292 High Elf Tomb Quest

 Colorado Mountain Range.

Morrigan quickly found the temporary campsite of the Beastmen.

"Look, they were here recently...The ashes in the bonfire are still warm. They couldn't have left more than half a day ago." Morrigan took some ashes out and then picked up a broken bone with meat on it.

"Look, this is the thigh of a goat. There's blood on it; it's not cooked at all. The Beastmen shattered the bone with their teeth...I bet these barbarians can bite my arm off!"

Felina couldn't stand his overreaction. "Any Warrior can do that," she said in annoyance. "I need to know where they are right now."

"Don't worry, don't worry." Morrigan was still wandering around the simple campsite. As he wandered, he said, "Pursuing is detailed work. Not only do we need to know where they went, but we also need to know how many there are and how powerful they are."

As he spoke, he would sometimes get onto the ground to observe the footprints. Other times, he would put a magnifying glass to the claw marks on the tree, or pick up some hair. He was looking very closely.

Felina couldn't do anything other than wait patiently. Link had some free time too.

Ten minutes later, Morrigan was done. He stood up and said very confidently, "There were 18 Beastmen and one Dragon Warrior here."

Felina was shocked. "A Dragon Warrior? Do you have evidence for the conclusion?"

If there was a dragon with these wild Beastmen, there could only be one explanation-the Dragon Warrior was also a follower of Isendilan.

"Of course I have evidence. Look at this footprint. It's similar to yours, right? But it's bigger. And look at these bones. They're rabbit bones and weren't chewed. When the person was eating, he also wrapped it with clean leaves to avoid the grease. This means the Dragon Warrior has the highest status because he's the most exquisite.

"Also, look here. This urine is special too. I tasted it earlier, and it's slightly spicy. Once I swallowed, my stomach felt warm. This is similar to the dragon urine I tasted before. Look, the footprints beside the urine shows that he was standing so the Dragon Warrior must be male. He's around 6'8'' tall and 260 pounds."

Morrigan uttered all of this evidence. It was shocking, especially the last one.

"Alright," Felina said awkwardly. "I believe you, but why are you randomly tasting urine?"

Not feeling that anything was wrong, Morrigan answered seriously, "You don't understand. The urine of dragons is actually a tonic, used specifically for...uh, never mind. Anyway, I'm a professional, so I can't be wrong."

To help with the awkward atmosphere, Link said, "Okay so what direction did they go in?"

"Follow me. They went that way, which is the direction of the High Elf Tomb. To be honest, I suspect they're going grave robbing!"

Hearing this, Felina lost her temper. "Shut up!" she yelled. "That's impossible! A dragon won't rob a grave!"

"Fine, but they're going in that direction." Morrigan glanced at Link.

However, Link was delighted. He was actually quite interested in the High Elf Tomb. Not only did it contain a huge amount of wealth, but there was also a magic spell book inside.

In the previous game, the High Elf Tomb was one of the storyline quests. The full name was "High Elf Tomb: Lebreslynan." After killing the final boss in this quest, Lebreslynan's undying spirit would drop an enchantment book called Talismanography.

Talismanography enchantments were lost in Firuman. Even the High Elves only knew a little bit about it. It was not very impressive amongst advanced enchantments, but it was irreplaceable in the average enchantment field.

Its strongest effect was spell inscribing.

As long as a Magician created an enchantment talisman and had prepared the necessary materials, the spell inscribing effect could be used to create identical talismans in a short period.

With this technique, Link would be able to lower the cost of basic enchantment equipment by 90% or even more. At the very least, he could give all the guards in his territory magic equipment...Anyway, he just really wanted to visit Lebreslynan.

However, the dragons hated grave robbers. If Link went against them, Felina might even see him as an enemy. But now, the situation had changed.

"We'll see what happened if we follow," he said to Felina. "Let's go."

Felina glared at Morrigan and nodded in agreement. She wanted to know what the Dragon Warrior was planning too.

After that, Morrigan paused often while walking to follow the tracks on the ground. Around two hours later, he suddenly stopped and hid behind a bush.

"Careful, the tracks here are very fresh. They were probably just here." Morrigan pointed at a piece of grass that had been stepped on. The liquid on it was still wet.

Link and the others also lowered to the ground and hid. Morrigan lowered his voice and continued, "Look over there. Do you see the statue covered with moss?"

Link looked in that direction and saw a toppled stone statue. It was a horse with a horn-a unicorn. This was the mount unique to High Elves, and the elves loved using unicorns in decorations.

"We're very close to Lebreslynan now. From the footprints, you can see that they didn't stop and walked straight in...My respected Miss Felina, I think this is enough evidence that they came for the High Elf Tomb."

