274 I Blocked It!

 With a whoosh, Link returned to the Physical Realm.

It was a wilderness covered in broken stones. The deep-plow magic puppet hadn't reached this area yet, so no one lived here. All he could see was miles of empty land. In the distance, there were some hills.

It was too open here. It was unsuitable for fighting, and there was nowhere to hide. Even if he used a disguise spell, he would be found easily.

Without hesitating, Link tried to use the Dimensional Jump again.

And he failed again.

Link sighed. "It really is the god's power. This place is sealed from all realms." Since he couldn't escape, Link began to prepare to fight.

First, he activated a Level-5 Crimson Edelweiss for Alloa. This defensive spell's power was now outdated and couldn't help Alloa block all attacks. However, it could act as a buffer and ensure that Alloa's body wouldn't be destroyed.

She was immortal. As long as her body was complete, she would be able to survive.

Then, Link cast the Cheetah's Agility for himself. This would ensure his speed and strength. At the same time, he said, "Alloa, can you walk?"

When they were in the forest, Alloa's leg had been shattered by a demon. It had healed a lot already, but it still looked very mangled.

Alloa touched the ground with her broken leg and shuddered. Her features twisted instantly, but she didn't make a sound. Gritting her teeth, she stood with both legs adamantly. "I won't die anyway. I can walk so don't worry about me. Focus on them!"

With that, she limped and ran deep into the Ferde Wilderness. She wasn't too slow, but it was obvious that with each step, Alloa had to withstand terrible pain. She gasped continuously, running and screaming to vent her pain.

Link watched all this and had to be impressed. What an extremely logical girl.

Yes, logic could almost perfectly control a person's emotions. She was the same type of person as Link.

During this, Link started preparing as well. He took out the Prophet White Stone. He could only use this stone one last time, but he was prepared to use it without hesitation because Alloa was critical in fighting against the Divine Gear. This involved the fates of countless people.

She could not die. Even more, she couldn't fall into the hands of the Dark Elves or Wavier. Link would save her at all costs!

After taking out the Prophet White Stone, Link drank a bottle of an Advanced Mana Potion. It replenished the Mana he had used up earlier. At the same time, he activated the Clear Thoughts effect on his Flame Controller robe.

His maximum was 8,500 Mana. The Clear Thoughts effect had an effect of recovering 2,000 Mana within five minutes, so this gave him a total of 10,500 Mana to use. This was great, but it would probably only last one and a half minutes for Level-9 spells.

This meant he must win within one and a half minutes!

At this moment, there was a flash of Mana aura in the distance. Then, several figures appeared out of nowhere. It was Wavier's group who had followed Link back to the Physical Realm.

There were six men in total. Wavier was the closest to Link, around 400 feet away. Around 30 feet behind him was Aymons. The four Undead Knights were another 15 feet away.

After appearing, Wavier looked at Link and laughed uproariously. "Link, you didn't expect this, right? No matter how strong you are, you're just a mortal, but me? I have a god's strength!"

Link ignored him. He took a deep breath and gathered his thoughts, entering a focused spell casting state. To his perception, time had slowed. At the same time, he started retreating toward the Ferde Wilderness.

Alloa had only run around 30 feet. Seeing how pained she was, Link asked, "Aren't you a Magician? Why don't you use a spell?"

Even with a broken leg, she could still use a spell to speed up.

"I can't. My immortal body has broken the world's equilibrium. The world's laws reject me. My magic has all disappeared."

"Makes sense..." No wonder Link hadn't seen Alloa use any spells. After entering the focused spell casting state, Link no longer worried about being gentle. Taking advantage of the fact that the enemy hadn't reached spell-casting range, he got an idea and cast two low-level spells as fast as lightning-Lightweight and Vector Force Field.

The Vector Force Field pushed Alloa forward. With the help of Lightweight, she was at least ten times faster. Practically flying from the collision, she traveled around 30 feet instantly.

This way, Link had nothing to worry about.

At this time, Wavier had rushed over. He was only around 300 feet away from Link. The four Undead Knights were with him, surrounding him protectively. However, Aymons' actions were more interesting. This old fox paced around 330 feet from Link. He neither approached nor retreated.

Wavier was extremely confident in his power, and he laughed loudly. "Link, have a taste of my master's power! The Eye of Death!"

Eye of Death

Level-7 Spell

Effect: Creates a huge magic eyeball. Everything under its gaze will become the territory of death!

Blood-red aura poured from Wavier's wand. It gathered into a huge bloody eyeball 16 feet in diameter. It was very realistic, and once it appeared, it focused on Link.

Poof! There was a light sound, and a bloody beam shot from the Eye of Death to Link.

"Spatial Distortion!" This was the best way to counter beam-like spells.

The next instant, the death ray turned through Link's Spatial Lens and went around his body. Link was unhurt, and he started fighting back!

Without hesitation, he activated the Prophet White Stone. There was a strong flash of white light. A terrible aura started spreading in all directions. The elements of the Ferde Wilderness seemed to revolt.

The elemental gathering was so fast and violent that the distortion of the air around Link was visible to the naked eye. This was Elemental Turbulence!

