112 No Regrets

 Link was confused by Herrera's words at first, but he quickly understood what she meant. He knew that Herrera had misunderstood him. The in-game Omni Point system was definitely something that the people of Firuman would not be able to understand. The most distinguishing feature of the system was its secrecy. No one could determine the potential of his strength unless he decided to purchase a spell with the Omni Points. Only then would it be transformed into real power. As a result, Herrera thought he was lying all along.

"No, listen to me, it's not what you think." Link was already prepared to use his Omni Points to purchase an escape spell.

Herrera shook her head, "Link, you must live!" She had already made her decision upon the realization that they were trapped. She would protect Link with all her might, even if it meant sacrificing her life!

Link was even more surprised after hearing those words. What does she mean? Does she also have a hidden triumph card?

He was just about to probe deeper when Herrera grabbed him by the hand. Link immediately felt a warm power surge through his palms and spreading through his body, slowly becoming one with his soul.

This was an extremely powerful force. In an instant, his fatigue from the high-speed spellcasting previously had disappeared and his splitting headache was cured. Even the deep cut on his thigh was healing at a rate visible to the naked eye.

Link then looked at Herrera in shock. She was getting weaker by the second, her golden blonde hair turning white and her pair of clear dark blue eyes losing the glow it had. She seemed to be transferring some of her core powers to Link.

What kind of power is this? Link was bewildered and struggled to free himself from Herrera's iron grip. However, his body seemed to be fixed in place by a certain force and he could only stare at Herrera unbelievably. "Stop what you are doing now!" Link shouted.

"I am an Angel of Light, and my mission is to assist the Chosen One. Link you must leave this place alive!" Herrera accelerated the transfer of energy. In order to prevent Link from escaping, Herrera hugged him tightly.

Her body was enveloped in an incandescent glow. It was neither glowing with the authority of overflowing Mana, nor from the presence of a powerful spell, but with a kind of brilliance that penetrated deep into Link's soul.

A pair of wings could be seen in the midst of this glory. It was the true form of an Angel of Light.

She is burning her own soul! Link suddenly understood.

A soul was the foundation of life, containing incredible energy capable of powerful magic. An ordinary person would not be able to destroy his soul through any means. However, a Magician could temporarily attain terrifying strength by burning their souls. When Anthony was fighting Demon Tarviss in the game, he burned his soul to cast a Level-8 spell in order to force Tarviss to retreat. This meant that the Magician would disappear from the world forever!

Herrera looked up at Link and smiled, "Master Anthony taught me this spell. He once told me that I would eventually meet a person that I deem worth sacrificing my soul to save in this world. Link, you must live!"

Master also said that while Magicians are strong, we are not gods. We will definitely experience times of despair and moments of helplessness. If we do not want to leave any regrets, why not end our lives in a spectacular blazing glory. Master, I can now fully understand. Herrera thought.

Herrera did not feel a tinge of sadness or longing for the living world. Her smile was vivid and pure, one as untouchable as the pure white lotus blooming on top of a snow-capped mountain. Link was devastated.

He had experienced the Change of the Bloody Moon and many fierce battles ever since he stepped into this world. He had witnessed true darkness and personally ended countless lives as well. He had unconsciously become more unfeeling and cold as the days passed.

In the past few months, none of the things that happened was of great impact to him, including Lucy's torture, the appearance of Rylai and even Darris' ambush-all of which merely created slight waves in his stone cold heart.

"I have been chasing greater power all this time. While magic is fascinating, it also has the power to make people lose themselves in the process."

Link had come to a realization. The path of learning magic was a lonely one, one full of temptations and self-discovery.

Link had almost lost his way. He had already forgotten the reason for his pursuit of magic in the first place. He was simply seeking more power for the sake of becoming stronger, even planning to research into the dark Occultic Rune in his dimensional pendant when he had the time. If he continued down this path, he would end up like Bale.

However, Herrera's burning soul scattered the shadows lying in his heart.

Am I really worthy of her sacrifice? The dark forces are growing stronger by the day. In the game, even the God of Light is on the verge of getting destroyed, what must I do? Link asked himself.

The future of Firuman was more uncertain than before. Naturally, Link would not have the answers to these questions. Even the gods were clueless as to what the future held.

What was he meant to do? What would he eventually do? Only time would tell. No matter how the future would play out, Link would never be able to forget this scene.

He felt his Maximum Mana and Mana potential increasing exponentially. He knew that this would increase his power to an unbelievable stage, but he could not accept this power!

A living Angel of Light who was also a powerful Magician would be a strong ally in their fight against the dark forces. Herrera even had the potential to reach the stage of a Legendary Magician!

Link would not allow Herrera to sacrifice herself! Furthermore, it was not even a dead end! Link knew that he would not be able to stop Herrera with normal means.

"Herrera, if you don't stop right now, I'll kill myself!" Link had to use extreme tactics. Link then accumulated mana in his body and was prepared to form a Flame Blast spell in his body. The intense heat of the fireball itself would be sufficient to kill a human.

Herrera was stunned and immediately stopped the transfer of energy. The glow enveloping her body dissipated and a lock of white hair now draped over her shoulders. Link simply hoped that there were no other side effects and that Herrera could recover from this devastating spell.

Supporting Herrera's weak body, Link said, "You fool, why did you not believe me when I said that I have a plan?"

Herrera simply laughed, "I saw it. They were lying in the deepest part of your soul. It was the glory of the God of Light."

Herrera awakened her Eye of the Soul briefly when she was burning her soul, and was able to peer into the deepest part of Link's soul.

It was a strong and pure soul, one only a holy spirit would possess. At the deepest part of his soul was a pure godly power. It was extremely well hidden, and Herrera could only perceive it due to a combination of several factors.

Firstly, it was because she was an Angel of Light. Secondly, Link had opened up his heart to her after seeing her sacrificial act. Lastly, she was unusually calm at that time.

Link was surprised that Herrera managed to see the true origin of his power.

Link then checked his own stats and realized that there were already some major changes.

Link Morani

Level-3 Magician

Mana Recovery Speed: 100/hour

Maximum Mana: 1800 points.

Current Mana Points: 932

Status: Angel of Light Blessing (Permanent) - dispels all negative statuses and allows the user to absorb the power of light elementals from the sun, gradually recovering health and Mana Points

Although Link stopped the transfer of power in time, he still received a portion of Herrera's power. However, the thing that caught his eye was his Maximum Mana. It was now at 1800 points!

Link remembered clearly that there was a Level-10 Legendary spell that only needed 1800 Mana Points to cast.

Coincidentally, he also had 100 Omni Points to purchase this spell. He simply had to fully replenish his Mana to cast a Legendary spell! On the other hand, his body had to withstand the toxins from two bottles of mana recovery potion, as each bottle would only recover 500 Mana Points.

He was willing to take the risk.

"Damn you Necromancer. I will show you the power of a Legendary spell!" Link's eyes shone with resolve.