132 A Hundred Years of Solitude

 In an instant, Link switched to his battle mode and the wand of constellations appeared in his hand. Mana surged into the wand and three glass orbs were formed at its tip in a flash. Under the combined effect of the state of Gibraltar, the Domingo Crystal and his familiarity with the Glass Orb spell, the casting time was almost instantaneous.

Link would release the three glass orbs without hesitation the moment his opponent made a suspicious move.

Link's casting speed came as a shock to the woman. She then adopted a less hostile expression, more accurately, a hint of fear could be seen.

"You won't poke your nose into others' affairs, will you?" The woman in the black dress finally spoke. She had a mellifluous voice, the kind that could charm the hearts of many men.

However, Link knew that this voice was also her weapon, a weapon that could bewitch her opponents. It was very likely that a murderous intent lay behind the sweet and delicate voice.

This female Magician could possibly have the powers of a Level-6 Magician. Link did not have the confidence to win against her in a one-on-one battle. He chose to stabilize the situation and not react aggressively.

"I find it troublesome to involve myself in others' affairs. But I am not afraid to do so if required."

"That is a wise choice. However, I do not believe that you-this lady is?" The black-dressed woman stopped in the middle of her sentence, distracted by something she saw at the corner of the third-floor staircase.

At the corner, Herrera stood quietly with her crystal staff in her hands.

Link immediately greeted, "Teacher."

The faint cold aura that was circling the black-dressed woman disappeared entirely the moment Link spoke. She smiled and said, "So this is your mentor, presumably also an extremely powerful Magician. If you will excuse me."

The woman did not return to her room, but instead walked down the stairs to the first floor of the hall. The hall fell silent for a few seconds before turning back to the normal again.

Judging from the quick fluctuation of the sounds coming from the hall, the woman must have left the Blue Hermit Inn immediately.

Link heaved a sigh of relief and felt a breeze of cool air on his back. His undershirt was already fully soaked with his perspiration.

Herrera had a serious expression on her face and asked, "I could feel your magic aura from afar. What happened? Who was that woman?"

Link then recounted his experience to Herrera, starting from the incident in the hall to what just happened on the stairs, leaving out no details. As he spoke, Herrera kept a tight frown.

By the time Link was done, she looked pale and said, "If I had arrived a bit later, you might already be injured."

"Yes, I could feel it too," Link nodded. That cold aura was one of the most uncomfortable things he'd experienced ever since he stepped foot into the World of Firuman. It felt like he was being submerged into a freezing lake, the bitter cold penetrating deep into his bones.

If Herrera had not appeared in time, there was no telling what she would have done to Link.

"Teacher, Morrigan mentioned that there was something chilling about this woman's aura. Did you sense anything out of the ordinary?" Link asked.

"I think she's a Magician specializing in secret spells. I can almost confirm that she had also done her fair share of black magic research. As for the chilling aura...I would say it is present. In fact, the aura felt like it was born from the vicissitudes of life she had been through. If I am correct, she might be older than both of our ages added together-presumably over 100 years old."

Herrera was living up to her name as a Level-6 Magician. She was way more detailed in her observation as opposed to Link's.

"She probably left because she knew she was not strong enough to take on the both of us at once. It is also possible that she was afraid to expose her identity," Link said.

"I agree," Herrera nodded, "Even if she is strong, she probably would not dare to cause a ruckus in Hot Springs City. The most probable explanation for her appearance would be the Magician's Fair. She should be here to exchange some magic materials. Recalling the situation now, she was probably attempting to cast a hypnosis spell on you so that you would forget her existence."

Link mulled over it for a moment. There were many Master Magicians in Hot Springs City, especially so in the Magician's Fair. The woman would only get herself into trouble if she tried to injure him. There was no reason to do something so risky.

"What do we do now?" Link asked.

"What do you think?" Herrera threw the question back at him.

"Let's just pretend it didn't happen. She is not dangerous per se. If she was really planning something dangerous, she would have been more careful of her actions," Link reasoned.

Herrera smiled and said, "Indeed, you will see all sorts of people in the Magician's Fair-even some Master Magicians who kept themselves hidden for some personal reasons. This is also partly where the charm of the Magician's Fair lies."

Both of them then returned to their rooms to rest for the night.

Outside the Blue Hermit Inn.


The woman in a black dress was hiding in the alley opposite the Inn, observing the situation closely. She waited for a full hour, making sure that no peculiar magic disturbance could be felt before she finally let down her guard.

"Magicians from the Easy Cove Higher Magic Academy? I was too careless," she whispered.

The Magician's Fair in Hot Springs City was a grand festival in the World of Firuman. One could purchase almost every magic material in the world as long as they were willing to pay the price.

Her name was Eleanor, a Level-6 Magician specializing in secret magic. Recently, she was studying a type of secret magic known as prophecy spells and needed some Soul Stones for her research. Hence, she took the risk and came to Hot Springs City, but not without carefully concealing her magic aura.

She did not attempt to change her appearance. She looked exactly like how she did when she was 18 years old. She had preserved this appearance for the past 90 years using forbidden magic, and was extremely pleased with the results.

She had become a Level-6 Magician after 90 years of magic research and had mastered countless magic spells. She thought that none of the Magicians in Hot Springs City could hold a candle to her power. However, it didn't take long before her confidence was shaken.

Both a tomb raider and a young Magician not older than 20 years old saw through her disguise almost immediately. That was not all! The spellcasting speed of the young Magician was simply mind-blowing. With that kind of speed, she might even lose to him in a battle. She didn't even factor in the power of his mentor.

"There are so many geniuses in the world," Eleanor sighed. Her magic talents were average at best, especially her Mana pool. After 90 years of magic research, her Maximum Mana was only at the level of an average 30-year-old Magician. This was her greatest insecurity. However, her 100 years of experience was still not something to be trifled with. She quickly recollected herself.

It doesn't seem like they want to pursue the matter. Eleanor then returned back to the Blue Hermit Inn after some thought.

They seemed like people who could be reasoned with. As long as I don't do anything that crosses the line, they will probably leave me alone.

Eleanor was way more careful the second time she entered the Inn. She no longer flaunted her charming appearance and youth, deliberately putting on an oversized cloak to conceal her voluptuous figure. She did not want any more attention for the day.

Eleanor couldn't fall asleep after returning to her room. As she had been living in seclusion and was researching into black magic. She had practically no friends and no one to talk to. As she was feeling bored, she cast a spell, Eye of the Soul.

Eye of the Soul

Level-1 Secret Spell

Effect: Gives the user long distance vision and ignores material barriers.

(Note: This spell is extremely discreet)

Eleanor had developed this habit ever since she started living alone. It would be hard to change it now.

She originally planned to simply look around to relieve her boredom. However, her attention was captured by the young Magician who left a lasting impression on her at the staircase.

She was also interested in Herrera but kept her curiosity under control. She would not risk getting discovered by a Level-6 Magician.