244 Can’t Do it in Three Years

 "Ah, Master Link is already back? Please let him in!" King Leon was very happy.

He had received news from the North. Not only had Link found a way to fight against the ghouls, but he had also rescued Kanorse and defeated the one with the Divine Gear. This greatly lowered the pressure on the kingdom.

This was a never-seen-before accomplishment.

Now, the High Elves thought so highly of them, making King Leon feel much better.

To be honest, as the king of the humans, he was stressed when faced with the High Elves and their long history of advanced magic. Without taking other aspects into consideration, their queen had a Level-9 Master Magician. This was extraordinary power, and she had countless other Master Magicians as well.

Faced with such strength, King Leon had no confidence at all.

Now, a Magician like Link had appeared that could impress the High Elves. It was good, very good. Link was the nation's treasure.

Seeing Link come over, King Leon stood up from his seat. Dean Anthony and the other Master Magicians went to welcome him as well. Seeing this, Elf Princess Milda also followed out of politeness and stood beside the king. She studied the incoming Magician as she walked.

He had black hair, average features, and average height. If not for his Magician's robe, no one would be able to recognize him in a crowd. As he walked closer, Milda finally saw some characteristics. The man's Mana was quite strong, only a little weaker than Anthony's. His eyes were very black and very clear. At a glance, they looked like a child's, but at closer inspection, they also seemed deep.

After observing, Milda nodded subtly. She thought, He's quite talented, even if he were in the Isle of Dawn.

She then turned to look at the magic legion she had brought. This time, she had brought 50 Magicians. They were all young and under thirty years old. She brought them out to become more experienced.

Of these Magicians, the lowest was Level-4. She was the highest, at the peak of Level-7. She was only a hair away from Level-8. Other than her, there was a Magician at Level-7 and fifteen at Level-6. This group was much stronger than the entire Norton Kingdom put together, but it was just the tip of the iceberg for the High Elves.

Sensing the princess's gaze, one of the young Magicians looked eager for action. His name was Morrowson. He was the third son of the Rosshander familia. He was 27 years old, and he was a Level-7 Magician. He was one of the best Magicians of the younger generation.

Milda looked back and motioned to Morrowson to stay put with her eyes. The polite and sweet smile appeared on her face again.

The king had arrived beside Link. He intimately grasped Link's hand. Laughing, he said, "Master, you've really helped me greatly this time. Otherwise, the northern war situation would be troublesome. Come, come, sit beside me."

King Leon was too welcoming, and Link could only hold his hand and follow the king to the seat. Dean Anthony and the other Master Magicians who had been sitting there were all forced one seat to the side. Thankfully, Link's performance had convinced the other Magicians. Otherwise, this action would have created some enemies.

After sitting, King Leon introduced with a smile, "This is the eldest daughter of the Elf Queen, Princess Milda. She is also a powerful Magician."

Link nodded at Milda. "Your Highness."

Milda smiled and replied, "Thank you for saving my brother Phillip. He always speaks of you."

Link also smiled. "It is my duty. Prince Phillip has already thanked me and even gifted me a Prophet White Stone. Your Highness must not worry over this matter."

His response was very formulaic. It was most suitable for this situation.

"Your words are so direct." Milda covered her mouth and laughed. She was honestly too pretty. Her smile was beautiful too, like thousands of flowers blooming at once.

Link realized that everyone around him was awestruck. Even Anthony had to turn away, affected by Milda's smile.

King Leon acted unnaturally as well. He smiled and said, "Dancers, musicians, don't just stand there. Start dancing and playing."

But before the music could begin, a voice suddenly said, "Your Majesty, I have a request."

King Leon turned around and saw a High Elf Magician in the tent nearby stand up. He bowed politely and said, "Your Majesty, I heard that Master Magician Link's spells are very unique and no one in the Norton Kingdom can surpass him. We are very curious. May we witness it?"

King Leon was taken aback. He turned and looked at Princess Milda.

Milda smiled sweetly. "Your Majesty, we High Elves are a tribe of magic-workers and thirst for spells. We were all in awe after hearing about Link."

King Leon was conflicted. He knew Link was powerful, but he was still too young. The elves seemed prepared. He said he wanted to witness Link's spells, but it was actually a challenge. If Leon could not sense the danger, he would fail as a king.

The High Elves took pride in their magic. Hearing that a genius had appeared in the Norton Kingdom, they were obviously upset and wished to fight.

They were allies, but deep down, there were still rivalries and conflicts.

