289 Three Magic Books of Fire


Mission Completed: The Final Battle

Player received magic book Slayer of Demons.

This information flashed across Link's field of vision. In his eyes, this magic book had a dark crimson cover. It flew across his eyes and eventually landed in a spot at the bottom right corner of the "game interface."

There were already two magic books in store from this area. One of them was Essence of the Flame, and the other was Flame of Purification. They were all books regarding fire elemental spells.

The in-game system rewards nothing but good stuff. I must study them well after returning to the Ferde Wilderness, Link thought.

At that moment, Joseph could be seen carrying Wavier on his back and throwing his hideous body onto the ground. A loud thud could be heard.

Wavier had an indestructible soul and was thus still alive. However, he kept silent the entire time. There was no sign of life in his eyes nor did he show any expression. There seemed to be no vitality running through his body.

"I can't wait to tear him to pieces!" Joseph gritted his teeth as he said. There were tens of thousands of corpses in the Necropolis. It was simply a place filled with the stench of fresh blood and corpses. This tragedy was caused single-handedly by this fallen Magician right in front of their eyes!

Wavier then snickered, "Holy Knight, you are but a weak tag along. If not for Link, do you really think I would have lost?"

He then stared at Link and shouted, "If not for your stupid potion, how could you have defeated me? You wouldn't! This was not a fair right! You guys better hope that I never escape, because if so, I will show you true despair!"

Thud! Joseph walked forward and kicked Wavier in the face before shouting, "You bastard! Look at all the innocent lives that you killed. Do you think this is a game? How can you still be talking about wins and losses? Do you really think a few words will be able to get you out of this predicament? How childish! I am telling you now. The moment you chose to walk down this path, you were doomed to fail!"

Romilson then stared at the fanatical Wavier with a tinge of fear as he said, "This is truly a lunatic. We might have to find a way to destroy his soul."

Milda then shook her head and said, "Alright, Romilson. Do not let fear take control of your heart. We have no need to research into dark magic just so we can destroy the soul of an evil Magician. His fate will be eternal imprisonment!" At this moment, Milda's face was extremely pale, almost to the point of being translucent. She was extremely weak as well. If not for Romilson's support, she could not even stand.

She controlled three Golden Tree Spirits during the battle and stayed at the forefront of the fight the entire time. If not for her valued support and Romilson's Defensive spell, Link would not have been able to focus on his fight against Wavier.

In essence, the success of this mission was largely due to the two High Elves as well.

This time, Link had also paid a great price for his success. He drank the Blessings of the Red Dragon Queen potion. At this moment, the effect of the potion had already passed, and as promised, he was cursed with the Elemental Rejection State.

He tried to construct a Glass Orb spell. However, the fire elementals did not seem to respond to his calls, causing the spell to fail. The elements seemed to be rejecting him as though he was the plague.

One full year of this terrible state, causing all elemental spells to lose effect. This is slightly too long. It seems like I have to research into other spells to make up for this major decrease in power. Link sighed.

His power would decrease by an estimated 90%. Amongst the powerful spells in his arsenal, he only had two spatial spells that he could use.

"This place is not safe. There are undead everywhere. Even that succubus might be near. Let's go back," Link said.

Everyone nodded. Apart from Nana and Romilson, all of them were completely exhausted. Their only thought was to return to somewhere safe before taking a nice bath and a long comfortable nap.

"What about this Necropolis?" Romilson asked.

"Burn it."

Ten minutes later, the entire Necropolis was engulfed in a sea of flames. Link and the group then headed straight towards the airship.

Around three miles into their journey, they heard the whirling sound of engines above them. The airship seemed to have found them and took the initiative to welcome them back into the safe haven.

Upon boarding the airship, everyone still remained silent. They had just seen true hell on earth and just wanted some time alone to recollect themselves.

The Yabbas also kept their volume to a minimum. They looked at Link and the rest with a respectful gaze.

The two priests then started healing their wounds and replenish their lost energy.

Link then took this chance to return the Statue of Saint Rafael, "Thank you, it was of great help."

The priests then shook their heads and said, "You have done a great deed for the World of Firuman. This means nothing."

Link merely smiled and did not want to continue the conversation. He said, "I will get some rest."

The priests then gave him his personal space.

No one spoke for the entire journey. Around an hour later, the airship returned to the Scorched Ridge in Ferde Wilderness.

The assassination mission was already completed. Hence, there was no need to keep the airship a secret. The airship brazenly stopped in the middle of Scorched Ridge and attracted a lot of onlookers.

Amongst them. Master Grenci and Master Ferdinand were present as well. They glanced at the airship with a worried expression. When they saw Link and the rest of the team unscathed, their faces brimmed with happiness. However, the moment they saw Joseph exiting the airship with Wavier in his arms, their expression turned serious.

It was time to deal with this Necromancer.

After greeting the Master Magicians, they walked towards the Mage Tower. The Yabbas were naturally given good service and treatment. As the lord of the territory, Link made some arrangements for everyone before returning to his own room to rest.

Upon reaching his room, Link realized that Celine was already lying in wait for him.

"You're back." Celine heaved a sigh of relief and quickly walked forward. She had an expression of relief and joy as she said, "Here, I have already prepared a warm bath for you."

Link suddenly felt a long-lost warmth from his heart and entered the bath upon Celine's signal.

It was a wonderful night. What started off as Link's private bathing time became a couple's affair, which finally ended on Link's bed.

