272 You All Have the Intelligence of Mortals

 Girvent Forest.

Wavier seemed to have been prepared. "Link, you're finally here," he said, laughing. "You're faster than I expected."

Even though there were many rumors about Link, even though he had once killed Level-8 Demon Lord Tarviss, Wavier's power was nothing like before. He wouldn't go look for trouble with this genius younger than him, but if they ran into each other, Wavier wouldn't retreat.

If he could kill Link, Wavier's name would be known throughout the mainland within a night.

After he spoke, the forest was silent. There was no response.

"What, you're going to keep hiding?" Wavier sneered. "You refused to come out at the Opal City too and secretly used the Teleportation spell to take Celine away. Do you want to do that again?"

Wavier already knew about the event at the Opal City-Andrew had told him. After learning about this, his first reaction was jealousy. He was endlessly jealous of Link.

He would possess the woman he wanted. Someday, his undead army would flatten Ferde, kill Link, and he would take Celine for himself. He believed it would not take long.

After a while, there was still no response. There was no abnormal aura in the surroundings either. The opponent was well-hidden.

Aymons was waiting for Link's reply too. Seeing this situation, he said, "I don't think he'll come out by himself. Wavier, Link also came for Alloa. I'm determined to kill her. What do you think?"

Wavier sneered at this. He instinctively wanted to disagree, but then he saw Aymons' eyes. Those white eyes stared at him, seeming to send a message.

He was an intelligent man and instantly understood. This old guy wants to use Alloa to force Link out!

Link was hidden very well right now. They couldn't find him, but according to his earlier actions, Alloa was his weakness. If Link acted again, he would reveal himself and sink into danger.

Even more, if Link didn't act, Aymons would use the chance to kill Alloa. In that case, there would be no point of conflict between him and the Dark Elves. They wouldn't need to fight anymore.

This was hitting two birds with one stone for Aymons.

This old guy is such a cunning fox! Wavier thought. Thinking of this, he nodded and took the chance to make it beneficial for himself. "You can kill her, but I need more venom from the Dark Serpent. If you don't give it, don't blame me for continuing to fight against you."

"No problem." Aymons was decisive. He raised his wand, poured Mana in, and slowly created a Flame Blast fireball.

"Rovia, move aside. I'm going act!" Aymons said.

Magician Rovia walked to the side instantly. He understood Aymons, so he was on full alert. As soon as Link appeared, he would attack!

Alloa lay on the ground. She had recovered consciousness now, and most of her wounds had healed. She knew her death was coming, but she still wasn't afraid. Instead, she laughed. "Aymons, I knew I would die in your hands the first time I saw you. I guess I was right."

Aymons multitasked. He cast spells while he said coldly, "In that case, had you prepared to betray long ago?"

"I guess. At first, it was just an idea. Later, you killed countless elves to summon the Dark Divine Gear. Recently, you started summoning demons at all costs. This made me feel that the Dark Elves had gone on a mad road. You will go extinct, and I don't wish to be with such an idiotic race."

"Idiotic?" Aymons was shaken, but he didn't become angry. Instead, he shook his head and sighed. "You're not exactly wrong. Unfortunately, not many of our race are clear-headed."

Of course, he knew that the Dark Elves were in a dangerous situation. The entire race was like a carriage racing down an uneven pebble road. One small mishap would cause a disaster.

All he could do was try his best in keeping the carriage from overturning.

Heaving a sigh, Aymons completed the Fire Blast spell. "You are very clear-headed, but you chose to betray us, so you must die. Farewell, Alloa!"

The blue-white fireball came closer and closer. Alloa closed her eyes, but for some reason, her lips were curled into a smirk.

Hum. There was a soft sound, and a red dome barrier appeared around Alloa, protecting her. The next instant, the Fire Blast spell was activated. With a boom, flames burned around the blood-red barrier, but they couldn't break through.

Aymons frowned and turned toward Wavier. "What are you doing?"

In the last moment, it was Wavier who acted instead of Link. Wavier shrugged. "Sorry, I thought you would pretend to kill Alloa, but I didn't expect it to be true...To be honest, I must have Alloa. If I can't...Everyone. Will. Suffer!"

Wavier forced the last few words out from between his teeth, one-by-one. He was not joking.

