239 What is This Thing?

 You would never understand how terrifying Auselia was if you had never faced her in a battle!

When you were going up against her, the immense pressure from the Divine Gear would be enough to make anyone kneel on the ground in awe. Even powerful beings like Felina and Kanorse felt that their hearts were especially heavy upon seeing her, as though a huge stone was crushing their willpower.

"Go, my servants, teach them a lesson!" She hollered.

Auselia did not go onto the frontlines. Instead, she stood cautiously at the back while ordering the ghouls to charge forward.

The ghouls were extremely fast, especially when they were charging forward. They could cover a distance of 250 to 300 feet in one second. Ordinary people would only be able to see a phantom of their true body.

In the past, the ghouls had made use of this advantage to kill many human soldiers. However, things would not go so smoothly this time around.

By the time the fastest ghoul reached the halfway mark, an air ripple had already appeared beside them. This air ripple was six feet wide and 15 feet long, appearing out of nowhere.

Boom! Boom! The ghouls were completely unprepared for this attack. The fastest ghoul lost his balance and flew out of his charging trajectory.

He then proceeded to knock at least five other ghouls out of their trajectory as well.

Following which, the sounds of arrows being fired from the Sacred Silver crossbows rang through the atmosphere. The scouts had already cooperated with Link for a few times and had developed some sort of chemistry with his battle tempo. They would seize the perfect opportunity to fire a burst of arrows, bringing down the ghouls who were knocked into the air by Link's attack.

The moment these ghouls fell to the ground, they were already seriously injured and had lost their speed.

"Kill them all!"

Kanorse's ability to capture the perfect opportunity to strike was also extremely useful in this situation. Half a second before the first ghoul touched the ground, he had already started charging into the heart of the battlefield. By the time the ghoul landed and was struggling to get back up on its feet, Kanorse was already brandishing his sword in front of them.

With a clean swing of the blade, the ghoul's head was mercilessly severed.

The ghouls had an extremely strong life force. However, that was under the premise that their entire body was more or less intact. Without their heads, the main organ for their cognition and coordination, they were immediately rendered useless.

Kanorse's body was like a whirlwind. He spun his body as he dodged the attacks while accurately severing the heads of the ghouls that came his way.

His movements were extremely coherent. The dodging and attacking moves smoothly interlinked with one another, forming a graceful war dance.

His Battle Aura skills were near perfect as well. Before he swung his sword, there was no hint of Battle Aura on it. It stayed this way even after he swung it. It was only until the moment when the sword made contact with his opponent that he unleashed his Battle Aura, erupting his energy instantaneously.

This Warrior knew how to accurately manipulate his energy while conserving it at the same time!

Within three seconds, Kanorse swung his sword five times. There were no fancy sword stances or skills involved, but it was exceptionally effective. He beheaded one ghoul with every swing of his sword and executed all the ghouls that were thrown his way.

"Tsk tsk. Kanorse, you truly are a perfect Warrior." Auselia's eyes shined upon looking at the way Kanorse fought. She then turned to Bruttan and said, "Dear Bruttan, please stop his naughty tantrum before he causes any more trouble."

Bruttan nodded as his demonic Battle Aura erupted. His body was immediately cloaked in a layer of dark flame, and the two nine-foot-long swords in his hands became two pillars of pure dark energy.

"Die, Warrior!" This giant launched an attack towards Kanorse.

However, when he reached the halfway mark, a crimson figure blocked his way. It was the Red Dragon Warrior Felina.

She was originally more than five foot seven in height, already an astounding height when compared to a female human. Furthermore, she packed a strong physique to begin with. When she stepped in front of Bruttan, she had somehow raised her height to a massive ten feet five and enveloped herself in a crimson Red Dragon Battle Aura. She charged forward as she flung her dragon claws in rage, leaving strikes of fiery red shadows in its wake.

"Demon, your opponent is me!" After increasing in size, Felina's voice also became exceptionally bright and loud.

Bruttan was taken aback and immediately blocked the attack with his sword.

