285 Necropolis (Part 4)

 Forest of Poisonous Mist

The Dimensional Demon was defeated, and the distorted space had returned to normal. Everyone saw the strange cloud in the sky before. With Link's eidetic memory, they did not have to worry about getting lost in the forest.

Around 20 minutes later, they saw a running stream filled with gravel and rocks broken apart by the torrents. This was supposed to be beautiful scenery, though the terrifying scene that they saw made them speechless.

"In the name of the God of Light, Wavier has to be crucified and burned to death!" Joseph bellowed, clearly enraged.

"Unimaginable! Simply disgusting!" Romilson muttered.

"This is hell!" Milda whispered.

Link then sighed. Despite seeing a Skeletal Fort built purely from the bones of the deceased and countless barbaric souls seeking justice for their deaths in the Soul Realm, he was still shocked by the sight in front of him.

This stream was not a huge one. It was only about 45 feet wide. Although the water was running at a fast speed, the color was blood red. The air was filled with the stench of fresh blood, and countless bodies could be seen lying motionless within the stream.

These corpses were either missing their head or suffered a ghastly wound somewhere on their bodies. The fluids in their bodies seemed to be completely drained beforehand. Each of them looked as withered and dry as a mummy.

There was neither gender nor age segregation when Wavier killed those people. They were all wearing ordinary clothing, but with their eyes wide open. They seemed to find it shocking as to why they would be subjected to such treatment.

Link then saw a little girl hanging on a branch near the stream. The little girl's body was as dry as a brittle stick. However, she still held her teddy bear tightly in her hands. Her fingers clasped tightly against one another as her dirty toy hit her body ever so often, moving according to the river currents.

Link even saw a pregnant woman who had lost her head. However, she had instinctively covered her stomach to protect her child. The father was present as well. He hugged his wife's stomach, praying that his child would be saved. Alas, he was still too weak to do anything.

This terrifying stream carried whispers of Wavier's unspeakable deeds.

After staring at it for a long time, Link gave a long sigh and said, "Everyone, we must succeed in our mission! If not, the tragedy we see today will spread throughout the World of Firuman."

Yes, they had to succeed!

All the Holy Knights immediately had a sense of purpose on their faces. Joseph then grabbed his holy cross sword tightly as he prayed, "I will give up anything as long as I can kill Wavier! In the name of God of Light, please bless me with success!"

Romilson trembled as he grabbed his wand. He did not know whether he was excited or afraid.

On the other hand, Milda took out a delicately designed thorned pendant from her dimensional bracelet. An intricate emerald hand from the pendant. She then placed this pendant on her flawlessly white neck. The thorn pierced through her flesh immediately, causing blood to flow out from those wounds. However, she seemed to be unaffected by it.

Upon seeing this scene, Romilson gasped, "My Highness, you..."

Milda then interrupted, "This is my choice. Even if I am royalty, I have the right to choose what I want to do with my life. Furthermore, I still have many sisters in the Isle of Dawn."

Romilson fell speechless.

Link the shouted, "The Necropolis is right in front of our eyes. Let's go!"

Joseph still led the way, followed by Link, then Milda and Romilson and lastly, the Holy Knights. The stream was not too wide, and there were rocks above the water. They made use of these rocks to get to the other side.

After walking for a few minutes, a huge path appeared in the forest. At the same time, the mist in the air became unusually thick.

There were countless corpses accumulated on two sides of the path. There were also countless patrolling Skeleton Warriors. The moment they saw a moving target, they would wave their clubs frantically and charge forward.

These are all low-level undead. Link only needed to release a few Level-3 Storm of Daggers spells to eliminate a huge number of them at once. Before long, all these low-level undead were defeated.

At that moment, anyone could guess that the Necropolis was just right in front of their eyes.

A message then appeared in Link's field of vision. It was a mission.

Search for the Necropolis Mission: Accomplished

Player obtained magic book: Essence of the Flame

Follow-up Mission Triggered: Defeat the Demons!

Description: Defeat all demons that come your way.

Reward: Magic book-Flame and Purification

"Mission accepted," Link said without hesitation.

Link the turned to the rest and said, "Be careful, we will be facing a huge number of high-level undead and high-level demons!"

As he said those words, he took out the Blessing of the Red Dragon Queen to prepare himself for battle.

This powerful battle potion was meant for his battle against the Dark Elves in the North. However, it seemed like even before the war in the North began, he would have to deal with this Necropolis incident. He did not have the energy to worry about the future.

At that moment, a dark figure appeared from the mist. At the same time, a gentle and seductive voice echoed, "My, my, Warriors of Firuman, you are finally here."