"You're crazy!" Aymons had finally lost his temper. Wavier's interference had made his earlier actions seem just like a fool.

Wavier laughed maniacally, cackling. "I am indeed. I killed my advisor with my own hands and sacrificed my soul to the demon god. Why would I still care about the rules of the mortal world?"

With that, he walked toward Alloa. As he walked, he said, "My master's majestic power flows within me. If you think you can kill me, feel free to try. If you have no confidence, then let me take Alloa away!"

Dark Elf Magician Rovia couldn't keep watching. He raised his wand at Waver. "Ball of Decay!"

Black light gathered at the tip of Rovia's wand. It quickly formed a thick ball of black light the size of one's head. But at this time, Wavier raised his wand and pointed carelessly at Rovia. "Take a break!"

Boom! A red ball of light formed instantly. It rushed toward Rovia and exploded. The attack's speed was extreme and only took 100th of a second. Rovia's Ball of Decay hadn't even formed completely, and Aymons had no time to interfere.

Rovia's spell was stopped forcefully. The blood-red attack had sent him flying almost 100 feet, crashing against a thick tree.

Thud. Rovia slid down against the tree like a rag doll. He had stopped breathing. Seeing this, Aymons still did not act. He sat atop the Blood-winged Owl and stared coldly at the approaching Wavier.

It wasn't that he was not angry now. He had just successfully restrained his anger, so he could preserve his logical thinking. He knew clearly that if they fought, Link, hiding in the darkness, would be the one who benefited.

He was waiting!

If he let Wavier take Alloa, Link would definitely do something if he didn't want another terrible opponent in the future. Aymons was sure of this.

If Link attacked, Aymons and Wavier would have the same target, and they could partner against Link. Aymons didn't fantasize about killing that human. It would be a victory if Link was badly hurt and ran away. At that time, he would turn back to deal with Wavier.

That was the safest plan.

Wavier squinted and laughed. "Old guy, are you waiting for Link? You're really looking at the big picture, and I'm kind of touched. Don't worry. If Link appears, I'll definitely work with you, hahaha!"

"Madman!" Aymons muttered.

On the ground, Alloa had managed to sit up. Her clothes had become even more torn during the previous struggle. Only a few rags remained, and she was basically naked. She ignored her pathetic state and waited patiently as the situation unfolded.

Seeing her like this, Wavier smiled. "To be honest, you're a beauty too. If I saw you like this before, I'd definitely fall for you. But now, you're just a mix of blood and flesh...Oh, I almost forgot that you also have a good brain. Your brain is what I need...Ah, why did you have to run south with your entire body? That's such a big target. If you just ran with your brain, we wouldn't have to do all this."

This was obviously spoken by a madman.

Alloa look sympathetically at Wavier. "You're a genius," she replied indifferently, "But still, you only have the intelligence of a mortal."

Seeing her like this, Wavier was confused. "Tsk, poor girl. Where do you get your confidence from?"

Alloa was still smiling. "Wavier, Aymons," she said. "You're all powerful Magicians so let me ask you, how many realms does the Firuman world have?"

"What do you mean?" Wavier was confused. He was a genius but he was still too young, and his magic knowledge was too shallow. All his terrible power came from the demon god. At this time, he didn't catch the meaning behind Alloa's words.

However, Aymons was a true Master Magician. After half a second, his expression changed. "No, Link is in the Isomerism Realm!"

As soon as he finished speaking, Alloa's body vanished. Her presence and aura disappeared as if she had evaporated from the world.

"Where did she go?" Wavier was shocked. What was the Isomerism Realm?

Aymons had already started casting spells while explaining hurriedly, "Link is already here, but he hid into the Isomerism Realm. That's why we can't sense him. Now, he took Alloa there too. They're using the Isomerism Realm to escape! F*ck!"

How could he fall for this trick? Back in the Black Forest, Link was already able to move freely between the realms. How could he not use it now?

Aymons had overlooked it!

With that, Aymons' spell was completed. There was a flash, and everything desaturated into a black and white world. Aymons, Wavier, and the four Undead Knights had all gone into the Spiritual Realm.

Once they entered, they could sense Link and Alloa's Mana presence clearly. They could also sense that the two were getting further quickly.

"Hurry!" Aymons seemed flustered for the first time.