Felina was unable to argue with the evidence. Gritting her teeth, she said, "Then we'll wait for them here. When they come out, we'll subdue them! I must punish that disgrace to the Dragon race with my own hands!"

Morrigan shook his head. "I've studied the inner structure of the High Elf Tomb," he said quietly. "Their tombs usually have two exits. One is visible, and one is hidden. When they realize that the core has been invaded, the visible exit will be sealed. If the people inside want to come out, the best solution is to find the hidden exit...So if we want to capture them, we have to follow them in before the visible exit is sealed off."

Hearing this, Link almost cheered out loud. Morrigan really understood him.

Seeing that Felina didn't reply, Link said, "Perhaps they have some unspeakable motive. I think we must investigate fully or else it'll be a big threat in the future."

There wasn't any unspeakable motive. Link guessed that they just wanted the book and equipment in the High Elf Tomb.

Isendilan was different from Wavier. The latter was crazy and wanted to destroy everything. His tactics were very cruel as well. On the other hand, Isendilan's goal was to become the king of the world so everyone would bow down to his dark rule. This included the Red Dragon Queen Gretel who had always been above him.

For this goal, Isendilan had been building a powerful army. To realize this goal, he needed a great amount of wealth. Coincidentally, the High Elf Tomb had this.

Link knew this, but Felina didn't. Hearing Link's words, she grew anxious. She looked the tomb in the distance and hesitated for a long time. Finally, she clenched her jaw and said, "Okay, we'll go in too, but I'm not doing this to offend the spirits. I want to stop Isendilan's dark plan!

Link nodded. "Felina, I will do my best to help you."

"Thank you so much." Felina felt that Link was a true friend to the dragons. When they returned, she would tell the queen about this. Then she turned to Morrigan. "Take us there."

Morrigan couldn't hide the joy in his eyes. He had come just for the tomb this time. Why would he refuse two powerful people who could help him?

He lowered his head to the little creature eating nuts on his shoulder. "Go, help me scout the way."

The squirrel chirped and hopped off his shoulder. It started running toward the High Elf Tomb in the distance. Link and the others followed. When they reached the entrance, they saw that the stone door had already been damaged forcefully. The ground was covered with broken pieces of stone.

Morrigan's little pet snuck in quickly while Morrigan circled the entrance. "The door was shattered instantly," he concluded. "How powerful do you think the Dragon Warrior is?"

Felina looked at the thickness of the broken stone door and then checked the marks on it. She was shocked. "If I'm not wrong, this Warrior should be Todelron. He's 50 years older than me, and his dragon power has reached the pinnacle of Level-7. He has practically undefeatable martial arts skills. He is one of Isendilan's three strongest Dragon Warriors."

"I see. Don't worry; we have Nana!" Link said.

Felina glanced at the silent magic puppet and was slightly reassured. "Hopefully."

The group continued forward.

This High Elf known as Derrac Lebreslynan was a noble with a very luxurious tomb. Like an underground palace, the paths inside were wide and open. There were also magic lanterns on either side. Even after thousands of years, they still glowed dimly and illuminated the tomb.

After around 150 feet, Morrigan's pet suddenly returned. It jumped onto his shoulder and chirped. Morrigan listened for a bit and then turned around. "Goldtooth told me that there was a fight up ahead. There are many bodies but no living beings."

Hearing this, Felina and Link exchanged glances. Felina glowed faintly, and her Red Dragon armor appeared. Two dragon claw weapons appeared in her hands as well. Link activated Edelweiss for himself while telling Nana, "Go on alert."

Morrigan was a Level-4 Magician, so he also activated a defense spell for himself.

"Let's continue forward."

They walked on for another 60 feet. Turning a corner, there was suddenly a large room.

The room had many opulent decorations, such as magic crystal lantern formations, delicate statues, a dining table that the living would use, and more. At the moment, they were all shattered. In addition, there were 12 Beastmen bodies on the ground and 17 mummies in elegant armor. The Beastmen's blood painted this room of death red.

"It's Derrac's tomb guards...Hey, Link, look here. This drop of blood is different from the others. It's fresh and still hasn't dried. It should be dragon blood. That Dragon Warrior is wounded!"

Felina saw this too, and she was certain. "This is dragon blood. Are the guards that powerful?"

As soon as she spoke, there was a series of clacks. The next moment, a thick magic door appeared before the room's exit.

Just as Morrigan had predicted, the exit was sealed!

This was not all.

An aggressive and furious roar traveled from deep inside the tomb, causing Felina's expression to change drastically. "It's Todelron transformed into a dragon. He must have run into an awful opponent!"