287 Blessings of the Red Dragon Queen? That’s Hardly Enough!

 There were still over 4000 people alive on the plaza. However, Wavier already could not wait to sacrifice them to his master in exchange for greater powers.

However, it did not matter. These living people were great sources of life force as well, especially when they were in despair. Their life force would escape their bodies, causing them to brim with endless potential.

This energy would then be extracted and become his power reserve against his enemies.

On the plaza, the Undead Knights massacred fanatically. Flesh and blood splattered everywhere as cries and curses filled the area. Pain and suffering engulfed the entire Necropolis.

"Ah, can anyone help me!"

"Demon! Demon!"

"Wavier, I curse you! I curse that you will burn in hell for 10000 years!"

Upon hearing those words, Wavier was not enraged. Instead, he was elated as he raised his arms and snickered, "Come, despair, rage, fear, unleash them all. These sounds are as beautiful as a piece of well-composed music. This sight is the heaven that which I seek. Ah, wonderful life force, come to me..."

Wavier snickered fanatically.

Misamier commended as she saw this scene, "Wavier, I must say that you look like a supervillain. I think that if you can pay a visit to the abyss one day, you will find it very suited to your tastes."

"Supervillain? No, I am the only villain detestable enough. Haha, the only one!"

However, as he spoke, Wavier suddenly grabbed his head and started crying. He wept as he grumbled, "The entire world hates me. Everyone wants to kill me; I have no choice; I was left with no choice! If they hate me, I can only kill them before they get to me..."

Misamier stared at the psychotic Wavier and could not understand his actions. She then left this demon within a human shell without leaving any traces behind.

This fellow had extreme mood swings. No one knew what he would do next. She was slightly wary of him.

At that moment, there were less than half of the people surviving. The fresh blood that poured from the victim's wounds started concentrating together on the ground, forming a small gurgling bloody stream. The air in the plaza had also become a dark red color, engulfing the Necropolis in a blood mist. The stench of blood was so strong that it was difficult to breathe.

It was then a few white colored figures appeared at the plaza entrance. Link and the assassination group were here.

The scene right in front of them was a hell of a bloody mess. In this hell, those undead were still fanatically taking the lives of the innocent. They had already gone insane.

Upon seeing this scene, Joseph bellowed, "Wavier, come out right now!"

At that moment, a captive of the Necropolis ran towards them as he shouted, "Save me, please save me..."

Plop! His head suddenly fell down from his neck. Behind him, an Undead Knight walked forward with a bloodied sword in his hand. He kicked this headless body as he snickered coldly.

"Argh, go to hell!" Joseph's eyes widened with hate as he charged forward and swung his sword. He unleashed his full Battle Aura towards this Undead Knight.

This Undead Knight then calmly blocked it with the sword in his hand, a bloody-red hue enveloping his sword.

Boom! The collision of the dark and light forces caused an explosion. It caused the flesh and blood to fly through the area. A crater around 30 feet in radius was created from that explosion.

The two of them were comparable in strength.

This Undead Knight was not a nameless soldier. He was Wavier's prided underling, a Level-8 Undead Knight named Taroko. He looked at Joseph's infuriated face as he smiled and said, "Knight, there is no hurry. You will join him soon."

Joseph was startled. He realized that he had underestimated Wavier.

Wavier himself was very strong. However, the Undead Knights under him were also not to be trifled with. For example, the Undead Knight in front of him gave him immense pressure when they clashed swords.

He had no confidence in defeating this undead.

Joseph then retreated back beside Link after he calmed down and said, "Master, the situation is dire."

Link the nodded and said, "I estimate a total of 26 opponents. Wavier, the succubus, and Undead Knights. All of them have a minimum strength of Level-7. There are even three Level-8 individuals. This will be difficult!"

Although these Undead Knights did not possess a powerful soul and Battle Skills like a normal Level-7 Warrior would, their strength was truly at Level-7.

Raw power would mean something as well.