The figure then revealed itself. It was an extremely seductive succubus. She held a dark purple whip in her hand and constantly cracked it in the air as she spoke, creating snapping sounds.

This was not all.

There were eight other demons behind her. Each of them was a high-level demon, and there was even the Fodor Flaming Demon that ran away previously. There was also a Fear Demon, a Thousand-eyed Demon and so on. These creatures would usually cause a great ruckus in the World of Firuman if even one of them appeared.

That was not all. There were many Undead Knights behind them as well. These were all high-level undead, creatures that could fight on equal levels against the ghouls. There were around 200 of them.

"Haha, so many powerful souls? I can already smell the feast I will be having."

"That beautiful High Elf belongs to me. I call dibs!"

"Those Holy Knights are exuding a smelly odor. I am going to tear them apart!"

These high-level demons looked extremely relaxed, as though they would definitely secure a victory. They indeed had the capabilities to be arrogant. After all, the weakest of them all was at least Level-6 in strength. Their leader, Succubus Misamier, was a powerful individual who had reached Level-8 in strength.

This was not their true strength. In the void, the weakest of them all would be Level-9 in strength. Misamier had even attained the Legendary rank. Although their strength was heavily suppressed after being summoned into the World of Firuman, their battle experience and techniques were still present. Even without the Undead Knights behind them, they could still easily deal with the bunch of rookie Magicians in front of them.

At that moment, Joseph and the rest of the Holy Knights turned pale. They knew that Wavier was going to get support from the high-level demons. However, they did not expect so many of them to arrive.

This was especially true for Joseph. He could feel immense danger from the succubus in front of him. She was the smallest of all the demons, though she exuded the strongest presence. He almost felt breathless just looking at her, as though he would be killed the instant the battle began.

Milda and Romilson were also taken aback.

Even Link felt slightly discouraged from this sight.

The reason was simple. He recognized this Fine Scaled Succubus. This tone and attitude was something he would never forget!

In the game, his team met her in the mid-game during a battle in the Obsidian Fortress. It was an event storyline quest that they had to clear, and the final boss was this succubus right in front of their eyes.

At that time, his team was tormented by this succubus to no end. They spent nearly half a month and entered the quest 326 times before they could clear it. Furthermore, it was merely a streak of good luck, and they defeated the boss with just a bit of health to spare.

After defeating the boss, his entire team agreed that getting the first kill title for this boss would be enough. They would never enter the quest ever again.

If even their elite team had a problem defeating the boss, the ordinary teams stood no chance at all. In the game, as long as one possessed the title of defeating Misamier, they would be revered as a powerful player. Any team would welcome such a player into their guilds or squads.

Misamier lived up to her name, which translated to Lady of Nightmares. She was indeed a nightmare to all those who attempted to clear the Obsidian Fortress quest!

To think that she would appear at the Necropolis at this time. Although her strength was suppressed by the principles governing the World of Firuman and was left with only a Level-8 strength, Link still felt a shiver down his spine.

Before the battle, he whispered, "The Succubus is extremely fast, and her whip is agile and fatal. There is also poison smeared on its tip. What is even more frightening is her ability to seduce people in the midst of battle. She can cast these seductive spells at an extremely fast speed, needing only half a second to complete the spell. All of you have to be careful. Do not stare into her eyes."

"I understand!" Everyone immediately recollected themselves and focused on the battle.

"Nana, you will focus on that succubus afterward. You have to keep her busy! Do not care about me. I will protect myself," Nana was simply a magic puppet and had no soul. Seductive spells would hence be ineffective on her. She was the perfect candidate to deal with the succubus.

"Yes, Master!" Nana replied.

"As for the other demons...I will make the first strike and try to reduce their numbers!"

As he said those words, Link took out the statue of Saint Rafael. This statue contained a Level-9 spell. It was originally intended for Wavier. However, he could no longer wait until that moment; he had to deal with this group of high-level demons!

Taking advantage of the stalemate, Link silently activated the Saint Rafael's statue. In an instant, holy energy overflowed and engulfed the entire area.

Misamier's face immediately sunk and pointed to Link as she shouted, "That Magician has a holy statue. Kill him!"

In an instant, the Undead Knights and the demons charged towards Link.

Joseph then raised his holy cross sword and released his Holy Grail Thorn Battle Aura. A brilliant light enveloped his body, and countless Divine runes circled his body.

As a knight of Judgement in the church, his Holy Grail Thorn Battle Aura was the perfected version. It was extremely strong and was one of the ten Legendary Battle Auras of Firuman.

"Block their way!"

The battle began!