21 The Last Part of the Mission

 Celine was a little disappointed at Link's silence. She laughed in self-mockery. "You don't believe me. Because I'm a demon. Demon's lie all the time."

All the texts of the world of light claimed that demons were the darkest and evilest beings in existence. Demons were taboo. According to the game Legend, demons who appeared in the world of the light brought about bloody catastrophes.

"I believe you!" Link's voice was firm and strong

This Celine was different than one he had known in the game. The Celine he had known then had been cynical and eccentric with a deep love of pranking others. But the Celine before him now was more like a normal girl. She was still innocent, trusting, and longed for friendship.

Yes, in the game, I met her after 20 more years of hiding and running, friendless and alone. Such a life would have twisted anyone's personality. But now, she's still hopeful.

Looking at Celine's clouded, beautiful eyes, Link repeated, "I believe you."

"Why? You're saying that because you're scared of me, aren't you?" Celine looked at him. Though suspicion glinted in her eyes, it was overshadowed by hope.

She could hear the earnestness in his voice. But her past experiences made her wary of humans words.

Link shook his head. Without thinking, his mouth opened to recite one of Celine's most used quotes, "No one can choose the circumstances of their birth, but they can choose their own paths! It may be long and difficult, but that is true freedom!"

Celine paused, rolling the words over her tongue. Light shone through the clouds in her eyes. "Yes, I am free! My father will never bind me!"

Gaining new strength and conviction, she turned to Link and spoke to him from the bottom of her heart, "Link, you are wise indeed, and forgiving. No wonder you received divine revelation. I'll remember what you told me, my friend."

"I, too, am honored to have known you. Thank you for saving me Celine, or I would have already been dead." Link smiled.

"Hahahaha," Celine laughed heartily. She suddenly felt relaxed, not caring for her image anymore. Not a trace of her previous mischievous demeanor was left. Now, she seemed more like a friendly neighborhood girl than anything else.

Then she asked, "You seem very different tonight. Can you tell me about your divine revelation?"

She was still curious about Link's change.

Link rubbed his nose. How should he put it? Telling her about things like coming from Earth, his soul crossing over dimensions to possess this body, and the game server didn't seem quite right.

He explained after some thought, "Actually, my understanding of magic is the same as it was before, that of a poor student at the academy. But somehow, there's a lot more Mana inside me, and with it, a sea of memories of spellcasting. Truth be told, all I know about magic is how to use it-I still have no idea how or why it works.

For that reason, he was only a normal Level-2 Magician, not an Elite. It was rather embarrassing. For the same reason, all his spells were just Basic. As for Supreme Magic Skills, he had none, neither had he any idea of how to acquire one.

Celine understood but she still burst out into laughter. "What an embarrassing situation. It looks like you'll need to find a chance to learn magic properly."

"I definitely agree." Ever since Link had seen Holmes' Supreme Magic Skills, he had known that he would have to get stronger much faster. He'd also thought about how he'd do that. "So I'll look for a magic academy when Gladstone City's issue is over."

"Oh. Do you have any particular academy in mind?"

"I'm thinking about East Cove Higher Magic Academy." It was the most famous magic academy in the Norton Kingdom. The dean was a Level-7 Master Magician.

At this time, a Level-7 Master Magician was the highest existence in the World of Firuman. Few held such power within the human world.

Celine was taken aback but she couldn't resist a smile. "You would, would you? Let me ask you, what is the structure of magic in a Fireball?"

"... I don't know." Link was dumbfounded.

"What about that of a Whirlwind...? You don't know that either? Then you should know how the simplest Earth Spike works, since you use it so well..." Celine held out her hands, solidifying her point, "Okay. If that's the extent of your magic theory, I think that you don't need to pay the East Cove Magic Academy a visit."

The East Cove Magic Academy was the best academy for magic within the kingdom, but it was a higher academy. It didn't accept students who didn't already have a strong foundation in magic. The students would have a hard time keeping up even if they did.

Even Celine wasn't confident about enrolling there.

Link was a little shocked. The real world of Firuman was different from that in the game after all. He'd thought too lightly of it. But whether or not he would manage to get in, he still would have to try to find out.

Of course, all of that would come later. There was no need to think so hard about it yet, especially not now of all times.

"Let's not talk about it yet. Gladstone is still in danger. I need to save it!"

Celine couldn't hold back her laughter once again. It was a friendly laugh, but still mocking. "What do you think you can do with your current strength? It took great efforts to get you out of there. Can you not keep running to your death?"

Celine was a Level-5 Warrior with exceptional talent in magic; even she was nothing before the Dark Elf Army, let alone a half-baked Magician like Link.

"It won't do now, but I have a plan!" Link chuckled. He had already thought it through. Though he had planned to go alone, his chances of succeeding were even higher with Celine around.

"Just tell me." Celine had no idea what they could do. Unless Link suddenly became a Master Magician like the dean of the East Cove Magic Academy, there was no chance for them.

"I need to go to the Lower Magic Academy of Flemmings. The key to our success is in there."

The magic academy had everything a Magician could need. Potions, gear, and more importantly, something very powerful-powerful enough to let them turn the tides on the Dark Elf Army.

That was his target!

"I can bring you there, but I want to know, what is Gladstone to you that you're working so hard to save it?" Celine still didn't understand. She had thought that it would be alright for them to just leave the city. There wasn't a need to put up such a struggle because this place was doomed anyway.

Link kept quiet. He looked towards the city guard's barracks. It was brightly lit, and soldiers walked out in tidy profile. It looked like Annie had managed to gain control. If that was so, the Dark Elf Assassins in the city were no longer a threat.

He turned towards the North. From the winds, he sensed an overwhelming dark force getting closer and closer.

The Dark Elf Army had arrived.

By the looks of it, they would launch their attack on Gladstone within half an hour.

The Black Iron Garrison was too far, more than 60 miles away. They needed to delay the advance of the Dark Elf Army for at least an hour if they were to save Gladstone.

Suddenly, something flashed in the corner of Link's eye. A new mission!

Ultimate Mission: The Final Battle

Mission Details: Protect Gladstone City. Ensure that it isn't invaded by the Dark Elf Army within the next hour.

Mission Reward: 100 Omni Points.

A huge reward for a difficult task. Link accepted it without any hesitation.

The things he'd experienced tonight made him realize something important. The kind of person he became depended on the path he chose. Link wanted to be an almighty Archmage in the World of Firuman, so he chose to fight in spite of the obstacles.

After accepting the mission, Link looked Celine in the eye, a fire burning brightly within his pupils.

"Yes, the city has nothing to do with me. I may die, but I may also get stronger because of it. Celine, I will become the world's strongest Magician!"

He left some words unsaid. He would get stronger until he was able to confront the Lord of the Deeps. He would rid the world of the Demi-God Nozama just like he had in the game!

Celine was stunned. She thought that Link was a little crazy, but in her heart, he was already a true friend of hers. "That's bold of you," she held out her hands and shrugged, "But I'll bring you to the magic academy anyway. I'll take you away from Gladstone when you've failed."

"Thank you." The fire in his eyes suppressed along with all his other, stray thoughts. He returned to a calm mindset, allowing him to concentrate on his future task.

Tonight, he'd give it his all!