Even if they were lacking in battle experience, they could simply depend on their strong Battle Aura to carry them through. They could even overrun them with their numbers. In essence, this was a terrifying force they were fighting against.

Milda then whispered, "You plan is?"

Link already had an answer in his heart. He whispered, "Joseph, the Undead Knights are not a concern. The only person that is terrifying is Wavier. Start preparing now. I need you to be able to stop Wavier's soul from escaping when the time comes!"

"I understand!"

Joseph then turned to the rest of the Holy Knights and said, "We will start setting up the Soul Capturing Formation!"

The nine Holy Knights immediately followed the command. They dispersed and surrounded Joseph in a circle. They then released the Battle Aura. This time around, their Battle Aura did not scatter in all directions. Instead, it was all absorbed by Joseph, who was standing in the middle.

Joseph then raised the holy cross sword in his hand as a golden ray of light shot into the horizon. At the same time, all the Holy Knights were enveloped by a strong radiance. The dark and sinister presence at the entrance of the plaza was immediately dispelled, turning it into a field of light.

Joseph was glowing brilliantly as well. His entire body was enveloped densely in Divine runes. He then prayed, "In the name of the God of Light, I, Joseph Hannibal, will judge the sins of the souls!"

At that moment, this knight would become the messenger of the God of Light. The moment Wavier's soul which was corrupted by darkness appears it would be instantly judged by the Soul Capturing Formation!

Link then took a step forward and told Nana, "Let's begin; clean up those Undead Knights! Start with the weakest!"

"I understand!"

Boom! Nana disappeared from her original position in an explosion sound and within a tenth of a second, an Undead Knight 60 feet away from her was beheaded.

Nana's figure hovered around the Undead Knight's corpse for a moment before she disappeared again with a bang. She was headed for her next target.

Milda then pointed her wand at the plaza as the thorn pendant on her neck started constricting. Her neck started bleeding, and the emerald crystal in hanging from the pendant became enveloped in a brilliant glow. Following which, three Golden Tree Spirits rushed into the plaza and started attacking the Undead Knights fanatically. In the face of such violent and concentrated attacks, the Undead Knights were completely occupied and could not attack the Magicians behind them.

Romilson then charged a Level-7 defensive spell in case of any emergencies.

He stared at Milda with a worried expression. He knew that the Golden Tree Spirits required vitality to move. Milda would not be able to hold out for a very long time.

On the opponent's side, Wavier did not idle around as well. He asked Misamier, "Can you deal with that puppet?"

"I will be able to stall her, but killing her would be impossible," she said. Nana had displayed exceptional learning capabilities in the previous battle. While Nana was still suppressed by Misamier a few moments ago, she immediately got the upper hand after a few rounds. If Misamier had to fight with such a terrifying being for a couple of rounds, she would eventually be defeated.

In this short period of time, Nana had already killed the third Undead Knight. Wavier than shouted, "Taroko, come back and deal with that magic puppet together with Misamier! We must destroy her!"

"This should be fine, I guess?" Wavier asked.

"Probably so."

She was a Level-8 demon with a Legendary soul. If she could not take down a magic puppet even after having the support of a Level-8 Undead Knight, she would become the laughing stock of her prestigious bloodline!

Following which, Misamier rushed forward together with Taroko.

Wavier then began his assault as well.

The greatest threat on the field now was the three Golden Tree Spirits. He had to first eradicate these irritating creatures.

The best way to deal with plants was to use fire elemental spells. Wavier thought for a second before he pointed his wand at the plaza and said, "Serpent of Dark Flames!"

Serpent of Dark Flames

Demon God Spell

Effect: Makes use of life force to summon a giant serpent. This serpent will be composed purely of strong corrosive dark elemental flames.

(Note: The more life force one injects, the stronger the destructive power of the serpent!)

Boom! With a loud explosion sound, the fresh blood on the plaza seemed to have come alive. It condensed into a blood pillar more than three feet wide. This pillar rose higher into the air, and when it reached the 60-foot mark, the blood disintegrated with a whoosh and turned into burning flames, taking the form of a crimson red flaming serpent.