Aymons' expression changed drastically. He retreated immediately and yelled, "Wavier, this is Level-9! Don't block it!"

"I'm going to!" Instead of retreating, Wavier advanced while laughing maniacally. "I have an immortal soul! I have an undying body! So what if it's a Level-9 spell? It's still mortal strength, but my strength is from God!"

As he spoke, countless rays of blood-red light poured from Wavier. They formed a red crystal light shield around him. Countless strange dark runes flew through it quickly.

"The Carmine Crystal Wall!"

Carmine Crystal Wall

Non-level spell

Effect: This spell will suck the surrounding vitality to replenish its own consummation. As long as there's enough supply, it basically doesn't have a maximum limit.

(Note: everything can be sacrificed to it. Only it will survive!)

The moment the Carmine Crystal Wall was completed, Link's fortified Level-9 Titan's Hand arrived.

At Level-9, the fingers of the Titan's Hand were more than 10 feet wide, and the palm was more than 150 feet long. The moment it appeared, it clenched into a fist and punched down at the Carmine Crystal Wall.

Boom! Titan's Fist and the Carmine Crystal Wall collided with a terrifying boom. Pebbles and dust flew up, and one could see the shockwaves in the air with one's naked eye.

Aymons, who had retreated more than 150 feet, was quickly caught up by the shockwaves. He had a protective spell, but he could barely keep his balance, let alone cast a countering spell.

One second later, the dust settled slightly, revealing the result of the collision.

The Carmine Crystal Wall was still there, but it had dimmed considerably. Inside, the four Undead Knights had all died. They looked strange, their bodies dried like rotten wood. Their soul's auras had disappeared completely too. It was obvious that the Carmine Crystal Wall had sapped all of their vitality.

However, the four of them were not enough to withstand a Level-9 spell. Wavier's own body had withered too, looking like a skeleton now.

The Level-9 Titan's Hand had fallen apart from the powerful reverberations of the Carmine Crystal Wall.

"Hahaha! I blocked a Level-9 spell!" Inside the dim shield, Wavier laughed crazily.

Once upon a time, a Level-9 spell was as far away as the peak of an impossibly high mountain. When he heard from his advisor that a young man from the North had used a Level-9 spell to kill a big demon lord, he was so shocked. He couldn't imagine what kind of power that was.

But now, he'd successfully blocked a Level-9 attack. This was like a dream. If news of this spread, his name would become a nightmare in Firuman!

"Hahaha, old man, did you see? I blocked it! I blocked it!" Wavier still wasn't satisfied, so he turned and roared at the miserable Aymons, completely wild.

Aymons was shocked too. He didn't think that Wavier would become so powerful after defecting to the demon lord. Level-9 spells were at the pinnacle of power, but Wavier could block it like that. He was terrifying.

Not only was his power terrifying, his methods were terrifying too. Aymons believed that if he was a bit closer, Wavier would have sapped his vitality without hesitation to block Link's attack.

Seeing Wavier like this, he muttered, "Madman!"

After blocking Link's fatal attack, Wavier had no more worries. He turned toward Link. "Link, today is the day of your death. I'll take out your soul and imprison it in the wall art of my room. I'll capture Celine and torture her in front of you. Ha, I'll torture her to death!"

On the other hand, Link was surprised by this too. However, even if his Level-9 spell had been blocked, it still wasn't an unacceptable thing because it had done what he wanted it to.

Without wasting his breath, he raised his Burning Wrath of Heavens wand. He activated the flame flood effect and activated a Level-7 pinnacle Titan's Fist.

Like the last spell, Titan's Fist crashed against the Carmine Crystal Wall.

There was a crisp sound, and the wavering Carmine Crystal Wall was instantly shattered. Titan's Fist continued forward, crashing into Wavier.

"I have the Reaper's Sword. I'll block it again!" Wavier cackled and put his wand before him. A giant black sword appeared. There was a black halo behind it, similarly filled with runes.

The black sword pierced toward Titan's Sword while the light protected Wavier. It was a defensive and offensive action in one.

Boom! The fortified Titan's Fist was shattered. After the spell collapsed, the fire element flowed out but was blocked by the black halo. It couldn't harm Wavier at all.

The Reaper's Sword also collapsed. Wavier looked even more withered. He was practically a dried out bag of bones. After blocking Link's attack, he yelled, "Aymons, when will you attack?!"

After blocking these two intense spells, Wavier only had one-fifth of his strength and could barely keep going.

Aymons finally stopped retreating. Wavier had stopped the strongest attacks, and now it was his turn. "Link, a group attack is a bit shameless, but this is necessary. Sorry."

He raised his wand and activated a soaring spell. He immediately shot forward and prepared to enter the spell-casting range. However, neither Aymons nor Wavier realized that on a hill three miles away, two more figures had appeared.

Link sensed this, and he was overjoyed. Without hesitating, he retreated. Now, he just needed to drag things out.


On the hill.

"Oh no, Master is in danger," Nana said. With a blast, she disappeared.

Celine sighed. "An impulsive girl, but no matter how fast you are, you're not as fast as my bullet." She took out her pistol, found a rock to lie down on, and took aim.