Link cared about nothing that day. He spent quality time with Celine and rested as much as he could.

The next morning, Link felt rejuvenated as he opened his eyes, as though he was a changed person.

He lay on his bed as he caressed Celine's supple body. He then looked out of the window as the golden sun rays graced the green fields of the Ferde Wilderness. A few plowing magic puppets were still hard at work while residents were either farming or doing construction work. The spacious pathways in the bustling city area were filled with merchants from all around the world.

Ferde Wilderness was bursting with energy.

At this sight, the last cloud of darkness and trauma in Link's heart dissipated.

As Celine had not woken up, Link crept stealthily out of the room. After washing up, he enjoyed a delicious breakfast and went to his study room. His elemental energy was temporarily sealed. However, the war in the North was imminent; he had to find a quick replacement for his lost powers.

Summon magic books, Link commanded the in-game system.

In an instant, the magic books that he received from completing the missions given by the in-game system appeared in his field of vision. All of the books were crimson in color. Link did not carefully observe these books while he was going on the mission. Upon closer inspection, he realized that each of this books had an ancient yet striking runic symbol on them.

The first book The Essence of Flame had a symbol depicting an eye surrounded by flames. The second book Flame and Purification had a symbol in the shape of a flaming hand. The third book Slayer of Demons had a symbol of a sword entangled with a flaming dragon.

Link originally intended to read the books directly from the interface. However, after a while he thought, The library in my Mage Tower is basically empty. The books that I currently have are all common ones that can be bought from the market. I need a few books that are unique to my collection. Yes, I will copy out these magic books.

Link then took out a pen and paper and started using the Magic Transcription spell to copy the information onto the paper. When he first began, he copied the book as he read. Clearly, it was a simple task for him.

He laid casually and arched his legs on his table. A paper floated right in front of his eyes as the pen scribbled at high speed, emitting a swooshing sound.

However, this relaxed state only lasted for about five minutes. Five minutes later, Link was completely absorbed into this magic book. He started off with the first book, The Essence of Flame. The perspective and content of the book were exceptionally unique and eye-opening. As the name implied, it was truly discussing the very essence of fire elemental spells!

"Hey, this book did not mention anything about fire elements as well. It is all equations and theories...Oh my! These are the principles governing fire elemental spells!"

When the first intricate magic equation appeared, Link was startled.

When one invested enough time into a certain field of magic, they would eventually arrive at the principles governing that magic. Link had been researching into spatial magic, and after a year and a half, he had finally grazed the principles governing them.

This magic book, The Essence of Flame, also started deducing from the very basic burning phenomenon. It started with a very simple basis before developing it logically, going deeper into the essence of fire elemental spells.

At the one-fifth mark, it had already reached an almost incomprehensible level. Link realized that he had to use all his might to even understand the content.

"This book might just be able to help me breakthrough this Elemental Rejection State, I need to read it carefully!" Link then sat in an upright position. He decided that this book deserved his full attention.

He started treating the book seriously. After half an hour passed, Link had completely lost track of time and started delving himself fanatically into the wonders of the knowledge this book offered.

This continued for the next few days.

However, he also had to take care of Celine's feelings. He was not as insane as before and promised himself at least eight hours of rest every day, including some private time with Celine.

These innocent and happy times lasted for five whole days.

One evening, Link was just getting into the magic book when he heard voices beside him. The dimly lighted study room then turned bright. He raised his head and saw that it was Celine, who came in to illuminate the room for him.

Celine then said, "I knew you would be absorbed in your research again. Someone is here to find you."

"Oh, who is it?" Link was slightly confused and even a bit fearful. He was afraid of horrible news from the North.

"A stunning beauty," Celine teased.

"A beauty?" Link heaved a sigh of relief. He would be fine as long as it was not news from the North. However, he had seen many beauties in his time in Firuman. Celine, Herrera, Milda, Eleanor, Annie, and Lucy were all considered beauties. However, apart from Celine, all of them were purely friends. It was already 7 o' clock in the night; why would they find him at this time?

Celine then sighed. "It seems like you have forgotten her. If she sees you in this state, she must be sad."

Link scratched his head before staring at the magic book in front of him. He had been reading this book, The Essence of Flame, for a long time. However, it was extremely tedious, and he was only done with a third of its contents. It was probably not enough to finish reading this book in a month's time. Furthermore, this was only the first one; he had two more to go.

Anyway, he was determined to put all his energy into this research. He had no interest in the rest.

Celine knew how Link was like and invited the person in without his consent, "Felina, please come in."

Upon hearing the name, Link was reminded of something.

Felina, the Red Dragon Warrior. They had once fought alongside each other in the Dark Forest. He remembered that she promised him a trip to the Dragon Valley in a month's time. Thinking back, it had been way more than a month by now.

Felina entered the room. She assumed the look of a human-race girl. Naturally, she was still extremely tall at 6'2". There was also a hint of lethargy on her face.

Upon seeing Link, she said, "I'm sorry that I am late. There had been some issues in the Dragon Valley. Master Link, if you are free, I hope that you can accompany me to the Dragon Valley immediately."

Link frowned as he said, "What happened?"

"I have no idea. I only know that the balance in the World of Firuman is being destroyed. The queen believes that you have the capability and qualifications to be informed of this matter. She was the one who sent me to pick you up."

That sounded extremely serious. Link thought for a moment before he put away the three magic books of fire he had copied and said, "Alright then, I will make some arrangements, and we can set off!"