259 A Huge Fire Gun for The Beloved

 In the World of Firuman, the small built Yabbas were known to be extremely adept in their handicrafts. They were the experts at engineering, and amongst their many ingenuity, the magic pistol was one of their greatest inventions.

Although they would strictly be categorized under the gun category as well, the construction of a magic pistol was ten times more complex than a normal gun on earth. Naturally, the firepower of the magic gun also put the gun on earth to shame.

Link had already reached a level of his own in the area of enchanting magic. He was undoubtedly the best within the human race when it came to enchanting. Even Master Enchanter Weissmuller in East Cove Higher Magic Academy could not compare.

He would naturally have no problem crafting a magic pistol.

After thinking for a moment, he had a rough idea in his mind and began sketching the blueprint for the magic gun.

This magic pistol needed to have strong firepower and simple controls. It should also be reliable and should not fail under any environment or circumstances. Most importantly, it must be safe for use.

These were all basic requirements for the magic pistol. Link then tried to recall the appearance of those powerful sniper rifles on earth as he sketched the first blueprint.

The first step of the process was simple enough; Link completed it within ten minutes. Following which, he then started revising his blueprint according to the magic principles in the World of Firuman.

Although Celine has a dimensional pendant, it is not really safe to put a weapon inside it. It would be a tragedy if the dimension collapses with the weapon still in it. Hence, this pistol will have to be portable. It must be small in size, meaning that the barrel has to be short. If I want to maintain the firepower while reducing the length of the barrel, I will have to improve the fire elemental pressure within the barrel...This way, the material requirements for the pistol will be pretty high.

Link had planned to create a magic pistol that could forcefully blast its way through a Level-6 defensive spell. This way, it would even be possible to blast through a Level-7 defensive spell if coupled with a special type of anti-magic bullets.

He would need an extremely strong barrel to withstand such tremendous firepower. Link then recalled the materials he had in his storage and finally wrote a note on the side of his blueprint: Mysteria Gold

Mysteria Gold

Epic Quality

Effect: Incredible strength and can withstand high temperatures. Has near perfect resistance to magic and performs well as a vessel for magic runes.

(Note: This metal is made using transformation magic and is extremely valuable.)

Vance had three blocks of Mysteria Gold in his storage. They totaled 15 pounds, and they were so rare that their price on the market could not even be estimated. It was more than enough to create just a single barrel.

The barrel is the first step. The rune formation on the pistol is the second step. It must be made using a reliable material. This material also cannot conflict with the properties of the Mysteria Gold. What should I use?

After a few minutes, Link then wrote down another main material on the blueprint: Shattered Star Thorium

Shattered Star Thorium

Epic Quality

Effect: An extremely powerful magic conductor. It is the perfect neutral material.

This was a metal that was of the same grade as Fire Star Thorium. On the Hot Springs City market, one gram of Shattered Star Thorium cost 987 gold coins. Link did not have a lot of these on hand; he merely had 50 grams.

Clearly, 50 grams of Shattered Star Thorium was not sufficient, so Link decided to use these materials only on the most crucial parts. He would then use Fire Star Thorium to fill in the rest.

As such, Link wrote down the third material on the blueprint: Fire Star Thorium.

After he settled on the three main materials he would be using, the remaining things would be simple. He simply had to choose materials that complemented the qualities of the three main materials. Half an hour later, Link wrote down a list of materials.

Although the rest of the materials were not as expensive as the first three main materials, they were also treasured items. The estimated total cost of the materials on the list was millions of gold coins. Alas, it was only an estimated price. No one would use gold coins to purchase these materials. For such ultra-high value materials, people usually trade for them by bartering.

After confirming the materials, Link then started sketching the second version of the blueprint.

This blueprint was more detailed than the first. Link took a total of three hours before he was done. It was dinner time by that time, and he took the blueprint to the dining area.

This was a private dining area especially made for Link and Celine. When Link arrived, Celine was already waiting for him. He then passed her the blueprint and said, "I intend to build a magic pistol based on this blueprint. See if you are satisfied with it."

"That's fast." Celine was elated and immediately started observing the blueprint.

In the blueprint, Link not only sketched the appearance of the product but also included the functions of each specific parts and structure. From Link's perspective, Celine should be able to understand it easily.

After five to six minutes, Celine returned the blueprint to Link. It was difficult to tell if she was satisfied with the design.

"How is it?" Link was actually quite nervous about Celine's opinion.

If this scene was seen by the people from the mainland who quoted high prices for Link's equipment, they would definitely be bitter and dumbfounded. This was a weapon which Master Link had specially tailored, to think that he would be worried about his customer's satisfaction level!

Celine then laid out her hands and said, "It looks beautiful, and I can roughly grasp the workings of the pistol. However, I do not have a good understanding of it and cannot determine the quality of a gun. I'll let you decide for me."

"Alright then." Link probably read too much into it.

After dinner, Link started revising the blueprint for the third time. He was extremely detailed this time around. Roughly four hours later, the third version of the blueprint was completed. It was already ten o'clock at night by then.

Link did not intend to give himself a break. He immediately pointed to the blueprint and asked the in-game system, "Can you begin the simulation?"

Yes, please confirm to begin the simulation.


The next moment, he saw a hologram of the magic pistol in front of him. It was translucent, and one could easily see the internal structure of the magic pistol.

