137 It’s Him!

 "The human race is overwhelmed by their desires. This desire has granted them prosperity but will also cause their destruction!" This was mother's evaluation of the human race.

In the past, Prince Phillip only saw the prosperous side of human race and many times yearned for such riches and enjoyment. However, he had now experienced the destruction that came with the benefits first-hand.

In an instant, a bustling central area of the capital was assaulted by multiple explosive and lethal Flame Blast spells. This was simply insane.

Outside of the defensive barrier, the captain of the escort team who was also his best friend, had already vaporized from the high heat. The only evidence of his existence was a broken wand ten feet away. The Magic Warriors were also dead. The only role that their shining magic armor played was to keep their bodies intact under the assault of such high heat.

A Magic Warrior whose skin was completely charred and his eyes still wide open seemed to be staring at Phillip. One could easily tell the shock he suffered before his life was instantaneously incinerated by the blazing flames. He probably could not understand how such a terrible attack could have happened in the Norton Kingdom, much less during the Magician's Market.

Phillip also saw the body of a father and daughter ten feet away. The father instinctively used his body to shield his daughter the moment the spell was released. This kept the body of the little girl intact, but alas, she was still unable to escape the high temperature of the flames.

The little girl was dead, her body painted a cruel black while she curled painfully on the ground.

This apocalyptic scene was a huge blow to Phillip's soul. He perspired profusely and tears were streaming endlessly out of his eyes. He lay helplessly on the ground, too shocked and afraid to even move a finger.

He would return to Dawn Island immediately if he was able to survive this incident. He also swore not step into the terrifying world of humanity ever again. His vision was blurred from the tears streaming down his face. However, he could still see a few figures walking towards him.

Are they here to save me? Phillip thought. The Royal Guards would probably be the first people to react to such a terrifying assault in the capital.

However, as his vision slowly recovered, Phillip was horrified to discover the exact opposite of what he had imagined.

These people deliberately covered their features and looked at him with a deathly stare. They also lowered their voices while talking to each other.

"He is not dead yet. He is hiding behind the magic barrier!"

"The barrier had already been weakened by the spell earlier. Destroy it and kill him!"

Two of the Magicians then raised their staff and two seconds later, an Ice Spear spell and a Storm of Daggers spell appeared simultaneously, charging towards the magic barrier guarding Phillip.

While Phillip's barrier was a Level-6 spell, it was released from his magic equipment and had been set to an instantaneous release mode. The defensive strength of the barrier was thus compromised to allow for faster casting time, lowering the defensive strength to that of a Level-5 defensive spell. It had already successfully defended against three Flame Blast spell. As the two Level-3 spells collided with the emerald barrier, a large number of ripples immediately appeared. It could not hold out for much longer.

"Don't idle, attack together!" a Magician hollered.

The four Warriors around him brandished their swords and surrounded the emerald barrier. Their swords were enveloped in a deadly Battle Aura as they swung towards the barrier with full force.

Prince Phillip was devastated. The only thing he could do was to grip his magic sword tightly.

He knew that it would be a futile struggle. He was merely 16 years old and a Level-2 Magic Warrior. He stood no chance against a six-man team of Level-3 opponents. He would be instantly destroyed.

As the barrier disintegrated right in front of his eyes, a thought flashed through his mind.

This attack was targeted at me. I was the one who killed my best friend and so many other innocent people.

He was overwhelmed by sadness and regret. If he had known sooner, he would have listened to his best friend's advice and stayed in the palace.

There were three other figures hiding in a rundown house at the corner of the plaza.

They were all talented Dark Elves, known widely as Constellation Assassin Alina, Level-4 genius Assassin Ainos, and Magician Felidia. They were the three musketeers of the younger generation of Dark Elves and were prodigies in their respective fields.

The trio looked at the scene through the gaps in the house. They had to confirm the death of Prince Phillip before they could leave.

"The High Elves really do have a strong magic foundation. Magic equipment that can instantaneously release a Level-6 spell! How incredible!" Felidia whispered in admiration.

Alina kept silent. Her pair of dark crimson eyes were not fixated on Prince Phillip, but were looking in another direction.

"Who is he?" Alina pointed.

A black-haired teenager emerged from the rubble. He was enveloped in a pale light. Closer inspection would reveal that the light was made up of countless tiny runes, blending and working together flawlessly. This magic aura could only be that of a Level-4 Magician.

Ainos looked over and shook his head, "I don't recognize him. Are you sure he was the one who released the Level-4 magic barrier? Perhaps it was released by magic equipment his mentor gave him."

Felidia was similarly attracted by Alina's words. He was originally relaxed and confident but he gasped the moment he saw Link.

"He is Link! I fought against him once in Red Leaves Cove-he was extremely powerful!" Felidia whispered.

Ainos was well informed about Felidia's defeat at the hands of a human Magician in Red Leaves Cove. He looked at Alina with a horrified expression, "It's him! He was the one who used the Flame Blast spell to defeat General Lund!"

"So that's the guy?" Alina had an ice-cold stare, "It seems like we are in luck. Let's finish him off while the guards are not here yet."

The Gladstone City attack was extremely well planned and executed. There were almost no mistakes in the entire process. The Death Hand successfully deceived the Norton Kingdom's Mission Intelligence, Section 3, and had complete dominance over the military intelligence. However, the human race still managed to turn the tables around eventually and even heavily injured General Lund. It was rumored that the general was so infuriated by his failure that he killed over 30 slaves within a month.

Since then, the human Magician had been a target of the Death Hand. There was no way the three of them would let him leave here alive.

Alina unsheathed her Shattered Star Sword. The sword was made completely from Khorium and had a purple hue. The sword was slender, much like a saber and was also enchanted with a high-level Sharpness spell. Coupled with Khorium's anti-magic properties and Alina's Level-5 Battle Aura, the sword could pierce through any magic barrier below Level-5.

As the barrier surrounding Prince Phillip was on the verge of breaking, Link made his move. His targets were the Assassins right beside the prince.

His staff glowed and a piercing whistling sound could immediately be heard penetrating through the atmosphere. Within a split second, six hazy light beams were flying towards the human Assassins.

The six-man team was composed of humans that were bribed by the handsome rewards promised by the Dark Elves. They were indeed a strong combination of Level-3 fighters. However, under Link's assault, all six of them were defeated in a second, with an injury the size of a fist at the back of their heads.

All in just one second. They did not have the power to even fight back.

Alina was still observing the situation inside the rundown house. This sight caused her eyelids to bat ever so slightly and stopped momentarily in her tracks. She said, "He won't be easy to take down. Feli, Ainos, we will have to go all out!"

Link was undoubtedly strong. However, Alina was fairly confident in her skills as well. Furthermore, she also had the assistance of her comrades. How could a team of a Level-5 Assassin, a Level-4 Assassin and a Level-4 Magician be defeated by merely a Level-4 Magician?

It would be preposterous.

Felidia whispered, "Be careful, he has gotten a lot stronger. My previous battle experience is probably not useful anymore."

Ainos was similarly shocked by Link's high spellcasting speed. He then unsheathed his second dagger and revealed the silver crossbow he had hidden all this time. He was prepared to use his full strength.

"Attack!" Alina was the first to rush out of the house. The moment she left, she immediately activated her skill, Deception Spiral.

With the help of her Battle Aura, her movement speed became incredibly fast. As she advanced, multiple shadows of her seemed to appear-it was impossible to distinguish between the real and fake copies.

This was the best way to deal with a Magician who was currently in a state of extreme focus!