"Burn those earthy creatures to a crisp!"

The giant serpent immediately turned its body and charged at breakneck speed towards the Golden Tree Spirits. It was extremely fast and ignored the attacks of the Golden Tree Spirits. Those vines turned into ashes the moment they came into contact with its body, rendering their attacks useless.

This giant serpent possessed terrifying life force. The strength of its flams alone exceeded Level-8. The Golden Tree Spirits were no match for it at all.

High Elf Princess Milda seemed to grow paler for every vine that was destroyed by the serpent. The glow from the emerald hanging from the pendant also seemed to dim as the Golden Tree Spirits suffered damage.

This could not go on!

Link immediately took out the Statue of Saint Rafael. There was still half of the holy power remaining. He summoned a spatial lens and accumulated the power of the statue in one spot. Capitalizing on his previous experience, Link acted fast. Around one second later, a light beam extremely concentrated with holy energy more than one-foot-wide shot through the air.

This light beam charged straight towards Wavier.

"I was just waiting for you!" Wavier waved his wand and used the giant serpent to block this light beam.

Boom! It was a terrifying clash of dark and light energy.

In an instant, dark flames splattered throughout the Necropolis and the holy beam of light scattered in all directions. The collision of two Level-8 spells had created a giant shockwave. The people who were lucky enough to survive the explosion were also blown away by the shockwaves. Those who were slightly further away lost their balance and tripped.

At that moment, all the prisoners knew that it was their chance to escape. All of them rushed towards the entrance of the Necropolis, hoping to get away from this terrifying place.

It was chaos.

Wavier stared at the escaping prisoners and snickered, "Trying to run? Impossible! Die!"

He waved his wand in the air and summoned another giant dark flame serpent onto the battlefield. This giant serpent then charged straight towards these surviving prisoners, devouring their life force along the way.

Wavier had stored way too much life force. Every single living creature that once set foot into the Necropolis and even those who were still surviving could very well become fuel for his spells. This was disastrous!

The most powerful spell Link knew was the Spatial Sphere spell, which was only Level-7 in strength. Even after the effects of his epic quality wand, it was still some distance away from reaching Level-8 in strength. He had to use stronger and more powerful spells to deplete Wavier's life force resources!

Upon this thought, Link drank the Blessings of the Red Dragon Queen potion without hesitation.

The moment the potion reached his stomach, Link felt as though his soul was shaking. He felt as though he suddenly possessed great authority, as though all the elements around would listen to whatever he commanded. There would be no room for defiance.

He also realized that he could easily condense elements to an incredible concentration. The potion was not kidding when it promised that it could increase the power of all elemental spells by 500%.

Link now had ten seconds to wreck complete havoc on the Necropolis.

A frightening elemental storm surrounded Link's body. He stared at the brazen serpent on the battlefield and started his retaliation.

Special effects of the Burning Wrath of the Heavens: Flaming Surge!

Spell Resonance, Titan's Hand!

The casting speed of this spell was almost instantaneous. Under the effects of the epic quality wand, it's power was already increased by 350%. The Blessings of the Red Dragon Queen then increased it further by another 500%. After all these buffs, this spell reached the strength of a Level-8 spell!

The terrifying thing was that Link did not have to waste any more Mana Points for this increase in power. It was still the mana consumption rate of a Level-6 spell.

"It truly is a godly potion!"

Link commanded the hand to charge forward and grab onto the neck of the serpent. The Titan's Hand then squeezed its target tightly!

Boom! The Titan's Hand remained unscathed. On the other hand, the giant serpent had disintegrated!

The confrontation between the two spells ended in a complete triumph by the Titan's Hand.

However, that was not all. The Titan's Hand immediately made a turn in the air and changed form into a Titan's Fist, charging straight towards Wavier.

There was not even the slightest amount of panic on Wavier's face. In fact, he laughed fanatically as he said, "Interesting! Simply extraordinary! However, it is hardly enough! Have a taste of my divine powers!"