The magic pistol was around three feet in length and had a precision sight mounted on it. Link adopted the Yabba race's Sorvada Linkage structure to ensure the reliability of the sight. The exterior of the pistol had similarities to a sniper rifle on earth. However, the style of the two guns was starkly different. The magic pistol had a large number of magic runes carved on its exterior, giving it a rustic aesthetic.

"Shooting simulation," Link said.

The magic pistol had no trigger. It employed a touch sensor magic rune. When the rune carvings lit up, one could hear a light popping sound of a gun firing.

The in-game system even simulated the sound of the gunshot. This was because Link had carefully adjusted the volume of the gunshot to a minimum. This would ensure that Celine's position would not be exposed after firing just the first bullet.

After the sound reached his ears, Link slowed down the movement of the pistol in his field of vision. He could clearly see every single detail, the accumulation of fire-elementals, the potential energy of the magic bullets, and how it rotated at high speed out of the gun chamber.

The in-game system then reported the simulation results.

Chamber speed is at 6300 feet per second, and the bullet flame is hidden. The wind-elemental magic formation is activated and gravity balance spell is activated...Preliminary results estimate that the traveling distance of the bullet will be 5900 feet. Any distance further than that and the bullet will start to veer in directions too complex for the system to predict.

Link was pretty satisfied with this result. However, he still had no idea how reliable the pistol was.

"Simulate burst firing, 1000 times, one shot per 0.5 seconds."

Boom! Boom! The in-game system faithfully fulfilled Link's instructions as the bullets continuously fired from the chamber. At the shot number 532, a loud sound suddenly erupted from the chamber. It was a chamber explosion!

In an instant, the accumulated fire elemental energy and the bullet fragments flew in all directions. Although this was only a simulation, one could tell the devastating force of this explosion. It was no weaker than an explosion from the Flame Blast spell.

Link could not help but squint his eyes at this sight. This was too tragic. If Celine met such an accident while she was using the magic pistol, she would definitely be killed in the process. Getting killed by your own weapon was too much of a joke.

"Replay the chamber explosion process."

Link then started analyzing the reasons for the chamber explosion and started making adjustments to the pistol. Luckily, the structure of a magic pistol was not that complicated. It merely took him half an hour to make those changes.

"Begin simulation."

This time around, the pistol lasted a total of 900 shots before the chamber explosion happened.

Link then continued refining the pistol and simulating it.

He repeated this process again and again. Time flew and four hours passed in an instant. Link was just about to begin simulation after yet another round of adjustments.

This time around, Link reduced the firepower of the magic pistol slightly. From Link's perspective, he could see the bullets being fired one after another, 100 to 200 to 300 and so on. This continued until the shot number 6932, where the chamber explosion finally happened.

The situation after the chamber exploded was also vastly different.

When the chamber explosion happened, a defensive spell seemed to appear on the magic pistol almost instantaneously. This magic enveloped the user in an instant, offering protection from the flames and metal fragments. The user would be completely unharmed.

Link was finally satisfied with the results. He felt slightly tired but was too lazy to return to his bedroom. He laid down on a shabby wooden table and fell asleep.

In his semi-conscious state, he felt as though someone had entered the room. As he did not feel any sense of danger, he did not force himself up from the bed. Not long after, he felt a warm feeling spreading through his cold body. Someone had covered him with a blanket.

There was a familiar fragrance in the air as well. Link knew that it was Celine and slept with a peace of mind.

After a good night's rest, Link felt refreshed and started crafting the magic pistol right after he had his breakfast.

The blueprint was already completed. Link acted fast. Due to his Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, he had to make sure every part was perfect until he would decide to use them.

Fortunately, Link was skilled in his enchanting techniques and did not spend too much time in the entire process.

He started work in the morning, and by dusk, a brand new magic pistol had appeared in his hands.

The magic pistol weighed 26 pounds and was three feet in length. The exterior was dark green in color and seemed inconspicuous at first glance. However, closer inspection would reveal a large number of magic runes, giving the pistol a heavy and reliable tone.

It looked like a ferocious beast that could explode into a frenzy any moment.

This magic pistol was probably the most non-aesthetic equipment Link had ever crafted. However, it was also the equipment with the greatest firepower.

The in-game system then sent a message

Player Link has successfully crafted an Epic quality magic pistol. Omni Points +50 (payable in 112 days), please name the weapon.

"Let's call it the Huge Fire Gun." Link seriously had naming issues.

Naming completed.

Huge Fire Gun

Quality: Epic

Shooting Frequency: 0.3 seconds per shot

Penetration Level: Level-7

Note: Link's Huge Fire Gun, a gift for his beloved.

Link fell speechless looking at this information. Why would such decent equipment be paired with such a peculiar description by the system?

Since the equipment was completed, it would have to be given to its owner. Link then took the gun and proceeded to approach Celine.

However, the moment he opened the door, he saw Celine already lying in wait outside.

She then smiled as she said, "It seems like my premonitions were right. The gun is completed?"

"Of course; have a look." Link gave the Huge Fire Gun to Celine as though it were a treasure.

Celine then took over the gun and observed it from all angles. She then shook her head and said, "It looks ordinary enough. Is it really powerful?"

Link was dumbfounded. His ability and reputation were at stake! He would not tolerate this.

"We will test out the gun right now!"