271 It Sure is Crowded Today

 Girvent Forest

"Master, there are four of them left," an Undead Knight whispered.

A black-robed Magician stared silently by his side. He looked extremely ordinary from his features. There was neither a veil of black aura encircling him nor a pair of merciless bloodshot eyes. The only thing peculiar about him was his skin color.

It was sickly white and had sort of a matte finish to it, making it look just like a corpse.

There was a vacant space a few hundred meters away from them. On the open space was a Dark Elf Magician and three ghouls huddled together in a circle. In the middle of those two parties was their target, the mixed blood Dark Elf Alloa.

This woman was petite in size and looked disheveled. She was drenched in blood, and her hair was a tangled mess. It covered her features completely, and the low-quality cloth used to make her blouse was also completely tattered. From afar, one could tell that this woman had a very good figure, especially her waist. Her waist was extremely thin, giving her an exaggerated hourglass figure.

Alas, there were only undead and Dark Magicians on the battlefield. Furthermore, they were amidst a heated battle; no one bothered to stop and observe her beautiful figure.

From afar, the Dark Magician opposite used a spell to increase the volume of his voice. He shouted, "Wavier, you will regret what you did today!"

Wavier then smiled as many wrinkles showed up on his dried face. He then lifted his wand and instantly, the tip of the wand was enveloped in a thick black mist. "Stop talking trash; leave Alloa with me, and I will let you go."

"Do you think I am a fool? Alloa's fate can only go two ways. She either dies, or she'll be taken back to the Dark Forest. As for you Wavier, the Death's Hand will not let you off easily after what you have done today. Prepare yourself and await death in Delonga!"

This Dark Elf Magician spoke with an accusing tone. However, Wavier merely pouted and ignored his aggression. He then turned to the Undead Knights beside him and said, "Kill them."

He had nine Undead Knights with him and would have no problem dealing with three ghouls. Furthermore, that Dark Elf Magician was almost out of Mana Points. He would not be much of a threat.

The Undead Knights immediately rushed towards the Dark Elves.

On the other side, as Alloa stared at the Undead Knights who were closing in, she whispered, "Rovia, you have no chance of winning. Kill me."

Rovia was the name of the Dark Elf Magician. He was a member of the Silver Moon Alliance and was Level-6 in strength. He just turned 35 years old and was a rare magic prodigy in the Dark Elf race.

Upon listening to Alloa's words, Rovia squinted her eyes. He did not reply to her statement and merely suppressed his anger. His fine Magician upbringing allowed him to control his emotions well.

The Dark Elves consider betrayal as one of the most intolerable crimes. Alloa's actions had already crossed his bottom-line. In his eyes, Alloa was already a dead person. If not for her value to his race, he would personally give her a taste of misery over and over again.

However, a ghoul beside him did not manage to contain his anger. It's face immediately contorted and swung his hand at full force on Alloa's face. Alloa then fell onto the ground light-headed after that huge impact.

"You traitor! How dare you speak!" This ghoul spoke coldly as he walked forward, pressing one of his feet on Alloa's thighs. He then started grinding his feet with fervor.

He possessed Level-6 strength, and Alloa had slender legs. She would never have been able to withstand that pressure. Instantly, the sound of bones cracking reverberated through the atmosphere. Her legs also started to show signs of deformity.

"Haven't you discovered the law of the Divine Gear? Aren't you immortal? Then, I will make you experience what hell is like!" This ghoul snickered as he pressed down with even more force.

Alloa's body trembled violently under the immense pain. The only thing she could do was to scream involuntarily. Her body would twitch ever so often from the great pain.

Rovia stared at the scene without compassion. Five seconds later, he then spoke, "Alright, stop. We should focus on the enemy. Do not lose hope! We still have reinforcements coming. The prince and Master Aymons are coming over to help us. We only have to hold on for a while longer."

The three ghouls were revitalized upon hearing those words. They immediately put up a defensive posture and prepared themselves for the enemy.

"After the battle begins, be careful of the beetles on the ground. Do not let Wavier have a chance to sneak up on you," Rovia whispered.

The three ghouls nodded.

At that moment, an Undead Knight had already reached a distance 90 feet away from them. He bellowed and charged straight towards Magician Rovia.

A ghoul stood in his way without any hesitation. He did not have any weapons with him. The only weapon he had was the body bestowed to him by the Divine Gear.

Boom! A huge collision occurred on the open field. Both of them appeared to be of equal strength!

The Undead Knight swung his sword towards the ghoul. However, the material used to create the sword was far too ordinary. The ghoul could grab the sword with his bare hands. Although his claws suffered deep cut from that collision, such wounds were nothing to a ghoul as they would heal in a matter of seconds. His other hand then became enveloped in a black aura as it swung at full speed towards the abdomen of the Undead Knight.

This black aura was terrifying. In previous battles, as long as an Undead Knight came into contact with it, they would explode like water balloon instantly. There was no way to survive that attack.

"This will not work on me!" The Undead Knight held a shield in his left hand and blocked the ghoul's attack just in time. He then pushed his shield forward with all his might, shouting, "Go to hell!"