Anthony also sensed the elves' ulterior motive. He chuckled and said, "Link has just returned from the North. The travel must have been hard. Why don't we do it another time?"

At the side, Herrera nodded as well. Smiling, she said in her smooth and gentle voice, "Master Link's spells are too dangerous. It is not suitable to demonstrate them at an event like today. What if he hurts someone? Your Majesty, I think Master Link has something important to discuss with you, don't you think?"

Hearing this, King Leon began to follow Herrera's flow. However, the High Elf was adamant. He stood up and walked out while introducing himself.

"I am Morrowson from the Rosshander familia, a Level-7 Magician. I've heard many stories about Magician Link and am very curious. Anyway, this won't take much time."

With that, he took out a small Mithril ball. His wand glowed, and the ball hovered before him. It began to produce different complex images-birds, horses, flowers, and more.

Every image was realistic without even a sliver of a flaw.

That was not all. Multitasking, Morrowson demonstrated his transformation spells and spoke to the silent Link at the same time, "Mr. Link, I heard that your enchantments are very advanced. What do you think of my Higgs Force Field?"

Objectively, Morrowson was using it very well. Even Link was not at his level. He still had not spent enough time learning magic and never trained in these showy techniques.

With this, the enchantment master from the East Cove Magic Academy looked uncomfortable. Even Master Weissmuller, who specialized in enchantments, could not use transformation spells as easily as Morrowson.

This situation was different now. The opponent was very strong and showed that he was challenging the other. If Link didn't accept it, it was a blow to his ego. If he did, he would lose.


The enchantment masters of East Cove Magic Academy were all silent. Dean Anthony whispered to Link, "Just use something you're good at to deal with him. These small techniques aren't important."

But Link frowned. He did not like these meaningless spells. He could sense that the High Elf was doing this out of arrogance. However, after all those life-or-death experiences, Link had pride and restraint for his spells.

Once he cast a spell, he must get something in return, either money or a life. He did not like performing in front of everyone for the sake of it.

Seeing that he was not speaking, Princess Milda guessed that he did not dare to accept the challenge and was a bit disappointed. "I see. Your reputation was probably just exaggerated by the human race. I knew that humans couldn't have any official Magicians. They're all amateurs."

Of course, she only thought that. She couldn't say it out loud. Instead, she reprimanded, "Morrowson, what are you doing? Mr. Link just returned from the northern battlefield. Can't you let him rest? Step down. Demonstrations can come later."

Morrowson shrugged. "As you wish, Your Highness."

He put away his Mithril ball with disappointment and prepared to return to the High Elves' tent. The atmosphere was heavy, and the human Magicians were all embarrassed. King Leon felt humiliated as well and didn't know what to say.

"Wait." Link stood up.

Morrowson stopped and smiled. "Mr. Link, did you prepare a skill?"

Link's smile faded. He shook his head and said, "It's not a skill. It's just a small trick."

With that, he took out his wand. Mana rushed in. Half a second later, the air before him trembled. A round three-foot-wide spatial lens appeared. Then, Link took out a Mithril ball the size of a finger and flicked it towards the mirror. After the ball entered, the mirror began to distort. It folded and overlapped like a high dimensional space demonstration. It was indescribably complex.

It was maintained for three seconds before the mirror disappeared. Link reached out, and a black grain dropped into his hand. Flicking his hand, he activated the Magician's Hand. The black metal grain floated towards Morrowson.

"It's just a small trick, but I'm sure you wouldn't be able to do it even after three years."

With that, many humans involuntarily gasped. Link had spoken so arrogantly but if the High Elves could beat him, he would be so embarrassed.

However, the High Elf had a strange expression.

The moment the mirror appeared, Morrowson's expression changed and it was not just him. The princess and the Magician legion in the distance all grew serious.

The reason was simple. Link had used spatial magic to compress the Mithril to one-hundredth of its original size. Spatial magic had always been the most difficult type of magic-not just for humans, but also for High Elves. There were only a few who could do it.

Not everyone with Mana talent could perform this magic. It required extremely high insight. In this regard, humans were not too far behind the High Elves.

Link's words were not polite, and Morrowson was discontent, but after this, he could not argue. He nodded and said, "Master Link's trick is very powerful but please take back what you said about three years!"

Then his expression darkened, and he stopped speaking. Holding the compressed Mithril ball, Morrowson stalked back to his seat.

He had embarrassed his race.

He would go learn spatial magic this instant!