275 Nana, Keep Them Alive!

 Ferde Wilderness

"You old dog, run faster! He is going to escape soon!" Wavier hollered.

After blocking Link's Level-9 spell, Wavier felt extremely accomplished, as though he were already at the peak of his life. He waved his wand brazenly and cast an agility spell on himself. He then chased after Link with big strides.

Aymons was slightly offended at being addressed as an old dog. After all, he was highly respected within the Dark Forest. As he moved towards Link, he snickered at Wavier, "Look at your arrogant face. I can even hear your family jewels knocking into each other. Take better care of them!"

"One day, I will turn you into a dead dog!" Wavier kept a spellcasting distance of 270 feet from Link. Blood-red rays shot from the tip of his wand. Once Aymons reached his side, he would cast a simultaneous spell together with him.

Time seemed to pass extremely slowly. After three seconds, Aymons finally got into the spellcasting range as he decisively shouted, "Dark Crystal Dragon Cannon!"

Dark Crystal Dragon Cannon

Level-7 Spell

Effect: Concentrates dark elements to form an extremely sturdy spear. It possesses great penetrative power. If it fails to pierce through an opposing force, it will explode instantly, turning into a powerful dark elemental Flame Blast spell.

(Note: Aymons' trump card; you will not be able to defend against it!)

Within half a second, Aymons completed the casting of this Level-7 spell. Upon completion of the spell, the black colored crystal at the tip of his wand immediately turned translucent. In the air, a 15-foot-long spear spinning at a high frequency flew at top speed towards Link.

This spear was extremely fast. It left a long black line of destruction in its trails.

"Great! You are truly something, old dog!"

Wavier commended on Aymons spellcasting technique. The blood-red brilliance at the tip of his wand had also taken form. He had learned his lesson this time around and stopped casting light-based spells. Instead, he used a wide-area offensive spell, "Messenger of Death!"

Messenger of Death

Demon God Spell

Effect: Summons a flock of crows. Each crow is extremely agile and possesses extremely high offensive power. They can completely devour the flesh of the opponent. In this process, crows can devour life force as well, making themselves stronger.

(Note: The crows would bring about the orders of the Reaper. Welcome to hell, mortal!)

Caw! Caw!

The crows appeared consecutively from Wavier's wand, making a sinister sound as they emerged. They had extremely black feathers and bloodshot eyes. Within a second, fifty crows had already been summoned, circling at high speed in the air. The area seemed as though it was covered in a layer of thick black mist.

This black mist then quickly charged towards Link.

Both the Dark Dragon Crystal Cannon and the Messenger of Death were very agile spells. Even if Link had mastered spatial magic that could deal with most mortal attacks, it would still be difficult for him to escape.

At that moment not only Wavier but even Aymons felt a little short of breath.

Link Morani-the person who destroyed their plan to massacre Gladstone City the moment he appeared. He then single-handedly destroyed the Level-8 Demon Tarviss and saved Dawn Swordsman Kanorse from the Dark Forest. He even killed the wielder of the Divine Gear Auselia.

He was an exceptional prodigy, the strongest combat Magician, the Chosen One and much more. He was given many accolades and emitted such a blinding brilliance that Magicians of his generation could not even hope to compare.

However, this legend would come to an end. Furthermore, he would be the one personally ending this spectacular legend. It was impossible for him to stay calm.

Ah, this must be the greatest achievement of my life, Aymons thought.

From today onwards, no one in Firuman will be able to defeat me! Celine, you are mine! These were Wavier's exact thoughts.

At that moment, Link seemed to have given up on defending against such an attack. He even stopped running away, merely standing at his original position and casting a Level-5 defensive spell on himself.

"Has he given up? What a clever yet helpless choice," Aymons sighed.

"That's not fun! Why won't he struggle?" Wavier seemed extremely dissatisfied.

However, just when this thought appeared in their minds, there was a change in the situation!

Aymons suddenly felt that something was amiss, as though he was locked on by a ferocious beast. He felt a shiver down his spine as he said, "Not good, it's an ambush! This will be fatal!"

He had lived for over 70 years and had ample battle experience, especially in protecting himself. Once he realized he was trapped in these situations, he decisively gave up on controlling the Dark Dragon Crystal Cannon and charged the defensive ring on his hand with mana. The ring then brightened up and instantly formed a high-level defensive spell, Multi-Crystal Barrier, around him.

Multi-Crystal Barrier

Level-7 Spell

Effect: Concentrates dark element particles into a web of intricate lines. Extremely effective against both physical and magical attacks.

(Note: It is very gorgeous as well.)

Instantly, countless dark elemental threads appeared around Aymons. The threads were extremely thin and numerous. They crossed each other in an orderly fashion, creating an exceptionally beautiful and translucent crystal barrier.

When this spell was completed, the ring on his finger turned into fragments. His offensive spell, the Dark Crystal Dragon Cannon had also disintegrated due to the lack of control, turning into a meaningless cloud of dark elements.

However, this was not enough! Aymons could still feel the danger incoming!

He then pointed his wand in a direction and cast a wind-elemental spell. He then flew in the opposite direction from the force of the gust of wind.

