state to fight against Davosus.

At that moment, the effects of Link's Spatial spells disappeared. Olisa was finally released from the clutches of the Spatial spell. This young Dragon Magician stared at him with tears in her eyes, clearly hoping that he would bring her along.

However, Osiris shook his head as he said, "Olisa, I'm sorry."

He could never escape Davosus' pursuit with another deadweight.

After which, he spread his wings and quickly left the scene.

He could no longer stay within the Dragon Valley. Should he seek refuge in Isendilan's territory?

Truthfully, he did not wish to stay together with the madman. Furthermore, he was still weaker than Isendilan and would definitely end up as his one of his underlings...Tsk, I should first focus on my escape.

Osiris then flew at full speed ahead.

However, he felt that something was amiss after a while. He looked behind him and realized that Davosus was trailing behind him. He was closing in!

"Davosus, why are you following me?" Osiris howled. Although he had committed many heinous crimes, the news should not have spread. Davosus probably still did not know. Why then, was he so persistent?

"I was just about to ask you. Osiris, why are you running away? Why did you attack a young dragon?" Davosus howled as he chased.

Faced with this question. Osiris fell silent and continued running with his head hung.

Unfortunately, he had lost too much energy. He was a lot slower than Davosus, who was at full power.

Twenty minutes later, Osiris reached the boundaries of the Dragon Valley. The mist maze was right in front of his eyes.

He was just about to leave the Dragon Valley when he heard the sound of howling wind behind him. He was not fast enough to dodge the attack, and half a second later, he felt a sharp pain pierce through his back. Following which, a violent force pinned him down from above, pressing him straight onto the ground.

Boom! Two giant dragons fell from the sky, the impact of the force akin to a meteorite.

After the dust settled, Davosus grabbed Osiris' head with his front claws, pressing his nails deep into Osiris' scales. He then leaned closer to his ears and whispered, "Do you know? Stepping on your head like this was something I have always wanted to do. However, now that Isendilan has gone mad and you have done such a stupid thing, I will become the Queen's only husband. Haha, this is fate!"

Davosus laughed haughtily. Following which, he raised his claws and swung it in Osiris' direction in an attempt to make him unconscious.

Davosus' idea was simple. If Osiris was so guilty, he had definitely done something wrong. He would definitely lose his status as a Duke if he was brought back to the Dragon Temple. Davosus would then be the only Duke available.

However, he could never imagine the atrocities that Osiris had committed. His only outcome was permanent captivity if he was brought back to the Dragon Temple. How then can Osiris accept such a result?

As the husband of the Red Dragon Queen and one of the most masculine male dragons of his era, he still retained this fervor even after living for 2000 years. He would destroy what he could not get. If he was unable to run, he would bring someone down with him!

Osiris suddenly turned over and plunged his claws into Davosus' heart. Following which, he released all of his power.

Davosus was taken by surprise and instinctively defended with all his might.

Crack! Splat!

A clean snap was heard. This was the sound of Osiris' neck being broken by Davosus claw. Following which, a dull splattering sound could be heard. This was the sound of Davosus' heart being squashed by Osiris' claw.

"You... why?" Davosus stared at Osiris in disbelief. Osiris not only destroyed his heart but also all the organs within his chest. Osiris' churning dragon force had turned his internal organs into mush. Even a powerful dragon-like him would not be able to withstand this injury.

However, he could not understand it. He thought this was merely a small matter. He did not expect this to happen.

Osiris had also suffered a fatal wound with his neck broken. The sparkle in his eyes quickly turned dim as blood poured from his mouth. He then snickered, "Do you really think I will let you have the Queen to yourself? We will perish together!"

The two Red Dragon Dukes then lay motionlessly on the ground.

Link still had no idea that such a huge incident happened. A few powerful red dragons landed near him, each of them at least Level-8 in strength. One of them had an extremely huge body more than 60 feet long. He stared at Link and said coldly, "I am the Chancellor of the Red Dragon Council, Pettalong. The Red Dragon Queen invites you into the Dragon Temple."

A cold demeanor was common across the dragon elders. They were not unhappy with Link, but merely uninterested, due to the fact that they have experienced way too much. The youngest elder was at least 2000 years old. They had witnessed more than any mortal could imagine.

Link had experienced such treatment before in the game. He thought nothing about it and nodded as he said, "It's my honor."

A few younger dragons approached Link and lowered their bodies for Link, Nana, and Elin to mount. Felina was also carefully placed on a dragon's back.

They then took flight and flew towards the Dragon Temple.