288 Smash You Until You Kneel

 Inner square of the Necropolis.

Boom! Link's fortified Titan's Fist was undoubtedly blocked by Wavier.

Earlier at the Ferde Wilderness, Wavier had used the vitality of him and four Undead Knights to cast the Carmine Crystal Wall to block Link's Level-9 Titan's Fist. Link's attack now was only at the pinnacle of Level-8, while Wavier's vitality was far beyond what it was before. It was obviously much easier for him now.

In reality, Link's spell couldn't even break through Wavier's Carmine Crystal Wall.

Behind the wall, Wavier laughed uproariously. "Link, do you only know one spell? Haha, if that's the case, then you can just go die!"

He began to prepare to attack!

But then there was an accident.

Boom! Flames exploded, and the dissipated Titan's Fist regathered. It was so fast there didn't seem to be any pause in between. It was not as strong as before, but it was still at Level-8.

This spell pounded into the Carmine Crystal Wall.

With another boom, the Carmine Crystal Wall dimmed considerably, almost breaking apart. The Titan's Fist dissipated again.

Wavier was shocked, and he instantly replenished what the Carmine Crystal Wall had used up. "You're out of tricks this time...F*ck!"

The third Titan's Fist had come!

This was the Red Dragon Queen's Blessing. It could instantly cast all elemental spells under Level-7 and raise the power of all elemental spells under Level-9 by 500%. This effect was no joke!

Link had really cast this spell instantaneously. As soon as he had the thought, the fire element responded. It didn't even need time to gather. The elements seemed to be lined up beside him, waiting for his command.

Boom! The third Titan's Fist scattered again while Wavier's Carmine Crystal Wall dimmed even more. The vitality of all living people 100 feet around him was sucked dry.

However, the living ones in the distance were not waiting to be killed. While the two sides fought, they've already run out of the Necropolis. It was not many-only around 600 people remained-but they still escaped with their lives.

At the moment, the square of the Necropolis had become the battlefield of the strong.


There was another boom and Wavier's Carmine Crystal Wall shrunk again, still dimming. Link's attacks were honestly too fast, without giving him any time to react. He had begged his Master, Tabinos for so many spells earlier, but they were all useless now.

The reason was simple-he had no time to do anything other than pour all the vitality into the shield. Even more terrifying was that Link's strength seemed endless. If nothing changed, Wavier would probably die just from this one spell!

"Ah! Taroko, kill Link!" Wavier roared at his general for help.

On the other side, succubus Misamier and Taroko were neck-to-neck with Nana. Faced with two Level-8 fighters working together, Nana had no chance to attack. She could only dodge, dodge, and dodge again.

Many times, she was almost hit. She had relied entirely on her rich battle experiences to escape danger by a millimeter.

She was on the brink of danger right now!

She might make a mistake in the next moment and be destroyed by the enemy. But then, Wavier's voice traveled over, and Taroko left without hesitation.

The pressure on Nana was reduced instantly, and she started fighting back!

Cling, clang, cling. Nana chased after Taroko, creating the crisp sounds of weapons clashing. Taroko didn't underestimate the magic puppet, but he couldn't disobey his master. For the moment, he could only block Nana's attacks while getting closer to Link.

Seeing Taroko's situation, Wavier had an idea. Five Undead Knights instantly ran over to him. Without hesitation, Wavier sucked these knights into mummies. Then, he shook violently, and the Carmine Crystal Wall instantly became extremely condensed.

Boom! Link's Titan's Fist crashed down again, but Wavier didn't care. He knew that the wall could withstand at least three more punches.

This was only around half a second, but it was a chance for him.

If I kill that magic puppet, they'll lose, he thought. Wavier observed the situation and locked onto the high-speed magic puppet. He cast the spell Blood Fog!

Blood Fog

Demon Spell

Effect: Absorb vitality into a red fog created by countless tiny threads which can greatly hinder the speed of the target.

Blood floated up from the ground with a puff and started bursting in the air. Finally, it turned into a thick ball of bloody fog. This ball of fog loomed over Nana.

Seeing Wavier's actions, Link was actually pleased. He knew that his chance had arrived! Wavier needed time to cast this spell; Link could complete his own response during this.

"Nana!" he yelled. "Burning Charge!"

As he spoke, the Titan's Fist spun in the air and sped toward Misamier. She knew the power of this spell and didn't dare block it, immediately running back. Rather than chasing after her, the Titan's Fist transformed into the Titan's Hand. The fingers closed in.

It seemed to grasp the air, but in the next moment, Nana jumped up, going directly into the Titan's Hand's grasp. Almost at the same time, the Titan's Fist exploded with great heat.

In this high temperature, Nana's metallic body turned red-hot and then white. Finally, her body temperature was over 5000 degrees.

This high temperature could instantly melt most metals of Firuman. It could also destroy spells that attempted to restrict her unless the spell involved the power of the laws.

The Blood Fog obviously did not.

Before, Nana's body was unable to withstand this temperature. The structures of her runes would definitely be destroyed. But after the various modifications, she even had the support of many spatial laws. Now, her body was super-elemental!

For example, Nana now had an extremely high tolerance for temperature. She could operate smoothly as long as the outside environment wasn't over 6000 degrees.