Boom! After a muffled collision sound, the ghoul could be seen being knocked back. He staggered as he tried to maintain his balance.

"Be careful!" Rovia suddenly shouted as he pointed his wand at the ground, "Wind Blade spell!"

A crescent-shaped translucent wind blade then flew towards a specific direction. Half a second later, the wind blade had collided with the beetle that was crawling at high speed on the ground.

This spell completely destroyed the magic structure of the beetle and caused it to disintegrate almost immediately. The elemental energy within the beetle exploded instantly, and the area around a 15-foot-radius from it was covered in a fiery wave of incandescent flames.

This was a Level-4 spell. If it exploded within the body of a ghoul, it could be lethal. However, now that it was released outside of the ghoul's body, coupled with the fact that this fire-elemental spell was not pure in nature due to the corruption of dark forces; it had almost no effect on the ghoul.

The ghoul merely covered his face to shield himself from the heatwaves.

"Wavier, you have gotten the Divine Liquid and created the Undead Knights. How dare you go against my race. Aren't you afraid that we will retract our forces?" Rovia snickered.

Wavier then said with a smile on his face, "Divine Liquid? I think it is more like a poisonous concoction. However, there is one thing you got wrong. I did not give my Warriors the perfected version of the liquid. Therefore, they could attain strong vitality while not at the expense of being controlled by the Divine Gear. If you don't believe me, you can bring it back and test it out...Of course, that is, if you survive this battle."

At that moment, a huge explosion sound could be heard. This sound was extremely low, much like the rumbling sound when a fireball exploded within an underground chamber.

Following which, a ghoul could be seen being torn apart by the explosion.

"He insulted Alloa and even broke her leg. This means that he needs to receive some punishment. Rovia, you will support my decision, won't you?"

Wavier then smiled. The beetle that was released previously was just to attract Rovia's attention. When he was preoccupied dealing with that beetle, another one had already crept onto its intended target.

This ghoul was so focused on the onslaught from the Undead Knights that he did not realize any peculiarities. From his own perspective, his life probably ended in the most unexpected way possible.

Rovia then gritted his teeth. He hated people who thought that the world revolved around them simply because they are more privileged or born with stronger talents. They would even flaunt their skills in the middle of a battle. He wanted to smash Wavier's head into the ground before stomping it to pieces if he could.

However, all these were simply thoughts that he could not fulfill. Rovia snickered and said, "Doing such things would make you a traitor of the Syndicate. Don't think that you can escape from their clutches!"

Wavier then laughed as he said, "No, no. That's not right. The Syndicate wants this to happen. You really think that Morpheus wants to work with you lunatics? You guys want to destroy the entire human race! Morpheus was, after all, a human, though the destruction of his race probably means nothing to him. He will choose to ignore the incident today as long as it does not infringe on his fundamental interests. If I give the Syndicate more benefits, they would then have no reason to intervene!"

Morpheus only wanted to become a god. In this aspect, the Dark Elves could possibly help him do so. However, Wavier's master Demon God Tabinos could help as well.

In this case, to act ignorant and stay passive would be the best strategy for Morpheus.

Rovia immediately fell silent. He had access to secret documents in the Dark Forest and had a good grasp of the situation as well. He knew that Wavier was speaking the truth.

Wavier seemed to be intoxicated with such an overwhelming victory, and he chuckled, "Alloa is like a priceless treasure. After I get my hands on her, I will cherish her well and capitalize on her wisdom. I will not torture her like all of you did!"

Rovia then shook his head and said, "You are being too optimistic! This will be dangerous!"

At that moment, the screams within the forest ended. The Undead Knights had attained a victory, losing five of their members to all three ghouls.

Wavier then smiled and said, "Alright, it's over, Rovia."

However, before he could speak, a voice appeared from the sky, "No, it has just begun!"

Wavier was taken aback and lifted his head immediately. He then saw a giant owl with a white-haired, old, Dark Elf on its back.

This was one of the pillars of the Dark Elves-Level-7 Master Magician Aymons.

He looked at Wavier from a vantage point and snickered, "Young man, let me give you some words of caution. The power of a demon god is not infinite. Your end is already in sight. You are destined to just be a demon god's plaything!"

"Aymons... you have arrived," Wavier muttered as his wand began to glow with a blinding brilliance. "I have always respected you. Now then, let me see if you are really as strong as the rumors said!"

However, Aymons shook his head to everyone's surprise. He then said, "No, I did not come to fight. I am here to settle the dispute!"

As he said those words, he lifted his wand and pointed towards Alloa and said regretfully, "She is the source of this conflict. After her death, all will come to an end."

A beam of purple light appeared from his wand and charged straight towards Alloa. At the same time, a few spatial ripples appeared around Alloa. She seemed like she was covered in a vortex of lenses.

The beam then missed its target. Alloa was still alive!

Aymons then frowned as he squinted his eyes at the thick overgrowth in front of him. He then sighed, "It sure is crowded today."