Clang! Two loud, metallic collisions could be heard as the conflicting Battle Aura clashed into one another. Bruttan and Felina then both took a step back. They seemed to be on equal footing.

Auselia stared as her eyes grew even brighter, "Another powerful Warrior. It seems like it's harvest day."

At this moment, it seemed like they reached a stalemate.

Kanorse had completely sealed off the ghouls while Link constantly interfered with the battles using his Vector Field spells. The scouts, on the other hand, were picking up the loose ends while Bruttan was caught up in a tough fight with Felina.

The two Level-7 Warriors seemed to have endless Battle Aura. They constantly released their Battle Aura without any thoughts on conservation. Many times, a ghoul crept closer to give some assistance to Bruttan. However, before he could render any help, he was heavily injured and blown away by the explosion of Battle Aura, some of them even had their body parts severed from the terrifying shockwaves.

After a few tries, even the ghouls gave up trying to intervene in this absurd battle.

On the other side, Kanorse was killing the ghouls with extreme efficiency.

Previously, when he was fighting against the ghouls, no one dared to provoke him and ran away as soon as they saw him on the battlefield. However, these ghouls were now rushing straight towards him.

Naturally, he would crush them under his overwhelming power.

The ghouls were beheaded in a systematic manner as though they were just sent into a slaughterhouse. Their heads rolled about lifelessly on the floor while their headless bodies still twitched and flailed about on the ground, reeling in from the shock of getting beheaded. This scene was a testament to the power of the strongest Warrior of the human race.

Within one minute, Kanorse had beheaded 15 ghouls. That was an average of one ghoul every four seconds.

This was an astounding result, and all the scouts around him stared at this scene in awe. They had already depleted all their arrows and were now guarding Kanorse's back with the Sacred Silver dagger in hand.

Kanorse, on the other hand, knew that this was not purely due to his strength. He knew that the reason he could kill these ghouls with such ease had a lot to do with the elusive magical force field that would appear from time to time.

While these forcefields seemed inconspicuous, it would often be cast at the most appropriate time, affecting the ghoul's sense of balance in the air. It could even be said that the ghouls were often sent flying right into his blade.

The situation seemed extremely optimistic. However, Link, who was currently hiding in the shadows only felt despair and anxiety. His gaze was fixed upon Auselia, who had not made a move up till now. He was thinking of countermeasures in his mind.

However, he had almost exhausted all his options. Link was not a god and was close to his limits.

Is this the end? Link frowned tightly.

However, he suddenly heard the rustling of leaves in the distance. He then paid closer attention, and after listening for a moment, a smile emerged on his face. Vance that old bastard...To think that he would do this without first discussing it with me. I will have a good talk with him after I get back.

Since a powerful aide was coming, the only thing he had to do now was to stall time.

Auselia had also realized the reason for this stalemate.

She sighed, "This is not good. My dear servants will be killed if this carries on. Dear Link, it seems like I have to personally discipline you."

As she said these words, she turned her body to face a tree at the side of the battlefield, chuckling, "Are you going to come out yourself, or do I have to personally drag you out?"

Link's Traceless spell had completely no effect on Auselia, the wielder of the Divine Gear. However, he most certainly would not surrender. He turned his body around and hid behind another tree.

"One small sapling will not be enough to defend against my baby."

Auselia smiled once again as her figure vanished from her location instantaneously. The next moment, she had already appeared at the edge of the tree, flinging her whip menacingly. She then set her gaze in Link's direction before lashing out an attack with full force.

There was nowhere to hide from the attack of a Divine Gear!

Clang! A figure suddenly appeared and blocked the Dark Serpent's attack. It was Kanorse. He had rushed back in the most crucial time and defended Link against Auselia's assault.

However, he had also paid the price for his action.

The Khorium sword in his hand was extremely sturdy. However, it was still material from the mortal world. After blocking this attack, a series of spider web-like cracks appeared on the sword. It seemed like it would shatter anytime soon.

Kanorse stared at his sword in shock and quickly turned to look at Auselia, focusing his gaze on her. While putting up a guarding position, he said, "Sir, please leave, I will block her!"