"The power core is filled. Entering burning state!" Nana's clear voice came from the Titan's Fist.

Link controlled the Titan's Fist with his thoughts and brought Nana to Taroko's side. The scalding magic puppet, her body entirely white, charged from the Titan's Fist. In mid-air, the Blood Fog enveloped her. There were sizzles, and the Blood Fog evaporated, unable to restrict her.

At that time, Taroko was less than 60 feet from Link. He could attack, but suddenly, he felt waves of heat behind him. Turning around, he saw a white light. Heat waves rolled ten feet around the light. It was a shocking sight.

The undead had a kryptonite too. The first was holy power; the second was fire.

Right now, Nana was like the incarnation of fire. She stabbed Taroko with her sword. Heat rolled off the blade, forcing Taroko to block it with his own sword. With that block, he realized something was amiss.

The undead power on his sword was restricted by the heat. Every time their weapons clashed, his power was destroyed by the burning sword. He was forced to replenish the sword's strength.

This meant his strength would be used up much faster. It wasn't that bad because he had abundant undead power and could last for a long time. The problem was, his sword's power would have a waiting period after every move. This was his flaw.

After five attacks, Taroko realized something even worse. His sword had become scalding hot, and the undead power was dissipating even faster.

F*ck! Where's Misamier? Why isn't she acting? he thought. In a panic, he looked behind Nana and saw something terrifying.

Misamier was rushing over but strangely, her body was wrapped with a strange transparent material. She looked like she was sprinting, but she was actually as slow as a turtle. She crawled over bit by bit.

What is this? Taroko couldn't understand it.

Misamier seemed to know what had happened to her. "Be...careful!" she yelled. "He...knows...spa...tial...sha...ckle!"

To her, she was speaking at a normal speed, but everything else was strange. Taroko, Wavier, the human and High Elf Magicians, and the Golden Tree Spirits were all as slow as a turtle to her.

This was the characteristic of the Spatial Shackle!

The one restricted would think they were normal while the others were in trouble. However, Misamier was a legendary figure of the deep abyss. When she saw that everything had slowed down, she knew immediately that she had been caught.

She started forcing out all her power to break free from the Spatial Shackle, but this needed time. If Taroko couldn't stop Nana during this time, they would be defeated.

In half a second, Link and Wavier used various tricks while helping their underlings. The final result was that Link was victorious!

What happened was that Wavier tried to restrict Nana but failed, while Link had successfully delayed Misamier, giving Nana the chance to fight one-on-one.

In the burning state, Nana didn't let him down. She rushed to Taroko's side and instantly stabbed him 15 times!

After the tenth time, Taroko's sword was burning red. His undead power was heavily restricted. Under this situation, he used his near-perfect swordsmanship to withstand two more hits. He missed the third one.

Pop, pop, pop!

Taroko was hit continuously!

Nana's sword was so hot now that with every stab, a scorching hole would appear in Taroko's body. Of the three hits, the first two had stabbed his arm.

Clang. Taroko couldn't hold on to his sword anymore. It clattered to the ground, and then there was another sound. Taroko's forehead was stabbed through. Nana's sword, the Last Nightmare, had buried into his brain. The high temperature burned the Flame of the Soul in Taroko's brain.

With a crackle, the Flame of the Soul extinguished like a candle in the wind.

The red light in Taroko's eyes disappeared. He fell to the ground, dead!

Another moment passed.

Poof! With a soft sound, Misamier finally broke free from the Spatial Shackle but seeing this, she instantly turned and walked away.

With Taroko dead, she could only fight on equal grounds with the magic puppet while Wavier was completely restricted by the human Magician. The Undead Knights were practically all wiped out by the Golden Tree Spirits...They were already defeated!

She left resolutely. Nana wanted to pursue her, but the succubus kicked over a bunch of corpses. In the moment Nana used to hack at the corpses, Misamier had already disappeared.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

On the other side, Wavier was practically beaten into submission by the Titan's Fist. All he could do was keep absorbing vitality to replenish the Carmine Crystal Wall. But as soon as he finished repairing it, another punch would come, sending the Carmine Crystal Wall to the brink of collapse. He would have to repair it again!

The cycle repeated.

Link's Titan Fist was practically endless, but Wavier's supply of strength was coming to an end. All the Undead Knights were dead, and he had no other methods for replenishment.

"Link, I dare you to fight me fairly!" Wavier was unable to do anything other than scream like that. He was helpless.

Only an idiot would listen to him. Link kept smashing!

When his Mana ran low, he drank a bottle of the Perfect Mana Potion from Grenci. His Mana instantly recovered to 2000 points, and he activated the Flame Controller's Clear Thoughts effect. His Mana recovered speedily.

Ten seconds later, Link cast the Titan's Fist 23 times. With a sharp crack, the Carmine Crystal Wall finally broke.

Wavier used up all his vitality. His body became a dried corpse again, and he knelt to the ground weakly.

"The Sword of Judgement!" Royal Knight Joseph was waiting for this moment.

His crossed sword cut an arc of light in the sky. Within it, light runes flew powerfully, representing the judgment of the God of Light.

The sword streak fell upon Wavier's body and sliced across!

With a thud, Wavier collapsed onto the ground. Countless runes wrapped around his body, sealing off all exits for the soul to escape.

He was defeated!