Just when he completed the action, he heard a crisp sound around him. A white spot then could be seen on the crystal barrier.

Following which, the crustal barrier disintegrated into nothingness. At the same time, a flattened Khorium bullet not larger than the size of a thumb fell onto the floor.

"A magic pistol? Such firepower? And such accuracy?" Aymons was horrified. He clearly adjusted his position the instant he felt danger. However, this bullet still managed to hit him. If not for the Multi-Crystal Barrier spell, this bullet would definitely have pierced through his head.

Aymons suddenly felt a wave of terror overwhelming him. He immediately decided to escape.

However, the moment he took a few steps, that familiar sense of danger once again rose in his heart. He immediately kept closer to the side of the pathway and cast a defensive spell on himself.

This time around, he had already lost his strong defensive spell equipment, thus weakening the defensive capabilities of his spell. It was only Level-4 in strength.

Miss! Miss your shot! Don't hit me! Don't! Aymons prayed extremely hard in his mind. In the face of that firepower, his weak defensive barrier would mean nothing.

Boom! His thigh was shot. It seemed like the gods did not answer his prayers this time around.

The Level-4 defensive spell only weakened the force of the bullet slightly. This protected Aymons' life, although the explosion from the bullet still blew off both his legs, causing them both to become completed crippled. They were instantly turned into bloody foam. The shockwave of the bullets even affected his hip area.

"Argh...!" Aymons whimpered as he flew out of his trajectory. He dropped his wand as the intense pain overwhelmed him, ripping him of his sense of reason. He tumbled on the ground as he screamed.

He had completely lost all battle capabilities.


Three seconds ago.

Wavier did not notice any dangers. However, his crows, the messengers of death seemed to be in big trouble.

Boom! The air seemed to be trembling as the wind roared.

A figure appeared in the middle of the crows. She was simply too fast for the naked eye to keep track of. Wavier could not even see her physical shape; he merely noticed that the number of crows in the air was declining swiftly.

Boom! Boom! Boom! The crows all became balls of blood-red shadow upon a series of explosions.

With incomparable speed and impeccable skills, a powerful spell was destroyed in an instant. This was something an ordinary person would never have imagined.

"What is happening? Is this magic?" Wavier had not reacted to the situation. He thought that the shadow he saw was a peculiar spell that Link had invented.

On the other hand, Alloa had already seen through Link's tactics. She stared at the flurry of images in front of her and sighed, "Is this the magic puppet that defeated Auselia? She is indeed exceptional."

Within a second, Nana had destroyed all the crows. Her body then became slightly more visible. However, this visibility merely lasted for a tenth of a second.

Boom! With another explosion, Nana disappeared from her original position.

When she appeared once again, she was already standing behind Wavier.

Wavier had a horrified expression on his face. He looked down at his body before turning to look at Nana, who was behind him. There was only one thought in his mind. How can she be this fast?

The moment this thought flashed through his mind, Wavier's body crumbled into pieces. He was stabbed at least 20 times in that instant, causing his body to turn into countless meat pieces and bone fragments. None of these pieces exceeded the size of a fist.

A translucent soul then appeared from his body. Although Wavier's physical body was dead, he had an immortal soul, granted to him by the demon god. This soul quickly left the battlefield in search of another body.

The traveling speed of a soul was extremely fast and exceeded the reaction time limit of an ordinary human. Wavier thought that he would be safe and specifically chose a path that was only 90 feet away from Nana.

Wavier's thought process was simple. He merely wanted to see what this terrifying figure looked like.

However, in the next moment, something even more horrifying happened.

With another explosion, Nana once again flew at top speed towards Wavier. She then swung her main dagger, the Last Nightmare, forward, causing circles of powerful air ripples to appear in the air. It charged towards Wavier at an insane speed.

"This...How can this be!" Wavier was almost scared out of his wits. His only thought was then to escape, with all his might.

This time around, he was successful. The soul had no specific shape nor presence. Furthermore, it had an extremely high traveling speed. He managed to narrowly escape Nana's attack.

He then ran without turning back even once.

Nana, on the other hand, was a perfectionist. The moment she realized that her attack was unsuccessful, she immediately gave chase, striking fear to the depths of Wavier's heart. Wavier then accelerated and ran even faster.

The traveling speed of the soul could reach 3000 feet in a second. Nana lost Wavier after just a short while, though she did not seem to have any intention of giving up. Link then stopped her.

"Alright, come back."

It was only then Nana gave up. She then turned in another direction and leaped forward, appearing right in front of Aymons. She was planning to end his life!

"Keep him alive!" Link frantically shouted.

Swish! Swish! The sound of slashing blades echoed through the forest. Nana put away her dagger after slashing Aymons for a few times.

Since her master had ordered her to keep Aymons alive, she had to do so. However, apart from the things sustaining his life, nothing else should remain. For example, the legs, the hands, his hair, eyes, ears, and many more. Those that were useless could be severed in case of any hidden dangers.

"Just give me a quick death!" Aymons laid helplessly on the ground.

He was still alive, although his body was already entirely useless. He had turned into an empty Dark Elf pillar, where only his torso and head remained.