"Block me? What qualifications do you have?" Auselia laughed as she lashed out another attack.

Kanorse lifted his sword to block the attack.

With a crisp metallic snap, the Khorium sword was immediately shattered into fragments. The whip then continued on its trajectory with full power, landing right on Kanorse's body.

Kanorse immediately vomited a mouthful of blood before his body jerked violently. He then collapsed weakly to the ground. Just one attack from the Divine Gear brought him to the brink of death.

"Dear Kanorse, you are too annoying; I have to punish you slightly."

Auselia smiled as she lashed her whip. With this action, the tip of the whip transformed into the head of a snake. The snake then opened its mouth and revealed its poisonous fangs, glistening dangerously in the dark. It then charged straight towards Kanorse.

"Demon, you still have to get past me!" With a loud bellow, Felina freed herself from Bruttan's grip and charged straight towards Auselia from behind her back.

Swish! Auselia immediately retracted her whip. This speed was extremely fast.

Felina was taken aback by this reaction speed and immediately raised her dragon claws to protect herself.

Clang! The dragon claws shattered into pieces followed by Felina's scream of pain. Her hands were drenched in blood and trembled involuntarily from the impact.

Felina lost all her combat abilities in one single strike.

Bruttan arrived soon after. He sung the giant sword in his hand and with a muffled bang, the sword landed right on Felina's head. Felina then vomited blood from the heavy impact before losing consciousness.

The scouts were horrified at this scene and instinctively decided to retreat and defend their stronghold. However, while the ghouls were unable to deal with Kanorse, they could totally deal with the Level-4 scouts. In a matter of seconds, the scouts were all tragically defeated by the ghouls, and they lay on the ground weakly. No one knew if they were still alive after the brutal assault. Annie was the only one lucky enough to rush to Link's side before the ghouls got to her.

Upon seeing this scene, Link helplessly sighed and said, "Let them go and I will go back with you."

"Oh? Give me a reason to." Auselia stared at Link with interest.

Link the calmly said, "The Dark Serpent can make me your servant. However, it would also remove any shred of intelligence and rationality from my brain. If you let them go, I will swear in the name of the Lady of Darkness to serve the Dark Elves."

"Oh? That is a wonderful idea." Auselia was clearly intrigued.

If a Magician were to become her mindless servant, he would truly be quite useless. However, if the other party voluntarily agreed to serve her, the Dark Elves would gain a Magician with almost infinite potential. To get a Magician of this caliber in exchange for the lives of a few Warriors was indeed a good bargain.

Kanorse roared, "No, Master! You cannot do this!"

Annie had the most extreme reaction. She took out the dagger and was prepared to drive it right into her heart. Link would no longer have any reservations if all of them were dead.

It would definitely be a catastrophe if Link were to become a Magician for the Dark Elves. Compared to this, her life meant nothing.

However, when she was only halfway through her suicidal act, Auselia prevented her from doing so.

Auselia gently grabbed Annie's hand as she said, "My dear, you cannot die. If you die now, Link might not be willing to go with me anymore."

Annie stared at Link with a tear-stricken face as she shook her head.

Kanorse stared into the sky and slammed his fist onto the ground with all his remaining energy as he roared. His voice was filled with helplessness and pain.

However, Auselia was only concerned with Link. This Magician was a perfect specimen. If such a treasure could belong to the Dark Elves, it would be her greatest harvest.

"Swear it." Auselia stared at Link keenly.

"Let them go first!" Link's voice was calm, and his face showed no signs of fear. No one could guess what he was thinking.

After ten seconds, Auselia finally decided to agree to Link's conditions. As long as this Magician was willing to return with her to the Skeletal Fort, she would be satisfied. She then stared closely in case Link had other tricks up his sleeves, "Alright..."

Before she completed her sentence, a young girl wearing green battle armor with exquisite features appeared in the Dark Forest. A crisp voice emerged from her body, "Master discovered...Master Danger Rating: 5 Star. Commence rescue mission!"

"What is this? A magic puppet?" Auselia was taken aback.